Those two characters were written using a rather ancient script. That being so, there didn't seem to be any particular might or power to them. In fact, looking at them from afar, they would have looked like the scrawlings of a child who had just learned calligraphy.

But taking a closer look, one would notice that there was a unique aura imbued in those words. This was an aura that carried the scent of history, signifying the existence of an artifact that transcended through time. It had existed since ancient times, and it felt like it would continue on for many years to come. Just by looking at it, one's will seemed to drift through history, seemingly undergoing a baptism of time.

"Where is this place?" Zhang Xuan asked in astonishment.

"This is the place where the offspring of the Zhang Clan awaken their bloodlines. As long as one is of the Zhang Clan, their bloodline would be awakened by entering the Blood Reservoir, and be it their comprehension of cultivation or their understanding their occupations, they would soar by leaps and bounds!" Zhang Wuchen said.

"Awaken their bloodlines?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in realization.

It was no wonder why those two words would leave him feeling so temporally disorientated. In the first place, the Zhang Clan's bloodline was relating to the control of time, so naturally, a place where their bloodlines were activated would surely have intricate ties to the Time Quintessence.

"Zhang shi, are you interested in heading in to take a look?" Zhang Wuchen asked with a smile.

"Head in? Am I allowed to go in?" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

It was obvious how important the Blood Reservoir would be to the Zhang Clan, and yet, to invite an outsider like him in…?

"Our Blood Reservoir is only effective on offspring of the Zhang Clan. Outsiders won't be affected by it, and similarly, they wouldn't affect it either. Don't worry, it's not a big deal to go n to take a look. It's not uncommon for some guests of the Zhang Clan to request to take a look at our renowned Blood Reservoir, and from time to time, we would bring them over for a tour too." Zhang Wuchen nodded.

Of course, those were all lies. The Blood Reservoir was a forbidden land for the Zhang Clan, such that even offspring of the Zhang Clan would have to receive permission from the elders first before they could be granted access. The reason why he created that load of nonsense was to dispel the other party's suspicions.

"I see." On the other hand, Zhang Xuan was completely oblivious to the Third Elder's intention.

All that was on his mind at the moment was curiosity as to what would be inside the Blood Reservoir.

Considering that it was a place where unique bloodlines could be awakened, perhaps entering the grounds would grant him a deeper understanding as to the abilities of the Zhang Clan. This might put him in a better position to deal against the young prodigy in the future.

"Let's go!" Seeing the complete lack of suspicion on Zhang Xuan's face, Zhang Wuchen heaved a sigh of relief. He walked up to the seal in front of the gates, took out his token, and pressed it against the seal lightly.


The massive gates to the Blood Reservoir slowly creaked open.

After Zhang Wuchen walked into the room, Zhang Xuan warily followed suit too. As soon as he stepped across a formation barrier erected all around the Blood Reservoir, his body immediately jolted.

It was a rather perplexing sensation that was extremely difficult to describe, but if he really had to put it in words, it would be that there was a difference in the flow of time. He could feel an incongruity in the flow of time around him

Perhaps it was because he was too accustomed to the natural flow of time that he had never really perceived it before, but as soon as he stepped into the Blood Reservoir, the difference became very apparent to him.

"This is…" Zhang Xuan asked questioningly.

"This is a folded space which our predecessors left a long time ago. It harnesses the quintessence of time. The flow of time within this space is random; it would be fast at one moment and slow at the other, so it's common for those who have entered this area for the first time to feel a little uncomfortable. However, once the bloodline of a Zhang Clan offspring fuses together with this space, he would immediately find himself descending into the river of time. In that state, the offspring's perceived time would slow down, granting him the span of a year within a single month outside. This would mean that the offspring has more time to comprehend his supporting occupations and cultivation. But of course, as the difference in the flow of time only applies to the soul, so there would be no difference in his real cultivation and mastery during this period of time." Zhang Wuchen explained.

"So, they would be able to study for a year when only a month has passed outside?" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

Even if they couldn't achieve any concrete growth in their cultivation during this period of time, it was still an extremely formidable ability.

A year in a month, that would mean a temporal slowdown of twelvefold. In other words, the offspring of the Zhang Clan who had awakened their bloodline would be able to study at a rate twelve times faster than others as long as they were in the Blood Reservoir...

It was no wonder why the Zhang Clan had far more geniuses than the Luo Clan! Just this Blood Reservoir was enough to cement their position as the number one Sage Clan of the Master Teacher Continent!

Eye of Insight! After recovering from his shock, Zhang Xuan discreetly activated his Eye of Insight and began scanning the Blood Reservoir in detail.

The folded space that formed the Blood Reservoir was indeed significantly different from those he had seen in the past. Under the Eye of Insight, he saw many layers of light overlapping on one another, reminiscent of a rainbow. They were all flowing in a single direction, albeit there being some differences in their speed. If one were to move along with the flow of light, one could clearly sense a change in the flow of time around them.

However, these flowing currents of light were intangible existences. They could neither be touched nor even affected. In fact, without staring intently at them, it would be hard for even Zhang Xuan to perceive their existence, let alone fuse into them and alter their speed.

While Zhang Xuan was proceeding ahead, Zhang Wuchen was observing him discreetly by the side, and the knit on his eyebrows was slowly growing deeper and deeper.

There isn't the slightest bit of anomaly on him... Could he not be it?

Previously, both he and the First Elder had suspected Zhang Xuan of being the person who had gone missing, and that was the reason why they intentionally brought him to the Blood Reservoir to verify their doubts.

Upon entering this room, ordinary Zhang Clan members, even if those who had never been to the Blood Reservoir before, would find their bloodlines being activated and fall into an unconscious state. Their Primordial Spirit would be brought into the unique flow of time, granting them more time to learn and cultivate.

But it was clear that the Blood Reservoir wasn't reacting to the young man at all. It seemed like not only did the young man not possess the Zhang Clan's bloodline, he didn't have anything much to do with the Zhang Clan at all.

Right, his Primordial Spirit… A thought came into Zhang Wuchen's mind.

Even if something were to happen to the bloodline of a Zhang Clan offspring, he would still be able to achieve resonance with the Blood Reservoir through his Primordial Spirit or soul. After all, even if a person were to change everything of his, he still couldn't change his soul.

With such a thought in mind, Zhang Wuchen stepped forward and suggested with a smile, "Zhang shi, the Blood Reservoir harnesses the Time Quintessence. You'll need to be in your Primordial Spirit form if you wish to get a closer look at it. Why don't you try it? Perhaps, you might just be able to comprehend something from it."

"Primordial Spirit?" Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before nodding. "Got it."

Possessing the means of the soul oracles, he had cultivated his soul into a gigantic form, but after learning the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, he had gained the ability to morph its size freely. Given so, it would be nigh impossible for even a cultivator of Zhang Wuchen's caliber to see anything wrong with his Primordial Spirit, so there was nothing for him to conceal either.

And it just happened that he wanted to explore the secrets of the Time Quintessence harnessed within the Blood Reservoir too.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Zhang Xuan drew his Primordial Spirit out from his glabella.

And indeed, the sight that he saw as a Primordial Spirit was vastly different from that he saw with his physical eye. In an instant, it felt as if he had been plunged into the midst of a frosty winter, and what that somewhat resembled snowflakes could be seen drifting all around him.

Zhang Xuan instinctively understood that these snowflakes were a physical manifestation of time created by the Blood Reservoir, so he reached his hand out and attempted to grasp them.


His hands simply passed through the snowflakes,


The Blood Reservoir isn't reacting to his Primordial Spirit either. Is there really no hint of the Zhang Clan bloodline in him at all?

Meanwhile, Zhang Wuchen was assessing the reaction of the Blood Reservoir intently, and a hint of disappointment surfaced in his eyes.

If the young man was really a member of the Zhang Clan, he would surely be able to affect the surrounding physical manifestation of the Time Quintessence and even absorb it into his soul. Yet, for his hands to simply pass right through them, there could only be one possibility...

He was completely unrelated to the Zhang Clan!

It seemed like all of their deductions had been off.

Sighing deeply, Zhang Wuchen shook his head before calling out to Zhang Xuan, "Zhang shi, it's time for us to leave."

"Leave?" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan swiftly returned his Primordial Spirit to his body and stood up.

"Un. Even though the Blood Reservoir is open to outsiders, it's still a forbidden ground of the Zhang Clan, so there's a limit on how long you can stay in here," Zhang Wuchen said with a wave of his hand.

"This…" Seeing the stern look on Zhang Wuchen's face, Zhang Xuan found himself being rendered speechless.

It was not as if I was the one who had requested to enter the Blood Reservoir! You pulled me in here, and barely after staying here for five minutes, you suddenly urged me to head out with such an austere look on your face, as if I'm causing trouble for you...

Really, every single person of the Zhang Clan should really bring a screwdriver wherever they go so that they could tighten up the screw that keeps getting loose in their head!

"Farewell!" Seeing that the smile had completely vanished from Zhang Wuchen's face, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to stay on any longer either. So, he turned around and left.

If you don't want me to see, so be it. It's not as if I really wanted to see it anyway! Hmph!

"I'll have to report this matter to the First Elder…"

Shortly after Zhang Xuan left, Zhang Wuchen quickly left the Blood Reservoir as well. He shut the massive gates well before flying swiftly in the direction of the First Elder's residence.

He had left too quickly that he didn't realize that the Time Quintessence in the Blood Reservoir was shuddering non-stop. As if having witnessed something terrifying, it dared not move in the least



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