"If Zhang Jiuxiao is able to survive this lightning tribulation, there will be no need to hold the tournament anymore," Zhang Wuchen mumbled as he looked at the overcast sky above crackling with lightning currents.

"Indeed." The First Elder nodded in agreement. "This lightning tribulation is clearly far stronger than that of ordinary Dimension Sundering Ordeals, such that even Saint 8-dan intermediate stage cultivators would find it hard to survive it. If he can emerge from it alive, he will indubitably be the number one figure of the younger generation!"

At their level of cultivation, they could already gauge the prowess of a lightning tribulation with just a glance.

Zhang Jiuxiao's lightning tribulation was as vast as an ocean, spanning a ridiculous size. Just the sheer prowess that was harnessed within the storm clouds was enough to leave goosebumps rising on their arms.

If the young man could survive something of this tier, it would effectively mean that even the currently speculated strongest individual of the younger generation, Zhang Chun, would not be close to being a match for him, thus placing him firmly in the top seat.

"How did an offspring of the side family like him manage to grow so quickly?" Zhang Wuchen was still unable to accept the sudden turn of events.

The First Elder shook his head and said, "That is a question we'll have to ask him once he overcomes the lightning tribulation."

While the two of them were speaking, the second streak of lightning was gradually forming.


This time, it was not just an ordinary lightning bolt. There was the cold glint of a weapon harnessed within it as it streaked downward, tearing through the space that stood in its way, leaving behind a dark gash in its wake.

"That's the Lightning Warrior of the lightning tribulation…" One of the elders amid the crowd gulped in horror.

If lightning tribulations were considered to be a simple punch, the emergence of a Lightning Warrior would be equivalent to the usage of a weapon.

Though they were both lightning bolts, there was a vast difference in their prowess.

"Come!" Swallowing a pill that his teacher had given to him, Zhang Jiuxiao's injuries swiftly recovered. With a furious roar, he whipped out a Saint high-tier weapon and drove it straight toward the lightning tribulation.

The strongest weapon that he had previously was only at Saint intermediate-tier, but for successfully getting into the Sanctum of Sages, the clan had gifted him with a Saint high-tier artifact, and in this crucial moment, he decided to take it out without any hesitation.


As the Saint artifact collided with the Lightning Warrior, it was split in two in an instant. Despite that, the might of the lightning bolt did not seem to weaken in the slightest.

Zhang Jiuxiao did not seem to be surprised by that at all. He spread open his fingers and formed a semispherical barrier of zhenqi above him.

When the lightning struck the barrier, a deafening explosion erupted, and a powerful shockwave burst through the sparring grounds, shaking the dueling rings intensely.

It was very fortunate that they were in the sparring grounds, so many Reinforcement Formations were in place. Otherwise, everything could have reduced to rubble from that single lightning bolt.


Eventually, Zhang Jiuxiao managed to fend off the Lightning Warrior, but the sheer intensity of the lightning still seared his arms black. At the same time, He was pushed deep into the ground like a heavy cannonball, creating a huge pit above him.

"Could he have been electrocuted to death?"

"He shouldn't have, right?"

"This lightning is simply too fearsome. Even the managerial elders of the clan wouldn't be able to survive something of this scale! Considering how he has just barely made a breakthrough, not to mention that he even leaped an entire realm without reinforcing his cultivation at all… things really don't look too optimistic."

"Let's hope that he's fine. Even though he might be from the side family, it's still a blessing for the clan to have someone as talented as him in our ranks. Nothing can happen to him!"

Such words could be heard from the clan members all around as apprehension and nervousness colored their faces.

While there was significant internal rivalry within the Zhang Clan, the individual members still celebrated the rise of new geniuses instead of suppressing them. This was because they knew full well that the prosperity of the clan was dependent on the number and quality of the talents that they had, and only when the clan remained strong would there be good days ahead for them.


While everyone was staring intently in worry, Zhang Jiuxiao leisurely flew up from the bottom of the pit.

The current him was charred black from head to toe. Nevertheless, resolve still could be seen reflected on his face. It seemed like he was devoid of any fear toward the lightning in the sky.

Hong long long!

The third lightning bolt was about to fall very soon.

The Dimension Sundering Ordeal consisted of three lightning bolts, and each of them was stronger than the last. Countless experts had fallen to it in history.

"The third lightning bolt is not only powerful—it also harnesses a Heart Ordeal in it. Being from the side family, Zhang Jiuxiao has never undergone proper training to temper his mental resilience before, so it won't be easy for him to overcome his inner demons," the First Elder remarked worriedly.

"Indeed. To overcome this hurdle, on top of possessing great strength, he must have an unwavering will. I fear that he might not be ready for this yet," Zhang Wuchen replied apprehensively.

If this genius who had just barely emerged through the ranks were to fall to the lightning tribulation, it would really be a huge loss to the Zhang Clan.

"However, a lightning tribulation of this scale is no longer something that we can interfere in. Let's do this then. Go and look for Zhang Xuan, and if he can help us settle the lightning tribulation and save Zhang Jiuxiao… we can let everything that he has done previously go," the First Elder said.

Based on what Zhang Wuchen had told him, he realized that Zhang Xuan was indeed Yang shi's student. Considering how he was able to resolve even the devastating Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast with ease, as large as Zhang Jiuxiao's Dimension Sundering Ordeal was, it should not be too difficult for him to chase it away as well.

"Very well!" Knowing how important this matter was, Zhang Wuchen quickly flew toward Zhang Xuan's accommodation, and it did not take long for him to arrive at his destination.

"Hmm? He isn't around?" Zhang Wuchen swiftly swept through the accommodation with his Spiritual Perception, but Zhang Xuan was nowhere to be seen.

With a frown, he pushed open the door and walked in.

"Elder Wuchen." Jian Qinsheng stood up.

"Do you know where Zhang shi is?" Zhang Wuchen got straight to the topic at hand.

Back then, he had brought Jian Qinsheng and Zhang Xuan here together, and after taking the latter to the Blood Reservoir, Zhang Wuchen had left him to return here alone. Under normal circumstances, he should have obediently stayed put in his residence or at least stayed within the vicinity, so why was he nowhere to be seen?

Jian Qinsheng pondered for a moment before saying, "Zhang shi was taken away by you last night, and I heard that he met Zhang Jiuxiao later on and went out with the latter."

Zhang Jiuxiao had come here to look for Zhang Xuan, and later on, the two of them had left and never come back. For Zhang Wuchen to be looking for Zhang Xuan at this moment, could something have happened?

"Wait a moment, are you saying that Zhang Jiuxiao… came to look for Zhang Xuan last night?" Zhang Wuchen narrowed his eyes at this surprising information. "Just to verify, are you speaking of the offspring of the Zhang Clan's side family who has gotten into the Sanctum of Sages, Zhang Jiuxiao?"

"Of course, it's not a habit of mine to memorize the names of the offspring of the Zhang Clan otherwise!" Jian Qinsheng harrumphed.

"How does Zhang Jiuxiao know Zhang Xuan?" Zhang Wuchen could hardly believe what he was hearing.

The new, rising genius of the Zhang Clan was actually acquainted with the dastardly Zhang Xuan?

"How am I supposed to know that? In any case, they are very close to one another!" Jian Qinsheng replied impatiently.

"Alright, I understand. Sorry for imposing on you." With a look of disbelief on his face, Zhang Wuchen quickly flew back to the sparring grounds.

In the time that he had spent looking for Zhang Xuan, the lightning bolt in the sky had already finished charging up, and it surged down with a deafening rumble.

In an instant, Zhang Jiuxiao suddenly found himself standing confusedly in the midst of a junction, and his soul flickered weakly in uncertainty, on the verge of being extinguished at any moment.

He was just an ordinary member of the side family. In the behemoth known as the Zhang Clan, he did not have the slightest shred of standing, dignity, or even presence. Even if he had died in the Qingyuan Empire, it would not have caused the slightest ripple in the Zhang Clan.

Just like how he had been born a nobody, he would have died a nobody as well.

It was his teacher who had placed control of his life back in his hands.

His teacher had helped him get into the Sanctum of Sages as a student, and after which, he had even bestowed him with the strongest bloodline.

Since my teacher said that I can overcome the Dimension Sundering Ordeal, I'll be able to do it. No, I must do it! Even if it costs me my life, I cannot disappoint him!

Such was the strong will that burned in Zhang Jiuxiao's heart, and it brought unimaginable strength to his body. Astonishingly, it actually caused the lightning ordeal to simply slip right past his body, unable to cause the slightest harm at all.

The First Elder narrowed his eyes. "This is… the power of the bloodline? And it's even purer than mine? But… this is impossible!"



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