"Wife-to-be?" Zhang Jiuxiao was stunned.

Given the widespread fame of the little princess of the Luo Clan, Zhang Jiuxiao had naturally heard of her. He also knew that the little princess was engaged to the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan… but who would have thought that his teacher was the man who stood between the both of them!

This explained why the little princess would say that there was someone whom she fancied. No wonder his teacher would go around tearing down everything in the Zhang Clan! In fact, thinking back, his teacher had pummeled him the first time that they met.

In the end, this was the actual reason behind everything!

"Teacher, rest assured! Now that I know the little princess of the Luo Clan is your wife-to-be, I won't overstep my boundaries even if I'm beaten to death!" Zhang Jiuxiao hurriedly clasped his fist.

A teacher for a day, a father for life. Since his teacher was equivalent to his father, his teacher's wife-to-be would be his future mother. Even if someone inflated his guts to ten times the size, he would never dare to marry his mother!

"Good. Just keep that in mind!" Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Knowing that he could not remain like that, despite the giddiness he felt, Zhang Xuan still wobbled up to his feet. All of a sudden, he sensed something and swiftly flicked his wrist, and a token appeared in his palm.

The Sanctum Head Token.

In this moment, the token was emanating a faint light, as if something had brought it to life.

He had encountered this situation once in the past, and that was when he had successfully become an 8-star master teacher and deciphered the first seal on the token. Could it be that the second seal had been removed?

Zhang Xuan swiftly took a closer look at the Sanctum Head Token, and he could vaguely sense a powerful aura leaking from it.

There are three conditions that have to be met in order to awaken the Sanctum Head Token. Firstly, becoming an 8-star master teacher. Secondly, achieving the cultivation of Saint 8-dan.

Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

While I have yet to fully made a breakthrough to Saint 8-dan, in terms of fighting prowess and comprehension of spatial laws, even a true Saint 8-dan expert would be no match for me. Perhaps this has led the Sanctum Head Token to conclude that I have cleared the second condition, thus deciphering the second seal.

While the requirements to unsealing the Sanctum Head Token appeared to be fixed, it still depended on the exact conditions that Sage Kui had imposed on the Sanctum Head Token to gauge if those requirements had been met.

Perhaps, the token gauged whether an individual had reached Saint 8-dan by measuring their zhenqi. If that was the case, it would not be too surprising for the token to decide that Zhang Xuan had reached Saint 8-dan—after all, he was a cultivator of the Heaven's Path Divine Art, which put him far in front of his peers.

Let me see what is beneath the second seal…

The deciphering of the first seal had turned the token into a powerful weapon and granted him greater control over it. Given so, the deciphering of the second seal should have some kind of reward as well.

Thus, Zhang Xuan immersed his consciousness into the seal, and a few lines of information swiftly surfaced in his mind.


Zhang Xuan had thought that the deciphering of the second seal would turn the Sanctum Head Token into an even more powerful weapon that would help him out of his current situation, but that was not the case.

What was hidden beneath the second seal was a Teleportation Formation that brought one into a hidden dimension left behind by the founder of the Sanctum of Sages. Contained in it was the heritage of the Divine Eyes of the Ninth Netherworld and the insights regarding it left behind by the predecessors.

This was indeed great for deciphering the third seal, but to the current him, it was not of much use at all.

What he needed right now was the strength to go against the First Elder.

He had to resolve the issue with the Zhang Clan once and for all, or else given the influence that the Zhang Clan wielded in the Master Teacher Continent, even if he escaped for the moment, he would not be able to escape forever. Furthermore, there was no saying that the Zhang Clan might even use his students as hostages against him.

Not to mention, this Teleportation Formation was an only one-time use. Once he activated it, it would lose its effectiveness. So, he should at least prepare himself before heading over and aim to master the Divine Eyes of the Ninth Netherworld in a single push!

More importantly, he was in no state to cultivate. The giddiness that he was experiencing from the incompatibility between his Primordial Spirit and his body made even standing up difficult for him, let alone practicing a profound optic art!

Boom boom boom!

While Zhang Xuan was deep in thought, sonic booms in the air abruptly drew his attention back to reality. Lifting his gaze, he saw the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and the Inferno Qilin being forcefully knocked back. In their clashes with the First Elder, the both of them had sustained significant injuries.

As powerful as the two saint beasts were, they still came nowhere close to matching up to the First Elder of the Zhang Clan

If not for the latter being constantly struck by lightning, they would have long fallen in defeat.

Zhang Xuan took a look at the storm clouds above and shook his head. The lightning bolts won't last for too long either…

The continued release of lightning bolts had almost completely depleted the lightning tribulation, and its might was already beginning to wane.

From the looks of it, it would only be able to deal a couple more lightning bolts before dissipating for good.

Xiong xiong!

At this moment, the Inferno Qilin finally released its trump card. Tapping into the very last hue of Qilin Flames that it harnessed, it shot several searing flame dragons toward the First Elder simultaneously. The scorching heat of the attack swiftly charred the ground black and dyed the sky crimson. At the same time, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast made use of this opportunity to sneak behind the First Elder to launch a secret assault.

The collaboration between the two beasts would leave even a real 9-star master teacher in a fluster, but the First Elder did not show a hint of panic. He calmly sealed the space behind him before dispelling the flames before him with several palm strikes, thus neutralizing their assault with ease.

As the lightning tribulation grew smaller and smaller, the strength that the First Elder could exert became greater and greater. Previously, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and the Inferno Qilin had still been able to stand on equal grounds with the First Elder, but it was clear that the tables were swiftly tilting in the First Elder's favor.

"Master, we aren't a match for him. You have to quickly find a way to leave this area!" the Inferno Qilin urged Zhang Xuan anxiously through their telepathic link.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

While this was the first time that he had encountered a battle of this caliber, he was still able to tell that it was only a matter of time before his two tamed beasts fall in defeat, and there was no doubt that the First Elder would reap his life the moment that happened.

"I have to leave right now," Zhang Xuan muttered as he leaped into the sky and flew in the opposite direction. However, before he could get far, he suddenly wobbled in the middle of his flight before crashing back down to the ground.

"Teacher!" Zhang Jiuxiao hurriedly rushed forward to support Zhang Xuan.

"I'm fine," Zhang Xuan said as he rubbed his head.

It seemed like he would not be able to leave until he resolved the problem concerning the incompatibility in his Primordial Spirit and physical body.

Suppressing the giddiness in his head, he looked up and saw that the First Elder was closer to him than before. The storm clouds in the sky had already depleted all their energy and were beginning to dissipate.

"Scram!" Without the lightning tribulation to keep him in check, the First Elder roared furiously as he decisively released two palm strikes with his full force harnessed in them.

Boom! Boom!

The overpowering palm strike struck the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and Inferno Qilin into two separate rubble piles. The impact of the attack caused all of the injuries that they had sustained throughout the battle to relapse all at once, and they swiftly lost their consciousness.

After knocking out the two beasts, the First Elder turned his menacing gaze toward Zhang Xuan. Recalling the humiliation that he had sustained within this short period of time, a cold sneer crept onto his lips as he uttered, "Zhang Xuan, it's time for you to meet your maker!"

The First Elder tapped his finger, and a surge of sword qi tore its way toward Zhang Xuan.


Before it could strike Zhang Xuan, a token abruptly appeared in the midst of the sword qi's path, neutralizing it entirely as if a barrier.

Zhang Xuan knew that he would not be able to withstand the First Elder's attack in his current state, so he decisively threw the Sanctum Head Token out.

"First Elder of the Zhang Clan, I, Zhang Xuan, am an 8-star master teacher recognized by the Master Teacher Pavilion. Even if I have erred, you should seek recompense through reporting me to the Master Teacher Pavilion. You should be well aware that only the Master Teacher Pavilion is qualified to pass judgement on master teachers! Are you planning on turning a blind eye to the rules of the Master Teacher Pavilion?" Zhang Xuan bellowed imposingly.

"Master teacher? You actually have the cheek to call yourself a master teacher?" Those words reignited the First Elder's rage once more.

How could a person who practiced the unorthodox arts of the soul oracle have the cheek to proclaim himself as a master teacher?

Definitely, he would report this matter to the Master Teacher Pavilion and have them thoroughly investigate the matter, but before that, he would first have this young man killed in order to quell the burning rage in his heart!

"Die!" the First Elder bellowed as he crushed his palm down upon Zhang Xuan.


The palm strike first collided with the Sanctum Head Token, and unable to withstand the might of the palm strike, it was knocked right back into Zhang Xuan's hands. Following which, the First Elder firmly pushed on with his palm strike, as if he would not rest until he finally reduced Zhang Xuan into meat paste.


Zhang Xuan panicked.

His words had not worked. It was clear that the First Elder would not rest until he was dead. At the same time, the intolerable giddiness consuming his mind rendered him completely incapable of fight and flight.

In this desperate moment, he flicked his finger.


A massive head materialized right before him, crushing heavily down on the First Elder.

While the actual fighting prowess of Vicious' head could not even compare to a Saint 8-dan expert, its sudden appearance and its sheer weight, coupled with the exhaustion and injuries that the First Elder had accumulated from dealing with the lightning tribulation and Zhang Xuan's two tamed beasts, actually managed to catch the First Elder off guard and suppress him temporarily.

"Teacher…" Upon seeing the head that his teacher had brought out, Zhang Jiuxiao widened his eyes in absolute horror.

He anxiously turned his gaze toward Zhang Xuan, only to see the latter abruptly flicking his wrist to whip out a jade token.

It was a Communication Jade Token with particularly intricate inscriptions on it.

It was shimmering with a light glow, as if some kind of important information was being transmitted.

Zhang Xuan tapped his finger lightly on it.


An indistinct face appeared on the surface of Communication Jade Token. Despite the blurriness of the image, one could still tell that the other party was an indescribably beautiful young lady.

Zhang Jiuxiao was captivated by the face for a short moment before coming to a delayed realization that the other party was his First Senior, Zhao Ya!

While he had not seen Zhao Ya in person before, he had heard much about her beauty.

In this very moment, Zhao Ya's face was colored in distress, and with a deeply frightened voice, she exclaimed, "Teacher, save me!"


The image abruptly vanished from view, and following right after, the Communication Jade Token shattered with a light explosion.This saying means that even if a person only serves as your teacher for a day, it's only right to respect him just like how you respect your father for life.



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