Yuan Tao was in the Yuan Clan, so he would not face any problems teleporting into their clan. However, the half a month that it would take to travel from the Yuan Clan to the Glacier Plain Court was much too long!

Since there was no other more convenient Teleportation Formation for him to take… why not just construct one?

"You wish to construct a Teleportation Formation?" Chen Leyao was startled by the unexpected suggestion.

Following which, she shook her head bitterly and said, "Teleportation Formations can only be constructed by real 9-star formation masters, especially since they require a deep comprehension of space in order to build them properly. On top of that, their structure is incredibly intricate, requiring complex calculations that must be perfectly precise. Even the slightest error in a calculation could cause a vast difference in the end result!

"I have never seen the construction of the Teleportation Formations in the Glacier Plain Court before, but I have had the opportunity to see how they repaired one. Back then, our Glacier Plain Court hired three 9-star formation masters, and despite their collaboration, it still took them three whole months before they completed the calculations required to calibrate the Teleportation Formation! Putting aside our lack of strength and comprehension of formations, even if we do have the ability to set up a Teleportation Formation, there's no way we could build it swiftly!"

Putting aside everything else, just the calibration of the Teleportation Formation to the determined destination was enough to take them several months of calculations. For a distance of several million li, the slightest difference in calibration could lead to a massive deviation in the final destination!

All in all, with all of these factors at play, the construction of a Teleportation Formation was bound to be a highly time-consuming project. It would not help their current situation.

Otherwise, the Master Teacher Pavilion would have already set up Teleportation Formations all over the continent. There would not just be a couple of them located in the major powers in the continent, such that most average cultivators had seen them before.

"Three months?" Zhang Xuan felt yet another headache assaulting his already hurting head.

If it took that long to repair a formation, its construction was bound to take even longer.

Was there really no way for him to reach Zhao Ya quickly?

Zhang Xuan pondered for a long moment before his eyes suddenly lit up. It might take others a long time to complete the calculations required to calibrate the formation, but I should be able to shorten the process significantly!

Regardless of what formation one wanted to set up, one would have to first take the environment into account and assess how the formation should best be set up in order to align it with the surroundings before placing down the formation flags.

For this reason, setting up formations, especially higher-grade ones, often took formation masters a great deal of time. They had to use their compass to make all kinds of measurement, such as the direction, concentration, gradient of spiritual energy in the surroundings, the effects the surrounding geography would have on the formation, and so on. However, Zhang Xuan was different! With his Library of Heaven's Path, he would be able to resolve the problems through simple trial and error. There was no need for him to go to great lengths calculating this and that!

Since he could do so for other formations, naturally, he would also be able to do the same for Teleportation Formations!

With this thought in mind, Zhang Xuan decided to dive straight to action.

"Let's go, we're heading to the Hall of Erudition! I'm going to see if there are any books relating to Teleportation Formations that I can refer to. It would be best if I can set one up, but if that fails, I'll just have to find another solution," he said.

"Study? Right now?" Chen Leyao asked with twitching lips.

Putting aside how difficult it would be to set up a Teleportation Formation, just the manipulation of space required for its construction was more than enough to leave any ordinary formation master utterly helpless. Was it not a little too late to start studying?

Instead of pursuing something futile, would it not have been much wiser to set out that instant?

"We have no time to waste, hurry up!" Without explaining anything, Zhang Xuan took the lead and walked out.

He had been to the Formation Master Guild branch in the Hall of Erudition once and even taken the 8-star formation master examination there, so he knew the route there very well.

While Chen Leyao had no idea what Zhang Xuan was thinking, she knew that everything he did was to save their young court chief, so she eventually chose to follow him as well.

It did not take long before the two of them were standing before Elder Su of the Formation Master Guild.

Elder Su was the person who had supervised his 8-star formation master examination back then, so he was still a more familiar figure to Zhang Xuan.

"Elder Su, I would like to browse through books relating to Teleportation Formations. May I ask if there are such books in the Formation Master Guild?" Zhang Xuan revealed the purpose of his sudden visit.

"Teleportation Formations have always been an important research topic for the Sanctum of Sages. In fact, during Sage Kui's era, the Sanctum of Sages was even reputed to be the number one authority in this field! He has left behind many books regarding the topic, and if you wish to browse through them, I can take you there!" Elder Su nodded.

Zhang Xuan was already an 8-star formation master, so he was qualified to look through those books.

"I'll be troubling Elder Su then!" Zhang Xuan clasped his fist.

It did not take long before they arrived in the library. Heading in the direction that Elder Su had pointed toward, Zhang Xuan soon saw multiple shelves storing countless books relating to Teleportation Formations.

The Sanctum of Sages had never lacked geniuses, and while the field of Teleportation Formations was particularly profound, there were still plenty of talented individuals studying the subject, hoping to further it. As such, there were many books relating to how a Teleportation Formation could be set up, how the location could be calibrated, how the space should be manipulated, and so on.

Zhang Xuan swiftly swept his gaze through those books and collected them into the Library of Heaven's Path.


A new book materialized, and Zhang Xuan quickly flipped it open.

Heaven's Path Teleportation Formation Art… Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Perhaps because there were ample books in there, he managed to compile the Heaven's Path Teleportation Formation Art. Tapping his finger lightly on it, the knowledge immediately flowed into his head, assimilating with his previous understanding of formations.

Previously, he had already finished browsing through all 8-star formation master books, which granted him knowledge of formations that was on par with 9-star primary formation masters. On top of that, his mastery of the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel had also reached the third realm. Thus, while Teleportation Formations was a rather difficult subject for most to comprehend, he did not have much trouble understanding its content.

It did not take long before he fully grasped the Heaven's Path Teleportation Formation Art.

Knowing that he was ready, he quickly walked out of the library, and after finding Elder Su, he asked, "Elder Su, do you have any grade-9 formation flags on hand? I would like to borrow them!"

Teleportation Formations were all grade-9 formations, so naturally, they required grade-9 formation flags in order to set up.

"I don't have any grade-9 formation flags on me!" Elder Su shook his head and apologized.

He was only an 8-star formation master, so how could he possibly have any grade-9 formation flags on hand?

"Do you happen to know of anyone who has grade-9 formation flags?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Grade-9 formation flags…" Elder Su pondered for a moment before replying. "If I'm not mistaken, our deputy sanctum head, Zhan shi, should have some. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't really know anyone else who has them!"

"Zhan shi?" Zhang Xuan nodded slowly.

He had met Zhan shi once. Back then, he had just cleared the Master Teacher Tower, and the other party had taken him into the Inner Sanctum and given him his Inner Sanctum token. Considering how he was a Saint 9-dan expert and the deputy sanctum head, it did make sense for all of the grade-9 formation flags of the Sanctum of Sages to be with him.

After all, others did not even possess the strength to control them.

In the past, the Sanctum of Sages had been an extremely powerful organization with plenty of 9-star master teachers in its ranks. However, due to the lack of a powerful sanctum head to lead them for many years, it had declined greatly, such that it could not compete with the more powerful Sage Clans in terms of absolute strength.

Nevertheless, its rich heritage, vast connections, and the very fact that it was a direct subsidiary of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters still gave the Sanctum of Sages a lot of influence and authority in the Master Teacher Continent.

Swiftly making sense of the situation, Zhang Xuan asked, "Elder Su, I'm really grateful for your help today. Do you know where the deputy sanctum head is at the moment?"

"He should be in the Sanctum Head Hall. You can try looking for him there!" Elder Su said with a smile.

"Very well!" Zhang Xuan called for Chen Leyao, and the both of them swiftly headed over to the Sanctum Head Hall. However, barely before he took flight, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation over his entire body.

He quickly sidestepped in midair.

Tz la!

Barely after he did so, the space where he was standing before was suddenly ripped open by a surge of sword qi. The sword qi surged straight for the ground, tearing out a deep gorge.

"I'm going to kill you!"

Following which, an infuriated bellow echoed. Taken aback, Zhang Xuan quickly turned his head over, only to see a young man standing not too far away, glaring at him with infernos blazing in his eyes.

"Luo Xuanqing, are you insane?" Zhang Xuan bellowed furiously.



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