It was just a moment ago when he had still been wondering which screw was loose in Luo Xuanqing's head to suddenly pummel him relentlessly like that, but those words had cleared all doubts in his mind. It was not that Luo Xuanqing's violent streak was acting up once more, but that… he had found out about the relationship between Luo Ruoxin and him!

He had thought of telling Luo Xuanqing about this matter in the past, but every single time, he would stop at the final moment because he had no idea how he should broach the subject. Yet, to think that the other party would actually find out about it himself… In that moment, he was so shocked that it felt as if his mind would blow up.

Just as he was about to ask how Luo Xuanqing found out about that matter, it suddenly dawned on him that Luo Xuanqing had already stumbled onto the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy lead. It would not be too hard to trace him down from there, especially since he was the principal!

"Xuanqing, I…"

Abruptly placed in such a situation, Zhang Xuan had no idea what he should say.

It was true that he had gotten close with Luo Xuanqing in order to get to Luo Ruoxin, so it was understandable that he would be unhappy to learn of his ulterior motive.

The other party had thought of him as a true friend, but it turned out that he was only getting close to him in order to flirt with his younger sister. Who would be happy about that?

"My younger sister's talents are both a gift and a cursing. Throughout her life, she has never met anyone whom she could truly call a friend. While the entire Luo Clan treats her well and respects her, it's that attitude of theirs that created an invisible boundary between her and the others, effectively isolating her. Every night, I would see her sitting alone on the roof, watching her gaze at the starry night sky. You can't even begin to imagine how forlorn her profile looked.

"Despite being her elder brother, I was unable to assuage the loneliness she felt, so I could only use all of my strength to protect her and offer her the best. I have always thought that her loneliness would dissipate once she found someone whom she loves, and I have always envisioned the person whom she would fancy to be someone stronger than her, possessing astounding capabilities unmatched by anyone else in the world… but who would have thought that she would end up choosing you!"

Paying no heed to Zhang Xuan's shock, Luo Xuanqing gazed deeply at the starry sky above and muttered to himself.

"I…" Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly.

Indeed. When he first got together with Luo Ruoxin, the latter's cultivation had been far above his, such that it would be no exaggeration to say that they were from two entirely different worlds.

To this day, he still could not say that he was worthy of her.

But one's feelings simply did not obey rational logic. The fondness that he felt for Luo Ruoxin would not vanish just because of the gap in their standing.

In fact, from the moment that he first set eyes on her, he had felt an inexplicable feeling of intimacy to her, as if they were meant to be. It took only an instant to realize that she was the missing piece that he had been looking for his entire life, and he would never feel whole without her.

"I have been thinking about this matter over the past few days. My younger sister really likes you, and the notion of you getting together with her doesn't seem as revolting as I thought it would be. At the very least, I'm familiar with you! While you do get into trouble often, you tend to be unreliable at times, your words sound like a pile of dog sh*t, and you are doltish at times, on the whole, I'm still quite satisfied with your capabilities!" Luo Xuanqing continued.

"…" Black lines streaked across Zhang Xuan's face.

Big bro, are you praising or berating me?

Get into trouble often? To think that I would hear such words from the likes of your mouth!

Unreliable? How am I unreliable?

You are the one who is unreliable!

Also, my words sound like a pile of dog sh*t, and I am doltish at times? You are the one who is doltish!

"It's a known fact that my younger sister has successfully assimilated the Dimension Silencer and is the number one genius of the Luo Clan. Even compared to the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan, he's lacking in comparison. Not only so, her looks are also top-notch, almost as if she was the favored one of the heavens… but I know that she isn't happy. A heavy responsibility weighs down her shoulders, and no matter how she struggles, she's unable to free herself of the constraints fate has shackled on her," Luo Xuanqing said with a heavy voice.

"If she's unable to struggle free out of the shackles of fate, then at the very least, I hope that she will be granted the joys of a passionate love. I want her to be with someone she loves and not someone she's engaged to!"

Hearing the thoughts of his future brother-in-law, Zhang Xuan said, "I understand. Don't worry about the engagement, I'll deal with it!"

As long as the young prodigy did not appear, the Zhang Clan would be dispatching Zhang Jiuxiao for the engagement. Given the fact that Zhang Jiuxiao was his student, it would be for him to decide whether the engagement went ahead or not.

So, there would not be much of a problem regarding that.

Unless… the shameless young prodigy appeared at that moment!

"You'll deal with it? How do you intend to deal with it?" Luo Xuanqing scoffed. "If the engagement could be resolved that easily, given my younger sister's strength, she would have broken free of it by herself. Would she be placed in such a quandary over it?"

"I don't understand. If your younger sister doesn't will for it, she could always choose not to marry. Why is this such an issue?" Zhang Xuan asked.

He could understand that it was political marriage with much on the line, but if both the groom and the bride refused to marry, surely the marriage would be called off. What was so difficult about this matter?

"It seems like you are really unaware of it. This marriage isn't just a simple political marriage between both clans. More important than that…" At this point, Luo Xuanqing suddenly paused. A moment later, he shook his head and said, "Forget it, you wouldn't understand even if I told you. I once promised the elders in my clan that I would kill the man whom my younger sister loves, but you are simply too strong. So, it's not that I didn't try to kill you but that I'm unable to do it. Thus, I have not ignored the order from my clan."

"Ah…" Zhang Xuan was dazed.

In the end, the reason the other party seemed so desperate to kill him was because of the orders from his clan!

It would be best if he could accomplish his mission, but if he could not do it, there was nothing that could be done.

"However, since I was able to uncover your identity, it shouldn't be too difficult for the elders in the clan to find out about it as well. I do not hope to see the person my younger sister likes to die so young." Luo Xuanqing stood up and placed his hands behind his back.

"She told me to take care of you and not allow you to come to harm. Your strength is currently not beneath mine, so it's already beyond my capability to take care of you. However, you have to know that powerful clans possess many means to deal with a person. Be careful!"

"Thank you for your reminder!" Zhang Xuan clasped his hand.

Were it anyone else, he would have long let out the Inferno Qilin and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast. There was no way that he would have allowed the other party to beat him up like that.

With these two saint beasts on his side, even the experts of the Luo Clan would have difficulty killing him!

Even in the worst-case scenario, he would still be able to escape.

"Don't die," Luo Xuanqing muttered before dashing ahead, disappearing into the night sky.

"Jeez…" Zhang Xuan shook his head as he used his zhenqi to swiftly heal his injuries before slowly standing up.

He knew just how much Luo Xuanqing doted on his younger sister, so upon hearing that a person whom he had trusted so deeply turned out to be his younger sister's lover, it was no wonder he was so furious.

For someone as hot-tempered as Luo Xuanqing, it must have taken a lot of self-restraint for him to hold himself back so much.

Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly and muttered, "Don't worry, I'll definitely treat Ruoxin well. I won't let the slightest harm come to her!"

No matter how much effort he would have to put in, as long as he could be together with Luo Ruoxin in the end, he would not utter a single word of complaint!

This was his promise to Luo Xuanqing, as well as his promise to Luo Ruoxin and himself!

"You are good brother," Zhang Xuan said.

Between his responsibilities to the clan and his younger sister, he eventually chose to side with her younger sister. Such an action could be considered a betrayal to the Luo Clan, and as someone who had grown up as the Young Master of the Luo Clan, this was definitely not an easy decision to make.

"Alright, I should get to looking for Zhan shi now!"

After resting for a moment, Zhang Xuan finally recovered fully from his injuries. Without any hesitation, he flew straight for the Sanctum Head Hall.



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