Chen Leyao had gone to the Sanctum of Sages; this was something that the entire Glacier Plain Court knew. Why would she suddenly appear here when barely three months had passed since then?

"Elder Bai, I have followed Yang shi here in order to... deal with some matters!" Chen Leyao swiftly got up and greeted Elder Bai.

This was the elder whom she was closest with in the Glacier Plain Court. She didn't wish to lie to her.

"Yang shi?"

At this moment, Elder Bai finally turned her gaze toward Zhang Xuan.

The middle-aged man before her didn't seem to be too old, but his cultivation was like an abyss. She found that she was unable to gauge the depth of his strength.

"I have heard of many Yang shis, may I know who you are?" Elder Bai frowned in hostility.

Chen Leyao was one of the disciples which the Glacier Plain Court had devoted its resources to grooming, and yet, instead of cultivating diligently in the Sanctum of Sages, this fellow actually brought her back here. This had made her a little displeased.

"I am Yang Xuan," Zhang Xuan replied calmly.

"Yang Xuan? Which Yang Xuan?" Elder Bai replied instinctively when a moment later, her eyebrows shot up as she uttered in astonishment, "Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters' Yang Xuan?"


Zhang Xuan didn't respond to Elder Bai's question, choosing to chuckle softly instead. He stood up and said, "Elder Bai, you have a glowing complexion, but it seems like you have an energy clot in your Tuihai acupoint, resulting in a clash in the searing and cold energies in your body. If I'm not mistaken… the hair beneath your hat has already on the color of snow, am I right?"

"You…" Elder Bai widened her eyes in shock.

She had always appeared before others with a hat on her head in order to conceal her snowy hair, and even the disciple whom she favored the most, Chen Leyao, was unaware of this matter. Yet, the middle-aged man before her was able to see through it with a simple glance?

"There's no need to geet nervous. Execute a punching routine." Paying no heed to Elder Bai's shock, Zhang Xuan took two steps forward as he spoke with a calming voice.

Upon hearing those words. Elder Bai's expression suddenly turned dazed for a moment, and before she realized it, she had already executed a punch.

Upon realization of what had just happened, her face turned livid in anger and embarrassment, but just as she was about to berate the other party, the other party had already begun speaking once more, "You have practiced your Arctic Arcane Art since young, and as you have never come into contact with the opposite gender, guarding the purity of your yin through such, you were able to bring out the full prowess of the cultivation technique. However… have you noticed that you are unable to advance your cultivation by even the slightest bit anymore? No matter how many pills you consume or how many master teachers you consult, you just aren't able to make the breakthrough to Macrocosm Ascendancy realm!"

"You… How did you know?" Horrified by having her secrets exposed by a stranger, Elder Bai couldn't help but take a step back.

It had been a long while since she had reached Saint 8-dan pinnacle, but for some reason, she was simply unable to make a breakthrough to the next realm. She had tried many methods, but all of them turned out to be futile in the end. By now, she had already completely given up hope.

Just that, she had only mentioned this matter to the elders whom she was closest with in the Glacier Plain Court, and yet, for a stranger to know of all this as well… Did he really analyze all of this from her punch?

Surely there would be no one in the world with such penetrating eyes!

"Macrocosm in Macrocosm Ascendancy realm refers to the spatial world we perceive that is formed by the three dimensions. In order to grasp the concept of the macrocosm, one must possess a deep understanding of the spatial laws. While the Arctic Arcane Art is indeed a fairly powerful cultivation technique, it would require one to use frost as a catalyst to induce an impetus for a breakthrough to the Macrocosm Ascendancy realm, but such a method of breakthrough happens to be incompatible with your disposition. As a result, it caused an uneven distribution of the hot and cold energies in your body, and the strain your body is under has resulted in the premature whitening of your hair…"

At this point, Zhang Xuan raised his eyelids and asked, "Do you experience feelings of irritation when you cultivate at night, resulting in your inability to calm down? Does your body experience inner heat seizures from time to time?"

"This… Yes, that's true…" Elder Bai was intending to refute his words, but after a slight moment of hesitation, she eventually nodded in admittance. With a doubtful look, she asked, "Yang shi, may I know what do you mean by disposition? I have practiced the Arctic Arcane Art for more than a century now, but nothing has happened in the past. Why would the issue of incompatibility suddenly crop up at this moment?"

Since the other party was able to see through the root of her problem, she felt that this could be a good opportunity to resolve this long-term ailment that had put her through great suffering. Thus, she decided to not to conceal it anymore.

Just that, what the other party had said left her feeling slightly perplexed.

She had cultivated the Arctic Arcane Art for many years now, and never had she faced any problem with it. Why would there be an incompatibility all of a sudden?

And also, what did the other party mean by the word, 'disposition'?

"By disposition, I'm referring to the force field that you generate around you. It's something that's affected by the cultivation technique you practice, your personal habits, and even your surroundings!" Zhang Xuan explained. "Your constitution harnesses the yin attribute, so it's indeed suited to cultivate the Arctic Arcane Art."

"Then…" Elder Bai frowned in confusion.

Even Chen Leyao had no idea what Zhang Xuan was driving at too.

It was just a moment ago that he said that her disposition wasn't compatible with the cultivation technique, so why would he say that her constitution was compatible now?

"Calm down and allow me to explain. There's indeed no problem with your constitution; the problem lays in the change in your disposition!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Change in my disposition?"

"Indeed. If I'm not mistaken, after your cultivation reached Saint 8-dan, did you start cultivating a Earth Vein Lotus in your own residence?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"That… Yes, that's right!" Elder Bai nodded.

"The seeds of the Earth Vein Lotus does have the effect of eternalizing one's youthful appearance, so it's a popular plant to cultivate amongst the ladies. I can understand why you would want to cultivate one as well, but do you know that the Earth Vein Lotus doesn't just survive by taking in the energy from the earth veins? More than that, it requires the nourishment of earth flames in order to mature! While it only takes in a small flicker, that's already more than sufficient to change the environment you live in, causing the surrounding force field to take on a fire attribute. A day or two wouldn't cause too much harm, but with your Arctic Arcane Art and cold attribute constitution, a huge problem would arise when you are exposed to such an environment in the long run!

"The fire attribute will slowly accumulate within your body. If you are married, you might still be able to expel it out, but the act of guarding the purity of your yin has also caused the fire poison to be trapped in your body as well. As a result, when you cultivate the Arctic Arcane Art, your cold energy would collide with the fire poison accumulated in your body, resulting in your hair taking on a snowy color. At the same time, the clots resulted from the clash causes your zhenqi to be trapped as well. As a result, no matter how you cultivate, you aren't able to achieve a breakthrough…" Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed deeply.

"This…" Elder Bai's eyes widened in shock as she staggered weakly backward.

She couldn't say for sure whether the other party was right or not, but it was indeed true that there was an Earth Vein Lotus planted in her courtyard, and there were also several clots in her meridians that impeded her flow of zhenqi. Thinking back, her condition also seemed to have started after she began cultivating the lotus…

Could the other party be right?

"What should I do then? Yang shi, please enlighten me!" At this point, Elder Bai already harbored no doubts about the capabilities of the middle-aged man before her.

Previously, she still thought that it was impossible for that legendary man to come to a place like this, but the very feat that the middle-aged man standing before her had achieved, discerning the root of her ailment with absolute ease, showed that his eye of discernment far surpassed that of common 9-star master teachers… She couldn't fathom anyone else other than that legendary man who would possess such incredible capabilities!

"Simple. Destroy the Earth Vein Lotus you have planted in your courtyard and soak yourself in the Glacier Lake for a whole month. Not only will your afflictions be resolved, you'll also have no trouble reaching Macrocosm Ascendancy realm afterward!"

At this point, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly before continuing on, "Alternatively, if you aren't able to endure a month in the Glacier Lake, you can also find a man to reconcile your yin and yang. You should be able to resolve the problem within three days!"

"This…" Elder Bai's face reddened upon hearing those words, and she hurriedly shook her head. "I'll endure a month in the Glacier Lake!"

Having lived a life of purity up to this day, she wouldn't break something she had insisted on just because of her affliction, especially when there was an alternative solution.

There was a brief moment of silence before Elder Bai spoke up once more, "Yang shi, given your standing and strength, even if your saint beasts are injured, you should be more than capable of treating them without medicinal herbs, right? Besides, even if you require medicinal herbs, you also don't need me to deliver it personally either, right? May I know the reason why you have invited me over in such a roundabout manner?"

While everything seemed to fit rationally, as an elder of one of the powerful Glacier Plain Court, Elder Bai was highly experienced and worldly. On top of that, the fact that Chen Leyao was together with him was a huge anomaly too. Putting all of the clues together, she was able to keenly notice that something was amiss.



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