She had asked close sisters of hers within the Glacier Plain Court about the young court chief, but the replies that she had received all said that nothing had happened. But thinking about it, that did not make sense at all! How could something possibly happen to the young court chief, a person whose standing was only beneath that of the First Elder, without anyone noticing?

There were only two possibilities to explain this peculiar situation.

One, the young court chief was lying.

Two, the crisis happened from within the sect, and someone was intentionally suppressing the news.

Thinking about it now, the young court chief should have informed the elders and the experts within the Glacier Plain Court directly in order to deal with the crisis instead struggling to send a message to trouble her relatively much weaker teacher. After all, that would have been the most rational thing to do!

Clearly, it appeared that there was no one she could trust within the Glacier Plain Court!

This realization made goosebumps rise all over Chen Leyao's body as she shook her head in disbelief.

She had only known that the young court chief was facing some kind of danger, but she had not really thought that deeply into the matter before. This also explained why Zhang shi was against having her recklessly contact the Glacier Plain Court!

"I understand that you are a member of the Glacier Plain Court. If this matter puts you in a spot, I can deal with it myself. However, I still have to ask of you not to reveal my whereabouts to anyone!" Zhang Xuan turned to Chen Leyao and clasped his fist.

If something had really happened within the Glacier Plain Court, it would indeed be too much to ask of her to choose between him and the Glacier Plain Court. Instead of putting her in a spot, it might be better for her to stay out of this matter altogether. That way, she could at least feign ignorance and steer clear of trouble.

"This…" Chen Leyao was stumped.

Her previous realization had also led her to a certain deduction. If it was true that the Glacier Plain Court had turned hostile toward the young court chief, there was only one person who wielded the ability to pull it of… the First Elder!

For as long as she could remember, the First Elder had been responsible for managing everything in the Glacier Plain Court. Be it internal or external affairs, everything was decided upon her words. For this reason, even though she was not the court chief, her position was as good as that.

If her previous guesses were correct and someone inside had indeed tried to make a move on the young court chief, the culprit was most likely the First Elder herself! No one had the ability to conceal anything happening within the Glacier Plain Court from the First Elder, and if the matter truly had nothing to do with the First Elder, she definitely would have stepped in and saved the young court chief by now!

But if the First Elder was truly the culprit… as a disciple of the Glacier Plain Court, could she really disobey her commands?

"Don't worry, I understand. Farewell!" Not wanting to put Chen Leyao in a spot, Zhang Xuan turned around and walked away.

However, barely after he took a couple of steps, Chen Leyao suddenly rushed over from behind and stopped him. With a resolute look on her face, she said, "Wait a moment! The young court chief is an amiable person, and I am also indebted to Zhang shi. I wish to lend you my aid in rescuing the young court chief… even if this means going against the First Elder!"

Zhang Xuan looked at Chen Leyao deeply and asked, "Have you thought it through it? This matter could have severe implications. You do understand that there's no turning back from this, right?"

Chen Leyao sighed before nodding grimly. "I understand!"

She had grown up in the Glacier Plain Court, and naturally, she was greatly attached to it. However, the young man before her was the person who had modified the Glacier Plain Court's cultivation technique and saved many of her sisters from meeting a premature death, and the young court chief seemed to be a kind person as well. More than that, she was also deeply in awe at how the young man was willing to stand against the Sanctum of Sages for the sake of his student. She earnestly hoped to lend him her strength.

"Very well, allow me to thank you on Zhao Ya's behalf then!" Seeing that the other party had made up her mind, Zhang Xuan nodded. "Is there anyone in the Glacier Plain Court whom you are closer with that has a high standing? I think we should start tackling the matter from there. Perhaps, we might be able to find some clues."

First and foremost, he would have to uncover what had happened to Zhao Ya before he could start designing some countermeasures.

But to hear about matters in the Glacier Plain Court, it went without saying that they would need someone on the inside.

Chen Leyao pondered for a long while before saying, "Those who are closer to me are of the younger generation, so I doubt that they will know much about the plight of the young court chief. However, there's a certain elder whom I happen to be closer with. She has always been very caring to me, so I think I could try asking her."

"Elder? What's her cultivation realm?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Saint 8-dan advanced stage. She isn't too strong among the elders, but she's in charge of managing the basic necessities in the Glacier Plain Court. If something has happened to the young court chief, I think she would know," Chen Leyao said.

"I see. Very well, bring me to meet her!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Even though the elder whom Chen Leyao spoke of did not have too high a position, being in charge of the basic necessities, she should have a good grasp over the happenings in there.

If something had happened to Zhao Ya, she definitely would have heard of it.

"Considering how night has set in, I think she should be resting in her accommodation at the moment. However, her accommodation is located in the depths of the Glacier Plain Court, so it might not be easy to slip in at the moment," Chen Leyao said with a deep frown.

Judging from the time, the Glacier Plain Court would have already closed its gates. As such, it would not be easy for them to get in.

"Can you invite her out for a meeting?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Chen Leyao shook her head and replied, "It won't be easy. The rules of the Glacier Plain Court are enforced quite strictly. Even though she's an elder, she still won't leave the Glacier Plain Court easily. However, she will head out at dawn to procure fruits, vegetables, and the sort, so we should be able to get to her then!"

"Dawn?" Zhang Xuan frowned. "There's still six more hours before dawn. Too many things can happen within six hours; I can't wait that long. Is there any other way to get to her?"

Time was of the utmost importance. Until they finally uncovered what had happened to Zhao Ya, they could not waste a single second.

"This…" Chen Leyao fell silent.

She had always been one of the more obedient ones in the Glacier Plain Court, so she had no experience of sneaking out at night before. As a result, she found herself completely stumped by Zhang Xuan's question.

"The elder you spoke of should have a certain supplier whom she works with in order to procure rations for the Glacier Plain Court, right?"

"As one of the top powers on the Master Teacher Continent, the Glacier Plain Court only takes in high-quality rations that are cultivated by professionals and contain minimal impurities," Chen Leyao said. "To be honest, I'm not too sure whom the supplier is, but from what I know, the only supplier in the City of Glacier that has the ability to meet the Glacier Plain Court's needs is the Han Clan! They are also the largest clan here."

The larger a power was, the more stringent their demand on rations would be. In order to cultivate their younger generation, it was important to pay careful attention to their diet, so they would not simply purchase any food from roadside vendors.

Besides, this was also a security issue. Otherwise, if someone laced their vegetables with poison, would the entire organization not be done in?

As such, it was certain that they would have a specific supplier.

"The Han Clan? Do you know where they live?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Understanding Zhang Xuan's intention, Chen Leyao nodded. "Yes, I know where they are."

It might be difficult for her to invite the elder out, but if the supplier was the one to do the inviting instead, it should be much easier.

"Lead the way!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

The two of them swiftly strode through several streets, and roughly ten minutes later, a resplendent manor appeared before their eyes.

"Zhang shi, this is the Han Clan!" Chen Leyao introduced.

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded as he examined the massive manor before him.

To be qualified to supply rations to one of the top powers of the Master Teacher Continent, the Han Clan was certainly quite a powerful clan.

"Send in a name scroll!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand.

It was clearly not viable to barge into the clan. Besides, if he caused a huge commotion, it could cause more trouble than it would be worth. For the time being, it would be best to get the person-in-charge to meet him willingly.

"Name scroll? Do I put down my name?" Chen Leyao was taken aback.

While she was indeed one of the more talented disciples in the Glacier Plain Court, the other party was a figure who was able to talk on equal terms with an elder of the Glacier Plain Court. Considering the ungodly hour that they had come knocking, it was not too likely that they would be able to meet the master of the manor.

"Use my name instead!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Yours?" Chen Leyao widened her eyes in astonishment.

While Zhang Xuan was the young court chief's teacher, this was something that was only known by very few members of the Glacier Plain Court, so he did not have much fame. And more importantly, he had just gotten into a conflict with the Sanctum of Sages, so was it not too dangerous to use that name?

"Pardon me for saying this, Zhang shi, but I don't think your name will work either…"

However, before she could finish her words, Zhang shi suddenly turned around, and a foreign face came into her sight—the other party had morphed his appearance into that of a middle-aged man with yellowish skin tone. With a perfectly nonchalant expression, he said, "From now on, my name is…

"Yang Xuan!"



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