She was not considered to be too powerful among the elders of the Glacier Plain Court, and under normal circumstances, even till the day of her death, it was highly unlikely for her to come into contact with someone of Yang shi's level.

However, with the fact that Chen Leyao was with him and the message that Clan Head Han Shuiliu had sent over, everything seemed to be pointing toward that direction.

"Elder Bai is indeed a candid person!" Knowing that it was impossible to conceal it anymore, Zhang Xuan chose to admit to the matter frankly. With a smile, he shot a glance at Han Shuiliu and the other elders of the Han Clan and said, "Clan Head Han, you have my gratitude for relaying the message."

"Yang shi, there's no need to stand on ceremony. It's the Han Clan's honor to be able to work on your behalf!" Han Shuiliu quickly clasped his fist respectfully.

The middle-aged man standing before him was a grand elder of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters! Given that even Elder Bai had acknowledged it, his identity could not possibly be fake. If it were to be known that the Han Clan had some ties with Yang Xuan, even if it was just a brief contact, its standing could be elevated to a whole new level!

For one, its enemies would hesitate to challenge them for fear of retribution from Yang Xuan.

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded before he retracted his smile, looked away, and fell silent.

Seeing the look on his face, Han Liushui swiftly understood what was going on and quickly clasped his fist. "There are still a couple of matters that we have to attend to, so we'll be taking our leave now."

After saying those words, he left together with the elders.

Clearly, the words of thanks that Yang shi had said earlier were an indirect way of dismissing them. If they did not leave soon, they could very well incur his rage.

Soon, only Elder Bai and Chen Leyao were left in the room.

Turning away, Zhang Xuan walked over to the main seat and sat down before turning his gaze back to Elder Bai. "Since Elder Bai has already guessed it, I shan't beat around the bush anymore. Zhao Ya is my grandstudent!"

There was still no discernible change in his expression, but for some reason, the air around him suddenly grew pressurizing.

"The young court chief… is Yang shi's grandstudent?" Elder Bai was alarmed.

Clearly, this was the first time that she had heard of this matter.

"Indeed. How has she been doing? I wish to hear nothing but the truth," Zhang Xuan said.


Elder Bai's face paled. She was at a loss as to how she should respond to Zhang Xuan's question.

"I received a message saying that she's in danger. Since she's the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court, I believe you should know the truth very well!" As Zhang Xuan spoke, one could hear his voice growing more and more wintry. He tapped his finger on the table periodically, but as time went by, this seemingly simple gesture seemed to carry a tinge of impatience and even fury to it. "You know my identity. Every move I make represents the will of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters. I don't want to cause too much trouble, which is why I chose to come to the Han Clan to invite you over. Otherwise, if I were to go straight to your First Elder and question her on the matter, I believe there is anyone in this world who would dare snub me!"

"I…" Elder Bai quivered in fear.

The very fact that the other party had not taken out his identity token nor marched straight into the Glacier Plain Court was a sign that he intended to resolve this matter discreetly without alarming too many master teachers.

Otherwise, given his identity, a single command would be all it took for the Glacier Plain Court to cease to exist.

"I'll give you some time to think it over, but know that my patience has its limits. If you can't give me the answer I want, the Glacier Plain Court will be my next destination. Someone as intelligent as you should understand what kind of implications will arise from that without having me to explain it."

"I understand…" Elder Bai felt a cold shudder running through her spine upon hearing those words. She hesitated for a brief moment before gritting her teeth in determination. "Something did happen to the young court chief. Earlier in the afternoon, the First Elder passed a decree commanding the Fourth Elder, Fifth Elder, and Seventh Elder to make a move together in order to suppress and imprison her in the Chanting Serenity Hall, not allowing her to leave the area or even communicate with anyone. This matter is the highest secret of our Glacier Plain Court, and not even elders are allowed to speak of the matter, or else… they will be killed without fail!"

"Chanting Serenity Hall? But that's a place where prisoners are locked in! Just what kind of mistake did the young court chief make to deserve such treatment?" Chen Leyao exclaimed in astonishment.

While she had guessed that something might have happened within the Glacier Plain Court, she could still hardly believe her ears when hearing of it from Elder Bai.

The Chanting Serenity Hall was a place used by the Glacier Plain Court to imprison sinners, and most of those who were placed in there were those who had committed unpardonable crimes. Before she left the place, the young court chief had still been the hope and future of the Glacier Plain Court. So, why would she be imprisoned all of a sudden?

"Leyao, you also know that my identity is rather awkward in the Glacier Plain Court, so I don't really know much about what's happening among the upper echelon within the court. I don't know what kind of mistake the young court chief has made, but it's a fact that the three elders have apprehended the young court chief and bound her in the Heaven Sealing Lock," Elder Bai replied.

"Heaven Sealing Lock?" Zhang Xuan's body tensed up upon hearing those three words.

He had read a brief introduction about the artifact in a book back in the Sanctum of Sages. The Heaven Sealing Lock was a kind of torture tool used only on the most contemptible of sinners. Not only would the individual's meridians be sealed, preventing them from exerting any strength, they would also have to suffer grievous pain each and every day.

Never had he imagined that Zhao Ya would one day be subjected to such a vile torture tool!

This was truly intolerable!

Feeling the icy-cold aura that the middle-aged man before her was emanating, Elder Bai instinctively cowered backward in fear before quickly adding, "Yang shi, despite what has happened, I ask you to rest assured that there's no threat to the young court chief's life. Just earlier on, the First Elder instructed me to prepare some fine dishes to deliver them to the young court chief periodically so as to ensure that she doesn't starve."

She had no idea why the First Elder would make such a move on the young court chief, but judging from the First Elder's attitude, it did not seem like she truly intended to harm the young court chief. Thus, there should not be any threat to the young court chief's life at all. Most likely, it was just some kind of punishment.

"Bring me to meet her!" Zhang Xuan ordered with a wintry voice.

"Meet her? This…" A look of hesitation surfaced on Elder Bai's face. "The First Elder is supervising her imprisonment personally at the moment, and only during mealtimes am I able to get close to her. Otherwise, not even I'll be able to get past the security the First Elder has set up…"

"I understand. You just have to bring me to the Glacier Plain Court and direct me to the Chanting Serenity Hall, that's all. You don't have to bother about what happens afterward." Zhang Xuan waved his hand impatiently.

As long as he could uncover where Zhao Ya was, with his ability, he should be able to figure out a way to save her.

Of course, he would have to clarify what had happened with Zhao Ya in person first before proceeding with any further action.

If it turned out to be some kind of training to temper Zhao Ya's mind and body, no matter how much he doted on her, he would not get in the way.

A look of deliberation appeared on Elder Bai's face as she lowered her gaze in uncertainty.

Knowing that Elder Bai was worried of the consequences of her action, Zhang Xuan coldly added, "If you are reluctant to do it, it's fine by me as well. I'll just have to walk into the Glacier Plain Court through the main gates and demand Zhao Ya's release. However, I'm sure you understand the differences between the two courses of action!"

"I…" Elder Bai had truly been put in a tough position.

If she brought the other party in, that would be equivalent to betraying the First Elder. But if she refused, the other party was a grand elder of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters! If he blew his top, it could bring endless calamity to the Glacier Plain Court.

The Glacier Plain Court might even be destroyed!

The other party was simply too strong. Even as a lone individual, it was questionable whether the entire Glacier Plain Court would be a match for him!

"Rest assured, I only want to pay a visit to my grandstudent so as to clarify the situation. If she has indeed erred, I have no intentions of covering up for her. However, if I find out that the fault lies in the Glacier Plain Court, I might have to pay that so-called First Elder of yours a visit and have a good talk with her about revising the rules!" Zhang Xuan said with narrowed eyes.

It was still the same nonchalant voice that he was speaking in, but amid the nonchalance was an unconcealable air of dominance.

It felt like the other party would teach the Glacier Plain Court an unforgettable lesson if they had wronged Zhao Ya in the slightest.

"This…" Hearing those words, Elder Bai could tell that the other party had already made up his mind. "Very well. Yang shi, I'll bring you in!"This term, Chanting Serenity, is a reference to the chanting sessions that occur in Buddhist temples. If you have been to a Buddhist ritual, you might have chanced upon monks hitting temple blocks rhythmically while chanting sutras. In this context, the act of chanting is aimed toward soothing the vile thoughts that a person might harbor.



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