"You have my gratitude, Elder Bai."

Seeing that the other party had agreed to it, Zhang Xuan stood up calmly as he discreetly sent a telepathic message to the young lady behind him. "Chen Leyao, you are an inner member of the Glacier Plain Court, so it's best for you not to follow me anymore. Also, after I leave, don't linger around in the Han Clan. Leave the city first and wait for my notice."

Due to Chen Leyao's identity, she would be put in a tough position if something happened between him and the Glacier Plain Court afterward.

As for getting her to leave the city for the time being, that was on the off chance that his identity was exposed. This way, she would be in a much safer position.

"I understand." Chen Leyao nodded.

After issuing those instructions, Zhang Xuan had the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and the Inferno Qilin move back into the Myriad Anthive Nest before following Elder Bai out of the Han Clan, heading straight toward the Glacier Plain Court.

He had already fed the two saint beasts the medicinal herbs that the Han Clan and Elder Bai had prepared, and using his Heaven's Path zhenqi in unison with the treatment, they were recovering fast. Nevertheless, it seemed like they would still need two to three days before they were able to make a full recovery.

I should avoid bringing them out unless when I'm truly cornered.

In the fight with the First Elder of the Zhang Clan, the two saint beasts had already sustained considerable injuries. After which, they had clashed with Zhan shi and the others, and the Inferno Qilin had even suffered the might of the Formation of the Sages directly. If not for their formidable physical resilience, they would have lost their lives by now!

While the Heaven's Path zhenqi could heal all injuries, it was a pity that his cultivation was only at Phantasmal Space realm pinnacle, so the effectiveness of his zhenqi on the wounds of Saint 9-dan cultivators was severely limited. Not to mention, the two saint beasts also possessed hulking physiques, so even if he expended all of his zhenqi on them, he still would not be able to nurse them back to full health.

This meant that he should avoid bringing the two of them out unless the situation was truly dire.

After flying for a moment, the two for them arrived before a huge cluster of buildings. At this point, Elder Bai turned her gaze over and said, "Yang shi, we have arrived at the Glacier Plain Court. It has limited access to outsiders, so I'll have to beg for your pardon in advance."

"It's fine." Zhang Xuan waved his hand as he examined his surroundings quietly.

Most of the buildings ahead of him seemed to be made of a crystalline material, and they emanated a faint, forlorn light beneath the starry night sky. White snow drifted amid these crystal buildings, and there were some beautiful ice sculptures that could be seen here and there. It felt as if one had stepped into a world created of snow and ice.

"That's a relief!" Hearing that the middle-aged man did not mind, Elder Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

She walked over to the gates, where two disciples of the Glacier Plain Court were stationed.

"Greetings, Elder Bai. May I know who the person beside you is?" Recognizing Elder Bai, the two disciples quickly greeted her before directing doubtful gazes at the unfamiliar face beside.

"He is Han Chu of the Han Clan. He's here to deliver resources, and we happen to have some important matters to discuss too," Elder Bai replied.

"I see!" Hearing that the other party was from the Han Clan, the two disciples swiftly opened up the pathway for the both of them to enter.

Zhang Xuan followed closely behind Elder Bai while advancing forward.

An air of serene silence drifted within the Glacier Plain Court. There were not too many people around. After walking for some time, they finally arrived at an independent residence.

"This is where I live. Given my current authorization, I'm afraid that I can only bring Yang shi up to this point. Even I don't have access to places beyond here," Elder Bai said as she pushed open the door and headed in.

"It's fine." Zhang Xuan nodded. "You just have to tell me where the Chanting Serenity Hall is. As for the rest, I'll deal with it myself."

He had never intended to have Elder Bai lead him straight in. Firstly, that would be putting the latter on the spot, and secondly, the more people there were, the easier they would be spotted.

"The Chanting Serenity Hall is southwest from here, roughly ten li away…" Elder Bai quickly explained the rough location and the appearance of the building.

Carefully remembering everything that Elder Bai had said, he headed into a room in the residence and set up a formation around him so as to prevent any outsiders from getting in before drawing his Primordial Spirit out.

The Glacier Plain Court was filled with experts. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to get to Zhao Ya discreetly without alarming anyone, so he could only depend on his Primordial Spirit.

His Primordial Spirit was formless and intangible, which would allow him to bypass most formations and sentries, thus giving him a better chance of reaching the Chanting Serenity Hall safely.

However, his Primordial Spirit was still a little too big at the moment, so he would have to be careful.

After leaving the formation that he had constructed, Zhang Xuan made sure to stick close to the surface as he discreetly left the residence.

Through his deep understanding of formations and the utilization of his Eye of Insight, he was able to bypass the surrounding formations without much problem. He advanced roughly ten li before a tall building came into his sight.

This should be the Chanting Serenity Hall!

The building before him fitted the description that Elder Bai had given him, so it should be where Zhao Ya was imprisoned.

What a formidable formation!

Examining the building closely, Zhang Xuan swiftly realized that there was an active formation shrouding the building, and if he just looked at it in terms of prowess, it was only slightly beneath that of the Sanctum of Sages' Guardian Formation.

As formidable as it is, it has far more flaws than the Sanctum of Sages' Guardian Formation. It won't be difficult for me to slip past it…

In the eyes of others, the powerful formation cast over the Chanting Serenity Hall might appear to be unbreachable, but in Zhang Xuan's eyes, it was riddled with loopholes. As powerful as it was, there were simply too many ways he could use to circumvent it.

He began making his way toward the formation, preparing to slip in, but just as he was about to make a move, he heard footsteps crunching on snow from afar. He quickly dove into the pile of snow not too far away to hide himself.

Just a moment after he was fully concealed, he immediately saw two figures appearing before him.

They were both female, and from their backs, it was difficult to gauge their age. Nevertheless, from their revealed skin, it was apparent that that they were not too young.

They are strong!

Even though the two of them were not intentionally showcasing their strength, Zhang Xuan could still feel imposing might harnessed within their bodies. This was especially so for the lady standing on the left. Her strength could not compete directly with the First Elder of the Zhang Clan, but at the very least, she was around Zhang Wuchen's level, which meant that she was an expert who had surpassed Saint 9-dan.

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up. Could she be the First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court?

He had intended to find Zhao Ya discreetly without anyone noticing, but he had ended up meeting this fellow first.

If she truly was the First Elder, he would be in deep trouble if he was noticed by her.

At the very least, he did not wield the power to oppose her yet.

"How is it? What did she say?"

While Zhang Xuan's mind was still wandering, he suddenly heard the 'First Elder' speaking in a hushed voice.

"She isn't giving in yet!" the other figure replied.

The 'First Elder' harrumphed coldly. "Humph, she has no choice in this matter. It is because I was too lenient the previous time around that her mother managed to get away. It won't happen again!"

"But… if she doesn't cave in, we can't just continue keeping her imprisoned like this either!" the other figure said.

"Don't worry, I have my own ways. For the time being, we should first lock her up for two days and make her suffer a bit!" The 'First Elder' waved her hand and said, "Right, doesn't she have a teacher? It seems like she does respect him quite a bit. Try to find a way to capture him here and use him as a hostage to force her to comply!"

"Her teacher? You mean Zhang Xuan? But he's the benefactor of our Glacier Plain Court!"

"What about that? You also know how important this matter is. As long as we succeed, the Glacier Plain Court will be able to be brought to a whole new level. I won't allow anyone to stand in the way at this point in time!" The 'First Elder' flung her hand backward majestically.

Hidden in the snow, Zhang Xuan's face darkened upon hearing those words. They intend to capture me?

The fluctuations in Zhang Xuan's emotions swiftly caught the 'First Elder's' attention. She immediately turned her head around and stared intently at the pile of snow where Zhang Xuan was hiding in.

"Who is it?"



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