This lass!

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan flew over and glanced at the book Zhao Ya was staring at.

To his surprise, it was actually his handwritten manual.

That was the cultivation technique that he had prepared for her while they were still in the Tianxuan Kingdom in order to resolve the afflictions that she was suffering from as a result of her unique constitution. To the current her, this book was of no use anymore.

Nevertheless, the book was still in pristine condition. There was not the slightest hint of a crumple on its pages. Clearly, it had been stored and treated with the utmost care.

Back then, when he gave this manual to her, he had requested that she destroy it after she had memorized the content, but who would have thought that she would have kept it to this day!

As the saying went, 'a young lady metamorphoses at eighteen'.

Over the past half a year, the young lady had grown taller, and her disposition had become more refined and graceful. The awakening for her Pure Yin Body had also made her much more beautiful than before.

In terms of looks, the only person whom Zhang Xuan knew that could triumph over her was Luo Ruoxin.

It seems like the Glacier Plain Court had indeed treated her fairly well in the past half a year, or else there was no way that she would have been able to awaken her unique constitution to such an extent.

Zhang Xuan proceeded on to assess the young lady with his keen eyes.

But a moment later, a deep frown emerged between his brows.

Even though the young lady was not physically bound, her cultivation seemed to have been restricted by some kind of power. The current her was no different from an ordinary mortal, possessing not the slightest hint of zhenqi.

"Teacher, are you… still doing fine?"

While Zhang Xuan was trying to figure out what was going on with her, he suddenly heard the young lady's voice once more.

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan replied, "I'm doing perfectly fine!"

"Who is it?" Hearing a response to her words, Zhao Ya was alarmed. She quickly leaped to her feet and crossed her arms before her chest, taking up a defensive posture.

"Who else can it be other than me?" Zhang Xuan replied as he gradually revealed his figure.

After being tempered by lightning, his Primordial Spirit had grown so consolidated that he could materialize it if he wanted to let his presence be known. The only issue with it was that he was more than twenty meters tall, reminiscent of a giant.

"Teacher…" Seeing the familiar face and aura of the young man before her, Zhao Ya's eyes reddened in agitation.

Day after day, the young man had never left her mind. There were countless words that she had bottled up in her mind, vowing to say to the young man when they were finally reunited. Yet, when the moment came, she found her mind going completely blank, rendering her incapable of constructing her sentences.

"Un, it's me. Tell me, what's going on over here." Knowing that this was not the time to be catching up on times, Zhang Xuan asked grimly, "Aren't you the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court? Why would you be imprisoned here?"

He first had to make sense of what was going on before he could concoct a plan to save her.

"Teacher… is it really you? Wait… d-did you hear what I just said then?" Instead of answering Zhang Xuan's question, Zhao Ya's face reddened in embarrassment.

"What?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"It's… it's nothing!" Zhao Ya swiftly waved her hand as she sneaked a peek at her teacher's face. Seeing that the other party did not take the matter to heart, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Falling to her knees, she kowtowed deeply and said, "I know that it's unfilial to place you in such grave danger, but I really am unable to think of another way to resolve this problem. So, I could only ask of you to save me!"

"Since I'm here, I'll definitely help you. Tell me, what's going on?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The reason he was willing to go to the extent of offending the Zhang Clan and the Sanctum of Sages was to save her, but still, he would first have to understand the situation before making his move.

"I… accidentally discovered a secret of the Glacier Plain Court." Zhao Ya bit on her lips tightly. "My mother is actually the previous court chief of the Glacier Plain Court!"

"Your mother?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback by the abrupt revelation.

How did Zhao Ya's mother come into the picture?

Zhao Ya was the daughter of the City Lord Zhao Feng of Baiyu City, and she had a butler called Yao Han—Zhang Xuan knew that. But thinking about it, it did seem like he had never heard anything about Zhao Ya's mother before.

To think that her mother would actually be the court chief of the Glacier Plain Court, a power on par with Tier-1 Sage Clans! How did the court chief of the Glacier Plain Court end up getting together with a minor city lord in somewhere as remote as the Tianxuan Kingdom and even have a daughter together?

"In the Glacier Plain Court, every single generation of court chief must possess the Pure Yin Body, and my mother happens to have it!" Looking at her teacher, Zhao Ya revealed everything that she knew without any hesitation.

"Back then, due to some incident, my mother departed from the Glacier Plain court and sealed her own cultivation, fleeing to an ancient ground where no master teacher exists, Tianxuan Kingdom. It was there that she met my father, and the both of them happened to have many common interests. Love eventually blossomed from their relationship, and they married one another.

"However, while giving birth to me, she failed to rein in her power properly, resulting in a leak in her powers. The Glacier Plain Court swiftly found her, and in order to prevent any harm from coming to me and my father, she willingly surrendered and returned with them."

"You said that your mother was brought back to the Glacier Plain Court?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Yes. Just like me, she's imprisoned somewhere in the Glacier Plain Court as well. To this day, I have been unable to find her!" Zhao Ya clenched her fists in indignation.

From a very young age, her father had shared many stories about her mother with her, and the bits and pieces of those stories formed an image of a loving and doting mother in her mind. The very idea that her mother was suffering in the Glacier Plain Court left her feeling distressed, but despite her efforts, she had been unable to locate her whereabouts.

"Is it because of that that you were captured here?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Even if the previous court chief was Zhao Ya's mother, that should not have been a reason to imprison Zhao Ya as well.

After all, the Glacier Plain Court was banking on the rise of a court chief to bring them to greater heights. It had not been easy for them to find a person with the Pure Yin Body, so surely, they would not be so foolish as to sever their own hopes!

"That's not it. The reason I was captured is because I found out about the final step to awakening the Pure Yin Body!" As Zhao Ya spoke, her face turned livid, and her clenched fists began trembling by her sides.

"What is it?" Zhang Xuan asked, slightly bewildered by Zhao Ya's response.

Considering how Zhao Ya would eventually have to fully awaken the Pure Yin Body before taking over as the court chief, there should not have been any reason for the First Elder and the others to imprison her just because she had found out about it prematurely.

"The Pure Yin Body is a manifestation of the purest yin in the world within the body of a female," Zhao Ya said. "Even across the entire Master Teacher Continent, it's rarely seen. As of this moment, the only ones who possess such a constitution are most likely my mother and me. Once fully awakened, the Pure Yin Body will allow one's cultivation to surge straight up. Regardless of whether it's battle techniques or cultivation techniques, one will be able to grasp them swiftly with minimal effort.

"However, there's always an equalizing power in the world. The world will never allow an individual power to grow beyond a certain point, similar to the saying, 'A lonesome yin never grows; an individual yang never flourishes'!

"The yin and yang in this world don't exist as separate entities. They are complementary powers, born and destroyed in pairs. Despite the opposing nature of the two forces, they are necessary for the existence of the other…"

Recalling what she had read, Zhao Ya trembled slightly. "So, the final step to awakening the Pure Yin Body is the amalgamation of yin and yang to reconcile the two together!"

"Amalgamation of yin and yang?"

"Un. Other than female disciples practicing yin attribute cultivation techniques, there are also a small handful of male disciples practicing yang cultivation technique," Zhao Ya replied. "In order to achieve the full awakening of the Pure Yin Body, I'll have to regard them as mere cauldrons and harvest the yang energy in their bodies!"

"Regarding humans as cauldrons? The Glacier Plain Court actually has such vicious practices?" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

Regarding a human as a cauldron meant treating them as a tool to harvest energy. Once the victims had been sapped dry, they would wither and pass away. This was exactly the kind of practice that the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters abhorred and forbade. In fact, the reason the soul oracles had been vanquished back then was due to their malevolent arts that allowed for the possession of other cultivators and the forging of cultivators as Soulless Metal Humanoids!

To think that the Glacier Plain Court's final step to awakening the Pure Yin Body would actually be something like that.

It was really too frightening!

"Indeed. I rejected that course of action, and as a result of that, the First Elder ordered for my imprisonment, hoping to force me to change my mind through this!" Zhao Ya aid.



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