"You… Audacious!"

Seeing the young man before him ripping his master teacher robe apart and saying that he was not a master teacher, Elder Qu nearly exploded on the spot.

Do you think that you are able to choose when you want to be a master teacher, as if it is just a robe you wear?

If everyone took it so lightly, what would become of the dignity of the Master Teacher Pavilion?

How could the number one occupation of the world possibly be so ruleless?

"Me, audacious? My audacity can't even begin to compare to the likes of yours! The Master Teacher Pavilion should be the most concerned about the rules, but just to fulfill your own interests, you turned a blind eye to the Glacier Plain Court using depraved means to awaken a unique constitution.

"Why? Do the lives of those young men mean nothing to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters? Not only so, the First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court even shackled a disciple of the Glacier Plain Court with the Heaven Sealing Lock in order to force her to commit atrocities… I must have been blind to have handed my student over to you!"

Hugging the young lady tightly in his embrace, Zhang Xuan slowly flew into the air as his voice grew louder and louder.

"Such a filthy organization… I don't think there's any reason the Glacier Plain Court should exist in this world!"

Hearing how the young man was getting more and more overboard with his words, You Ruoxin sneered coldly as she raised her palm, prepared to make a move. "A mere Phantasmal Space realm brat like you doesn't have any right to determine whether or not the Glacier Plain Court has the right to exist in the world!"

The next moment, however, her face suddenly distorted in horror. "What is going on?"

The clear sky, filled with innumerable stars a moment ago, was suddenly filled with ominous clouds. Lightning crackled furiously within them, seemingly ready to bring devastation down upon the world at any moment.

"This is… the Dimension Sundering Ordeal? That fellow is going to push for a breakthrough to Dimension Sundering realm now?" Elder Qu was taken aback.

The fellow in the sky claimed that he wanted to exact vengeance for Zhao Ya by reducing the Glacier Plain Court to ruins, but why would he end up summoning his Dimension Sundering Ordeal instead?

During an ordeal, he would not even be able to guarantee his own safety, let alone deal with them.

Seeing how that fellow was not showing the slightest hint of remorse, even attempting to push for a breakthrough to Dimension Sundering realm in order to deal with them, You Ruoxin sneered coldly.

"It's too late to be sharpening your edge at this moment. So what if you achieve a breakthrough to Dimension Sundering realm right now? As one of the top powers on the Master Teacher Continent, the Glacier Plain Court won't stand for a brat like you besmirching our reputation!"

Raising her palm, she bellowed with a voice that jolted even the storm clouds, "Disciples of the Glacier Plain Court, heed my words! Someone dared humiliate the Glacier Plain Court; it's time for you to stand up for your home!"

"Yes, First Elder!"


Shortly after those words were spoken, the disciples and elders of the Glacier Plain Court flew into the sky, swiftly filling the area. They positioned themselves in a certain pattern, seemingly forming a massive formation.

As a Tier-1 organization on the Master Teacher Continent, second only to Premier Clans like the Zhang Clan and Luo Clan, the sheer number of experts they had among their ranks would leave any ordinary powers trembling in fear. Just the number of Saint 8-dan experts that they had numbered a few thousand!

"To spout arrogant words when you haven't even reached the Dimension Sundering realm, it seems like you are really oblivious to the strength that the Glacier Plain Court wields!" You Ruoxin scoffed as she stood above the massive formation formed by the army of elders and disciples.

So what if Zhang Xuan wielded strength far beyond his realm?

Before absolute strength, he was nothing at all!

Just as You Ruoxin was just about to issue the command for the elders and disciples to apprehend that audacious young man, Elder Qu's anxious voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

"No, something is wrong. First Elder, there's something abnormal about that Dimension Sundering Ordeal!"

"Hmm?" You Ruoxin glanced at Elder Qu doubtfully.

An event that would be able to make even a 9-star master teacher panic was bound to be something major.

Thus, she quickly looked upward to uncover what was wrong with the summoned Dimension Sundering Ordeal, and with just a glance, her eyes had already widened in horror.

The congregation of storm clouds above had reached a density that she had never seen before, and not only so, it was still swelling up at a frightening rate. In just a few moments, it had already covered tens of thousands of mu, and it still was not showing any signs of calming down. It was almost as if it would only rest when it had brought down the entire City of Glacier.

"A lightning tribulation that's tens of thousands of mu large? Not even the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal can begin to compare to this…" You Ruoxin shuddered in fear.

Even the strongest Macrocosm Ascendancy realm that she had seen was several thousand mu large, yet the young man's Dimension Sundering realm actually formed a lightning tribulation at least ten times larger! Just what was going on?

To draw in such a powerful lightning tribulation, surely even Zhang Xuan would lose his life!

Holding Zhao Ya tightly in his embrace, Zhang Xuan coldly bellowed, "Lightning tribulation, heed my order! Lay waste to everything beneath!"

A deafening roar sounded from the storm clouds, as if responding to his command. The next moment, countless lightning bolts descended from the storm clouds, ravaging the surroundings.

Hong long! Hong long hong long!

It was an absolute cataclysm. Wherever the eyes could see, buildings were being torn down, collapsing onto the ground as rubble. A massive storm of dust swirled around the area.

"Protect the Glacier Plain Court! Protect the Glacier Plain Court!"

You Ruoxin never could have imagined that the Dimension Sundering Ordeal summoned by that fellow would actually follow his orders. Completely thrown off guard by the abrupt situation, her face paled in fright as she desperately barked out orders.

Sou sou sou sou!

The elders and disciples quickly flew to the key buildings of the Glacier Plain Court, intending to use their strength to protect its long lineage and history.

Kacha! Kacha!

However, the lightning tribulation was the very manifestation of the rage of the heavens—how could mere mortals like them possibly be able to withstand it?

Perhaps it was due to Zhang Xuan's command, but the lightning strikes did not land a fatal blow on any of the disciples or elders. Nevertheless, the lightning strikes still paralyzed their bodies, incapacitating them for the time being.

"No… No…" You Ruoxin shook her head in disbelief as she staggered backward weakly. She could not accept what she was seeing.

Standing beside her, Elder Qu was looking at the sight of absolute devastation with narrowed eyes.

The sheer scale of the lightning tribulation was already more than enough to leave their eyes widened in shock, and yet, to actually follow the young man's orders to attack the Glacier Plain Court… how in the world did he do it?

It was no wonder he dared to make the bold claim of eradicating the Glacier Plain Court… who could possibly stand against the wrath of the heavens?

Watching as the majestic buildings that had once towered being reduced to rubble and the formations that had protected the Glacier Plain Court dissipating, leaving nothing behind at all, You Ruoxin fell into a state of frenzy.

"I'll kill you!"

Roaring furiously, she charged right toward Zhang Xuan.

This was her sect, her home! How could she accept its destruction? There was no way she could!

"Return to the dirt. That's where you belong!" Zhang Xuan sneered as he waved his hand.

Hong long!

A thick bolt of lightning streaked down toward You Ruoxin, and before she could do anything, she had already been struck. Just like the disciples and elders of the Glacier Plain Court, her charred body plummeted back to the dust-covered ground.

Hong long! Hong long! Hong long!

A hundred more lightning bolts fell down one after another, striking down on You Ruoxin's body. Before long, the awe-inspiring First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court was convulsing helplessly on the ground. With each strike of lightning, a spurt of blood would escape from her mouth.

Even at the end of the lightning strikes, her body was still twitching non-stop, making it impossible to tell whether she was still alive or not.

Even the Phantasmal Space Ordeal that he had summoned was enough to render the Zhang Clan's First Elder, Zhang Wuheng, completely helpless. Naturally, the Dimension Sundering Ordeal that he summoned was bound to be far beyond what even someone of You Ruoxin's caliber was able to deal with.

"As a 9-star master teacher, you condoned the evil deed committed by the Glacier Plain Court for your own interests. You should be punished as well…" After striking You Ruoxin, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze to Elder Qu and waved his hand.

Kacha! Kacha!

The next moment, countless bolts of lightning descended from the storm clouds, drowning Elder Qu in devastating lightning energy.

Soon, there was no one left standing in the Glacier Plain Court. Zhang Xuan took a look at the storm clouds and noted that the lightning energy harnessed within them was about to run dry as well.

He gazed down at the young lady in his embrace, and a pained look appeared on his face. He muttered softly beneath his breath, "Zhao Ya, don't worry. I'll heal you back to how you were and return your strength to you. I'll awaken your Pure Yin Body and make you one of the strongest experts on the Master Teacher Continent so that you'll never have to suffer such injustice ever again!"

Holding Zhao Ya tightly, he headed into the distance, and in the blink of an eye, their silhouettes vanished into the darkness of the night.10,000 mu is roughly 6,666,666m², which is basically already the size of a large country in our world.



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