"He isn't your student?" Zhan shi was taken aback.

The other elders in the area were dumbstruck as well.

The news that Zhang Xuan was Yang shi's direct disciple had caused a huge stir a while back, such that there was probably no one else in the Sanctum of Sages who did not know of the matter. Why would Yang shi deny it?

"It's been less than a day since I first heard that name. I only have one student—Feng Ziyi!" Yang shi clarified with a shake of his head.

It seemed like Zhang Xuan's disguise was really impeccable. To think that even a master teacher of Zhan shi's caliber had been fooled by his words!

This made Yang shi even more curious about the young man.

Just what kind of capabilities did that fellow who had barely achieved a breakthrough to the Phantasmal Space realm possess that he could leave the Zhang Clan and the Sanctum of Sages in a state of unrest? Not only so, he had even managed to utterly convince everyone that he was his direct disciple!

Seeing that Yang shi was not joking, Zhan shi swiftly realized that he had been fooled, and he furiously bellowed, "That would explain everything… Who would have thought that the fellow would actually be so bold as to impersonate as Yang shi's student and go around fooling others! That's another heinous crime that he has committed! He must be severely punished so as to send out a stern warning to the others!"

All this while, he had been conflicted about Zhang Xuan's identity, which had put him at a loss as to how he should deal with that fellow. However, since it had been clarified that the fellow was actually not Yang shi's student, there was no need for him to hesitate anymore.

"You said that he should be severely punished?" Hearing those words, Yang shi looked at Zhan shi with a bizarre expression on his face as he asked, "Do you not know who he is?"

"Who he is? Who could he possibly be?" Zhan shi flung his sleeves furiously. "No matter who he is, as long as he isn't your student, I'll make sure that he pays the price for daring to wreak havoc in the Sanctum of Sages!"

"Whatever pleases you… I just hope that you don't regret your decision later on!" Yang shi shook his head before falling silent.

He had only heard of the appearance of the token from the First Elder's description, so there was no way that he could say for sure whether it was truly the Sanctum Head Token or not. In other words, everything was still his speculation at that point.

He did not think that it would be appropriate for him to make claims that were yet to be verified.

"Yang shi, what do you mean by that?" Hearing the words of the other party, Zhan shi could not help but look at him doubtfully.

"Forget it, there's no point talking about it for now." Not wanting to linger on this topic, Yang shi swiftly scanned the surroundings before asking, "You said earlier that Zhang Xuan constructed a Teleportation Formation and fled through it. How did it happen?"

"It's like this…" With an embarrassed look on his face, Zhan shi swiftly went through the events that had occurred.

"You say that he borrowed your formation flags and made use of the energy from the attack from your Formation of the Sages in order to construct and activate a Teleportation Formation, and he fled through it…" Yang shi, the First Elder, and the others looked at one another in astonishment.

They could understand the words individually, but when those words were strung together, they formed gibberish that they simply could not comprehend.

With their level of cultivation and comprehension of the spatial laws, they were well aware of how difficult it was to set up a Teleportation Formation.

It was still a minor matter if one failed to construct it within a short period of time, but more importantly, if one made the slightest error in its construction, one could very well be torn to shreds by the flow of space!

The combined might of the elders enhanced by the Formation of the Sages was already a perilous danger to deal with, and yet, he was still able to turn this threat into a supporting force to help him construct the Teleportation Formation and flee. Not only so, he even had the leisure to set up a self-destruction sequence in the formation…

Was that still humanely possible?

Sword Saint Xing and Sword Saint Meng turned toward Yang shi, and understanding the intention behind their gazes, Yang shi shook his head and replied, "I'm incapable of doing that!"

He did wield incredible might, worthy as being dubbed the strongest man of the new generation, but despite that, he was still incapable of setting a formation impeccably within a short period of time in the face of danger.

"Then, do you know where he teleported off to?" Sword Saint Meng asked anxiously.

The more outstanding Zhang Xuan proved himself to be, the more convinced she was that the young man was her child. Hearing that she had missed him once more, she could not help but feel deeply anxious inside.

"He destroyed the Teleportation Formation utterly, leaving no trace at all. I have no way of knowing where he went," Zhan shi replied with a shake of his head.

"Bring me to where the Teleportation Formation was," Yang shi instructed.

"Yes. This way, please!"

Zhan shi led the way, and very soon, they arrived before a massive pit. The explosion of the formation had left behind charred marks on the walls of the pit.

Floating in the air above, Yang shi examined the pit for quite a while before saying, "I can only roughly estimate the distance of the formation from the lingering energy in the area. He has teleported several million li away, but as for the direction and destination of where he's heading to, I'm afraid that's beyond my current capabilities to determine!"

"He teleported several million li away? He couldn't have returned back to the Zhang Clan, could he?" the First Elder exclaimed with a face pale in horror.

While that fellow was by no means strong, he had too many mysterious means up his sleeves that made him a difficult opponent to deal with. Given that they had come all the way to the Sanctum of Sages, the Zhang Clan was somewhat vulnerable at the moment. If that fellow returned to the Zhang Clan and wreaked havoc, it would be hard to say whether those remaining in the clan would be able to stop him or not!

"Since he has left the Zhang Clan, I don't think that the possibility of him returning is too high," Yang shi said.

Since Zhang Xuan had already teleported from the Zhang Clan to the Sanctum of Sages, it made little sense for him to teleport right back. After all, that would be too risky.

And more important than that… given the state that the Zhang Clan was in, was there anything else that he could destroy?

Sword Saint Meng pondered for a moment before asking, "Does Zhang Xuan… have any kin, or perhaps, people that he's close with? Judging from what you've all said, it seems likely that he's heading to find someone whom he's close with."

"He doesn't have any kin as far as I know… Oh right, he does have a subordinate right here in the Sanctum of Sages. I'll have him apprehended right now!" Zhan shi's eyes lit up upon stumbling across a potential clue, and he hurriedly issued some instructions.

He had thought that Sun Qiang was Yang shi's butler, so despite the mess that Zhang Xuan had caused earlier, he still did not dare apprehend the latter. However, since Yang shi had already clarified that he had no relationship with Zhang Xuan, there was no longer any need for him to hold back.

"Yes, Zhan shi!"

Without any hesitation, Elder Ge and the others swiftly flew into the distance.

"Since Sun Qiang is Zhang Xuan's subordinate, can you bring him here? I would like to hear some things from him," Sword Saint Meng said.

She wanted to verify whether Zhang Xuan was her son or not, and as Zhang Xuan's butler, that Sun Qiang person should know a lot about him.

It did not take too long for Elder Ge and the others to bring a rather plump man back with them.

The plump man had his strength completely sealed, and his bulging cheeks flew around the place as he struggled to break free of his restraints. As soon as the plump man caught sight of Zhan shi, he shouted furiously, "Little Zhan, what do you mean by this?"


Previously, it was because Sun Qiang was Yang shi's butler that Zhan shi had overlooked the other party addressing him in such a rude manner. However, having learned that it was all a lie, he could not help but feel rage seething through his body when he heard the plump man's words.

"Indeed, how dare you so audaciously apprehend me? Let me go right now, and I might still be able to overlook your insolence. Otherwise, once our Old Master learns of this matter, not even Zhan shi will be able to save you anymore!" Sun Qiang roared in anger.

Are these fellows insane?

Don't they know who I am? How dare they make a move on me? Unforgivable!

"Old Master? Hahaha!" Seeing how the plump man was still sticking to his act, trying to scare them with lies built upon thin air, Zhan shi could not help but burst into laughter. He gazed down on Sun Qiang with a scornful look and sneered, "Tell me then, who is the Old Master whom you speak of?"

"Our Old Master is Yang shi, Yang Xuan, a grand elder of the Master Teacher Pavilion, as well as one of the strongest experts on the Master Teacher Continent! Just who in the world gave you the guts to lay your filthy hands on me, Yang shi's butler? Do you want your head to roll? Hurry up and let me go!" Sun Qiang harrumphed coldly.

"Hahaha, hahahaha!" Thinking about how he had actually been scared by those ridiculous words in the past, Zhan shi could not help but laugh in fury.

Yang shi was standing right before him, and yet, that fellow still dared to continue impersonating his butler. Were there no limits to that fellow's arrogance?

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Yang shi finally came to the limits of his tolerance. He walked forward and asked, "You said that you are Yang shi's butler? Do you know what Yang shi looks like?"

"You want to know our Old Master looks like? Our Old Master is one of the top experts in the world, and his appearance is the greatest secret of the Master Teacher Pavilion! You want to know how he looks like…"

At that point, Sun Qiang's lips curled up into a sneer, and with a voice filled with derision, he continued.

"Are you worthy of knowing?"



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