"But…" Sword Saint Meng exclaimed in agitation

If Zhang Xuan was truly their son, would they still be able to protect him now that the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters had chosen to officially intervene in this matter?

"Calm down, dear. For the time being, we should try to find Zhang Xuan as quickly as possible. As long as we can get to him before the Master Teacher Pavilion, in deference of our standing, there might still be some room for reconciliation," Sword Saint Xing said as he grabbed his wife's hand and squeezed it to reassure her.

"Un, you're right." Sword Saint Meng took in a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. Reverting back to her usual decisive and valiant self, she nodded. "If he's really my son, even if the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters get involved, they will have to step over my dead body to get to him!"

"Of course!" Sword Saint Xing replied with a smile. "It has been quite some time since the two of us last fought alongside one another. I think it's about time to remind the world of our prowess lest they forget! We shall let them know that anyone who tries to trifle with the son of the Xingmeng Sword Saints will have hell to pay for!"

By the side, the First Elder Zhang Wuheng and Zhan shi looked at the spirited couple before them, and their lips could not help but twitch slightly.

Was destruction actually a trait that was coded in the genes and could be inherited?

"There's a Teleportation Formation in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters that leads straight to the Glacier Plain Court. Let's go!" Yang shi waved his hand.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly recalled something and turned his gaze to Zhan shi. "Spare Sun Qiang for the time being. Wait for me to clarify the situation before deciding on how he should be dealt with!"

No matter what, Sun Qiang was also a victim of this incident, and the many uncertainties tied into the matter made Yang shi reluctant to pass judgement for the time being. Besides, there might be some use in keeping Sun Qiang alive.

"I understand!" Zhan shi clasped fist.

Seeing that the other party had agreed to it, Yang shi nodded silently. The group returned back to the Teleportation Formation that they had come from, and with a brilliant flicker of light, they vanished from the spot.

Looking at the majestic city in front of him and the towering buildings that rose into the sky, Zhang Xuan muttered beneath his breath, "This is the Empire Alliance?"

In the forest just outside of Longyuan City, he had tamed a random aerial saint beast that he had caught and had it fly them to the Empire Alliance.

At this moment, the two of them had already altered their appearances, allowing them to bypass the checks along the way. Before long, they had already successfully entered the city.

"Teacher, where shall we go now?" Zhao Ya asked.

With the nourishment of the Heaven's Path zhenqi, most of her wounds had healed. Her complexion looked a lot better than before, and she no longer appeared as frail as she previously did. It was just that there was still not a shred of power in her body.

"We'll first head over to the Blacksmith Guild to take a look," Zhang Xuan said.

After much thought, he felt that there were only two places that would aid him in reconstructing Zhao Ya's meridians—the Blacksmith Guild and the Physician Guild.

For the time being, he felt that it would be better for him to head over to the Blacksmith Guild to find the materials required for forging the meridians. It would be best if he could find something useful there.

Otherwise, he would just have to go to the Physician Guild to search for another method to reconstruct meridians.

The two of them began making their way over to the Blacksmith Guild, but on their journey there, they could not help but notice that the crowd were converging toward a certain location. They shot perplexed glances in that direction, and coincidentally, a resounding voice also echoed at the same moment.

"Citizens of the Empire Alliance, please gather in the square in front of the Alliance Atrium…"


Barely after those words were said, many armored soldiers swiftly emerged from the alleys and sealed the area. They ushered the crowd to move in a single direction, presumably toward the square in front of the Alliance Atrium that the voice had just spoken of.

"What happened?"

"I don't know either, but I think it's likely that the alliance head has some important news to announce!"

"I don't think that's the case. While the alliance head wields the greatest authority in the Empire Alliance, even he doesn't have the right to get the entire city to gather together in a single location. It's more likely that the Master Teacher Pavilion has something to announce!"

"That makes sense. Oh well, we'll know once we get there…"

Such discussion could be heard in the surroundings.

"Teacher…" Zhao Ya glanced at Zhang Xuan with a slightly worried expression.

"We mustn't stand out too much. Let's head there as well!" Zhang Xuan said.

With all of the citizens in the area heading toward the Alliance Atrium, they would surely catch the attention of the guards if they turned around to leave now. While they were confident in their disguises, there was no need to stand out excessively and bring themselves needless risk.

In any case, it would be good for them to find out what was going on.

"Un!" Zhao Ya also swiftly came to realize the same logic, and nodding her head, she stuck close to Zhang Xuan and moved alongside him.

One thing that was worth noting was that there were really many experts in the Empire Alliance. As soon as the command was issued, powerful zhenqi pulsations swiftly suffused the area.

Mankind is indeed growing stronger collectively by the day under the leadership of the Master Teacher Pavilion! Zhang Xuan thought.

Most powers carried some level of apprehension toward the Master Teacher Pavilion, but it had to be said that wherever the Master Teacher Pavilion existed, the humans in the area would grow stronger and stronger, such that the powerful Otherworldly Demons would not dare to make a reckless move.

While the Empire Alliance was officially viewed as an individual governing entity, everyone was aware that the power that really held the final say was the Master Teacher Pavilion.

A command from the Master Teacher Pavilion would easily rally millions, such that even the authority and influence of the royal clans paled far in comparison.

Master teachers devoted their time and effort to grooming the later generations, passing down invaluable knowledge and lineages without any reservations. It was due to their selfless giving that the later generations were able to build on the knowledge of the previous generation and further the legacy of mankind.

At this point, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled a renowned saying left behind by an ancient historian.

Had the heavens not sent Kong shi, the days would have been as bleak as eternal night!

The system of master teachers and the rules and regulations governing it had all been designed by Kong shi. Had it not been for his leadership, no one could have fathomed the plight that mankind would be in right now.

Perhaps, mankind might still have been living under the tyranny of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, living from day to day in bleak hopelessness.

With his own strength, Kong shi had managed to alter the course of history and changed the entire fate of mankind. Without a doubt, he had been a true sage through and through.

I was still thinking that I would be able to resolve my Innate Fetal Poison once I became a 9-star master teacher, but now… Zhang Xuan could not help but shake his head.

Based on the information that he had previously received, the Innate Fetal Poison in his body could be resolved once he became a 9-star master teacher. However, given that he had abandoned his identity as a master teacher… it seemed like he might just be unable to live past his thirties.

Even so, he had no regrets.

If he could not even protect his own students as a teacher, there was no point even if he could live forever!


While Zhang Xuan was deep in thought, he suddenly heard a voice in his ears. Turning his head over, he saw Zhao Ya looking at him with a deeply worried look.

"I'm fine," Zhang Xuan replied with a smile as he turned his gaze forward.

Unknowingly, the two of them had arrived at the square in front of the Alliance Atrium.

The square was not supposed to be so big, but it seemed like some kind of expert had set up a Spatial Formation that expanded the square to be large enough to house the entire city without it being too cramped.

Similar to a folded space, but considerably cruder… Zhang Xuan thought as he assessed the Spatial Formation before him.

He could tell that it was likely the work for a 9-star formation master. It would appear to be an incredible feat to any other cultivator, but to Zhang Xuan, the spatial manipulation looked incredibly unrefined.

"Citizens of the Empire Alliance!"

A short moment after they found a position within the square, a resounding voice suddenly echoed in the air, traveling into the ears of every single person standing around.

"The reason I had everyone gather here today is because the Master Teacher Pavilion has an important announcement to make. Now, allow me to invite a master teacher from the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters up here!"

Everyone turned to the center of the square, and very soon, they saw an old man wearing a master teacher robe floating in midair. There was a deep frown on his face, and he exuded a powerful aura.

He was a half 9-star master teacher. While he had yet to become a full-fledged 9-star master teacher, he was more than enough to be considered one of the top experts in the Empire Alliance.


The old man flicked his wrist and took out a scroll. He unrolled it gently, and a brilliant light immediately burst into the sky. Following which, a heavy, authoritative aura weighed down on the crowd in the square.

"That's a Master Teacher Decree… What are they planning to do?" Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

He recognized the scroll that the old man had unrolled—it was a Master Teacher Decree. It was the most authoritative command from the Master Teacher Pavilion, so it would never be used easily. He had never thought that he would see it just after entering the Empire Alliance City.

Furthermore, for it to be personally relayed by a half 9-star master teacher… what was going on?



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