Celestial Master Teacher, a person who had received the acknowledgement of the heavens and was qualified to stand on equal grounds as Kong shi. The appearance of such a person would surely be a turning point in history. That person would become the new leader of the Master Teacher Pavilion, and there would be no master teacher who would dare disobey their commands.

Who would not want to acknowledge such a great figure as their teacher?

9-star master teachers might seem to be in an incredibly prestigious position in the eyes of outsiders, but to a Celestial Master Teacher, they would not mean anything at all!

Back then, of Kong shi's three thousand students, which of them had not reached a proficiency of 9-star in their occupation? Even his listening-in students were of 9-star proficiency.

Elder Qu might want to become the student of such a person, but whether the other party would be willing to take him in or not was questionable!

"However, it seems like the Celestial Master Teacher is just a legend!" Hearing Elder Qu's remark, Ren Qingyuan shook his head and sighed. "If a Celestial Master Teacher could emerge among us now, with their prestige and power, they would surely be able to swiftly unite the entire human race, such that even if the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe rose once more, they would not dare provoke us!"

The other master teachers in the room swiftly nodded in agreement.

The ancient era had contained the darkest times of the human race. Back then, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had wielded absolute power, and they had dominated all other races. The powers that they formed had all been as strong as the current Master Teacher Pavilion, and yet, with his strength, Kong shi had been able to vanquish the darkness and bring the light of hope back to mankind.

For this reason, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was extremely fearful of Kong shi. Just the mention of his name was enough to leave them in a state of unease.

If another Kong shi rose among them once more, mankind would surely be able to rise to new heights, reaching an unprecedented altitude!

"Forget it, that's just wishful thinking; there's no point holding onto such thoughts. The reason I was able to become the deputy pavilion master is just because I am slightly stronger than the rest. I also know that my influence is still far from enough. The Master Teacher Pavilion might be able to tower above the Zhang Clan, the Glacier Plain Court, and the other major powers for the time being, but if we fail to deal with this matter appropriately, we could stand to lose their trust. By then, even if they still dare not defy us openly, they could still pull some strings in the shadows to make things hard for us, and that could easily culminate into a tragedy for mankind!"

Ren Qingyuan swept his gaze across the faces in the room before continuing on. "Kong shi once said that a person should make it a habit to reflect on their actions, and I have always kept his teachings in mind, not daring to forget them. While Zhang Xuan did achieve quite a number of contributions for mankind, his deeds are nothing compared to what the Zhang Clan, the Sanctum of Sages, and the Glacier Plain Court have done. In this situation, the only thing that I can do is pick the lesser evil.

"Alright, there's no need to argue over this matter anymore; I have already made up my mind. About the matter concerning Zhang Xuan, many of you have spoken up on his behalf, and I am also of the view that he should be given a second chance, so if any of you notice him, don't harm him for the time being. We'll try to convince the three powers to lay down their grudges with him and settle the matter peacefully, and if that works out, that will be for the best. Otherwise… we'll just have to see!"

"You're right, Pavilion Master Ren. That's probably the best that we can do for now…"

Many of the elders in the room nodded in agreement.

They had only considered from their perspectives as master teachers, but they had failed to think of the implications that could arise out of the decision. Fortunately, the deputy pavilion master had taken the bigger picture into consideration, thus avoiding a potential tragedy. Otherwise, if the Master Teacher Pavilion worked as it wished, without caring about the other parties involved, the others might deem their actions to be willful and unjust, and that would cause them to lose the support of the other powers.

Given how powerful and influential the Master Teacher Pavilion was, that would not have mattered much under normal circumstances. However, with the looming crisis, it would be foolish to allow a fallout to occur.

"It's Zhang Xuan's fortune that Pavilion Master Ren is willing to show such magnanimity to him. However, judging from Zhang Wuheng, Zhan shi, and You Ruoxin's attitude toward him… it doesn't seem like reconciliation is too likely!" Elder Qu shook his head.

"Once Zhang Xuan is found, even if we don't make a move, those three powers will surely swallow him whole…"


Before Elder Qu could finish his words, a mysterious power suddenly surged into the room, and the entire hall began trembling intensely, as if it would collapse at any moment.

"What's happening?" Alarmed, Pavilion Master Ren jolted to his feet.

Wu shi and the others also swiftly looked in the direction that the surge of power had originated from.

A thought arose in Elder Qu's mind, and his face twitched in horror. It can't be that Zhang Xuan has managed to make his way over to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, can it?

Surely, he could not have the audacity to do something as insolent as that, right?

But if it was not him, who else could it be?

Due to the great power shrouding the Master Teacher Pavilion, it had stood firmly for the past several dozen millenniums. It was hard to think of any other culprit.

"It's coming from the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall. Let's head over to take a look!" Ren Qingyuan swiftly determined the direction of the tremors' source and headed out.

The other elders followed behind him.

As 9-star master teachers, it took them just the blink of an eye to arrive before the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall. They pushed the door open and headed in.


As soon as they entered, they saw countless ancestral tablets all around the room trembling nonstop, as if they were being attacked by some tremendous force.

The energy that had caused the entire Master Teacher Pavilion to tremble uncontrollably had originated from there.

"The predecessors are trembling in fear? What's going on?" Elder Qu's lips quivered as he nearly fainted in fright from the sight.

Wu shi and the others also hurriedly scanned their surroundings to check if they had been attacked by enemies.

"It isn't an enemy attack, but…" As realization of what the trembling ancestral tablets could possibly signify struck Ren Qingyuan, his eyes widened in utter shock as his words trailed to a halt, seemingly unable to continue on anymore.

Hearing Ren Qingyuan's words, Wu shi was the first to realize what the other party was thinking, and his body began trembling in disbelief. "If it isn't an enemy attack, the trembling of the ancestral tablets would mean that… C-could it be…"

Hong long long!

Before he could finish his words, the tablets in the room finally reached their limits and collapsed to the ground simultaneously, as if they were bowing earnestly to pay their respects to an esteemed figure.

"That's the Salutation of the Sages…" Elder Qu also swiftly comprehended what was going on, and his eyebrows began twitching wildly.

Those who were honored in the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters were all outstanding predecessors who had wielded great power in their era and contributed immensely to mankind. The fact that even Ren Qingyuan was unqualified to have his tablet erected within the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall after his death was sufficient to show just what kind of legacies those figures had left on the Master Teacher Continent.

There was only one type of person in the world who could make master teachers of their standing simultaneously bow respectfully to offer their salutations.


While the crowd was still trying to come to terms with what was going on, at the very center of the room, Kong shi's sculpture suddenly floated up and clasped his fist respectfully in a certain direction. A slight smile slowly emerged onto his face, but at the same time, a hint of a crack suddenly appeared at the bottom of the sculpture. It swiftly engulfed the entire sculpture, and eventually…


It collapsed into rubble.

"Salutations of the Sages, Kong shi's Greeting… That's the mark of a Celestial Master Teacher!"

At this point, the truth had already become apparent to all of the master teachers in the room. It was hard to tell whether it was out of agitation or shock, but every single one of their faces was ghastly pale.

As 9-star master teachers, they were aware of the significance of the various phenomena that would occur in the Master Teacher Pavilion.

It was just a moment ago that they had lamented over the lack of a Celestial Master Teacher to lead them through the crisis that they were in, but the next moment, they learned that there was actually a Celestial Master Teacher among them. Could there be a bigger fluctuation of highs and lows than this in the world?


After the collapse of Kong shi's sculpture, it seemed like the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall had reached the limits of its tolerance, and it swiftly collapsed inward. However, too overwhelmed by shock, the elders simply stood motionless on the spot, allowing the roof to collapse freely on their heads.

With their level of cultivation, the bricks falling on their heads felt no different from mere cotton.

Ren Qingyuan's eyes lit up as he clenched his fists tightly together.

"There's hope for mankind! With the emergence of a Celestial Master Teacher, the Master Teacher Pavilion will rise to the top of the world once more!" Ren Qingyuan burst into laughter as tears of agitation streamed down his cheeks.

As the deputy pavilion master, despite lacking in prestige, he still had the responsibility to unite the world to defend against threats. As such, the stress that he had been put under over the years was truly unimaginable. With the emergence of a Celestial Master Teacher, he would finally be relieved of the pressure that he had been placed under!

Ren Qingyuan turned around and commanded, "Master teachers, hear my command! Find the source of the power, locate the whereabouts of the Celestial Master Teacher, and bring him back right away to inherit the position as the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters!"


The 9-star master teachers clasped their fists simultaneously, acknowledging the order.The exact saying from Kong shi goes, "A person should always reflect on their actions from three aspects: Have I tried my best when helping others? Have I treated others earnestly? Have I reviewed on the knowledge that others have taken the effort to impart to me?" But over time, the phrase has evolved to a more general meaning to prompt a person to often reflect on their actions.



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