Of course, the Progeny of Combat was none other than Zhang Xuan's student, Zheng Yang!

His previous hot-bloodedness had been replaced with composure, and his cultivation had reached an unfathomable level. His face had become more distinct and masculine, and his words and gestures carried a dignified disposition.

Within this short period of time, the reckless and naïve young man of the past had matured.

"Senior?" Upon hearing Zheng Yang's words, the elders of the Combat Master Hall widened their eyes in disbelief.

If he addressed the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court as his senior… did that not mean that she was Zhang Xuan's student as well?

Since that was the case, how did the matter with the Glacier Plain Court blow up so big in the first place?

"Indeed!" Zheng Yang harrumphed coldly. He turned to Elder Cheng and said, "Bring me the report sent in by the Master Teacher Pavilion. I want to see with my own eyes what they have written!"

"This…" Elder Cheng never could have imagined that the young chief of the Glacier Plain Court would actually be the Progeny of Combat's senior. In an instant, all of the words that he had prepared were rendered meaningless. He hesitated for a moment before fearfully handing a jade token over. "The Master Teacher Pavilion didn't send over a report but… a Master Teacher Arrest Warrant!"

"Arrest warrant? For who? My teacher?" Alarmed to hear those words, Zheng Yang hurriedly grabbed the jade token from Elder Cheng's eyes to look through it.

Slowly, his face turned as cold as the night of the winter solstice.

"Ridiculous! This is utterly ridiculous! Relay my orders, all combat masters are to keep a close eye on the movements of the Zhang Clan, the Glacier Plain Court, the Sanctum of Sages, and the Master Teacher Pavilion. As soon as any sign of my teacher is found, they are to report to me right away… How dare they dream of laying their hands on my teacher? Very well, let me see who has the guts to do so!"

"But…" Hearing the order, Elder Cheng's lips twitched in horror. "Progeny of Combat, I understand your feelings, but our Combat Master Hall is ultimately still a subsidiary of the Master Teacher Pavilion…"

Considering that the Master Teacher Pavilion had released an arrest warrant for Zhang Xuan, issuing such an order could be taken as insubordination and blatant defiance of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

"Subsidiary? Has our Combat Master Hall fallen so low as to simply watch helplessly as an innocent man is being framed? You don't have to worry about the Master Teacher Pavilion. Just rescue my teacher and bring him safely back here; I'll talk to the Master Teacher Pavilion about this!" Zheng Yang said as he swung his spear to the side, producing a sharp and menacing reverberation in the air.

"For many years, the Combat Master Hall has shed its blood to protecting mankind. It's about time we show the other powers our edge and dampen their arrogance! I'll let the entire Master Teacher Continent know that anyone who dares lay their hands on my teacher will have hell to pay!"

"Yes, Progeny of Combat!"

The elders clasped their fists, acknowledging Zheng Yang's orders.

Some of the faces were marked with bitterness while others were glowing in excitement.

But regardless of their own personal views, once the Progeny of Combat Decree was passed, no combat master would dare act in defiance against it.

In the Poison Hall…

"The Master Teacher Pavilion issued an arrest warrant on my teacher? Humph! I was still thinking of existing peacefully with them in view of the fact that my teacher is a master teacher, but it seems like there's no need for that anymore!"

At the very center of the hall, a young lady abruptly got to her feet as she gazed down at the people standing beneath her with ice-cold eyes.

Contrary to what most would think, the young lady's figure was not imposing in the least. Her young age and slightly emaciated figure made her look less authoritative than she would have hoped. However, there was a slight greenish mist drifting around her body that would send any cultivator instinctively trembling in fear. It felt as if even a 9-star master teacher would easily lose their life should they come into the range of the green mist.

The master of the Poison Hall, Wei Ruyan!

With the help of countless poison masters, she had successfully awoken her Innate Poison Body, bringing her prowess with poison to an unprecedented height. While she might still have been lacking compared to the founder of the Poison Hall, her means were definitely far above any of the current elders of the Poison Hall.

If she made a move, not even 9-star master teachers would be a match for her.

Lin Jianghai, one of the Four Eminences of the Poison Hall, clasped his fist and said, "The Master Teacher Pavilion has been on their high horse for too long; I think it's high time for us to tear down their ivory tower! Hall Master, feel free to command us!"

Due to his contribution in Wei Ruyan's succession as the new hall master, he was granted a position second only to Wei Ruyan herself in the Poison Hall. On top of that, Wei Ruyan had also offered him pointers on his poison arts, thus bringing his command of poison to a level where even the two Guardians of the Poison Hall would not be a match for him anymore.

"I want all members of the Poison Hall to set out and search for my teacher. As soon as the whereabouts of my teacher are confirmed, you are to report the news to me right away while protecting him from the shadows. If anyone dares make a move on him, eliminate that person right away… It's high time for our Poison Hall made a move lest the continent forgets that we are still alive and kicking!" Wei Ruyan harrumphed coldly.

Despite her young age, she had already gone through numerous life and death situations. Perhaps due to those experiences, authority and power did not hold much significance to her.

If there was anything that she truly valued, it would be her teacher. Her teacher had done simply too much for her. Without her teacher, there would not be the current her. So, if anyone dared to lay their filthy hands on her teacher, well…

If I don't wipe out your entire clan, I shan't be called Wei Ruyan!

The elders excitedly clasped their fist and bowed. "We'll listen to the hall master's orders!"

As prosperous as the Poison Hall headquarters was, they were aware that it was a prison that they had created for themselves so as to appease the Master Teacher Pavilion. Never had a day gone by where they had not dreamed of breaking out of their self-exile, and since there was an opportunity to do so right ahead of them, what did they have to hesitate for?

In a faraway, remote corner of the Master Teacher Pavilion, there was a crepuscular ancient domain where no light existed.

A massive figure slowly floated up from the ground as a powerful shockwave raged around the area, tearing the surroundings apart.

"Why did you wake me up?" a thunderous voice echoed from the massive figure.

Not too far away, a floating soul clasped its fist and reported, "Young Master… the Master Teacher Pavilion has issued an arrest warrant on Master!"

Agitated by the news, the figure swiftly rose up and questioned, "The Master Teacher Pavilion is intending to make a move on my teacher? Why?"

As the figure spoke, the earth tremored, and the world seemed to have turned darker than ever.

"This is the news that I have gathered from the nearby cities," the soul reported.

It flicked its finger, and a jade token flew over.

The massive figure took hold of the jade token and swiftly browsed through it.

"Ludicrous! The Master Teacher Pavilion is asking for it… Mo Hunsheng, accompany me to the Glacier Plain Court! We'll be finding my teacher!"

The massive figure dived into a 'lifeless body' lying motionlessly by the side, and a moment later, the 'lifeless body' got to its feet, revealing the gallant face of a young man.

He was none other than Zhang Xuan's direct disciple, Lu Chong!

After inheriting the lineage of the soul oracles, Lu Chong's soul had become incomparably powerful. With the slightest movement, he could cause the entire sky to darken. It felt as if he could even split the entire world in two at his will.

"Yes!" Mo Hunsheng nodded.

Before long, the two of them were already flitting swiftly toward the Glacier Plain Court.

In the Yuan Clan…

"What did you say, an arrest warrant was placed on my teacher? Very well! This is the intention of the First Elder of the Zhang Clan, right?"

Standing before a group of elders, Yuan Tao bellowed with narrowed eyes.

He could forgive a person for attacking and injuring him, but anyone who dared to hurt even a single strand of hair of his teacher was unforgivable!

An elder stepped forward. "Young Master, the clan head's view is for us to steer clear of this matter. After all, that's a decree issued by the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters…"


Before he could finish his words, he was already slapped flying into the distance.

"Is there anyone else who has anything to say?" With his hands behind his back, Yuan Tao gazed coldly at the many faces in front of him.

"Young Master, before the clan head went into seclusion, he has requested for you not to get into any trouble… Argh!"

Yet another elder was sent flying with a cry of agony.

"Who else?" Yuan Tao continued staring at the crowd in front of him coldly.

After a moment of silence, the crowd quickly clasped their fists and declared resoundingly, "We'll heed the Young Master's orders!"

"That's more like it!" Yuan Tao nodded in approval. "I believe all of you should be well-versed in the rules of the Yuan Clan, so you should know that I am the legitimate head of the Yuan Clan! So, right now, I shall issue my first order for you all as the head of the Yuan Clan. I command all of you to follow me to the Glacier Plain Court to find the whereabouts of my teacher. If anyone dares to make a move on him, you are to kill that person right away regardless of who they are!"

"Yes, Clan Head!" the crowd replied.

"Our Yuan Clan might not wield strength like the Premier Clans, but I won't allow even the Master Teacher Pavilion to touch a person under my protection!"

With narrowed eyes, Yuan Tao bellowed, "Set off!"

Hu la!

Countless aerial saint beasts soared into the air, heading in the direction of the Glacier Plain Court.



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