In the Spirit Awakener Guild headquarters, countless ladies were standing in front of a tall tower, and every single one of them had a nervous look on their face.

"It has already been seven days. Will she be able to succeed?" a middle-aged lady among the crowd muttered worriedly.

"If she succeeds, there will be no need for us to hold that selection in two months anymore. What would be the point of holding the selection when we have already found our next guild leader!" another lady remarked.

"Indeed. Ever since the founding of the Spirit Awakener Guild, there has been hardly anyone who has succeeded in clearing the Spirit Awakener Tower. She started learning spirit enchantment just a few months ago, and now, she's already challenging the Spirit Awakener Tower… And what's more, she actually managed to reach the eighth floor! This is something that has never happened before!" the first middle-aged lady exclaimed in awe.

"Spirit awakeners require extreme precision in manipulating their Primordial Spirit. Given the purity of her soul and zhenqi, it would be hard for her not to improve quickly! With her around, it seems like our Spirit Awakener Guild will be able to climb to new heights. Very soon, we won't have to rely on other powers to protect ourselves anymore!" the second lady chirped excitedly.

As spirit awakener was an occupation that was supportive in nature, it was severely lacking in fighting prowess. As such, it had to ally itself with other powers in order to protect itself. However, the arrival of an unprecedentedly talented young lady just a few months ago could possibly change the current miserable circumstances that they were in. As long as she succeeded, they would not have to live subservient to another power anymore!

"I never would have thought that such a day would come for our Spirit Awakener Guild! It seems like the heavens haven't forsaken us yet…"

The crowd in the area nodded in agreement.

Hong long!

At that moment, the ground suddenly began trembling, and following which, the tall tower ahead of them began shaking as well. It slowly rose to its feet before racing ahead.

"She managed to enchant the Spirit Awakener Tower? S-she… actually succeeded?"

The faces around the area flushed crimson in agitation.

"Not only so, she even received the recognition of our founder… In the time to come, Wang Ying could very well become the strongest spirit awakener aside from our founder… and perhaps, given sufficient time, she might even be able to exceed our founder!" the first middle-aged lady said feverishly as her body trembled uncontrollably.

"The time has finally come for our Spirit Awakener Guild to rise up once more…"

The excitement in the air was so intense that it was almost palpable.

Some time later, the tower finally came to a halt, and young lady slowly drifted down from the top. Dressed in a white robe, she looked as if a fairy descending from the heavens.

She was the very first student whom Zhang Xuan had taken in, the adorable and innocent young lady from Hongtian Academy, Wang Ying.

She had undergone a transformative change from how she was a year ago. Her previous innocence had been replaced with keen calmness. With just a sweeping gaze, she was able to exert her authority on the surrounding crowd, making them dare not speak against her.

"Paying respects to the guild leader!"

The ladies swiftly got to their knees and kowtowed deeply to their new guild leader.

The fact that Wang Ying had managed to clear the Spirit Awakener Tower had given her the legitimacy to become the next leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild. After witnessing the movement of the tall tower with their own eyes, no one would dare question her credentials.

"Un, rise up." Wang Ying gazed down on the faces below and declared, "Now, I'll issue my very first command as the leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild!"

The crowd clasped their fists and replied, "We'll listen to the guild leader's commands!"

"From today onward, all members of the Spirit Awakener Guild are to treat my teacher, Zhang Xuan, as they would treat me. His orders are to be carried out with any question, and I won't tolerate anyone disrespecting him in any way. Anyone who contravenes this order shall be permanently stripped of their spirit awakener rank and prohibited from entering any Spirit Awakener Guild in the Master Teacher Continent!" Wang Ying announced.

"Yes, guild leader!"

The crowd hurriedly received the order.

A moment later, the first middle-aged lady suddenly raised her head and asked, "Guild leader, you mentioned that your teacher goes by the name of Zhang Xuan. Could he possibly an 8-star master teacher of the Sanctum of Sages as well?"

"That's right!" Wang Ying replied affirmatively.

Given how large the Master Teacher Continent was, it was inevitable that there would be some overlaps in names. However, an 8-star master teacher in the Sanctum of Sages who went by the name of Zhang Xuan… that could not possibly be anyone other than her teacher.

"Guild leader, just a while ago, the Master Teacher Pavilion ordered for the apprehension of Zhang shi. This is the arrest warrant that they sent…" With a flick of her finger, the middle-aged lady passed a jade token over to Wang Ying.

"Hmm?" Wang Ying lowered her head to take a look, and a moment later, her eyes turned fearfully livid.

"Someone is trying to pin false accusations on my teacher, huh? Very well, I would like to see who that insolent fellow is!"

With a cold harrumph, Wang Ying flung her sleeves back and roared, "Hear my orders! All 9-star spirit awakeners are to follow me to the Glacier Plain Court, enchant every single Master Teacher Pavilion within a thirty thousand li radius, and wait for further orders!"

The crowd clasped their fists and replied, "Yes, guild leader!"

"All along, the continent has viewed us spirit awakeners as weaklings whom they can trample on. It's time to prove them wrong. We'll show them that the Spirit Awakener Guild also wields strength that they can't afford to underestimate." Wang Ying harrumphed coldly with her hands behind her back.


Exhaling deeply, Zhao Ya slowly stood up once more.

It was no easy feat for her to cultivate the Heaven's Path Golden Body when she had lost her meridians, but with the assistance of her teacher, she had still managed to pull it off. With the successful cultivation of the physical body cultivation technique, her skin became even more delicate, reminiscent of a newborn baby. While her strength had not increased by too much, she had gained the ability to alter her appearance freely. Along with her teacher using his zhenqi to help her conceal her soul, once she changed her appearance as well, it would be difficult for even 9-star master teachers to see through her disguise.

"Alright, try changing your appearance!" Seeing that Zhao Ya had succeeded, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

With this, they would not have to worry about being seen through by anyone in the Empire Alliance City.

"Yes, Teacher!"

Nodding, Zhao Ya's facial muscles began shifting around, altering the structure of her face entirely. Very soon, she had assumed a whole new look that would be nigh impossible for anyone to associate with the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court.

"Good!" Zhang Xuan nodded with a smile.

Even after altering her appearance, Zhao Ya was still very beautiful. However, it was at a level where it was not too uncommon in the Empire Alliance City, so she would not stand out as much.

After they were done with their preparations, the duo began making their way over to the Empire Alliance City once more.

At the entrance to the city, just as Zhang Xuan had expected, the checks had become much more stringent than before, such that there were even 6-star and 7-star master teachers supervising the checking process. However, it was impossible for those master teachers to see through their disguises, so they managed to get into the city with ease.

"Let's head to the Blacksmith Guild first. I want to see if there's a suitable material that could be used to replace your meridians!" Zhang Xuan said.

After asking around, Zhang Xuan led Zhao Ya toward the Blacksmith Guild.

The Empire Alliance Blacksmith Guild was around the same tier as the one in the Sanctum of Sages. The highest-ranking blacksmith in the guild was at 8-star, but there was still a sizeable collection of 9-star blacksmith books there.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the Blacksmith Guild and walked in confidently.

"Teacher, who should we find?" Zhao Ya asked.

In order to look into possible materials to replace meridians, they would have to find someone to inquire. Otherwise, they would not be able to make much progress just by roaming around the area aimlessly.

"The guild leader, of course!" Zhang Xuan replied as a matter-of-fact.

The one who would know the Blacksmith Guild the best was definitely none other than the guild leader. There was no one else better to find than him!

"Guild leader? Will he be willing to meet us given our current identities?" Zhao Ya asked with a frown.

As they had to conceal their identities, Zhang Xuan could not take out his emblem and proclaim himself to be a master teacher or a blacksmith. However, without sufficient standing, there was no reason for the busy guild leader to spare some of his time for them.

"That's simple!" Zhang Xuan chuckled. He scanned the surroundings, and upon seeing something, his eyes lit up as he said, "Come, follow me!"

Seated by the corner of the main hall was a blacksmith, and there were eight brilliant stars gleaming off the emblem on his chest.

An 8-star blacksmith!

He was currently in the midst of tutoring his disciple.

Without any hesitation, Zhang Xuan walked up to that 8-star blacksmith and exclaimed in agitation, "You really are here! Do you know how difficult it was for me to find you?"

"You are…" The 8-star blacksmith was stunned by the abrupt performance from Zhang Xuan.

"Have you forgotten me so quickly? I am your Senior Uncle!" Zhang Xuan remarked with a hint of displeasure in his voice.



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