Geji geji!

As the vine gradually paved its way throughout Zhao Ya's body, her disposition was also undergoing a transformative change. It had grown even more refined and transcendental, as if an ethereal fairy.

"What an extraordinary meridian reconstruction technique…"

Zhang Xuan had seen the meridian reconstruction technique that Yang shi had devised as well, and while both would place the patient in great pain, Yang shi's meridian reconstruction technique was inferior in the sense that the patient would have to rest for quite some time before they would finally regain their strength. On the other hand, this meridian reconstruction technique was actually able to induce a transformative change in the patient's disposition even during the reconstruction process.

With this, it was clear which meridian reconstruction technique was more advanced.

"However, the rate at which the meridians are being reconstructed is rather slow. It seems like it'll take roughly a day or so…" Zhang Xuan remarked. "That's really a little too slow!"

Ever since he started cultivating, there had rarely been times where he would require more than two hours for his cultivation. Yet, the reconstruction of meridians actually took up an entire day! This left him feeling deeply helpless.

But no matter what, Zhao Ya was his direct disciple. No matter how long it would take, he would still have to advance slowly so as to ensure her safety.

"Slow?" Hearing Zhang Xuan's muttering, Yang shi's eyebrows twitched wildly. "Back then, just to repair a single meridian, I spent three whole years! On the other hand, you are using only a single day to reconstruct an entire meridian network, and yet, you are calling this slow?"

It seemed like his senior was really unaware of the difficulty in meridian reconstruction. Even with his strength, it had taken him three years to mend a single meridian, and yet, his senior was actually unsatisfied with taking up a single day!

"Three years?" Zhang Xuan was rendered speechless.

If he had to take three years just to mend a single meridian, he would have immediately chosen against it. He would simply have found some other way to restore Zhao Ya's strength.

Soon, half a day ticked by.

With his mind working under high intensity to ensure the highest possible level of precision in the reconstruction process, it did not take long for exhaustion to set in on Zhang Xuan.

Fortunately, Zhao Ya was making great progress. As more and more of her meridians were healed up, her aura was gradually growing stronger and stronger. At the same time, her disposition and appearance were undergoing a massive change as well. If she was just a bud that had yet to fully blossom in the past, at that moment, her petals were starting to open into a full blossom.

Noting the changes with his student, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. "It seems like her Pure Yin Body will be fully awakened once her meridians recover!"

He had been feeling a little distressed as to how he could awaken her unique constitution after reconstructing her veins, but from the looks of it, that was not a problem that he had to worry about anymore.

Just by using the vine of the Dongxu Gourd as her meridians seemed to be sufficient to further awaken her Pure Yin Body. Even if her Pure Yin Body was not fully awakened by the end of the reconstruction process, it would not be too far from that anymore.

With this step forward, she would no longer need to resort to harvesting yang energy from men in order to fully awaken her Pure Yin Body.

"Truly incredible…" Looking at what was happening from behind, Yang shi's eyes lit up in agitation.

With his eye of discernment, it went without saying that he could tell that the meridian reconstruction technique that Zhang Xuan was using was far more than advanced than his. Even when seeing it with his own eyes, there were still many aspects of it that he could not completely comprehend. He had to ponder deeply over them and browse through several materials before he could make sense of them.

For someone who had barely learned about meridian reconstruction to be able to come up with something as ingenious as this…


All of a sudden, Yang shi was drawn out of his thoughts and whipped out a jade token. Lowering his gaze to browse through its content, a deep frown slowly etched its way onto his forehead.

"What's wrong?" Noticing the change in Yang shi's expression, Zhang Xuan shot a glance in his direction while continuing with the reconstruction process.

As long as he did not abruptly halt the meridian reconstruction process, he could still afford to look around him and speak without bringing any adverse effects to Zhao Ya.

"Senior, it's about your butler," Yang shi replied with a troubled look on his face.

"My butler? Are you referring to Sun Qiang? What happened to him?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

As he had been in too much of a hurry to leave the Sanctum of Sages then, he did not have time to liaise with Sun Qiang. However, as long as the latter did not leave the Sanctum of Sages, he should still be rather safe.

Yang shi hesitated for a moment before revealing what was written on the jade token. "While I was making my way over to you, I instructed someone to take him over to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters—it seemed like Zhan shi and the other elders of the Sanctum of Sages bore him ill-will, so I didn't think that it would be safe leaving him there. However, I just received a message saying that he got too depressed after learning the truth, resulting in him making a mistake in his cultivation. At the moment, he's already on the verge of death…"

"That's impossible!" Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed menacingly. "The cultivation technique that he practices originates from me, and not to mention, he has always been an indolent individual. How could there be any problem in his cultivation?"

Sun Qiang's cultivation had originated from him. Even if it had not reached the tier of Heaven's Path, it was far superior to the other cultivation techniques on the Master Teacher Continent, possessing very few flaws. As long as he cultivated it properly, it was impossible for his cultivation to go berserk. How could anything happen just because he was upset?

"My guess is that someone is trying to uncover the secrets of your cultivation technique from your butler, so they intentionally gave him incorrect guidance to test some things out, thus resulting in an error in his cultivation," Yang shi explained with a reddened face.

He was well aware of the nature of the group in the Master Teacher Pavilion. He did not think that those people were doing this out of malice; rather, they were probably just curious about his cultivation technique.

After all, it was unthinkable for a butler of completely ordinary aptitude to advance through the cultivation ranks so quickly. It was no wonder they would be curious about his cultivation technique.

Furthermore, Sun Qiang had already been in a mentally distraught state before due to the revelation. It would be no wonder he would be swayed so easily by the master teachers at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters.

That being said, despite the condition that Sun Qiang was in, it was still unlikely that his life would be in any danger. While he was a prisoner, the master teachers in the headquarters were at least principled enough not to take a person's life lightly.

Of course, it still would not do to leave Sun Qiang just like that.

"Un, that should be the case…" Hearing Yang shi's analysis, Zhang Xuan nodded. His first instinct was to rush over to save Sun Qiang, but he had his hands full with Zhao Ya at the moment. Thus, he could only suppress his urge, turn to Yang shi, and request, "Junior, you are also aware that I have my hands full and can't leave this area yet. Thus, I'll have to ask you to help me rescue Sun Qiang and bring him over to me. He has followed me since our time in the Tianxuan Kingdom, and I cannot stand seeing any harm come to him!"

As long as Yang shi stood up for him, with his influence and prestige, the other master teachers would not dare do anything to Sun Qiang.

"That's simple. Since I was the one who got your butler into the headquarters, you can count on me to ensure his safety!" Yang shi nodded. "However, you are currently in the midst of a meridian reconstruction process, and you can't afford to be interrupted by anyone at this point in time. If something happens while I am away…"

Meridian reconstruction was an extremely delicate process, so Zhang Xuan could not afford to be interrupted during this period of time. He did not dare imagine what would happen if he left right then and some mishap occurred as a result of that.

"It's fine. I'm still rather confident in my ability to disguise myself. Just help me give a heads up to the guild leader of the Blacksmith Guild, and I believe that no one will dare cause any trouble here. So, there shouldn't be any trouble on my side… On the other hand, Sun Qiang's matter cannot be delayed!" Zhang Xuan said.

While there was a Master Teacher Pavilion in the Empire Alliance, given his disguising ability, it would be nigh impossible for them to find him. Besides, as long as Yang shi issued a command to the guild leader of the Blacksmith Guild as a 9-star blacksmith, the guild leader should be able to keep any uninvited guests away from him.

After all, not even the Master Teacher Pavilion would dare barge into the Blacksmith Guild carelessly!

Furthermore, he would be done with reconstructing Zhao Ya's meridians in another four hours or so, and they would be able to leave right after. Surely, nothing bad would happen within that short period of time.

Yang shi pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement. "Alright then… I'll help you seal this area first. I'll be using the Teleportation Formation from the Glacier Plain Court, so I should be able to return very soon."

The matter with Sun Qiang was indeed more urgent.

With a flick of his hand, he sealed the area completely before swiftly heading in the direction of the Glacier Plain Court.



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