"Why are the lot from the Poison Hall here?"

"It's said that the new head of the Poison Hall is the reincarnation of their founder. As a possessor of the Innate Poison Body, she possesses fearsome means. Just a while ago, the Master Teacher Pavilion dispatched a 9-star master teacher to scout out the Poison Hall, but he ended up being knocked out by poison instead… I don't understand. Why are they getting involved in this conflict as well?"

"I have read Zhang Xuan's records, and it seems like he once met the poison masters in a Poison Hall and integrated them into the ranks of the Combat Master Hall. Could they be repaying the debt from there?"

"That's a rather low-tier Poison Hall over there. Surely it wouldn't warrant the Right Guardian and two of the Four Eminences personally heading over to protect him, right?"

"Just a moment ago, I heard someone shout, 'Who dares touch my teacher?' Could it be that these poison masters are actually Zhang Xuan's students?"

The abrupt turn of events caused a huge commotion amid the crowd.

Everyone had thought that Zhang Xuan was doomed, but who could have thought that three top brass from the Poison Hall would actually arrive at this moment to save him?

These three men were figures who could cause the entire Master Teacher Continent to rattle with just a stomp of their feet. There was a famous quote in the Master Teacher Continent that if a 9-star poison master was locked in the same room as a 9-star master teacher, the one who would walk out alive would likely be the 9-star poison master.

And these three men happen to be the cream of the crop of 9-star poison masters. That should be more than enough to show how fearsome they were.

"The Poison Hall has always been a reclusive power, holing itself within the depths of a mountain range and refusing to submit to the Master Teacher Pavilion's control. Since they dared step out of their self-exile, why don't we just…" Elder Qu whispered to Pavilion Master Ren Qingyuan as he pulled his thumb across his neck, making a gesture for death.

"Over the last few years, many things have happened to the Poison Hall. The Left Guardian, Hu Yiwei, was taken in by Yang shi as his butler, and the other two Eminences have been killed." Ren Qingyuan pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement. "This is indeed an ideal opportunity to take them down once and for all.

"However, these three can be considered as the strongest experts in the Poison Hall aside from their hall master. Even if we make a move on them, we'll have to move very carefully. It would be pointless if we sustain heavy losses while apprehending them!"

The Poison Hall's reputation had never been good. It was only because they had chosen to hole themselves up in a mountain range filled with all kind of traps and shrouded by a poisonous mist that the Master Teacher Pavilion hadn't been able to launch a large-scale invasion on them just yet. However, since they dared step out from their home base to wreak havoc there, they could very well make use of this opportunity to encircle and eliminate them once and for all.

"Ren shi, rest assured. The Poison Hall has always been an unstable factor on the Master Teacher Continent, and we have long made preparations to encircle and eliminate them. If they had continued holing up in their mountain valley, we might still have had problems dealing with them. However, since they have decided to run out here… Humph, today shall be their death date!" Elder Qu spat with a cold glint in his eyes.

"Alright then." Ren Qingyuan nodded before waving his hand lightly.

The fifteen 9-star master teachers in the air swiftly understood his gesture and discreetly spread around the surroundings, sealing all paths of escape from the area.

On the other hand, oblivious to the movements of the master teachers above and the impending danger that loomed just ahead of them, Shen Jue, Lin Jianghai, and He Guangyu raised their gazes to look at the young man ahead of them.

They were interested to see just who the man worthy of being their hall master's teacher and winning her absolute loyalty was.

To be honest, they were slightly disappointed by what they saw.

The person standing before them was younger than they had expected, and while his cultivation was exceptional for his age, it came nowhere close to matching to their hall master… They did not think that the young man was worthy of having their hall master mobilize their entire Poison Hall just to save him.

It was truly hard for them to understand why their hall master would think so highly of the young man before them.

But despite the doubts in their hearts, they dared not allow it to show on their faces.

"That lass…" Not expecting that Poison Hall to actually dispatch men to save him, Zhang Xuan felt a little moved and helpless at the same time.

The Poison Hall had always been on bad terms with the Master Teacher Pavilion. He was indeed thankful for their timely arrival, but at the same time, this could also lead to unnecessary complications.

While continuing to reconstruct Zhao Ya's meridians, he gazed at the trio kneeling before him and asked, "Where is your hall master?"

He was certain that he had heard Wei Ruyan's voice earlier even though it had been quite some distance away. However, since she had come to save him, why did she disappear all of a sudden?

"Reporting to Zhang shi, our hall master said that the Master Teacher Pavilion's acts of encircling and assaulting you are deplorable and utterly shameless… She ordered us to rush over to protect you first while she takes a trip to the Master Teacher Pavilion in the vicinity to repay the favor to them…" Lin Jianghai clasped his fist as he reported.

"She is going around the Master Teacher Pavilions in the vicinity to repay the favor?"

Wei Ruyan had been in a sickly state from a very young age, living a life that could hardly be counted as a life. Those difficulties had left her with little regard for rules and convention… If it was her, she really might go around poisoning master teachers just to vent anger against the Master Teacher Pavilion on his behalf!

Hearing those words, the master teachers in the area nearly plummeted to the ground from a mixture of horror and rage.

"You cowards!"

This was especially so for Ren Qingyuan; he nearly exploded on the spot.

Possessing the Innate Poison Body, the head of the Poison Hall was as good as a walking calamity. Even 9-star master teachers would not be able to withstand the poison that she emanated, let alone ordinary master teachers! If she made a move personally, this would really end in a widespread massacre for all of the master teachers in the vicinity!

Unable to hold back his rage anymore, Ren Qingyuan bellowed in fury, "Take down Zhang Xuan and those three fellows right now!"

It was in consideration of his identity that he had been unwilling to have the master teachers make a move previously—after all, it would be dishonorable for 9-star master teachers like them to gang up on a junior. However, with the head of the Poison Hall on the loose, he could not care that much anymore. They had to quickly apprehend those four so that they could devote their forces to dealing with the head of the Poison Hall.

A second wasted could mean the deaths of a hundred more master teachers.

Aside from that, they would also be able to use those four as hostages in order to force the head of the Poison Hall to stop what she was doing and cure the master teachers that she had poisoned.

"Yes!" Upon hearing the orders, the master teachers immediately released furious roars and rushed forward.

Elder Qu charged ahead of the group and kickstarted the duel with a palm thrust toward Shen Jue.

Si la!

In an instant, the surrounding air suddenly grew incredibly viscous, and overwhelming might poured down like a raging waterfall, threatening to bore a hole into the ground.

Elder Qu could not be considered too strong among the 9-star master teachers in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, but he was still unmistakably a Great Sage expert. Powerful shockwaves rippled out from his furious palm thrust, and unable to take the impact, the Blacksmith Guild abruptly collapsed into rubble.

Facing Elder Qu's devastating attack, Shen Jue's lips curled up. "Do you think that you alone will be enough to kill me? Think again!"

With a cold harrumph, he retaliated with a palm strike of his own.

As the Right Guardian of the Poison Hall, as well as an individual who had almost succeeded in becoming the hall master, Shen Jue's strength was definitely not one to be underestimated.

The moment that the two palms collided with one another, Elder Qu felt the power that he commanded being swiftly corroded by some intangible force, to the point where he could almost feel a burning sensation on his skin.

"It's lethal poison!" Elder Qu narrowed his eyes in realization as he quickly flicked his free wrist and took out a jade bottle.

Without any hesitation, he crushed the jade bottle into bits.


A gush of water shot out from the bottle, and it swiftly dissipated Shen Jue's zhenqi as soon as it came into contact with it.

"Tianyun Divine Water? The Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters sure is extravagant!" Shen Jue sneered with an awful look on his face.

The Tianyun Divine Water could be said to be the closest thing that the Physician Guild headquarters had created that could be termed as an all-cure panacea to poison. However, it was also incredibly difficult to concoct, making it a priceless treasure. However, Elder Qu did not hesitate to use a large quantity at once, and as a result of that, Shen Jue's poison art was severely weakened.

"Of course, it's important to be prepare before dealing with underhanded scoundrels like you!"

Seeing that the Divine Water had effectively neutralized Shen Jue's attack, Elder Qu bellowed loudly, "Comrades, hurry up and make a move as well. This is a good opportunity to rid the Master Teacher Continent of the vermin known as the Poison Hall!"


The morale of the master teachers was raised tremendously, and they swiftly whipped out all kinds of treasures to enter the fray.


In an instant, attacks from all directions rushed toward Zhang Xuan, forming a frightening storm.

Facing the onslaught of the master teachers, Lin Jianghai's face turned livid as he furiously roared, "Protect Zhang shi at all costs!"

"Very well!" The other two swiftly moved their focus to defense, and they hurriedly drove their zhenqi to form a protective barrier around them to ward off the attacks.

Hong long long!

As powerful as the three of them were, there was no way that they could stand a chance against fifteen master teachers together with Zhang Wuheng, You Ruoxin, Zhan shi, and the others simultaneously. In just two breaths, a crack had already appeared in their barrier, and the three of them spurted mouthfuls of blood simultaneously.

The situation was truly disadvantageous for them.

Seeing that the three poison masters were swiftly reaching their limits, Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, "Abandon the energy barrier and heed my commands!"



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