As members of the top echelon in the Poison Hall—and this was especially so for Shen Jue—in order to find the legendary Tome of Poison Legacy that their founder had left behind, they had spent most of their days roaming the world. On their journeys, it was inevitable that they would meet with several powerful master teachers, and there were even some occasions where they had exchanged blows with the grand elders of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters. Even so, they had never heard of any master teacher being able to analyze everyone's condition accurately with just a look and devise strategies on them in just a few seconds!

This was not just at the level of being discerning anymore but being omniscient!

"Un! It isn't a good timing for us to attack yet, so just focus on defense for the time being. I have a few surges of zhenqi here, and I want you all to discreetly plant them in the area. Make sure that no one notices them. Once you are done, return here and sit down!" Zhang Xuan instructed as he flicked his finger.

The three poison masters each received several surges of zhenqi.

These surges of zhenqi were rich in spiritual energy, and they harnessed a nourishing aura, contrasting sharply to their destructive, poisonous zhenqi. While Lin Jianghai and the others had no idea why Zhang Xuan was issuing such instructions, they still followed his orders and discreetly planted those surges of zhenqi around the area.

A poison master's strength lay in planting poison in their victim without the latter noticing anything at all, let alone that these surges of zhenqi were completely attributeless, making them even less detectable. It did not take them long to finish planting the zhenqi, and they swiftly sat down in front of Zhang Xuan. They closed their eyes and started meditating, paying no heed to the menacing glares from the master teachers above.

It did not take long for the master teachers in the air to successfully dispel the poison in their bodies, and they quickly turned their sights in Zhang Xuan's direction. Upon seeing how defenseless the four of them were, frowns appeared on their foreheads.

To be honest, they could have made use of their moment of panic to escape earlier, but not only did they choose not to do so, they had even sat down and meditated on the spot. Just what were they up to?

"Humph, they are just putting on a front! The only reason we suffered a setback earlier is because we were unprepared for their attacks. As long as we proceed carefully, we will surely be able to slaughter them!" Elder Qu spat coldly.

"Indeed! If we can't even subdue three poison masters, what right do we have to lead mankind against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?" another master teacher growled in agreement.

While the Poison Hall had always been considered vermin on the Master Teacher Continent, in truth, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters had never considered it as a threat. They felt that as long as they were willing to devote their forces to deal with them, they would be able to destroy them anytime they wanted to.

As such, they had charged into the battle expecting to be able to subdue those three poison masters with ease, especially given the powerful forces that they had present. Who could have thought that the other party would suddenly make such a bizarre maneuver that ended in all of them getting poisoned instead?

"In the end, the only powerful threat that they have is poison. I happen to be a 9-star physician specializing in the treatment of poison, so I have quite a few antidotes with me in my storage ring. Allow me to serve as the vanguard and pave a way forward for the rest of you!" With a cold bellow, a master teacher stepped forward.

He flicked his wrist and popped an antidote into his mouth. Without waiting for Ren Qingyuan's approval, he strode toward Zhang Xuan and the others and thrust a powerful palm strike downward upon them.

His power was colossal as if numerous mountains were falling from the sky, but then, it came into contact with one of the surges of zhenqi that the poison masters had planted around the area.

This surge of zhenqi swiftly flowed against the master teacher's zhenqi, and in the blink of an eye, it had already dived into the master teacher's body.

If it was lethal poison, the protective layer of zhenqi that maintained around him would have automatically filtered and deflected it away. Even if it managed to breach his defenses and slip into his body, the antidote that he had swallowed earlier would also have immediately moved to neutralize it. However, the surge of zhenqi just happened to be pure and attributeless. It successfully bypassed all defensive mechanisms and entered the master teacher's meridians before swiftly making its way toward his vital organs.


The next moment, the master teacher's face abruptly warped in pain, and the might behind his palm strike dissipated entirely.


He plummeted from the sky and curled up from excruciating pain on the ground.

"This…" Elder Qu widened his eyes in shock. He hurriedly rushed up to check the master teacher's condition before uttering in alarm, "Elder Bai has been poisoned."

He had also encountered this condition back at the Glacier Plain Court. Zhang Xuan, disguising as Yang shi, had managed to poison him using some means that remained a mystery to him even now, stripping him of his strength. Otherwise, he would not have allowed the young man to act as he pleased and destroy the Glacier Plain Court's long heritage.


Everyone hurriedly turned their sights over, only to see Elder Bai trembling non-stop, seemingly placed in immense pain. The antidote that he had swallowed previously did not seem to be working at all.

"What kind of poison is that?" Ren Qingyuan was stunned.

He knew how skilled Elder Bai's medical skills were, and it was not as if he had been unprepared at all—he had even gone to the extent of swallowing an antidote in advance! Yet, he had still ended up being incapacitated by the other party's poison… Just what kind of poison could be that lethal?

"I have no idea either…" the trembling Elder Bai explained through clattering teeth. "It's no different from ordinary zhenqi, but as soon as it slipped into my body, it swiftly turned into lethal poison, making it impossible to guard against!"

"Ordinary zhenqi… Could this be Will of Poison? This…" Ren Qingyuan exclaimed in astonishment. He immediately turned to the other 9-star master teachers and commanded, "Everyone, stand back! Don't launch an assault recklessly! Wait till we have found a countermeasure before making any moves!"

Will of Poison referred to the poisons that were harmless usually, making cultivators lower their guard around it. However, it would turn into the most lethal of poisons at the poison master's will, making it a frightening tool of assassination.

If the poison masters had planted such a formidable poison in the area, the tables could swiftly turn on them if they charged in recklessly. Thus, they had to find a countermeasure first before making a move.

"I have come into contact with this poison before. Without a doubt, it's indeed formidable, but it's also very easy to deal with as well. Come, let me help you…" With a flick of his finger, Elder Qu sent a surge of zhenqi into Elder Bai's body.

Having experienced such poison in the Glacier Plain Court, he knew how to resolve. While it did inflict great pain on the ones afflicted with it, it could not hurt one's core.

As expected, with his help, the master teacher managed to resolve the poison within just three minutes.

However, after seeing what had happened to the master teacher, the others did not dare approach Zhang Xuan and the others easily.

"Let's try finding the areas where the poison is planted and uncover what kind of poison it is. We won't make any progress just waiting idly here!"

"Don't worry. As long as this area is sealed, they have nowhere to escape to. Besides, there's a time limit to how long a poison can be exposed to open air before it loses effectiveness. I don't believe that the poison can continue remaining as potent as it is…"

The crowd discussed their next course of action.

No one dared to attack, but no one left the area either.

"Zhang shi… is actually a master at poison too?"

Seeing how the young man was able to render the fifteen 9-star master teachers and a deputy pavilion master helpless, the gazes that Lin Jianghai and the others directed at the young man changed. Unlike before, they were filled with respect and awe.

As poison experts, they knew how powerful the 'Will of Poison' was. What was even more formidable was how the young man was able to infuse his normal zhenqi with the Will of Poison and bring out formidable prowess. They had never seen such an incredible use of poison in their life before.

Previously, they had thought that the hall master was only respectful to the young man due to the gratitude that she had for him in her earlier years, but after witnessing this sight, it seemed like that was not all. In terms of mastery of poison, the young man was definitely above them, possibly on par with or even exceeding their hall master!

It was no wonder the young man was their hall master's teacher. At this point, they had no doubt that their hall master's poison art had truly originated from him!

"As long as we can buy enough time for the hall master's return, we will be able to turn the tables on them…"

Seeing how the master teachers dared not approach despite how infuriated they were, Lin Jianghai and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

If they could buy sufficient time till the arrival of their hall master, their danger would be resolved.

"What's going on here? Which one of you is Zhang Xuan?"

In this moment of silence, a voice suddenly sounded in the air.

Following which, a figure suddenly appeared in the distance. It was an elder with a white, flowy beard.

"It's the First Elder of the Luo Clan!" someone amid the crowd exclaimed.

Upon seeing that man, Ren Qingyuan's eyes lit up in agitation. "Hahaha! Luo Qingchen, you arrived at a timely moment!"


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