"The Master Teacher Pavilion ran away?" Ren Qingyuan's body jolted at that completely unexpected answer. "Can you repeat that?"

The others also could not help but freeze upon hearing those words as well.

How in the world could the Master Teacher Pavilion run away?

Not to mention, at such a crucial juncture!

Even if the master teacher was pulling their legs, pulling like that was a bit much!

"I saw it with my own eyes! The Master Teacher Pavilion ran at a very fast speed, heading toward a specific direction as if it was obeying someone's orders…" Seeing that the complete lack of trust from the surrounding crowd, the master teacher quickly explained himself anxiously. "It even grew legs! If you don't believe me, take a look at it for yourself!"

As he spoke, he pointed into the distance.

Everyone quickly turned around, and the first thing that they saw was a huge sandstorm that seemed to be heading their way. Upon closer examination, they realized the sandstorm was actually caused by countless buildings sprinting in their direction, as if cavalry charging toward an enemy on a battlefield. Even the earth began trembling in fear at their imposing charge!

"The heck… Is that a cluster of houses?"

"Those buildings are actually charging right at us… What in the world is going on?"

"Is this a building stampede?"

"What the heck is a building stampede? I have only heard of beast stampedes before!"

All of the 9-star master teachers felt as if mini explosions had occurred in their minds, threatening to blast apart their rationality. Even Zhang Wuheng, Luo Qingchen, and the others were completely dumbfounded before that scene. They did not even realize that their beards were being blown up by their shocked gasps.

They had seen alarmed beasts running amok, and they had seen schools of fish and flocks of birds escaping frenziedly from their predators. However, this was the first time that they had seen an army of buildings charging in a neat formation.

At this point, they could not help but remember the old adage—as long as you live long enough, there is nothing that you will not see.

"Someone has enchanted those buildings…" Ren Qingyuan was the first one to realize what was going, and he immediately bellowed out to inform the others.

Of course, there was no way non-living things like buildings could possibly stand up and run of their own accord. The very fact that they could prance around and even make catcalls at them like street ruffians meant that someone had enchanted them to life!

"No, wait a moment… Those buildings over there… Aren't those our Master Teacher Pavilions?"

"Now that you mention it, that is indeed the case. That's the City of Glacier Master Teacher Pavilion, the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, the Thousand Leaf City Master Teacher Pavilion, and the Violetaroma Quarters Master Teacher Pavilion… I have been to those places before! To think that a day would come when I would see them coming to life."

"Wait! That particularly gigantic thing over there, why does it look so familiar?"

"Isn't that the city wall of the Empire Alliance?"

As the buildings came closer and closer, the crowd managed to get a closer look at the buildings within the sandstorm, and their eyebrows immediately began twitching. As if their lower jaws had dislocated, they could not close their gaping mouth at all.

There were Master Teacher Pavilions from within tens of thousands of li of the Empire Alliance amid the army!

These towering Master Teacher Pavilions were symbols of the highest authority within a region, and they were often viewed with deference. Yet, for those buildings to be making catcalls and even shaking their bottoms provocatively as they charged over…

"It must be the Spirit Awakener Guild! Just what kind of insanity has come over those women?" Ren Qingyuan cursed furiously.

Other than the Spirit Awakener Guild, there was no other power on the Master Teacher Continent that was capable of creating such a huge army of enchanted Master Teacher Pavilions!

But had the Spirit Awakener Guild not always lain low, trying to stay out of sight wherever possible?

Due to the nature of their occupation, their members numbered very few, and they were severely lacking in offensive prowess. In fact, they even had to ally themselves with other powers in order to protect themselves! Given so, they had always tried to stay out of conflict, never daring to offend any of the major powers, let alone the Master Teacher Pavilion. So, why would they suddenly enchant so many Master Teacher Pavilions and wreak havoc here?

"The Master Teacher Pavilions are made out of resilient materials, and each of them is shrouded by a massive formation, giving them a wholesome building structure. As a result, unlike most buildings, which would swiftly collapse soon after they started moving around, the Master Teacher Pavilions are significantly easier to enchant and maneuver around… But why did the Spirit Awakener Guild suddenly choose to do something like this? Aren't they afraid of offending the Master Teacher Pavilion?"

"Indeed. What in the world are those bunch of women up to?"

"I've heard that the Spirit Awakener Guild has just elected a rather young lady as their new guild leader. Could this matter have anything to do with this?"

"I have heard of that matter as well. If I recall correctly, her name seems to be Wang Ying… I have even relayed my congratulations to her over her inauguration. Could it be that their new guild leader intends to oppose the Master Teacher Pavilion? Aren't they thinking too highly of themselves?"

The other master teachers also swiftly understood the situation, and they could not help but fall into a state of confusion.

While spirit awakeners wielded the ability to enchant spirits into all beings, there was really nothing commendable about their fighting prowess.

Spirit enchantment was a very consuming technique, and the long recovery period did not make things any better. Furthermore, the stronger an artifact was, the harder it would be to enchant it. Sometimes, it might even take dozens of enchantments in order to fully enchant an artifact!

To make matters worse, most of the more powerful offensive artifacts of the Spirit Awakener Guild were highly consuming and had to be re-enchanted frequently, or else they might just return to being inanimate in the midst of a battle.

For such reasons, the Spirit Awakener Guild had always been one of the most docile and peaceful groups on the Master Teacher Continent. It was really hard to understand why they would suddenly be so brazen as to make a move on the Master Teacher Pavilion!

Hu la!

In the midst of their hesitation, the Master Teacher Pavilion building charging at the forefront of the army finally arrived before them, and without any hesitation, it banged its roof down upon one of the 9-star master teachers.


Facing the attack of the Master Teacher Pavilion building, the complexion of the 9-star master teacher turned rather awful. He raised his palm and thrust it toward the building before him.

Hu la!

His palm strike caused an entire half of the building to collapse to the ground, but even so, the building did not seem to be discouraged by its sudden weight loss. Instead, it rammed its body forward, cloaking the 9-star master teacher in a thick layer of dust.

With the weight of the Master Teacher Pavilion, even Saint 5-dan cultivators would sustain severe injuries under such a ram. Despite that, it was still far from being sufficient to deal with a full-fledged 9-star master teacher!

Looking at how one of the Master Teacher Pavilions had been reduced to rubble just like that, Ren Qingyuan could not help but anxiously bellow, "Don't make a move on those buildings… Otherwise, we might just end up destroying all of the local Master Teacher Pavilions at this rate."

Those buildings were the face of their Master Teacher Pavilion! Even if it was their own master teachers destroying it, it would not reflect well on them at all!

How humiliating would it be if others heard of the matter?

"But those buildings are attacking us! Are we to allow those buildings to do as they please?" a 9-star master teacher protested as he was struck in the face by one of the catcalling Master Teacher Pavilions.

Those enchanted buildings would not stop their attacks just because the master teachers were willing to make peace!

Of course, those buildings could not possibly kill them due to the limits of their offensive prowess, but it would not look good on them to be chased around by a cluster of buildings either, not to mention the collateral damage that it would cause the Empire Alliance!

"I know that! These buildings are bound to be controlled by spirit awakeners, or else they wouldn't charge right at us either. As long as we can find the spirit awakeners behind this, we will be able to force them to stop this farce!" Ren Qingyuan said as he swiftly scanned his surroundings.

Based on his deductions, it was likely for the spirit awakeners responsible for this mess to be in the vicinity as well. As long he could find the spirit awakeners and apprehend them, he would be able to resolve this problem.

While scanning his surroundings, his gaze suddenly halted on a specific location, and a glint flashed through the depths of his eyes. "There they are…"

He raised his palm in preparation to launch an attack against them.


But before he could even make his move, a building suddenly rammed right into him, and its massive roof crushed right down on his body, pinning him forcefully onto the ground.

"You…" Ren Qingyuan's rage immediately flurried at being treated in such a manner.

He raised his hands and released the entirety of his strength without reservation.

Si la!

The building exploded, sending countless rock shards shooting out into the surroundings.

Hu hu hu!

Right after that building was destroyed, another eight more buildings rushed right up to Ren Qingyuan.

It was almost as if those buildings were facing their archenemy. Countless tables, chairs, beds, and every type of furniture that one could think of were furiously tossed out of the windows and gates of the buildings, bombarding Ren Qingyuan. Despite Ren Qingyuan's tremendous strength, he still flew into a brief fluster while trying to cope with the furious onslaught of so many buildings at once.

"The Spirit Awakener Guild, are you trying to start a revolt?" Unable to hold back his fury any longer, Ren Qingyuan roared with a deafening voice that reverberated throughout the entire Empire Alliance City.

"The Master Teacher Pavilion has always been preached on the importance of respecting one's roots and lineage. Someone is trying to frame my teacher for a crime that he hasn't committed, and some ignominious organization is even seeking his life without bothering to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. It's precisely out of respect for Kong shi and the noble values that he has passed down that I have come here to save my teacher! Has Master Teacher Pavilion forgotten the teachings of the great Kong shi to view my actions as a revolt?" the powerful voice of a female responded.

Following which, on the great walls of the Empire Alliance City, a figure stood up. It was a young lady dressed in a long purple robe that flowed along with the wind. The swirling dust around her did not diminish her disposition in the least; on the contrary, the sharp contrast made her seem as if she was the valiant goddess of war descending upon a battlefield.



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