"Is she the newly-appointed guild leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild, Wang Ying?"

"That's definitely her; I've met her before! She might be young, but her talent in spirit enchantment is definitely peerless in this world. It took her only a few months in order to raise her mastery in spirit enchantment to a level where she could clear even the Spirit Awakener Tower."

"She mentioned that she came here to save her teacher. Does that mean that Zhang Xuan is her teacher too?"

"T-this… First, the head of the Poison Hall; then, a soul oracle expert; and now, the new guild leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild…"

All of the master teachers could not help but shudder as they lowered their gazes to look at the young man sitting on the ground beneath. No words could describe the shock in their hearts.

As 9-star master teachers, they knew very well just how difficult it was to groom a student to become an expert. Each of them had countless students all over the world, but hardly any of their students had succeeded in reaching the top echelon of the Master Teacher Continent like them.

This was apparent just by seeing how low the number of individuals who had reached a proficiency of 9-star in any occupation was.

Yet, the young man below, despite being only at Saint 8-dan Dimension Sundering realm, actually had multiple powerhouses as his students. Just how in the world was this possible?

More importantly, those students were willing to even defy the powerful and influential Master Teacher Pavilion in order to save him. Just how deep did their feelings for him run?

While the prevalent culture on the Master Teacher Continent prompted one to remain loyal to one's lineage, there were still plenty of cultivators who paid it no regard. Furthermore, given that Zhang Xuan had been condemned by even the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, no one would blame them for not coming to the rescue of their teacher.

They could have simply feigned ignorance and steered clear of this mess. After all, the verdict of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters was absolute on the continent.

But for their teacher, those people were willing to disregard all rules and risk the bright futures that they had ahead of them to dive right into this mess. If things went wrong, they could very well lose their lives!

Just what in the world did Zhang Xuan impart to them for them to be so loyal to him?

Gritting his teeth tightly, Ren Qingyuan harrumphed with an utterly cold voice. "Guild Leader Wang, do you understand who you are going against at this very moment?"

"I do, but I am heavily indebted to my teacher. Whoever dares lay a finger on my teacher, no matter who they are, I'll pit my life against them without any hesitation!" the young lady replied calmly.

"So, if I understand your words correctly, you are saying that Zhang Xuan is your teacher. Is that right?" Ren Qingyuan asked.

"Indeed. Zhang Xuan is the name of my teacher, and he's the person who made me the person I am today!" the young lady replied once more.

The person who had just arrived with a huge army of buildings was none other than Wang Ying.

All of the buildings within a thirty thousand li radius from the Glacier Plain Court had been enchanted by the elders of their Spirit Awakener Guild, and together, they formed a massive army that even 9-star master teachers would have trouble dealing with all of a sudden.

"Zhang Xuan has willfully wreaked havoc in the Zhang Clan and injured dozens of their elders, including the First Elder Zhang Wuheng. After which, he went to the Sanctum of Sages and severely wounded its deputy sanctum head, Zhan shi. Following that, he ran over to the Glacier Plain Court, kidnapped their young court chief, and destroyed many of their buildings while doing so," Ren Qingyuan spat coldly. "Even if we put all that aside for the moment, just the fact that he is the teacher of the vicious head of the depraved Poison Hall and a deplorable soul oracle, along with the existence of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe artifact that is placed right in front of him, is more than enough for the Master Teacher Pavilion to deem him an enemy of mankind. He might be your teacher, but his sins are unpardonable!"

"Vicious? Deplorable? Hahaha!" Wang Ying sneered coldly upon hearing those words. "You claimed that my Junior Wei Ruyan is a vicious person. Very well, why don't you tell me what vicious deeds she has done? Has she massacred millions in cold blood?"

"Look at the poisoned master teachers in front of her! Is that not sufficient evidence to prove her vicious character?" Ren Qingyuan sneered.

"They might be poisoned, but aren't they still alive? In fact, if my Junior Wei Ruyan hadn't incapacitated them and used them as a chip to protect her and my teacher, you would have been the ones to murder them in cold blood! You claimed that my junior is vicious, but can you name anyone whom she has killed to date? I reckon that there's probably more blood on your hands than hers!" Wang Ying snapped.


Wang Ying's outburst left Ren Qingyuan speechless for a moment.

The head of the Poison Hall had indeed gone around poisoning their master teachers one after another, but she had only knocked them out. Despite the terrible states that they were in, it did not seem like anyone had lost their life yet.

Even though they were on the opposing side, looking at it once more, it did appear that the head of the Poison Hall was not intending to kill any of their master teachers, at least not yet.

"You also mentioned that my Junior Lu Chong is a deplorable individual. Very well, why don't you tell me what deplorable deeds he has committed? Just what great sin has he committed for the 'impartial' Master Teacher Pavilion to denounce him so?" Wang Ying asked imposingly.

Once again, Ren Qingyuan was rendered speechless.

To be honest, he would not even have known that there would still be a living soul oracle in the world if Lu Chong had not appeared there. From the fact that he had never heard of the young man before alone, it showed that the young man had not done anything wrong that was worthy of the Master Teacher Pavilion's attention.

"Why aren't you speaking?" After all the suffering that her teacher and juniors had gone through, Wang Ying was not intending to let Ren Qingyuan off just like that.

With a cold sneer, she continued. "The Master Teacher Pavilion has always prided itself on being just and impartial. Just when did it become so presumptuous as to state its own opinions as facts and pass judgement on others based on its own biases? You claimed that my teacher kidnapped the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court, but let me ask you one question. Do you know whom the young court chief is?"

"Whom the young court chief is?" Ren Qingyuan frowned. "She's a cultivator who possesses the rare Pure Yin Body. The Glacier Plain Court went to great lengths in order to find her…"

Seeing that Ren Qingyuan really did not know any thing at all, Wang Ying did not have the patience to listen to him speak any longer.

"I don't know what lengths the Glacier Plain Court has gone in order to find her, but there's one thing I do know, and that is…" Placing her hands behind her back, she said, "… she's my senior!"

"Your senior? You mean to say that… the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court is Zhang Xuan's student as well?" Ren Qingyuan narrowed his eyes in shock. He quickly turned his gaze toward You Ruoxin and asked lividly, "Is this true?"

The Glacier Plain Court had not mentioned this when they reported the matter to them back then.

"Zhang Xuan was indeed Zhao Ya's teacher for a period of time, but it's also a fact that he impersonated Yang shi, took away our young court chief, and wreaked havoc in the Glacier Plain Court! Furthermore… the fact that he's the teacher of a poison master and soul oracle shows that he's a person of questionable character. Pavilion Master Ren, I ask of you not to be blinded by the words of despicable scoundrels…" You Ruoxin quickly spoke up.

"Questionable character? Despicable scoundrels? How dare you use such words on my teacher and senior?"

Hu la!

Before You Ruoxin could finish speaking, a furious bellow suddenly echoed from afar. Following which, a spear burst forth from the distance, and before she knew it, it was already right before her chest.

"Ahhh!" You Ruoxin's face turned pale, and her eyes widened in absolute fright as she desperately retreated.

As powerful as she was, she could tell that the might of that spear had already far surpassed her means to deal with. Even before the spear could reach her, she could already feel the force that it commanded threatening to pierce right through her heart.

Hu hu hu!

While retreating, she anxiously formed over a hundred hand seals in the blink of an eye.

Following which, a transparent barrier reminiscent of crystal materialized right in front of her.

The strongest defensive technique of the Glacier Plain Court, Immaculate Glacial Yin Wall!


The next instant, the flying spear collided head on with the wall, but the wall did not even last for a breath before cracks began appearing throughout it.

You Ruoxin could tell that the barrier that she had created would not be able to withstand the might of the spear, and once the spear penetrated her barrier, even if she survived the ordeal, she would be crippled for good.

Thus, she turned to Ren Qingyuan and shrieked, "Pavilion Master Ren, save me!"

"Humph!" Ren Qingyuan harrumphed coldly, and as if he had teleported, he appeared instantaneously before the spear with a powerful leap. He immediately swung the sword in his hand toward the tip of the spear, intending to forcefully change its trajectory.

Ding ding ding ding!

However, there was some kind of bizarre vibration to the spear that caused it to continuously strike down on his sword with incredible force, and every single tremor held such tremendous force that it felt as if entire mountains were ramming into his sword one after another.

Deng deng deng deng!

Ren Qingyuan was forced to retreat several steps under the formidable might of the spear, but fortunately, he still succeeded in altering the spear's path.

However, he was in no mood to celebrate at all. Shaking his numbed hand, he stared at the deflected spear with a look of disbelief on his face.

That spear had come from a distance away, but even after piercing through You Ruoxin's Immaculate Glacial Yin Wall, it still wielded enough strength to force him back. Just how powerful was the man who threw the spear?

His doubt did not last for too long. A young man flitted in from the distance, stopping right before the crowd. He stood with a perfectly upright figure in the air, emanating an aura of sharpness that seemed as if it could pierce the heavens.

The young man raised his hand, and the spear that Ren Qingyuan had just deflected flew into his grasp. Following which, he turned his gaze toward Ren Qingyuan and said, "Pavilion Master Ren, I'll be taking my teacher back. I presume that you have no objections."



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