Seeing the familiar face on the figure sitting on top of Zhang Wuheng, Zheng Yang replied with a heart chuckle, "You came at the perfect time!"

With his eye of discernment, he could tell that Yuan Tao was far from a match for Zhang Wuheng. However, it seemed like while the rest of them had been protecting their teacher from the master teachers, this junior of his had not been slacking. The latter had flown to the highest altitude possible given the limits of his strength, likely tens of thousands of meters up in the sky, and he had dived all the way down from that height toward them.

By the time Yuan Tao reached them, the speed of his fall had already reached several times the speed of sound. As the attack had come too quickly from an unexpected angle, not to mention that his attention had been captured by Zheng Yang, Zhang Wuheng had been caught off guard by the attack from above.

This brief lapse in attention had been more than enough for the swiftly plummeting Yuan Tao to get him. The impact of the fall from someone who had been accelerating furiously for tens of thousands of meters was not one to be underestimated. While it was not enough to kill Zhang Wuheng, it had inflicted grievous injuries that would incapacitate him in the short run.

Who could have thought that the First Elder of the Zhang Clan, one of the top experts in the world, would actually end up being incapacitated by someone's bottom before he could even use his bloodline ability? This would really be a huge smirch on his reputation.

"That's a relief!" Yuan Tao patted his bottom before getting to his feet. Then, as if suddenly realizing that someone was beneath his bottom, he turned around and exclaimed with an exaggeratedly shocked expression, "Elder Wuheng, what are you doing under me?"

"You… Pu!" Seeing the innocent look on the fellow who had nearly crushed him to death, Zhang Wuheng spurted another mouthful of blood out of indignation.

"Elder Wuheng, our Yuan Clan has always been on close terms with Zhang Clan, and we have never crossed one another before. Why would you appear beneath my ass of all places? Do you know how many days it has been since I last washed my ass? Furthermore, I went to the toilet before this, and I couldn't find any toilet paper… H-how embarrassing it is! Quick, come out, come out! I'll heal you up right now…"

With an anxious look on his face, Yuan Tao stretched his hand forward to grab Zhang Wuheng's head, and as if pulling a radish out from the earth, he plucked the latter out from the hole that he was in.

"Pu!" Feeling as if his neck was on the verge of snapping apart, the First Elder spurted another mouthful of blood.

The sheer embarrassment from the situation made his eyes red in anger, and he was on the verge of erupting at any moment.

He was the most authoritative individual in the Zhang Clan other than the clan head! How could he tolerate being humiliated by such a brat so much younger than him!

In a state of rage, Zhang Wuheng was just about to drive his zhenqi to teach the brat a lesson when the latter suddenly turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "Teacher, it seems like the First Elder's injuries are really quite severe. I remember that you have a Pummeling Healing Therapy Technique. Can I ask you to impart it to me so that I can treat him so as to make up for my previous mistakes?"

"Pummeling Healing Therapy Technique?" Hearing those words, Zhang Wuheng nearly choked on his saliva.

Just that bottom landing on him had nearly knocked him out of shape. If the other party pummeled him on top of that…

Is this how you treat an elder from a clan that is close with your Yuan Clan?

"Junior Yuan Tao, your memory is really failing you! That skill is called Beast Taming Pummeling Technique, not Pummeling Healing Therapy Technique! No matter how formidable a saint beast it was, as long as our teacher gave it a good beating, it would submit to him obediently!" Zheng Yang kindly reminded by the side.

"Ah, yes, you're right. It's Beast Taming Pummeling Technique… Huh, how did I remember it wrongly? My apologies, I guess it might be because he doesn't look too humane to me… But back to the topic at hand, I came out in such a hurry that I forgot to bring any recovery medicine with me." Yuan Tao turned his sight to the young lady not too far away and asked, "Junior Ruyan, do you have any good ointment or the sort that you could lend me? You poison masters often concoct all sort of stuff, so you should have quite a few with you, right?"

"I do have quite a few incredible pills with me. Within ten breaths after consumption, the patient will be permanently relieved from all pain and suffering," Wei Ruyan replied with a sweet smile as she passed a jade bottle over.

"You really are my savior, Junior Ruyan! I can tell that it's an incredible medicine with just a glance. Elder Wuheng, I really didn't do it purposely earlier… Eh, Elder Wuheng? Don't run away, I haven't treated you yet!"

After grabbing the jade bottle, Yuan Tao was intending to feed the pill to the First Elder when he found that the fellow whom he had just plucked out of the ground had already fled far away with a frenzied look on his face.

If not for the fact that he was severely injured, he would have torn Yuan Tao apart right there and then!

"What a pity… You do know this is really good medicine, don't you? You sure don't know how to appreciate good stuff," Yuan Tao grumbled with a look of pity on his face. Shaking his head, he turned to Zheng Yang and asked, "Since I'm not late, whom shall I face?"

"You can just sit by the side and enjoy the show. That woman is mine to deal with!" With an imposing wave of her hand, Wei Ruyan directed a piercing gaze at the First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court and said, "Elder You Ruoxin, you framed my teacher and incited the Master Teacher Pavilion to issue an arrest warrant on him. I'll officially challenge you to a duel right now. Since you have the guts to harm my teacher, I believe that you should have the gut to face me in a battle too, right?"

"You…" You Ruoxin's face paled.

She had already witnessed the young lady's prowess earlier, and her poison art was truly indomitable.

You Ruoxin had confidence in her own strength, but she was not so arrogant as to think that she would be able to match someone who could poison even a 9-star master teacher to death with ease.

"Why? Getting scared now?" Wei Ruyan scoffed in disdain before turning her sights to Zhan shi. "What about you then?"

"I…" Zhan shi's lips twitched, but he did not dare reply to Wei Ruyan's provocation.

He was only at Saint 9-dan primary stage, a long way off from matching up to Elder Qu and the others.

If the young lady really made a move, he would probably be defeated in a heartbeat.

"Very well, I won't take advantage of you all." Wei Ruyan flung her sleeves and declared majestically, "Your Glacier Plain Court and Sanctum of Sages can rally all of your experts together; I'll face them all at once!"

Unable to take the provocations anymore, You Ruoxin bellowed, "Hall Master Wei, don't go too far!"

"Are you saying that I'm going too far? When you brought so many people to encircle my teacher, did you ever think that you were going too far? Whether you like it or not, none of you will be getting away from here unscathed!" Wei Ruyan harrumphed coldly as she dashed right for You Ruoxin.

Before she even arrived, her poison aura had already scattered into the surroundings in the form of a pink mist.

"Don't think that I'll be scared of you! Your poison art might be formidable, but I won't allow you to humiliate me that easily!" Knowing that there was no way out of this, You Ruoxin bellowed furiously as she thrust a finger forth.

The surrounding temperature suddenly plunged along with her movement, and it almost felt as if everything within a radius of tens of li would be frozen.

She knew that Wei Ruyan would be a powerful adversary, so she had no intention of holding back at all. She drove her pure yin energy to its very limits and released it all at once.

"Seems like you can at least put up a fight…" Wei Ruyan scoffed.

Without paying any heed to the chilling energy that You Ruoxin was emanating, she continued dashing forward. When she was only two hundred meters away from the latter, she suddenly raised her hand and clenched it.


A light-yellow shockwave burst forth, and when You Ruoxin's chilling energy came into contact with it, it was first forcefully pushed back before abruptly sinking into the ground, as if infused with lead.

"What a formidable poison art that is…"

The surrounding crowd felt a numbing sensation on their scalps.

To be able to render even one's zhenqi immobile, the reputation of the Innate Poison Body truly was not unfounded.

"These children have really grown up…" Zhang Xuan nodded with a heartened smile.

The previous time that his students had helped him exact vengeance was back when they were still in the Tianxuan Kingdom. It had taken every single one of them to collaborate with one another before they had been able to defeat Lu Xun then, but now, they had all grown into powerhouses that could fight toe-to-toe with even the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters!

The rate that they had changed at left him feeling a mixture of happiness and nostalgia.

"At least, it seems like the effort that I have devoted toward them wasn't wasted," Zhang Xuan remarked.

As a teacher, there was probably no happier occasion than seeing one's student maturing. In that moment, it would feel as if all of the hard work that one had put in was worthwhile.

All of a sudden, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up. He flicked his wrist, and a seal appeared in the middle of his palm.

At this moment, the seal was trembling excitedly, such that it felt searing to Zhang Xuan.



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