When he touched it previously, a Kong shi had popped up. Even if he touched it once more, nothing bad would happen, right?

With such a thought in mind, Zhang Xuan tapped his finger on the crimson droplet once more.

Hong long!

As soon as his finger came into contact with the crimson droplet, immense power suddenly began surging into his body. Following which, the crimson droplet that he touched began shrinking at a visible rate before vanishing without a trace.

T-this… Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in astonishment at the changes in his body.

His entire body was filled with power, and he felt as if he could command and destroy the world at his will.

What strength is this? Zhang Xuan thought in disbelief.

He was a Saint 8-dan primary stage cultivator, but after taking in the power from the crimson droplet, he found himself far surpassing his limits, reaching a level that was beyond his imagination.

Even though he could not clearly assess how powerful he was at the moment, he could feel that he wielded enough power to crush the space around him with ease.

Could this be what Ren Qingyuan said earlier about a level that is invincible among those beneath Ancient Sage?

Previously, when Ren Qingyuan first took out the Pavilion Master Seal, he had said that those who were able to tame it would be able to command strength invincible among those beneath Ancient Sage. He had thought that the other party was simply exaggerating, but to think that it would be true!

The crimson droplets in his palm seemed to be the blood essence that Kong shi had infused into the Pavilion Master Seal, and by touching one, he would be able to take in the energy in the blood essence and command devastating power.

However… this power ultimately still isn't mine, so there should be a time limit to it, Zhang Xuan concluded after some thought.

As strong as this power was, it was different from Cultivation Impartation. Rather than saying that it had raised his cultivation, it was more like a cloak of power that he donned temporarily.

For a set amount of time, he would wield tremendous power. However, as time passed, the power would swiftly diminish, and once it had been depleted, he would return to how he originally was.

Three crimson droplets—that should mean that I can use this ability thrice…

Having made sense of the matter, Zhang Xuan finally understood what Kong shi wanted to say before disappearing.

Most likely, Kong shi was going to explain how the Pavilion Master Seal worked, but his unexpected question about the Innate Fetal Poison resulted in him not having enough time to talk about the matter.

No matter how powerful one was, as long as one successfully tamed the Pavilion Master Seal, one would have three opportunities to wield strength invincible beneath Ancient Sage. As expected of the World's Teacher! The artifacts that he created were indeed on a whole new level.

No matter what kind of mystical effects an artifact could have, nothing was safer than raw power.

With this trump card in his possession, his safety would be assured!

With such strength at my disposal, the Zhang Clan, the Glacier Plain Court, and the Sanctum of Sages won't pose a threat to me anymore! Zhang Xuan thought with a soft chuckle.

He had still been wondering how he should resolve the problem before him, but with such strength at his disposal, he had nothing to fear anymore.

In the worst-case scenario, he would just have to force all of them to submit to him!

However, I still need to resolve the problem with Zhao Ya's meridians first…

As excited as Zhang Xuan was, he knew that his priority should be the tightly-wrapped young lady before him.

He continued to forge the pathways for Zhao Ya's meridians, but in the midst of doing so, he realized that due to the rise in his strength, he was able to control his zhenqi more finely, allowing him to hasten the process significantly.

Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. It should have taken at least two more hours, but with this, I should be able to complete it within ten minutes.

While Zhang Xuan was treating Zhao Ya, the battle in the sky came to an end as well. You Ruoxin's face had turned completely black from poison, and her convulsing body plummeted to the ground.

Be it in terms of poison art or even just raw power, she was far from a match for Wei Ruyan. In fact, had it not been for Zhang Xuan instructing his students not to kill anyone, she would have already been dead by now.

Seeing that her junior, Wei Ruyan, had dealt with one of the culprits, Wang Ying turned to Zhan shi and said, "If I recall correctly… Zhan shi, you issued an instruction to have my teacher arrested and killed as well, right?

"I reckon that you wouldn't like it if my other juniors such as Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan were to challenge you… So, you won't turn down a fight from a spirit awakener like me, right?"

"I…" Zhan shi's face twitched in fright upon hearing those words.

Considering how Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan were able to stand squarely against Ren Qingyuan, he would indeed stand no chance against those two monsters. However, the young lady in front of him was not a weakling either! She was the head of the Spirit Awakener Guild, and it would be foolish to underestimate the means that she had at her disposal!

"If you are unwilling to fight, there's another way out of this. Apologize to my teacher now and retract your orders!" Wang Ying harrumphed coldly with a fling of her sleeves.

"Apologize? That's impossible!" Zhan shi roared resolutely. "Even if I die, I won't stand for anyone humiliating the Sanctum of Sages!"

"I see. I'll fulfill your wish for a valiant death then!" Seeing that the other party's mind was set, Wang Ying could not be bothered to waste her breath anymore.

She raised her palm, and one of the Master Teacher Pavilions immediately charged toward Zhan shi.

Hu la!

A huge gale roared under the Master Teacher Pavilion's charge. The charge of something as colossal as an entire Master Teacher Pavilion was a rather imposing sight.

Zhan shi stood his ground and gathered his zhenqi to form an eight-meter-large palm print, and he thrust it right into the charging Master Teacher Pavilion.


The palm strike burst right through the Master Teacher Pavilion, causing it to collapse entirely. However, Zhan shi was also forced to retreat under the impact as well.

"Stop it! That's our Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion!" an 8-star master teacher yelled in despair by the side.

If you want to fight, do it somewhere else! Why do you have to use our buildings and property as collateral damage?

"He shi, I can't care that much at this point," Zhan shi replied helplessly as he leaped forward and dashed for Wang Ying.

Kill a cavalry by shooting down its horse; destroy a band of thieves by nabbing its leader!

If the situation continued, it would only be a matter of time before he was worn down by the endless assault of buildings. In order to get out of this quandary, he would have to nab Wang Ying first!

"Do you really think that my strength only comes from my enchantments?" Wang Ying scoffed as she looked at Zhan shi's swiftly approaching figure.

Unlike Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan, she had not met with any fortuitous encounters nor did she possess a unique constitution, but as the leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild, she had amassed the strength of her predecessors.

No longer was she that naive and powerless girl of the past.

She raised her hand and thrust her palm forward.

Her movements were not fast, but they carried fearsome might. In the midst of his charge, Zhan shi suddenly felt a shudder run down his spine. Knowing that he would not be able to withstand the attack head on, he quickly leaped upward.

But following his movement, he suddenly found his surroundings turning dark. Turning his gaze upward, he saw a massive puppet towering above him, and it was in the midst of swinging its fist toward him.

"It's the Guardian Artifact of the Spirit Awakener Guild, the Empyrean Puppet!" Ren Qingyuan bellowed in shock.


Unfortunately, his warning came too late. There was no way that Zhan shi could avoid the massive fist of the Empyrean Puppet anymore. Once it struck him, even though he was a Saint 9-dan primary stage expert, he would be inflicted with severe injuries that would leave him incapacitated for months on end.

At that crucial moment, a sharp, cold glint flashed across the sky, deflecting the puppet's fist, accompanied by an imposing voice.




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