"Indeed, there's no mistake about this!" Sword Saint Xing roared in laughter, his delight showing clearly on his face.

Ever since his son disappeared, they had traveled far and wide in search of him. The past twenty years had not been easy for them at all; they had lived in trepidation, uncertain of the fate of their child. It was fortunate that the heavens had not abandoned them yet—they had managed to find their child in the end!

Furthermore, not only had their child managed to grow to become an outstanding individual wielding power stronger than them, the students that he had groomed had also become powerhouses of the Master Teacher Continent. With such a son, what more could they wish more for?

All of a sudden, they felt as if they were the most blissful people in the world.

Ren Qingyuan pondered for a moment before replying. "Since your Zhang Clan has decided to make peace with Zhang Xuan, and he's the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan as well, it would indeed be illogical for the Zhang Clan to continue pursuing this matter… If the other two powers are willing to settle this matter peacefully, I have no qualms with retracting the arrest warrant!"

Were it anyone else, even if both parties had decided to settle the matter peacefully, the Master Teacher Pavilion would surely have made him pay a hefty price. However… the five students that Zhang Xuan had raised were the head of the Poison Hall, an expert of the soul oracles, the future hall master of the Combat Master Hall, the young master of the Yuan Clan, and the head of the Spirit Awakener Guild… and now, it had even been revealed that Zhang Xuan himself was the head of the Zhang Clan.

Even the Master Teacher Pavilion would find it difficult to punish such a person!

Before they could even lay a finger on him, more than a dozen 9-star master teachers of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters had already been incapacitated. If they insisted on dealing with Zhang Xuan, even if they won the war, the Master Teacher Pavilion would surely be in shambles afterward!

By requesting for the arrest warrant to be retracted, Sword Saint Xing had effectively provided a platform for the Master Teacher Pavilion to back out of this mess without suffering a heavy hit to its reputation. Naturally, there was no reason for him not to grab this opportunity.

"Simple!" Chuckling softly, Sword Saint Xing turned to You Ruoxin and said, "Elder Ruo, we were once sparring partners, and I already consider you an old acquaintance of mine. Will you be willing to sell me this favor and let this matter go? I'll surely pay you a visit in the future and compensate the Glacier Plain Court's loss!"

"Sword Saint Xing, this is no longer a matter about compensating our loss anymore but our dignity!" You Ruoxin harrumphed furiously. "So what if he's the young prodigy of the Glacier Plain Court? He has destroyed the many millenniums of heritage of our Glacier Plain Court and kidnapped our young court chief! The grudge between the Glacier Plain Court and him is already irreconcilable!"

With the severe damage that it had suffered this time around, along with the loss of its future court chief, it was only a matter of time before the Glacier Plain Court was reduced to a third tier power.

A power that had enjoyed many millenniums of glory had ended up falling so far in her hands…

The greatest pride in her life was when she had been chosen to become the First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court. She had become a celebrated figure on the Master Teacher Continent, respected wherever she went. However, beneath this glorious exterior, she knew that she had to shoulder the hopes and dreams of everyone in the Glacier Plain Court. Thus, she had vowed solemnly to bring the Glacier Plain Court to a height that it had never seen before, and she viewed it as her purpose in life.

But that day, when everything had been destroyed by lightning, her hopes and dreams had been utterly crushed, and all that was left was raging fury for the culprit behind it.

As such, even though she knew that the winds were no longer in her favor, her anger and indignation still bit tightly into her rational mind, not allowing her to let this matter go.

Seeing the infuriated state that You Ruoxin was in, Sword Saint Xing was just about to placate her when another wrathful voice sounded.

"So what if it's irreconcilable? Are you planning to make a move on my son? Just try touching a strand of his hair, and I'll make sure the entire City of Glacier is dyed crimson. My son might have been kind enough to only destroy your buildings, but I won't be as compassionate as him! If you don't back down here, you can rest assured that there won't be a tomorrow for your Glacier Plain Court!"

The one who had just spoken was Sword Saint Meng.

She had just been rejoicing over the fact that her son was still alive when You Ruoxin suddenly uttered such words. Seeing that there was someone threatening the life of her son, how could she possibly remain calm?

It was only in view of the pathetic state the Glacier Plain Court was in that she chose to let them off despite their attempts to kill her son. Yet, who could have thought that they would still be so unrelenting on this matter?

Why? Do you think that my son is a pushover or that I'm a pushover?

"I know that I'm no match for Sword Saint Meng, and if you wish to massacre our Glacier Plain Court, there's nothing I can do to stop you. But justice is in the hearts of every single one of us here. The Zhang Clan might be powerful, but the world won't turn a blind eye to you abusing your power in such a manner!" You Ruoxin gritted her teeth.

"Sure, let the world look with their eyes wide open as I massacre your Glacier Plain Court!" Seeing how You Ruoxin was still trying to play the role of a victim after what she had done, Sword Saint Meng flew into a state of rage.

In this moment, she was not in any mood to catch up with Zhang Xuan anymore. She raised the sword in her hand up high, ready to make a move on You Ruoxin.

Seeing his wife flying into a fit of anger, Sword Saint Xing was shocked. He hurriedly rushed ahead to stop her. "Dear, calm down! Calm down!"

You Ruoxin might not pose any threat to them at all, but she represented the entire Glacier Plain Court. If she was killed right before Ren Qingyuan and the others, not even the Zhang Clan would be able to resolve this matter easily.

"Are you still a man? Someone is bullying your son! It's one thing for you to not stand up for him, but you are even stopping me too?" Sword Saint Meng's eyebrows shot up in fury.

"I…" Sword Saint Xing's face turned bitter. "Look, aren't I trying to mediate the situation here?"

"If mediation works, why the hell would we still need to cultivate?" Sword Saint Xing flung her sleeves furiously. "If she doesn't agree to it, we just have to beat her into submission! I, Wang Mengya, have dominated the continent for so many years, and I can tell you that my fist and my sword have won others over, not my virtue! If anyone dares oppose me, I'll just have to beat them till they cave in!"

"This…" Sword Saint Xing's eyebrows twitched uncontrollably, not knowing how to respond to that.

He knew his wife's character very well; in fact, her hotheaded temper had thrown the Zhang Clan into disarray on multiple occasions in the past too. If You Ruoxin continued pursuing this matter, there was no doubt that his wife would really wipe out the entire Glacier Plain Court!

"Our teacher's mother sure is formidable…"

Zheng Yang and the others gulped as they watched the sight with widened eyes.

To threaten to even destroy the entire Glacier Plain Court… It was no wonder their teacher was never on the losing end of things! With such domineering genes in his body, it was a given that those who intended him harm would end up paying the price instead!

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows twitched slightly upon hearing those words as well.

To be honest, he had still been a bit skeptical about the sudden appearance of his father and mother. He had never experienced any familial relationships before, be it in his current life or the previous one, so he had no idea how it would be. However, watching at Sword Saint Meng stepping forward domineeringly to protect him, he suddenly felt that it might not be that bad after all.

"Sword Saint Meng, please calm down. Fighting will not resolve anything here…" Ren Qingyuan stepped in to defuse the situation.

"Hah! Ren Qingyuan, you still have the cheek to say those words!" Sword Saint Meng immediately turned her head over and glared daggers at Ren Qingyuan. "Since you know that fighting won't resolve anything, why did you bring so many 9-star master teachers here to encircle my son? Is it because he looks weak to you? Since you want to speak up on You Ruoxin's behalf, why don't you take her place instead then? I haven't settled the score with you for making a move on my son yet!"

"Cough cough… Carry on, carry on. Treat it as if I never said anything…" Ren Qingyuan's hair stood on end upon hearing those words.

Sword Saint Meng was like a bucket of oil, triggering at the slightest spark. Her character had already been so back in her younger years. Back when she was still a student at the Sanctum of Sages, she had caused many uproars among the student populace, and when the elders lectured her for it, she simply told them that she would quit the Sanctum of Sages and stomped out without any hesitation. Many had thought that she would tone down after marrying and having her own child, but who could have thought that not even time or motherhood could calm her temper!

And if it was only Sword Saint Meng, Ren Qingyuan still would not have been that fearful. The problem lay in Sword Saint Xing… If the two of them collaborated together, he really would not stand much of a chance!

As the head of the Zhang Clan, Sword Saint Xing was an intelligent and rational person who knew what to do and what not to do in a situation, but when it came to matters concerning his wife, his rationality would be blown away like a straw hut in the face of a hurricane. There was no one among the upper echelon of the Master Teacher Continent who did not know how doting he was of his wife, and if anyone dared hurt her, he would immediately go berserk!

Back then, while they were roaming the continent, there had been an elder from a minor power who was foolish enough to insult Sword Saint Meng. Without any hesitation, Sword Saint Xing had flown right over to his sect and wiped it out entirely!

In any case, it would be best to avoid provoking this couple as much as possible.

"Sword Saint Meng, I know that you are strong, but our Glacier Plain Court won't back down! Unless you kill every single last one of us, there's no way we'll let this matter go!" You Ruoxin spat as she looked at Sword Saint Meng with deep resolve.

She knew that her deeds would earn the ire of the young court chief, and she would suffer the consequences for her actions once the court chief fully awakened her Pure Yin Body, but as long as the Glacier Plain Court could rise to the top, her sacrifice would have paid off.

However, Zhang Xuan had reduced the Glacier Plain Court to rubble and kidnapped the young court chief, dashing every last hope that she had. Her desire for vengeance had already exceeded her fear for anything.

Even at the cost of her life, she was determined to bring Zhang Xuan down!

"Very well, let me see how deep your resolve runs!" Seeing that You Ruoxin was still obstinately holding on, Sword Saint Meng raised her sword high in the sky.

But in that moment, a cold voice suddenly echoed in the air.

"Sword Saint Meng, please calm down. Allow me to settle this matter instead…"

Hong long!

As soon as those words were spoken, the cocoon-like object in front of Zhang Xuan suddenly emanated an astounding aura that pierced straight through the clouds, seemingly tearing the heavens apart.

Zhao Ya's meridian reconstruction was complete!



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