"Ten million or so pinnacle spirit stones?" The 9-star master teacher from before nearly exploded on the spot. "This is daylight robbery!"

The other 9-star master teachers also glared at Yuan Tao furiously.

Pinnacle spirit stones were an extremely rare commodity, such that not even the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters had the ability to take out ten million or so pinnacle spirit stones. In their eyes, Yuan Tao's request was an insult to them!

"Daylight robbery? How could that be? We are all very reasonable people, and there's no way we'd resort to something as despicable as that!" Chuckling softly, Yuan Tao turned around and said, "Comrades, if they aren't able to take out that many pinnacle spirit stones, let's just make do with taking their storage rings. While their master teacher robes are specially tailored by the headquarters and are bound to be very expensive, let's spare their dignity and not strip them clean, alright? After all, we are reasonable people, not common thieves!"

"You…" Hearing those words, the crowd from the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters nearly blacked out.

Is this still not considered daylight robbery?

You are worse than a common thief, do you not know that?

Unable to take it any longer, Ren Qingyuan turned to the young man idly watching the scene from afar and bellowed, "Zhang shi, is this your intention as well?"

"Alright, you lot should stop messing around!" Seeing how mischievous his students were, Zhang Xuan waved his hands helplessly and said, "Junior Qingyuan, pardon me. It seems like I have failed to keep my students in line!"

"Junior?" Ren Qingyuan's goosebumps rose upon hearing that term.

"The matter regarding the storage rings is of course a joke. However…" Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan said, "I stand by what my students have said. I, Zhang Xuan, have always lived by my principles. I wouldn't be so brazen as to say that I have never faulted, but I have always tried my best to uphold the virtues of a teacher.

"Yet, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters has issued an arrest warrant on me, making me out to be an immoral villain who willfully caused damage and kidnapped others. If the Master Teacher Pavilion simply walks away after all the mistakes it has committed, I think that would really chill the hearts of the master teachers around the world!"

"You… Very well, I admit that I have done you wrong this time around, and I am willing to accept my punishment. Speak your mind. As long as it's something that the Master Teacher Pavilion can afford, I'll try my best to compensate you."

As furious as Ren Qingyuan was, he knew that what Zhang Xuan had said was right. Thus, he suppressed his anger and lowered his head.

"I don't ask of you to compensate me, but it happens that there's something that the Master Teacher Pavilion has that I am deeply interested in. Having governed the Master Teacher Continent for many years, the Master Teacher Pavilion has amassed countless cultivation technique manuals. To be honest, I have long desired to access your collection so as to further my studies. If the Master Teacher Pavilion could be so kind as to provide me with a copy of all of its cultivation technique manuals from the Dimension Sundering realm to just before the Ancient Sage realm, I would be extremely thankful!" Zhang Xuan said.

To him, there was no compensation that was as practical as cultivation technique manuals.

With those, he would be able to compile corresponding Heaven's Path Divine Art manuals and advance his cultivation swiftly.

"The cultivation technique manuals of the Master Teacher Pavilion are confidential, so I can't show them to an outsider. I will have to ask you to request something else of me," Ren Qingyuan replied.

One of the reasons that the Master Teacher Pavilion was able to remain at the top of the continent for so many years was due to its massive repository of top-notch secret arts. Knowledge would only be powerful in the right hands, so the Master Teacher Pavilion only imparted the cultivation technique manuals to those with exceptional talent and good character.

Furthermore, most of those secret arts were too domineering, such that without the guidance of the predecessors, not only would it be unlikely for one to master it, the chances of one's cultivation going berserk was extremely high as well. Even a 9-star master teacher would have to study the insights of the predecessors before carefully practicing it bit by bit.

Thus, there had never been an occasion when all of the secret arts were copied down and given to someone!

"I won't demand those cultivation techniques that are too profound or confidential. I'll just take those that the Master Teacher Pavilion is willing to impart to others, but I want as many of them as possible!" Zhang Xuan said.

While master teachers did embrace the idea of impartation to all without discrimination, there were limitations to how far they could do so. Most of the confidential secret arts passed down only within the lineages were extreme profound, and they would require special guidance in order to master.

Carelessly passing on their secret arts to others would only encourage others to incorrectly practice the secrets that they had devoted their lives to developing and refining, and that was not something that they wanted to see!

Back then, Kong shi had taught three thousand students and seventy-two direct disciples, and the cultivation techniques that he had imparted to each of them was different from one another.

The same went for Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and the others. In fact, when he lectured all of them together back when they were still in Hongtian Academy, he had only imparted the most basic knowledge concerning cultivation to them. Beyond that, he had always chosen to tutor each of them individually.

"This…" Hearing that Zhang Xuan did not require the more confidential cultivation techniques, Ren Qingyuan hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Very well then. However, I'd like to inform you beforehand that the Master Teacher Pavilion only has Saint 8-dan and 9-dan cultivation technique manuals… Beyond this realm, every cultivator will have to find their own way to forge a path forward, so there aren't any established cultivation techniques anymore. Furthermore, all of the cultivation technique manuals beyond the Saint realm that our Master Teacher Pavilion has are locked in the Azure Vault. If you wish to browse through it, you will have to enter the premises yourself!"

"This…" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan shot a glance at Sword Saint Xing, and the latter confirmed Ren Qingyuan's words with a slight nod. Thus, he could only turn his gaze back and sigh helplessly. "Alright then!"

"We have quite a number of Saint 8-dan cultivation technique manuals on hand, so we can pass them over to you right now. As for the Saint 9-dan manuals, most of them are in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, so you will have to wait patiently for a moment as we copy them for you!" Ren Qingyuan said.

Considering the standing of the Master Teacher Pavilion, they would not stoop so low as to renege on their own words. Thus, Zhang Xuan gave a nod of agreement. "I understand."

So, Ren Qingyuan turned around and instructed, "Everyone, please pass all of the Saint 8-dan cultivation technique manuals that you have to me!"

"Yes, Pavilion Master Ren!"

The 9-star master teachers hurriedly took out their Saint 8-dan cultivation technique manuals, and they added up to several thousand books.

Ren Qingyuan stowed the books into a storage ring before passing them over to Zhang Xuan.

"Zhang shi, I'll take responsibility for the injustice that you have experienced today. Once I return to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, I'll resign from my position as the deputy pavilion master. I hope that this will be able to resolve the grudge that you have with the Master Teacher Pavilion."

Knee-deep in this mess, the Master Teacher Pavilion could no longer make a clean getaway from this matter. In order to restore the dignity and reputation of the Master Teacher Pavilion, Ren Qingyuan had no choice but to shoulder all of the blame so as to absolve the Master Teacher Pavilion.

But once he did that, there was no way that others would allow him to remain as the deputy pavilion master. Rather than be criticized by the masses afterward, he decisively chose to resign from his position.

After bowing deeply to Zhang Xuan and Yang shi, Ren Qingyuan left with all of the 9-star master teachers.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan had not expected Ren Qingyuan to actually resign from his position over this matter, and he shook his head and sighed. At that moment, he suddenly recalled Yang shi's abrupt interjection earlier, so he turned a doubtful gaze over to the latter. "Junior…"

He had not told the other party anything about the Pavilion Master Seal, so why would the other party suddenly speak up on his behalf?

Knowing what he wanted to ask, Yang shi sent a telepathic message over. "As a Celestial Master Teacher, you should be able to easily tame the Pavilion Master Seal. The reason you are unwilling to hand it over is because you have already tamed it, and it has already fused into your palm in the form of three droplets, right?"

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

It seemed like Yang shi did know about the Pavilion Master Seal, so there was no need for him to waste his breath explaining the matter to him.

"Through the power of the droplets, you will be able to wield power unmatched by those beneath Ancient Sage. If I'm not mistaken, you were planning to reveal your identity as the Celestial Master Teacher earlier, right?" Yang shi continued.

Zhang Xuan nodded before asking, "Is there anything wrong with that?"

The reason he had not dared to reveal his identity as a Celestial Master Teacher before was because he had been too weak. He had been afraid that the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe would devote its effort to assassinating him once they learned of the matter, and he did not feel safe entrusting his safety to others.

However, having tamed the Pavilion Master Seal, as long as he activated the power of the droplets, he would be able to wield strength unmatched by all beneath Ancient Sage! Surely, it should be fine for him to reveal his identity as the Celestial Master Teacher with the strength he currently possessed, should it not?

After all, he would be granted access to the massive trove of resources that the Master Teacher Pavilion had once he revealed his identity, thus allowing him to advance his cultivation faster than ever! Was there really a need for him to continue concealing the matter?

"Senior, I know what you are thinking, and I'll be very frank with you. We have recently found that one of the strongest Otherworldly Demonic Emperors is currently on the Master Teacher Continent," Yang shi said grimly. "At this point, we are still unable to confirm the intention behind this course of action. However, if the news concerning you being the Celestial Master Teacher is leaked now, there's no doubt that you will be in grave danger!"

"Grave danger? How powerful is the Otherworldly Demonic Emperor?" Zhang Xuan asked.

He was invincible among those beneath Ancient Sage, and while he was not too sure of the matter, it seemed like it was impossible for any cultivators to make a breakthrough to Ancient Sage anymore.

With that, there should be no one on the Master Teacher Continent who was more powerful than him!

"I'm afraid that the Otherworldly Demonic Emperor's cultivation has already reached…" Yang shi looked in the sky with an apprehensive frown on his face.

"Ancient Sage!"



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