Zhang Wuheng shook his head in disbelief as he staggered backward. He felt as if thunder was rumbling ceaselessly in his mind, threatening to blow his head up.

He knew that Zhang Jiuxiao was on friendly terms with Zhang Xuan, but he did not think that the latter would actually be Zhang Xuan's student!

The Combat Master Hall had finally found a talented genius worthy of becoming its next hall master—Zhang Xuan's student.

The Poison Hall had finally found a person who possessed the Innate Poison Body—Zhang Xuan's student.

The Spirit Awakener Guild had finally discovered a genius who managed to clear the Spirit Awakener Tower—Zhang Xuan's student.

The Glacier Plain Court had finally stumbled upon a prodigy blessed with the Pure Yin Body—Zhang Xuan's student.

The Yuan Clan had located an offspring who possessed exceptionally pure Emperor's Bloodline—Zhang Xuan's student.

And as if all of that was not enough…

How many years did it take the Zhang Clan to birth an offspring with a bloodline of such purity, and that offspring was freaking Zhang Xuan's student as well?

Was everyone talented in the Master Teacher Continent Zhang Xuan's student?

Could things get any more ridiculous than that?

"This…" Zhang Wuheng was not the only one whose mind was on the verge of exploding at that moment. Sword Saint Xing nearly fell from his chair after seeing Zhang Jiuxiao's actions as well. "Xuan-er, he… is your student, too?"


Before Zhang Xuan could reply, Sword Saint Meng had already burst into frenzied laughter.

It was apparent that Zhang Wuheng wanted to exact vengeance for the humiliation that he had suffered, but that narrow mind of his would probably never have been able to fathom that the trump card that he had prepared would actually turn out to be her son's student!

With his knees still on the ground, Zhang Jiuxiao glanced at the elders and declared solemnly, "I was just an offspring of the side family who possessed a humble bloodline purity. If not for my teacher refining my bloodline, I wouldn't even be qualified to practice the cultivation techniques of the Zhang Clan!"

"Refining your bloodline?"

"So, it's all because of the young prodigy refining your bloodline that your bloodline became this pure?"

Once again, a huge commotion broke out amid the elders.

In truth, due to the tournament back then, most of them had been aware that Zhang Jiuxiao possessed extraordinarily pure bloodline. However, they had not expected his bloodline to not be innate but refined postnatally.

"That's right!" Zhang Jiuxiao nodded.

"Is it really possible to refine the purity of one's bloodline?"

"How in the world was it done?"

"I heard that not only is the young prodigy a powerful expert himself, his students are also formidable figures. The head of the Combat Master Hall, the chief of the Glacier Plain Court… In fact, even Yang shi is his junior! I suppose it shouldn't be too difficult for a person like him to be able to refine our bloodline."

"That does make some sense."

Zhang Jiuxiao's words caused the eyes around to light up in excitement.

The hierarchy within Sage Clans was centered around the purity of one's bloodline—it was both a symbol of status and power. If the young prodigy really possessed a way to refine their bloodline, the prowess of the Zhang Clan would grow by leaps and bounds, possibly reaching a level unthinkable to them in the past.

Ignoring the discussion among the crowd, Zhang Xuan turned to Sword Saint Xing and replied, "He's the last student I've accepted…"

His intention for accepting Zhang Jiuxiao as his student back then was to deal with the young prodigy, but who could have thought that he would turn out to be the young prodigy himself?

"This…" Hearing the confirmation from his son and seeing the deep respect and admiration in Zhang Jiuxiao's eyes, Sword Saint Xing burst into laughter. "Zhang Wuheng, you said that my son doesn't have a droplet of the Zhang Clan bloodline in his veins and is unqualified to be the head of the Zhang Clan, right?"

"I…" Zhang Wuheng's face flushed crimson.

"Clan head, Zhang Wuheng has disregarded the interests for the Zhang Clan over his private grudge. I suggest we strip him of his position as the First Elder and lock him up!"

"Indeed! How dare he cast doubt over the legitimacy of the young prodigy just to fulfill his personal interests? This is unacceptable!"

"I propose that we send him down to the Subterranean Gallery to have him reflect on his own mistakes!"

In the blink of an eye, all those who had supported Zhang Wuheng a moment ago turned their backs on him.

The ability to refine the Zhang Clan bloodline effectively meant that the young prodigy was able to dictate the distribution of power within the Zhang Clan. No one in the Zhang Clan would be foolish enough to oppose him.

As such, even if Zhang Xuan's bloodline had not met the required level of purity to become the clan head, just his ability to refine the bloodline of others was enough to win him a unanimous vote from the elders to become the next clan head!

"Men, take Zhang Wuheng away!" Sword Saint Xing waved his hand before turning his gaze back to the crowd. "Does anyone else have any objections to my son becoming the next clan head?"

"The young prodigy was the head of our Zhang Clan from the very start! It's only a matter of affirming his title and announcing it to the world!"

"I concur!"

Soon, all of the elders had clasped their fists and bowed down as a symbol of submission.

Seeing that there was no more opposition, Sword Saint Xing nodded in satisfaction before instructing, "Very well! I need all of you to coordinate together to prepare for the ritual and inauguration ceremony tomorrow. Also, make sure not to speak of anything that has happened here to others. I won't hesitate to brand anyone who tattles a traitor, and all of you should be aware of the eventual fate of traitors!"

If news was leaked that his son possessed the ability to refine bloodlines, it would surely cause a massive uproar in the Master Teacher Continent. Naturally, he did not wish for any unnecessary trouble to come to his son.

"We understand!" the elders replied resoundingly before leaving the hall.

"Jiuxiao, you can leave as well. I want you to make full use of your bloodline to advance your cultivation over the next few days. Once your cultivation surpasses that of the First Elder, you'll be able to take over as the clan head!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

Even though he would prefer to pass the position on to Zhang Jiuxiao right away, the latter was still a little too weak at the moment. It would be difficult for him to bear the reputation of the Zhang Clan and establish his dominance over other powers.

"Yes, Teacher!" Zhang Jiuxiao nodded before backing out of the hall.

Hearing that his son was intending to pass the position of clan head down to Zhang Jiuxiao, a hint of panic surfaced in Sword Saint Xing's eyes. "Xuan-er, you…"

"It's just a clan head position, I don't have any desire for it. The only reason I would want this identity is to ask for the little princess' hand in marriage from a better position. Beyond that, anyone who wants the position can become the clan head for all I care…" Zhang Xuan shrugged nonchalantly.

To be honest, he really did not think much about being the head of the Zhang Clan.

In fact, he felt that it would be more trouble than it was worth. Since that was the case, he might as well toss it down to Zhang Jiuxiao.


Sword Saint Xing was just about to protest when Sword Saint Meng abruptly interjected. "My son is someone who will achieve great things in the future! What does the clan head position count as? Only a person as inept as you would think so highly of it…"

"Cough cough!" Seeing that his mother had begun putting down his father again, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly and interjected with a cough.

With most of the problems ahead of them resolved, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled the various doubts that he had regarding his identity, so he asked, "Since I am your son and the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan, why would I end up in the Tianxuan Kingdom? Also, why isn't there any of the Zhang Clan bloodline flowing through my veins?"

This was the matter that had left him baffled for a very long time.

There was no doubt that the Zhang Clan was powerful, and as the top genius of the Zhang Clan, a Connate Saint at that, how did he end up in a place as remote as the Tianxuan Kingdom, where there was not even a Master Teacher Pavilion?

Not to mention, it did not make sense for him to be Sword Saint Xing's son when he did not have the Zhang Clan bloodline in him!

Also, if he was a Connate Saint at birth, how could his cultivation only have been at Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm when he first transcended over to this body?

"It's a long story… Back then, when you were born, a brilliant aurora filled the sky. A lofty aura descended from the heavens, and the tablets of the predecessors swiftly bowed in submission. Even Kong shi's sculpture rose into the air as a gesture of recognition. It was due to these phenomena that the entire world came to know of you as the young prodigy who possessed the purest Zhang Clan bloodline…" Sword Saint Xing sighed deeply as he spoke of the past.

"Even Kong shi's sculpture rose into the air? Is that why I'm called Zhang Xuan?" Zhang Xuan asked excitedly.

"Ah? No, of course not. Your birth name isn't Zhang Xuan," Sword Saint Xing said. "If you had retained the name that we gave you, we would have found you ages ago…"

"What's my birth name then?"

"This…" Sword Saint Xing's face reddened. "It might be better for you not to hear it…"

"Is there something inappropriate about my birth name?" Zhang Xuan was slightly bewildered by Sword Saint Xing's reaction.

"It was with the agitation from witnessing Kong shi's sculpture rising into the air that inspired your father to name you so. However, it doesn't even come close to sounding as nice as Zhang Xuan," Sword Saint Meng grumbled furiously by the side

"Your name is… Zhang Diaofei!"Xuan has the meaning of floating in midair.Zhang Diaofei literally means Flying Sculpture. To give an analogy of how it sounds in Chinese, it would be someone equivalent to a parent naming their daughter 'Squirrey' after seeing some squirrels or naming their son 'Fyrework' after seeing fireworks.



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