"Shrouding Ethereal City?"

Zhang Xuan lowered his head and saw that the city below seemed to be hiding beneath an illusory space. The city was situated in the midst of a mountain range, shrouded by endless clouds, reminiscent of a labyrinth.

Without knowing the way beforehand, it would be nigh impossible to find the Shrouding Ethereal City.

"What a formidable formation!" Zhang Xuan exclaimed.

"Similar to the Zhang Clan's Guardian Formation, it's intended to protect the Luo Clan in times of emergency. It harnesses the law of space, distorting one's sense of direction and thus entrapping one. Of course, this formation can't hope to keep us out…" Sword Saint Xing chuckled as he flicked his wrist, and a mirror appeared before Zhang Xuan.

Looking through the mirror, one could clearly see the correct pathway to navigate through the formation.

The formation was constantly changing, making it impossible for one to determine any fixed pattern to it. To be able to discern the correct pathway with just a glance, it seemed like his father was quite a skilled formation master.

"Is it our guests from the Zhang Clan ahead?"

After advancing a while longer, a hearty chuckle suddenly echoed from the distance, followed by the appearance of several figures.

The person standing at the forefront was the First Elder of the Luo Clan, Luo Qingchen.

"Indeed!" Sword Saint Xing flew out of the room and greeted the elders of the Luo Clan, and Zhang Xuan and the others quickly followed suit.

"We have been waiting for your arrival! Our Luo Clan has already prepared accommodations for you all, so do quickly come in!" Luo Qingchen greeted with a smile as he led the way forward.

The convoy of saint beasts from the Zhang Clan quickly followed behind Luo Qingchen to enter the city.

The accommodation that the Luo Clan had prepared was a massive manor, vast and spacious. Even with forty saint beasts landing in the courtyard, it did not appear to be cramped in the least.

After settling the crowd from the Zhang Clan into their accommodation, Luo Qingchen said with a warm smile, "I'll require some time to gather all of the elders and grand elders who have gone into seclusion, so let's discuss the details of the marriage tomorrow. The matrimony between our clans is a huge matter for the Master Teacher Continent, so we have to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly!"

"Indeed, First Elder. This matter must be handled with the utmost care!" Sword Saint Xing nodded politely in response.

"Alright, I shan't impose on you all anymore. Please do have a good rest, and I'll see you tomorrow!" Luo Qingchen clasped his fist and bade farewell. Before taking his leave, he instructed an elder to properly attend to the needs of the Zhang Clan.

So, this is Luo Ruoxin's clan?

The layout of the guest rooms was particularly exquisite. All sorts of formations came together to form a massive Spirit Gathering Formation, artificially creating what could be considered a blessed land to a cultivator.

Strolling around the massive manor, Zhang Xuan could hardly curb the excitement in his heart.

He had seen many beautiful ladies, and there were also a couple of them who harbored romantic feelings for him. However, there was only one who had truly moved his heart. As if a fine wine, his feelings for her only seemed to deepen with time. It was as if he was already intoxicated with her entire being, such that losing her was no longer something that he could imagine.

Seeing her son walking impatiently around the manor, Sword Saint Meng walked up to him and teased, "What? Can't you even wait till tomorrow?"

Her son was someone who could remain perfectly calm even while he was surrounded by the experts of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, yet at thatmoment, he was wandering around aimlessly. There was no way she would be so dense as to be unable to see through her son's thoughts.

"How could that be? I'm just taking a look around…" Having his thoughts exposed, Zhang Xuan's face reddened in embarrassment.

"The marriage between the both of you will surely go through, so there's no need to worry about that. Besides, even if this engagement didn't exist, as long as it's a girl you fancy, I'd help you snatch her!"

Imagining the sight of his mother kidnapping Luo Ruoxin, a slight chuckle escaped from Zhang Xuan's lips. Given his mother personality, there was really a chance that she could pull something like that off!

Just as he was about to speak, the Luo Clan elder who was in charge of taking care of their needs suddenly walked up and reported, "Clan Head Zhang, Young Master Xuanqing hopes to meet you!"

"Bring me over!" Hearing that Luo Xuanqing was in the Luo Clan as well, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

He had thought that the other party would still be in the Sanctum of Sages, but who could have thought that he would have already returned?

But thinking about it, given that his younger sister was going to be married, there was no way that he would obediently remain in the Sanctum of Sages. Given what a sister-doting monster he was, he would surely rush back to the Luo Clan in the fastest time possible!

Following behind the Luo Clan elder, they soon arrived in the main hall. Luo Xuanqing was seated with a teacup in his hand, deep in thought. Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, he quickly stood up, clasped his fist, and bowed. "Luo Xuanqing pays respect to Clan Head Zhang!"

"Brother Luo, you're too courteous!" Seeing how formal Luo Xuanqing was with him, Zhang Xuan quickly walked forward to help him up.

Luo Xuanqing raised his head to look at the young man before him once more, and he could not help but exclaim internally how swiftly things had changed.

When they first met, the young man had just been an ordinary student in the Sanctum of Sages. It was only because he had found the young man's temperament to his liking that he had befriended the young man. When he found out that the young man had duped his younger sister of her feelings, he had flown into a rage, wanting to pummel him to death…

But before he knew it, the young man had transformed into the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan, the fiancé of his younger sister. Not only so, he had also become the head of the Sanctum of Sages, and every single one of his students was unimaginably powerful.

No matter how many times he verified the news, he still found the matter hard to believe.

Initially, when his younger sister told him that the fellow from the remote Hongyuan Empire was actually a remarkable genius, he had snorted in disdain, thinking that his younger sister was blinded by her feelings for the other party. However, from the looks of it now, the one who was truly blind was him!

While Luo Xuanqing was still deep in thought, he suddenly noticed the anomaly in the young man's cultivation, and he widened his eyes in astonishment. "Your cultivation… You have already reached Dimension Sundering realm pinnacle?"

Just a few days ago, when he pummeled Zhang Xuan, the young man had only been at Phantasmal Space realm pinnacle. Yet, within this short period of time, the young man had already reached Dimension Sundering realm pinnacle!

While he had never expressed it before others, the truth was that he took great pride at having reached Dimension Sundering realm primary stage despite his young age. Yet, it was as if achieving breakthroughs came as easily to the young man as eating or drinking… Did the young man really have to be so exaggerated?

"Ah, it was a stroke of luck," Zhang Xuan replied with a smile.

"A stroke of luck…" Luo Xuanqing felt so stifled that he thought that he would suffer grievous internal injuries from talking with the young man at this rate.

Each time he asked about the young man's cultivation, the latter would simply perfunctorily attribute it to luck.

Even though we all know that you are just making up an excuse, surely you can be more sincere than that!

Would it kill you to think of a different line?

Luo Xuanqing took in a deep breath and asked, "Clan Head Zhang, may I have the honor of sparring with you?"

Back when he first met the young man, the young man had only been a Saint 5-dan minor figure, not even worthy of his attention. Within just two to three months, the young man had already surpassed him. While he knew that the young man was an incredibly talented individual—there was no one in the world who would dare underestimate the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan—he was still unable to accept this reality.

"Sure!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He was also itching to try his hand since he had just made a breakthrough. Since Luo Xuanqing had challenged him to a spar, there was no reason for him to turn him down.

"Let's begin then!"

Without any hesitation, Luo Xuanqing forcefully pushed against the ground and dashed forth, reaching Zhang Xuan in the blink of an eye. He raised his hand and thrust his palm down upon the latter forcefully.


Along with the movement of his palm, the surrounding space grew viscous, creating great inertia to any movement made in the area.

While Zhang Xuan had been pushing ahead, Luo Xuanqing had not been slacking either! Through his diligence, he had also made considerable advancements in his fighting prowess!

"Come!" With a chuckle, Zhang Xuan drove his zhenqi as he raised his palm to clash against Luo Xuanqing's offense.

But all of a sudden, his hand froze in midair.

Seeing the young man's abrupt halt in actions, Luo Xuanqing retracted his palm strike and harrumphed coldly. "What's wrong? Are you intending to go easy on me just because you think I'm no match for you? If you still think of me as a brother, use your full strength!"

He knew that it was unlikely for him to be a match for Zhang Xuan, and he was prepared to accept his loss. However, his pride would not allow the latter to take pity and go easy on him!

"No, that's not it…" Zhang Xuan raised his hand to stop Luo Xuanqing as his lips twitched frenziedly. "I accidentally exerted too much force earlier… I think… I am going to achieve a breakthrough soon…"

Hong long long!

Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, the entire sky darkened. Storm clouds converged above the area, and flashes of lightning streaked furiously across the sky.

Zhang Xuan's Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal had come!



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