Back when Zhang Xuan was still at the Zhang Clan, he had already reached the peak of the Dimension Sundering realm, ready to push for a breakthrough to the Macrocosm Ascendancy realm at any moment. However, he feared the massive destruction that might come as a result of the lightning tribulation, so he had forcefully suppressed his cultivation.

However, earlier, as he was sparring with Luo Xuanqing, he had accidentally pushed his zhenqi a little too far, overcoming the bottleneck of the Dimension Sundering realm, causing his cultivation to begin advancing right for Saint 9-dan Macrocosm Ascendancy realm.

"You can achieve a breakthrough just like that?"

Looking at the ominous clouds gathering all around and sensing the energy raging within the young man's body, Luo Xuanqing nearly fainted on the spot.

Weren't you still at Dimension Sundering realm pinnacle a moment ago?

How in the world did you manage to make a breakthrough to the Macrocosm Ascendancy realm just by driving your zhenqi?

Luo Xuanqing nearly spurted blood from frustration.

It was with the thought that Zhang Xuan's cultivation might not be too stable due to his swift breakthroughs that he had dared challenge the young man to a duel. Yet, before the duel could even start, the young man had already achieved another breakthrough.

In comparison, his rate of cultivation was as slow as a tortoise… no, more like a crawling snail!

With such a contrast between the two of them, he no longer dared identify himself as a prodigy before others.

Hong long long!

As Luo Xuanqing was still grumbling gloomily over the matter, the storm clouds in the sky were swiftly growing bigger and bigger, cloaking everything in their shadow. Before one knew it, the clouds already spanned tens of thousands of mu!

Luo Xuanqing gulped in fright as he turned his trembling body toward Zhang Xuan and asked, "Zhang Xuan, are you here to ask for my younger sister's hand in marriage or to tear our Luo Clan down?"

The young man's Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal was simply too powerful. If it really fell, no matter how powerful the Luo Clan's formations were, the formations would not stand a chance against it!

Aren't you here to propose a marriage?

But what you are bringing in over here could very well wipe out the entire Luo Clan!

"This… I didn't do it on purpose… Should I try suppressing my cultivation?" Zhang Xuan exclaimed with a reddened face, showing a rare sign of panic.

He had been suppressing his cultivation all this while, intending to find a quiet place to push for a breakthrough once everything had been settled. Who could have thought that he would make a mistake at this crucial moment and achieve a breakthrough? This wasn't what he had intended at all!

"Suppress your cultivation? Your cultivation ordeal is already right above you! Do you think suppressing your cultivation right now will work?" Luo Xuanqing roared furiously.

Are you messing with me? Do you think that the cultivation ordeal will obediently disperse just because you have suppressed your cultivation back down?

What you should be thinking of right now is how you can overcome this ridiculously powerful lightning tribulation!

Even Saint 9-dan experts wouldn't stand a chance against a lightning tribulation of this level… Are you really not frightened at all?

"Y-you're right! I have to scare the lightning tribulation away… But…" Zhang Xuan frowned in distress as he spoke. "I don't think I'll be able to do it right now…"

His soul cultivation had already reached Saint 9-dan pinnacle, and he had not compiled the Saint 9-dan Heaven's Path Divine Art to further his zhenqi cultivation yet. On top of that, he had just cultivated his physical body a few days ago. What was he supposed to do with the massive pool of spiritual energy in the air? He would explode if he absorbed all of that!

"You won't be able to do it right now? What do you mean by that? Don't you have some kind of means to chase the lightning tribulation away?" Luo Xuanqing urged anxiously.

Since his Dimension Sundering Ordeal had been chased away by the young man before him, surely the young man should be able to do the same for his own Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal.

"I'll just say this clearly to you right here and right now. If you fail to chase away the lightning tribulation and it falls on the Shrouding Ethereal City, don't even dream of our Luo Clan forgiving you. It goes without saying that your engagement with my younger sister will be over as well!" Luo Xuanqing spat in fury.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was really on the verge of tears.

Why did he have to achieve a breakthrough now of all times?

He had already raised all of his cultivations as far as he could, so there was nothing he would require spiritual energy for at the moment. And without absorbing the energy of the lightning tribulation, how was he supposed to scare it away?

"Wait a moment, perhaps I could try that…"

Knowing that the lightning would fall at any moment, and there was no time to be wasted, Zhang Xuan clenched his jaw and leaped into the air. He swiftly assumed a cold and forbidding appearance as he placed his arms behind his back, facing the lightning tribulation before him fearlessly.

"How can Xuan-er's Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal be so powerful?"

"Dear, rest assured! Our son has managed to drive away several lightning tribulations in the past, so he should be able to do it easily this time around. This is a good opportunity to see what he's capable of!"

"Yes, I have also heard the rumors as well. If I recall correctly, our son dove into the storm clouds, and before long, the storm clouds trembled uncontrollably before eventually dissipating…"

In the courtyard, the attention of the Xingmeng Sword Saints was captured by the unbelievably massive lightning tribulation in the air as well. However, recalling the previous deeds of their son, they reassured themselves and heaved sighs of relief.

Their son had simply produced too many miracles, especially when it came to dealing with lightning tribulations. The legends that he had created were something that would eventually go down in the annals of the Master Teacher Continent's history, never to be forgotten even after many generations! As powerful as the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal before them was, he should be able to resolve it with ease!

"Look, he's flying into the air. He should be diving into the storm clouds very soon," Sword Saint Xing exclaimed excitedly.

The First Elder of the Luo Clan, Luo Qingchen, turned to the elders behind him and instructed, "This is truly a rare sight, make sure to watch it closely! If we can figure out the secrets behind Zhang Xuan's technique, our Luo Clan offspring won't have to worry about their cultivation ordeals when they achieve a breakthrough anymore!"


The many elders of the Luo Clan nodded in agreement.

Luo Qingchen had witnessed with his own eyes how the young man helped Luo Xuanqing drive away his Dimension Sundering Ordeal, but back then, he had been unable to make sense of how it had been done. Since he had the privilege to witness it once more, he would really have to observe it closely.

If they could learn the young man's secret art, the offspring of their Luo Clan would not need to fear lightning tribulations anymore!

"Bring the Dimension Mirror over, I want this scene to be perfectly recorded!" Luo Qingchen instructed once more. "Even if we fail to make sense out of it now, we can slowly examine it later on. As long as we study it long enough, it will only be a matter of time before we uncover his secrets!"

As a 9-star master teacher himself, Luo Qingchen's eye of discernment was not to be underestimated. Yet, even an expert of his caliber was unable to figure out how Zhang Xuan had managed to drive away Luo Xuanqing's lightning tribulation back then. Thus, there was a good chance that they would not be able to figure it out easily even with most elders of the Luo Clan present here.

Just to be safe, it would be best for them to record this sight so that they could refer to it again and again in the future.

"That's a good idea!"

An elder swiftly flew away, and it did not take him long to return with a massive mirror in hand. It was one of the mystical artifacts from the Luo Clan's treasure vault, the Dimension Mirror. It could be used to record anything that it saw.

"He's going to dash into the lightning tribulation…"

Right after the elders had finished preparing the mirror, Luo Qingchen's excited exclamation sounded in the air. Turning their gazes over, the elders saw the young man rising into the air, stopping right beneath the storm clouds.

Everyone watched the scene with bated breath. They could not wait to see how the legendary young prodigy of the Zhang Clan would deal with the lightning tribulation.

Hong long long!

Provoked by Zhang Xuan's approach, the lightning tribulation crackled wrathfully, threatening to annihilate everything beneath it.

Facing the imposing lightning tribulation before him, Zhang Xuan's heart could not help but shudder in dread. Nevertheless, he did not allow it to show on his face. With a perfectly composed expression, he said, "Little Leilei, we meet again!"

Hong long!

Upon hearing that voice, the lightning tribulation seemed to fall into a daze, such that the thunderous rumbling appeared to have toned down a little.

"Stop kicking up a needless fuss. I'll give you a chance. Scram before I fly into a rage!" Zhang Xuan snorted impatiently.


The lightning tribulation seemed to have fallen even quieter.

It was hard to tell if they were overthinking it, but the crowd witnessing this scene felt as if the lightning tribulation was trembling in fright, seemingly fearful of the young man before it.

Seeing that the lightning tribulation was still refusing to leave, Zhang Xuan's voice grew even sharper and colder. "I am not a patient person, so you'd better quickly make up your mind whether you want to cross me or not. However, you should know that I'm not one to give second chances, so I hope that you won't make a decision you'll regret."


After a moment of hesitation, the lightning tribulation seemed to have made the greatest decision in its life, and it released an indignant rumble.


Following which, it turned around and took flight. In the blink of an eye, it had already disappeared without a trace.

Earlier, when the ominous clouds set in, everyone had thought that the end of the world had come. But in the blink of an eye, a clear sky had been returned to them, leaving no trace of the impending calamity from earlier.

"The heck! This works as well?"

"It's possible to scare away the lightning tribulation with words? When did the lightning tribulation become such an easy existence to deal with?"

Luo Qingchen and the others were shocked beyond words.Lei means lightning, and Leilei is a terribly cute nickname for someone.



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