She was much more beautiful than the Luo Qiqi that he knew, but from her disposition, gaze, and gesture, he could still see the student who was filled with admiration for him in her, Luo Qiqi!

It was in the Huanyu Empire that they first met. Despite her cold exterior, she was a very hardworking and driven person, never hesitating to lower her pride in order to improve herself.

At Qingyuan City, she confessed to him earnestly, only to be pushed away then.

He had thought that it would be unlikely for them to meet once more after their parting then, but who could have thought that… their reunion would actually come in such a form?

"How could Qiqi be the little princess?" Zhang Xuan felt as if he was going to crumble into pieces.

All this time, he had thought that Luo Ruoxin was the little princess of the Luo Clan. In order to be with her, he had desperately trained and cultivated; he had wreaked havoc in the Zhang Clan; he tried his best to get close with Luo Xuanqing…

But all of a sudden, it turned out that the little princess was actually Qiqi, not Luo Ruoxin… His mind simply could not accept that fact all of a sudden.

"Luo shi…" Luo Qiqi had also noticed Luo Ruoxin as well, and her body trembled a little.

She knew that Zhang Xuan had always viewed her as his student, and his feelings for her were not romantic in nature. So, when she heard that the other party had come to ask for her hand in marriage, she had been surprised. It had been like a dream come true for her, but she did not dare harbor any expectations about it. She had thought that it might have been a mistake, so she had kept urging her elder brother to verify the matter for her.

And the moment that she saw Luo Ruoxin, she immediately understood everything.

Could it be that… Zhang Xuan had thought that she was actually Luo Ruoxin?

Could it be that… the person whom Zhang Xuan truly loved was the master teacher of the Hongyuan Empire, Luo shi?

Otherwise, what could her words about Firesource City and the Qiu Wu Palace possibly mean?

Luo Qiqi felt as if a knife had plunged deep into her heart. All of the bliss that she had felt receded like water flowing through her hand. She found herself completely helpless as despair encroached on her. There was nothing she could do but tremble powerlessly as the tragedy unfolded before her eyes.

Using the Dimension Silencer to seal her cultivation had come with many flaws. A huge portion of her memory had been locked away in the sealing process as well, and it could only be recovered after her cultivation reached a certain level.

Despite that, there was no doubt that this young man was the first person to have walked into her heart, and this had not changed even with her memories unlocked. Her feelings for him remained as vivid as before.

She had been born with great talent, and those around her expected great things from her. She had always tried to meet their expectations, but meeting him had made her realize that such a life was not what she truly wanted. The time spent with him had given rise to a very simple yet faraway dream for her.

She wished that the person she loved would one day marry her with blessings from the entire world!

Everything had been perfect. The person she loved had come to propose to her, and the entire world had pretty much come to offer their blessings for her marriage. Yet, everything beyond had veered off course.

It was no wonder Zhang Xuan had refused to accept her feelings, forcefully changing the conversation to turn her down subtly. It turned out that he already had someone whom he fancied then, and the both of them had already gotten together.

Otherwise, there was no way Luo shi would have rushed in at this moment and uttered those words.

As this thought came to mind, a tear flowed down Luo Qiqi's cheek.

"You said that you would wait for me. You said that no matter how difficult it would be, we would eventually be together…" Ignoring the gazes from the surroundings, Luo Ruoxin gazed at Zhang Xuan with eyes reminiscent of an inferno, as if wanting to bore a hole through this man and peer into his heart.

Due to her birth, she had never dared devote her feelings to anyone. She could not afford to allow herself to be vulnerable. She had always maintained an icy-cold exterior before others, and it had protected her well until the frost in her heart had slowly been thawed by the young man before her. In Qiu Wu Palace, he had sworn that he would be with her no matter how much suffering and pain he had to go through, and his vow had convinced her to take a leap of faith this once to pursue this uncertain future with him.

Yet, in just a few short months, she had found that he was actually going to marry another woman. Was this all his feelings for her amounted to?

"Ruoxin, this is a misunderstanding! I…" Seeing Luo Ruoxin's state, Zhang Xuan panicked. "I thought that you were the little princess of the Luo Clan…"

"What?" Luo Ruoxin was caught off guard by the unexpected response.

"You never told me your real identity, but those around me told me time and time again that you are the little princess of the Luo Clan… I thought that given your surname and the strength you wield, that would be the case…" Zhang Xuan felt as if his scalp was exploding. He had no idea how he should explain the situation to the other party!

To fail to recognize even his own girlfriend, that was simply courting death!

But back then, Ruoxin had left without saying a word or explaining anything at all, and if one had to think of a person who wielded such tremendous strength at such a young age, it could only have been the little princess of the Luo Clan.

It was not that he had never tried to verify this matter himself, but when he tried to do so, he had realized that he did not even know Luo Ruoxin's real name! Thus, he could only clutch on desperately to this clue that he had, or else he would have been completely lost.

And the affairs afterward only further confirmed his suspicion. An elder of the Luo Clan sought him to warn him against getting close to the little princess of the Luo Clan, and shortly after, the little princess of the Luo Clan also declared her feelings for him…

More importantly, out of some sheer coincidence, he had actually never met with the little princess of the Luo Clan to date!

Luo Ruoxin stared at Zhang Xuan intently, wanting to see if the young man before her was speaking the truth. After a long while, she sighed deeply and said, "I can't tell you my true identity for the time being… Come with me, I'll bring you somewhere else!"

"Somewhere else? Where?" Seeing that Luo Ruoxin was giving him a chance to explain, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

"You'll know once we get there," Luo Ruoxin replied before turning to leave.

"Alright…" Zhang Xuan hesitated for a brief instant before taking a step forward, intending to leave together with her.

After his huge botch-up, if he did not leave with Luo Ruoxin right now, they might very well never meet again in the future.

"Wait a moment!" Barely after taking two steps, a figure suddenly stood in Zhang Xuan's path—Luo Xuanqing. The young man was trembling with sheer rage, reminiscent of a volcano that would erupt at any moment. "Zhang Xuan, what are you doing right now? Who is that person over there?"

"Brother Luo, I have to…" Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before replying, but before he could finish his words, a punch was already smashing right for his face.

Hu la!

This punch harnessed Luo Xuanqing's full strength, such that even space warped before his might.

"Brother Luo…" Zhang Xuan exclaimed as he took a step back.

"Don't call me your brother, I am unworthy of it!" Luo Xuanqing bellowed as he charged toward Zhang Xuan, seemingly reluctant to rest until he finally reduced the person before him into meat paste.

"This is actually…"

While dodging the attacks, Zhang Xuan tried to explain the matter to Luo Xuanqing, but he had no idea where he should start.

It was only because he had thought that Luo Ruoxin was the little princess of the Luo Clan that he agreed to the marriage. So many esteemed guests had come to witness the ceremony, yet he wanted to turn around and leave at this crucial moment… all because he had recognized the wrong person.

This was as good as viciously trampling on the Luo Clan's pride! There was no one who could accept such a thing!

"Stop hiding! If you are a man, face me straight on in a battle! Either you give me a satisfactory explanation here, or you'll have to step over my dead body when you leave!" Luo Xuanqing bellowed furiously as he continued his assault.

As if six more arms had sprouted out of his body, he launched powerful punches one after another. Despite being only at Saint 8-dan primary stage, the might that he exerted was actually on par with a Dimension Sundering realm pinnacle expert!

"Brother Luo, I…" Zhang Xuan tried to explain as he retreated.

"Enough! I told you not to address me as Brother Luo!"

Seeing that his attacks were not reaching the other party, Luo Xuanqing gritted his teeth furiously. In the next moment, his strength swiftly surged to an unbelievable level.

Bloodline ability!

Luo Xuanqing had actually activated his bloodline ability without much hesitation!

Si la!

Before long, Luo Xuanqing's strength had risen to a level comparable to Saint 9-dan primary stage cultivators. He swiftly whipped out a sword and continued his frenzied assault against Zhang Xuan.

His sword art was far stronger than the barrage of fists that he had launched previously, and his swings tore right through space, creating spatial rifts one after another in the air.

In the first place, the Luo Clan was skilled in spatial manipulation, and Luo Xuanqing had activated his bloodline ability at that. The prowess that he exerted was so fearsome that even a Macrocosm Ascendancy realm pinnacle cultivator would have trouble coping under his furious assault.

However, even though Zhang Xuan was only at Macrocosm Ascendancy realm primary stage, his fighting prowess was already on par with Great Sage 1-dan experts. With nimble movements, he managed to dodge Luo Xuanqing's sword perfectly.

"Brother Luo, I know that I have done your Luo Clan a great injustice this time around, and rest assured that I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation in the future…"

"There's no need for you explain anything anymore! Today, only one of us will leave here alive!"

Hong long!

With frightening momentum, Luo Xuanqing continued hacking down on Zhang Xuan with his sword. His sword severed the fabric of the surrounding space, and after several strikes, his attack culminated to form a spatial storm.

"If hitting me will make you feel any better, do it then!" Seeing that it was impossible to converse with Luo Xuanqing, Zhang Xuan eventually came to a halt, choosing not to dodge anymore.

In the first place, this matter was his fault.


Luo Xuanqing's sword pierced right through Zhang Xuan's shoulder, creating a gaping hole. Fresh blood trickled down to the floor.


After piercing through Zhang Xuan's shoulder, Luo Xuanqing twisted his blade, intending to tear Zhang Xuan in two.

But barely after twisting the blade, he suddenly felt his entire body freezing in place, as if some kind of compelling might was shackling him down, preventing him from moving.

"He's the man that I, Luo Ruoxin, love! I would like to see which of you dares to hurt him!"


A powerful shockwave burst forth from Luo Ruoxin, and Luo Xuanqing was forced to retreat continuously. At the same time, the sword in his grasp also flew into the horizon, disappearing without a trace.



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