"Audacious! Men, take that demoness down!"

Seeing that the young lady had actually made a move on Luo Xuanqing, the head of the Luo Clan also swiftly understood what was going on, and with a wrathful look on his face, he bellowed furiously.

If the young lady really took Zhang Xuan away with her, their Luo Clan would become the laughingstock of the entire continent!



After those words were spoken, several dozen Luo Clan's elders rose into the air and surrounded Luo Ruoxin and the adolescent boy beside her.


Not expecting things to turn out like that, Zhang Xuan panicked. However, when he tried to make a move, he felt something constricting his body. He quickly turned around and saw that two elders of the Luo Clan had sealed the space around him.

He immediately tried to activate the power of Kong shi's blood droplet in his hand, but he found himself unable to close his hand to touch the blood droplet, thus rendering him unable to activate it.

"Demoness! Since you have dared come here today, why don't you allow our Luo Clan to give you a warm welcome?" Harrumphing coldly, Luo Qingchen flicked his finger furiously, shooting a burst of sword qi forth.

At this moment, the young lady had already reverted to her usual cold and lofty demeanor. Gazing at the elders around her, she was just about to make a move when the adolescent boy beside her took a step forward and said, "Milady, please allow me to handle these lowly beings. You mustn't dirty your hands over them!"

"Un." Luo Ruoxin nodded before placing her hands behind her back, not moving at all.

It was as if the attack from the First Elder of the Luo Clan could not even catch her eye.

"Die!" Not expecting the other party to be so arrogant, Luo Qingchen felt blood rushing to his head in fury.

He pumped even more energy into his sword qi, causing it to glow menacingly in the air as it sliced through the space in its pathway.

Just as it was about to land on Luo Ruoxin, the adolescent boy suddenly walked up with a smile and grabbed the burst of sword qi in between his fingers.


The burst of sword qi exploded.

After dissipating Luo Qingchen's sword qi, the adolescent boy raised his palm and spat, "Grovel!"

In an instant, Luo Qingchen felt as if the world was shaking around him, causing him to be unable to balance himself. If not for him exerting all of his strength to balance himself, he might have fallen right from the sky.

"Attack him together!" Luo Qingchen barked out a command.

Despite the young appearance of the adolescent boy, there was no doubt that the other party was a formidable expert! It would be foolish to underestimate the other party after what had just happened.

The elders in the area also realized that the adolescent boy was far stronger than he appeared after seeing the powerful First Elder meeting a setback while clashing with the adolescent boy. Without any hesitation, they charged forth simultaneously.

Even the weakest of the dozens of elders was at Saint 9-dan, and their powers rained down on the adolescent boy and Luo Ruoxin like rapid rain. In the blink of an eye, a spherical light barrier formed around the two of them.

The area around the spherical barrier was pitch black, a sign that the surrounding space had been torn to shreds by the very emergence of the barrier. Within the barrier, a fearsome spatial storm raged, such that even pinnacle Saint artifacts would be swiftly reduced to dust before its might.

"It's the Luo Clan's Demon Subduing Sphere! Even I wouldn't be able to last long within it," Yang shi remarked grimly.

Individually, these elders came nowhere close to being a match for him. However, when their prowess was put together, it would be truly foolish to underestimate the might that they could exert.

Even a Sempiternal realm cultivator like Yang shi would be unable to withstand its prowess.

"Heh, interesting!"

The adolescent boy showed no signs of panic against the attack. He stretched his fingers outward, and they seemed to transform into the meandering branches of a tree as they struck specific points in the air.


The surrounding space immediately swayed unstably, reminiscent of a rock being thrown into a calm lake.

Under the intense swaying of the surrounding space, the prowess of the spherical light barrier was diverted upward into the sky before vanishing without a trace.

"This is… Spatial Interference? Just what kind of level has that adolescent boy reached?" Yang shi exclaimed in shock.

He had already been surprised by how the adolescent boy was able to withstand Luo Qingchen's attack, but who would have thought that he would be able to defend against the Luo Clan's strongest Demon Subduing Sphere so easily by redirecting its might upward?

Such a feat could only be described as terrifying.

"Spatial Interference? What's that?" Sword Saint Xing asked.

Even he was unable to make sense out of the move that the adolescent boy had executed earlier.

"The Demon Subduing Sphere is a collaborative formation that an elder of the Luo Clan has created. It serves to combine the might of twenty-one experts through overlapping three Big Dipper Formations upon one another to channel their might into forming a dimensionally-isolated spherical space. As this space exists in a different dimension from the one that we are in, it is impossible for ordinary cultivators to flee from it, and it would just be a matter of time before those trapped in the space are killed. It's due to this reason that I said that even I would be no match for it!"

At this point, Yang shi's face grew incredibly grim as he continued, "However, through simple taps, the adolescent boy was able to send ripples of spatial disturbance through the space, tearing it apart with ease. Using an analogy, the Demon Subduing Sphere could be described as a cloth with ants crawling on it. As long one remains on the cloth, it will be impossible to avoid the ants. However, if one just jumps out of the cloth and flicks it, the ants will be diverted elsewhere, thus rendering their offense futile… This is basically how Spatial Interference works! Similarly, through stirring up the surrounding space, even the Demon Subduing Sphere won't pose a threat anymore!"

"This…" Sword Saint Xing's body jolted in astonishment.

For Great Sage cultivators, severing space did not pose much of a problem at all, but this Spatial Interference was clearly far more fearsome than simply severing space!

For even the adolescent boy to be this formidable… just who in the world could the young lady whom his son fancied be?

"Forget it, I won't play with you all anymore. All of you, grovel!"

After undoing the Luo Clan's Demon Subduing Sphere with a single move, the adolescent boy chuckled and raised his palm once more.


The next moment, Luo Qingchen and the other elders plummeted from the sky and crashed onto the ground. Their faces turned ghastly pale, and fresh blood spurted from their mouths.

"Activate the Guardian Formation!" the head of the Luo Clan bellowed. He had not thought that the two intruders would wield such frightening prowess.

He flicked the token in his hand into the sky, and soon after, an intense energy disturbance rippled through the surroundings. Then, everything suddenly calmed down, as if nothing had happened at all.

It might have seemed as if nothing had happened to weaker cultivators, but those who had gathered there were all top experts of the Master Teacher Continent, and they could clearly feel that a formidable formation had enveloped them, sealing the sky away from their reach.

As a clan whose heritage could be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago, the Luo Clan's Guardian Formation was truly formidable. Once it was activated, as long as one could not find the right way to decipher it, even an expert of Yang shi's caliber could only remain trapped in it.

The reason Zhang Xuan had been able to easily escape from the Zhang Clan's Guardian Formation back then was because he had been able to find its flaws easily through the Library of Heaven's Path. To him, formations were no different from a sheep stripped bare of its fleece, its secrets laid bare before him.

But it was different for others.

Most spatial arts could not be utilized within sealed spaces, thus reducing one's fighting prowess significantly. On top of that, the Guardian Formation was bound to have an offensive aspect to it, such that even Sempiternal realm cultivators would fall into a fluster once they were trapped within it, making it difficult for them to escape.

Seeing that even the collaboration of the many elders was insufficient to subdue the other party, the head of the Luo Clan had decisively chosen to execute his trump card!

"So, this is the Guardian Formation of the Luo Clan. Not too shabby. However, you are still too naive if you think something of this level is sufficient to trap me!" With a chuckle, the adolescent boy leaped into the sky.


At the same time, the Luo Clan's Guardian Formation began coiling innumerable spatial threads around the adolescent boy, intending to tear him into shreds.

Faced against such an attack, the eyebrows of the adolescent shot up as he raised his hands to his side and pulled them down lightly.


Astonishingly, the Luo Clan's Guardian Formation collapsed without the slightest resistance under his pull! A devastating shockwave rippled into the surroundings as the spiritual energy in the Guardian Formation diffused into the surroundings.

After dealing with the Luo Clan's Guardian Formation, the adolescent boy placed his hands behind his back as he gazed down coldly on the crowd from the sky.

"What other means do you have? Throw everything at me at once!"

In an instant, complete silence devoured the surroundings.



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