The adolescent boy shook his head vehemently, almost as if he was expecting to see something different once he was done shaking.

He had seen geniuses and experts from various races, and he had clashed with the top experts of the continent. It went without saying that he had confidence in his judgement and talent.

But… to advance one's cultivation so easily as if it was just walk in the park… he had never even heard of something like this before, let alone seen it!

Even Kong shi back then did not seem to have improved so quickly!

Was this still a humanly possible deed?

"You managed to achieve a breakthrough from the books I just gave you?" the adolescent boy questioned.

It was only after taking his books and flipping through them that the young man abruptly achieved breakthroughs to Saint 9-dan pinnacle… Could it be that his books had inspired the young man?

Then again, he had written those books personally, and he knew their contents by heart. There should not have been anything in them that would allow one to advance one's cultivation so quickly!

"Oh. I had a look at those books, and while they do offer a fresh perspective, there are simply too many flaws with them. It would be problematic to cultivate them directly!" Zhang Xuan replied earnestly.

"Too many flaws? Problematic?"

Those words immediately riled the adolescent boy up.

He was able to overcome the Demon Subduing Sphere of the Luo Clan easily with a flick of his hand and carry out a Spatial Leap to cover several million li in just a few moments. No matter how one looked at it, his comprehension of spatial laws was definitely on par with the heritage of the Luo Clan, if not surpassing it.

Yet, for what he had personally written to be described with 'too many flaws' and 'problematic'… And that disdainful look on the young man's face was not helping either!

Disdain your head!

"May I know what kind of flaws there are in my books that made you find them problematic? Why don't you share them so that I can learn from my mistakes?" It took some effort for the adolescent boy to calm himself down and squeeze those words politely out of his mouth.

If not for Luo Ruoxin watching by the side, he would have given that arrogant young fellow a good smack!

"I guess I could enlighten you since you are asking so politely!" Zhang Xuan nodded. "You wrote in the book that the more stable a space is, the more unlikely it will collapse. Only in stable spaces should one find wormholes and conduct Spatial Leaps, or else the stress from the Spatial Leap could potentially cause the space to collapse inward, and that would be dangerous!"

"That's indeed the case!" The adolescent boy nodded. "The stability in folded spaces is severely lacking. If one places it under too much stress, it will collapse on itself. Thus, abilities like Spatial Leap are only feasible on the Master Teacher Continent, where space is far more stable. Is there any mistake in that interpretation?"

Such an interpretation of space had been acknowledged by expert cultivators over the past tens of thousands of years. It was impossible for there to be a mistake with it!

"Yes, there is a huge mistake in that interpretation. You are assuming space to be stationary," Zhang Xuan replied.

"Assuming space to be stationary? Are you implying that space flows like a river?" The adolescent boy burst into laughter. "You must be messing with me! If the space we live in is moving, how can we possibly be unaware of it?"

"The world we are standing on is constantly moving. Are you able to feel its movements?" Zhang Xuan replied.

"This…" The adolescent boy was taken aback.

He had flown high enough to see the entire Master Teacher Continent before, and from afar, he could tell that the continent was in a state of constant rotation, giving it day and night. But when he was standing on the continent, its rotation was imperceptible to him.

"It's due to the movement of space that the locations of spatial wormholes are constantly changing. If one is able to grasp the movement of space and move alongside it, movement through the spatial wormhole will result in minimal instability to the surrounding space, and naturally, the space won't collapse either!" Zhang Xuan explained.

In truth, this was not a theory that he had come up with but something derived from Lu Chong's Soul Traverse.

Through Soul Traverse, soul oracles were able to pull off short distance teleportation discreetly, thus allowing them to conduct surprise attacks. If space was truly stationary, their abrupt movements would create a huge disturbance in space each and every time, making it impossible for their movements to be discreet. However, if they moved in harmony with the flow of space, the disturbance caused by their movements could be reduced to the minimum.

"This…" The adolescent boy fell into deep thought.

This was the first time that he had encountered a theory of moving space, so it was inevitable that he would be somewhat skeptical toward it. However, when he gave it further thought, he realized that it reconciled all of the spatial phenomena that contradicted the concept of flowing space. To put it in simpler words, it was indeed very likely for space to be flowing!

This had really overthrown everything that he had thought in the past.

"There's one occupation in the world that boasts the greatest understanding of space… I have read all of the theories and speculations as to what the foundation of space truly is, and all of them are built on the idea of stationary space. This is the first time that I have heard something like this!" the adolescent boy remarked in astonishment.

"The occupation you are referring to is soul oracle, right? Soul oracles are an agglomeration of will, which makes them more sensitive to the world around them. As a result of that, they have finer control over space than ordinary cultivators. However, you mentioned that you have books from the soul oracles?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Of all the occupations that he had come into contact with, the one that had the greatest control over space was indubitably the soul oracle.

In fact, Soul Traverse was the very proof of the soul oracles' ingenuity when it came to space!

It was unfortunate that the soul oracles and their heritage had been destroyed by the Master Teacher Pavilion after they had chosen to ally themselves with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

Even Lu Chong had only managed to obtain their heritage through entering the secret Ancient Domain of the Soul Oracles, so where in the world did the adolescent boy find the books of the soul oracles?

Furthermore, judging from his tone, it seemed like he had accessed quite a huge collection of them at that!

Or… could it be that the Hundred Schools of Philosophers still had the heritage of soul oracles with them? That was possible, considering that their heritage had come directly from Kong shi.

"Hmm…" Instead of answering Zhang Xuan's question, the adolescent boy looked at him earnestly and asked, "Other than the idea of stationary space, may I know what other errors the books have?"

If he thought that Zhang Xuan was spouting nonsense previously, after that exchange, it had already become apparent to him that the young man's understanding of space was likely to be deeper than his.

"There is a total of thirteen major conceptual flaws in your books…" Zhang Xuan replied honestly.

"…" Luo Ruoxin.

Her intention was to have Wu Chen offer pointers to the person that she loved so as to help him advance his cultivation. But somehow… things seemed to have gone in a different direction from what she had expected.

Not only so, Wu Chen was even nodding vehemently, as if having epiphanies one after another.

Just who was guiding whom?

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to go through the thirteen flaws in detail, Luo Ruoxin suddenly sent a telepathic message to the two of them.

"Someone is coming."

The two of them widened their eyes in alarm as they quickly fell silent.

Earlier, when they landed in the vicinity, they had already used a secret art to seal the space around them and conceal their presence. As such, even if they continued speaking, no one in the external world would be any the wiser.

Zhang Xuan turned his head forward, and without him realizing, several long-robed figures had appeared in the midst of the mountain range.

Their robes were made in a similar fashion to that of the master teacher robe, but perhaps because they were made of black cloth, Zhang Xuan could not help but find them a little incongruent and odd.

He activated his Eye of Insight to take a closer look.

There were four people in total. They did not look too old on the surface, seemingly only in their early to middle thirties.

Are they the Otherworldly Demons who have kidnapped Zhao Ya and the others? Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

His previous analysis of the incident was that the culprits could only be the Hundred Schools of Philosophers or the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Since Luo Ruoxin was not an Otherworldly Demon, it stood to reason that the group in front of him was from the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe!

Clenching his fists tightly, he took a deep breath as he readied himself to activate the blood droplet in his hand at any moment. He turned to the young lady beside him and asked, "Now?"

"Wait a moment first." Luo Ruoxin shook her head. "We aren't too familiar with the ancient domain, so it would be best to let them enter first before deciding our next move."

"Alright." Zhang Xuan nodded.



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