He had only learned about this place from the copper-masked figure's painting. As for the exact location of where the ancient domain was, what was hidden in the ancient domain, and what kind of dangers lay in it, he was completely oblivious.

Since these Otherworldly Demons were intending to enter the ancient domain, he was more than happy to let them scout the way ahead for them. Even if they were discovered afterward, he could activate Kong shi's blood droplet to deal with them. As long as none of them were Ancient Sages, he was confident that he could kill or even apprehend them all.

"Where is it?"

While they were lying in wait, the four new arrivals were carefully scanning the area, seemingly trying to determine the exact location of the folded space.

"Give me a moment, I'll check on it!"

A frail-looking young man took a step forward, and with a tap on his finger, a book materialized and floated right in front of him, emanating a faint turquoise glow.

"It looks quite similar to the book you have," Zhang Xuan remarked to Luo Ruoxin.

In terms of appearance, it could be said to be identical to the one that she had acquired from the Qiu Wu Palace.

It seemed like she was indeed right. There was more than one clue leading to the ancient domain.

It seemed like it was not without reason that the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had been able to render mankind utterly helpless until Kong shi appeared. They were indeed far more resourceful than he had thought.

Not even the Master Teacher Pavilion was aware of the distinction between the Master Amulet and the Subordinate Amulets, yet the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had already acquired the artifact required to track the Master Amulet down.


The book gradually drifted ahead, slowly combing the entire area before abruptly jolting. With a light buzz, it came to a halt.

"It's here!" the frail-looking young man exclaimed.

"Un!" The young man who had issued the command before nodded as he quickly rushed over.

This young man had a clean-looking face and the air of a scholar, which formed a stark contrast to the vicious appearance of the Otherworldly Demons that Zhang Xuan had met before. If not for the fact that he had appeared there, there was no way that one would have been able to imagine that he was one of the culprits who had made a move against Zhao Ya and the others.

Previously, Zhang Xuan had heard that the Otherworldly Demonic Emperors were able to impersonate humans, such that even master teachers would have difficulties seeing through their disguise. From the looks of it now, that was indeed true.

"Open!" The scholarly young man raised his hand and pumped a surge of tremendous power into the space in front of him.


A deafening noise echoed in the air as a door made solely out of light materialized before their eyes. Incredible energy flowed within the door of light, making it impossible to discern where the door would lead one to.

Instead of entering the ancient domain immediately, the scholarly young man turned around and instructed severely, "Everyone, be careful. This ancient domain was left behind by Ancient Sage Ran Qiu, so we must maintain the utmost caution!"

The other three young men quickly nodded in response.

"Ancient Sage Ran Qiu?" Zhang Xuan gasped in astonishment.

The seventy-two direct disciples of Kong shi were known as the seventy-two Philosophers.

Of them, the ten strongest disciples were collectively known as the Ten Apostles, and Ancient Sage Ran Qiu was one of the apostles. He was equal to Ancient Sage Bo Shang in terms of standing, and in terms of strength, he was reputed to be the strongest among the Ten Apostles.

Back during the war with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, he had charged into armies of enemies with just a single spear in hand, killing innumerable Otherworldly Demonic Emperors.

In fact, he was the founder of the Combat Master Hall!

If he was indeed the man behind the ancient domain, there was little doubt that the ancient domain would be fraught with dangerous trials.

"Let's go!"

After warning the others to keep their guard up, the scholarly young man walked into the door of light, and with a pulsation of energy, he disappeared from everyone's sight.

The other three young men followed behind him, and they vanished in the blink of an eye as well.

"Let's head in, too!"

Seeing that the four of them had entered the door of light, Zhang Xuan was just about to step out of their concealment when Luo Ruoxin suddenly grabbed his arm and said, "Wait a moment first."

Zhang Xuan was taken aback for a moment before widening his eyes in realization. "Have they noticed our presence?"

"I don't think they are able to sense our presence, but I think it's better to be safe," Luo Ruoxin replied before falling silent.

They waited on the spot for roughly half a tea's time before the door of light suddenly wavered once more. The scholarly young man who had entered first earlier walked out, scanned the surroundings, and heaved a sigh of relief after finding nothing. After which, he entered the door of light once more.

This time, the door of light did not last too long before dissipating.

"What a cautious bunch they are! To think that they would be hiding on the other side of the door, waiting to ambush anyone tailing them! If we had entered earlier, we would have been attacked!" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

All along, he had been the one scheming against others, but who would have thought that his complacency would nearly get the better of him? If not for Luo Ruoxin stopping him, he might have fallen into their trap!

It was true that activating Kong shi's blood droplet would grant him strength that was unrivalled by all those beneath Ancient Sage, but if he came under the simultaneous assault of four experts, it was questionable whether he could really hold his ground or not.

He really would have to pay more attention to such matters so as to not fall into such traps again in the future.

"Humph, you want to play with me? Let's see who will be played with at the very end!" Zhang Xuan harrumphed coldly.

Back then, despite his weak cultivation, he had still managed to eliminate the entire Qingtian Lineage. Now that he had reached Saint 9-dan pinnacle and had Kong shi's blood droplet with him, he could not possibly allow himself to fare worse than he did back then!

"Let's enter."

Removing the spatial secret art around them, Luo Ruoxin walked up to the space where the four men disappeared from previously.

Wu Chen walked to her side, and taking a deep breath, he splayed his hand and pressed it downward.


By infusing his energy into the space, just like what the scholarly young man had done previously, a door of light gradually materialized out of nowhere.

Wu Chen was the first to enter the door, and he vanished on the spot.

Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin traded glances before entering the door of light together.

With a light buzz, Zhang Xuan suddenly found himself standing in the midst of a vast grassland. There was a clear sky, and the surrounding air was crisp and refreshing. With a quick look, it felt as if they had been teleported away instead of entering a folded space.

"The space in here is really stable," Zhang Xuan remarked in astonishment.

Even folded spaces on the level of the Qiu Wu Palace were extremely crass in construction, and exertion of excessive strength could easily result in their collapse. On the other hand, the space that they were currently in was extraordinarily stable, such that it made them doubt if they had really entered a folded space.

"The greater stability of the space only goes to show how dangerous it will be here. I'll first look ahead to scout the path they have taken. As long as we trace their footsteps, we should be able to avoid most of the dangers!" Wu Chen clasped his fist.

Luo Ruoxin nodded, granting her permission.

Wu Chen quickly examined the surroundings. Slowly, a deep frown etched itself onto his forehead.

"It's very dangerous in here. There are formations and spatial rifts all around, and the slightest misstep could possibly land us in one of those. We need to be…"

Before Wu Chen could finish his sentence with the word 'careful', Zhang Xuan had already taken a huge stride forward.

As he walked, he even beckoned to them leisurely, saying, "Quick, over here. Follow me…"

"You…" Taken aback by the young man's reckless action, Wu Chen suddenly felt his heart tightening in anger. "What are you doing? Don't you know what kind of treacherous place we are in? I haven't found the path that they have walked in yet! It's very dangerous to be roaming dangerously in here…"

Just as Wu Chen was about to grab the young man back, he saw Luo Ruoxin following the young man's footsteps without saying a word.

"Milady! It's dangerous…" Wu Chen exclaimed anxiously.

It was one thing for the weak Zhang Xuan to not know better, but why would Luo Ruoxin be so rash as well?

While Wu Chen was still panicking inside, Luo Ruoxin's voice drifted to his ears. "He has the Eye of Insight. It'll do to follow him."

"Eye of Insight? The ability that allows one to see through all facade?" Wu Chen widened his eyes in astonishment.

To possess the Eye of Insight and command such a deep understanding of space… Am I the expert, or is he the expert?

Why does it feel like my feeling of superiority as an expert seem to vanish before the young man?



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