"The Great Sage realm is the greatest hurdle for Saint cultivators. It's like bridging the gap between the earth and the heavens for human cultivators, and even more so for saint beasts. Without a sufficiently pure bloodline, it's impossible to succeed. Yet, you want it to achieve a breakthrough on the spot and summon a lightning tribulation? You… are you actually serious about this?" Wu Chen was beyond frenzied.

It was as if the lad was jumping from one impossibility to the next!

If it was that easy to make a breakthrough to Great Sage, there would not be so many cultivators who departed the world with regrets due to being unable to take the final step forward.

And the case was much worse for saint beasts. The requirement on their bloodline was extremely strict, so most saint beasts would require further refinement of their bloodline before they could advance their cultivation. However, to use the Yellow Water of the Netherworld to refine its bloodline?

To think that the lad could even think of something as ridiculous as that!

Wu Chen turned to look at Luo Ruoxin, hoping that she would talk the young man out of his futile pursuit. Contrary to his expectations, she simply looked at the situation with a calm smile, not finding the young man's actions nonsensical at all. In fact, her demeanor seemed to suggest strong confidence in the young man!

Even after he suggested something so ridiculous, Luo Ruoxin still trusted that fellow.

Gritting his teeth furiously, he turned his gaze back to the young man and saw that the latter had already gotten to work. The young man had taken out many swords and placed them together from end to end, forming a straight line. After which, the young man tied the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast on it with zhenqi treads.

From afar, it really looked like a skewer.

After all was ready, the young man placed his hand into the river and scooped up the water.


The Yellow Water of the Netherworld was sprinkled on the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, and charred marks of corrosion swiftly appeared on its scales.

"Hai, just what heinous sins did the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast commit in its previous life to become this fellow's tamed beast? This is not helping it advance its cultivation but kill it…" Wu Chen could not help but shake his head.

The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast seemed to trust Zhang Xuan deeply, but the price of its trust turned out to be being corroded to death by the Yellow Water of the Netherworld. It sure was unlucky.

Sighing deeply, Wu Chen could not bring himself to watch on any longer. Just as he was about to avert his gaze, perhaps because watching his tamed beast being corroded by the Yellow Springwater was not enough to satisfy his depraved urges, the young man took out another dozen swords and plunged them right into the body of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast.

However, as soon as the swords were plunged in, the Yellow Springwater began seeping into the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast's body, and something seemed to have been stimulated. The Saint 9-dan beast began writhing intensely, and a moment later, devastating might suddenly burst forth from its body.

It seemed as if its bloodline had been filtered by the Yellow Springwater in an instant, raising its purity to a new level. Not only so, its body had also been tempered, and in the blink of an eye, its cultivation was already surging toward the level of the Introspective Convalescence realm.

Hong long long!

A deep rumble echoed as innumerable storm clouds slowly gathered overhead, carrying a might that could tear even space apart.

"He really managed to summon a lightning tribulation…" Wu Chen's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, and he tore out clump after clump of his hair.

He had thought that it was utter nonsense, but the young man really had helped the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast achieve a breakthrough and summon the lightning tribulation! To think that there was a breakthrough method that would require one being tied up like a skewer, lubricated, and pierced… His eyes had truly been opened that day!

Then again… what use was summoning the lightning tribulation?

It was not as if they could use it to cross the river!

Wu Chen turned a doubtful gaze over, wanting to see what the young man would do next, only to see the young man directing an amicable smile toward the ominous clouds in the sky. "Little Leilei, you are finally here… Come to your Brother Xuan's side. I need you to bring us across the river!"


The lightning tribulation in the air quivered a little as an aggrieved rumble echoed within it. However, after a moment of hesitation, a surge of lightning still streaked across the air, forming a massive tangible bridge.

"Let's go!" Zhang Xuan said.

He moved the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast back into his Myriad Anthive Nest to have it slowly comprehend the strength that it had just gained before stepping onto the bridge of lightning, taking huge strides toward the other end of the river.

"There… there's actually such a method?" Wu Chen was completely stumped.

He had seen cultivators taming beasts, taming weapons, and even taming humans… However, he had never seen anyone taming the lightning tribulation before.

This sight had really overturned what he had deemed to be possible and impossible!

"Let's go."

Just as Wu Chen was shocked beyond words, he heard Luo Ruoxin's voice by the side. Following which, he saw her stepping onto the bridge of lightning as well, slowly making her way over to the opposite end.

"Forget it, there's no point thinking too much into it at the moment…" Seeing that the two of them were moving far ahead, Wu Chen knew that this was not the time for him to get shocked, so he quickly followed along as well.

Countless volts of blue lightning crackled wildly beneath his feet, but unlike ordinary lightning tribulations, it did not deal the slightest damage to him. Instead, it felt warm and nourishing.

With the presence of the lightning, the Yellow Water of the Netherworld beneath dared not run rampant, so it could only lie there peacefully.

It should have been impossible for them to cross the river without the Netherworld's Bridge or Netherworld's Boat, but who would have thought that they would actually be able to pull it off in such an inconceivable manner? He really could not help but wonder if it was all a dream.

He had come into contact with innumerable top-notch master teachers, and many of them were extremely talented individuals. However, none of them would be able to achieve this feat.

In fact, even Kong shi would not have been able to do so!

It did not take long for the trio to reach the opposite shore of the river. After they got down from the bridge of lightning, Zhang Xuan turned around and smiled. "You should return for now. I'll look for you the next time I need you! Right, I realized that you made a lot of mistakes when you gathered your lightning energy together earlier, resulting in the rate of gathering being needlessly slow and its final output being diminished. If you have time, feel free to look for me. I'll give you some pointers to help you improve yourself!"


The thunder seemed to rumble with a quaver, seemingly unable to believe what it had just heard.

It was actually… possible for it to improve itself too?

Seemingly seeing through its doubts, Zhang Xuan placed his hands behind his back and nodded. "You have a total of seven flaws. Listen to my words obediently, and I'll reveal these flaws to you along with the method to correct them slowly over time!"

How embarrassing it was for him to trouble Little Leilei each and every time! Earlier, when the storm clouds began gathering, he had observed the process carefully using the Library of Heaven's Path and found that there were many flaws in the process. Thus, he could make it up to Little Leilei by offering it some guidance when he was free.


Upon hearing those words, the lightning tribulation rumbled excitedly before slowly dissipating before everyone's eyes.

"It actually heeds your command? Furthermore… you are able to lecture it?" Seeing that the lightning tribulation had really left like an obedient child, Wu Chen clutched his hair in frenzy.

"Un, it's a good kid!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Good kid?" Wu Chen nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

The lightning tribulation had always been the nemesis of cultivators. Every year, countless cultivators would die in its hands, making it their object of fear. This was the very first time that he had heard someone describing the lightning tribulation as a 'good kid'!

If word were to spread, the cultivators of the world would go insane!

If even the lightning tribulation could be obedient, was there anything in the world that could not be obedient?

"If… the lightning tribulation has no flaws and is able to gather even faster, won't that mean that there will be even more cultivators dying from it?" Wu Chen could not help but voice the question on his mind.

Putting aside how the fellow was able to make the lightning tribulation heed his orders, more importantly, if he was really able to correct its flaws and make it grow stronger, would the lightning tribulations for human cultivators not become harder?

The death toll was already as high as it was. If the lightning tribulation grew any stronger, who would dare cultivate in the future?

"Don't worry, I'll teach it ways to exploit the flaws of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe so that it will only strike down Otherworldly Demons in the future. I'm pretty free at the moment anyway…" Zhang Xuan replied with a shrug.

"You…" Not expecting the young man to be so shameless, Wu Chen felt his hair standing on end. Just as he was about to say something, Luo Ruoxin's voice suddenly sounded.


Zhang Xuan and Wu Chen quickly turned their heads over, and they swiftly noticed that a palace was floating quietly in the air not too far away.



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