The crowd from the Zhang Clan flew out of the Shrouding Ethereal City. Looking at the majestic buildings beneath, Zhang Xuan could not help but feel as if he had just been through a dream.

He knew that he had really hurt that kind young lady this time around, but there was no way that he could dictate his emotions. If he forced himself to act against his will, he would only end up hurting everyone in the end. Rather than resorting to that, it would be better for him to end it decisively.

It would be difficult at first, but once the young lady was able to let him go, she would be able to seek the true happiness that she deserved.

Luo Ruoxin glanced over and asked, "You can't bear it?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, "This misunderstanding only happened because I thought that you were the little princess of the Luo Clan…"

"It's alright, I understand. You don't have to explain anymore." Luo Ruoxin nodded as she reverted to her usual nonchalance. "I can still discern the truth."

Seeing that Luo Ruoxin had chosen to trust him, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. "You said that you would bring me somewhere. Where are we going?"

"You were investigating the kidnapping of Zhao Ya, Wei Ruyan, and Yuan Tao, right?" Luo Ruoxin asked with a smile.

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "You know where they are?"

"I don't know where they are, but I have a good idea who the culprits that took them away are," Luo Ruoxin replied.

"Who are they?" Zhang Xuan asked with clenched fists.

He would never forgive those who dared to make a move on his students. If he could just find out who the culprits were, he would never let them go!

"I still can't confirm their background yet, but one of the reasons I came to find you is to stop them!" Luo Ruoxin said.

"Stop them? Are they still intending to abduct more people?" Zhang Xuan asked with narrowed eyes.

"That's not it. They are looking for a certain object," Luo Ruoxin explained. "Most likely, it's a Celestial Amulet of Legacy!"

"They are really eyeing the Temple of Confucius!" Zhang Xuan harrumphed coldly.

It seemed like it was really the doing of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, just as he had thought.

"It might get troublesome if there are too many people around, so it'll be best if your clan members do not come along. While Zheng Yang and Lu Chong are considerably powerful, the place that we are heading to will be quite dangerous, so my view is that it would be best not to bring them along for the time being," Luo Ruoxin said.

The more people around, the more likely that they would be detected by the culprits. Furthermore, if anyone was caught by the culprits in the midst of the operation, that person would likely be used as a hostage against them.

While Zheng Yang and the others were considerably powerful, they were still lacking in worldly experience. In treacherous lands, they might not necessarily have the intuition to avoid danger, and that would place their team in a vulnerable position.

"I concur with your view, but… what if the culprits go after the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan while we are away? Wouldn't that simply put us in more trouble?" Zhang Xuan was still a little worried.

"Rest assured, with Yang shi and so many experts around, even if the culprits go for them, they will eventually have to retreat in disappointment!" Luo Ruoxin replied with a smile.

"I guess you're right…" Zhang Xuan nodded.

With Yang shi, the Xingmeng Sword Saints, Zheng Yang, Lu Chong, and the experts of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters to hold the fort while they were gone, even if an Ancient Sage arrived, he might not necessarily be able to get away unscathed.

"Alright, let's go!"

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xuan quickly spoke with his parents to fill them in on what was going on. After which, he handed back the clan head token and advised them to help groom Zhang Jiuxiao as the next clan head before heading off with Luo Ruoxin.

"Just who in the world is that Luo Ruoxin?"

Watching as the two of them flew into the distance, Sword Saint Meng could not help but turn her gaze toward Yang shi.

He was the most knowledgeable of them there, so if anyone could recognize her, it was him.

Yang shi pondered for a moment before saying, "I'm not too sure either, but I think that she might be related to 'that place'!"

"That place?" Sword Saint Meng asked in incomprehension.

However, the very next moment, Sword Saint Xing suddenly interjected. "Yang shi, are you referring to the Hundred Schools of Philosophers?"

"Indeed. Shortly after Kong shi departed back then, all of his students vanished one after another. While no one had any concrete news on them, based on some of the records and conjectures of our predecessors, it seems like they took root in a place away from the continent!" Yang shi replied.

"A while ago, the Master Teacher Pavilion sent me a message saying that shortly after the Temple of Confucius came into sight, suspicious figures that could possibly be the descendants of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers were spotted in the vicinity. In fact, they possessed the Discarnate Constitution of Divination, which prevented the seers from divining their identities. They disappeared very quickly from the area, so our men weren't able to interrogate them. Considering the sudden appearance of Luo Ruoxin, and the formidable might wielded by the adolescent boy beside her, I think that there's a good chance that it might be them!"

"The Hundred Schools of Philosophers possess the true heritage of Kong shi, cultivating unparalleled secret manuals. On top of that, they are also blessed with superior innate strength. Now that you mention it, it does seem likely." Sword Saint Meng also came to a realization. "I was thinking that Xuan-er was too short-sighted to have given up on a watermelon for a sesame seed, but since she's an offspring of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, I can rest easy now!"

After saying those words, a gleeful smile emerged on her lips.

The marriage with the Luo Clan should have been the most perfect ending. Not only would it have widened the Zhang Clan's influence, it also would have propped her son up to the top of the Master Teacher Continent in an instant, granting him strength to stand against even the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters.

However, since her son did not like it, there was nothing that she could do.

She owed her son simply too much, so the least she could do was allow him to pursue his own happiness.

Nevertheless, she still understood that this was a great loss to the Zhang Clan, considering that they had made enemies out of the Luo Clan. However, who would have thought that this mishap would actually end up drawing connections with the powerful Hundred Schools of Philosophers instead? If that's truly the case, not only did the Zhang Clan not make a loss, its future growth potential had also become unlimitedly great!

"Can feelings even be measured using gains and losses?" Seeing his wife's response, Sword Saint Xing was rendered speechless. "The marriage between the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan should have provided us with the key to opening the Temple of Confucius, but with the fallout with the Luo Clan, we won't be able to break the seal anymore. Not only have the plans of the Master Teacher Pavilion fallen through, the safety of mankind could very well be at risk!"

As Sword Saint Xing spoke, a hint of jealousy seemed to seep into his voice.

Ever since his son had appeared, his position in the family seemed to have been falling lower and lower.

It was one thing for him to be scolded every single day, but to think that he would end up having to fuss over minor matters such as his son's future wife instead of conferring over major matters that affected the safety of mankind. Really, just how low had he fallen?

"Why should my son be sacrificed for the rest of the world? There are plenty of people out there to think about the Temple of Confucius anyway! All I hope is for my son to live his life happily and peacefully!" Sword Saint Meng waved her hands indifferently.

"Narrow-minded!" Sword Saint Xing harrumphed coldly.

"Zhang Zhenxing, I dare you to repeat those words!" Sword Saint Meng flew into a rage.

"Alright, alright! While the Temple of Confucius has started to surface, it seems like there's still some time before it truly appears," Yang shi said. "My senior should still have time to mend the relations between both clans. Furthermore, judging from the little princess' attitude, it seems like she still harbors deep feelings for my senior. As long as we explain the matter properly to her, I think she should be willing to go along with us!"

While things had not gone very well, as long as the little princess did not harbor that deep a grudge toward Zhang Xuan and the Zhang Clan, there should still be some room for reconciliation.

Besides, the predecessors of the Luo Clan had also made many sacrifices to protect mankind, which showed that they were not narrow-minded people who would allow personal grudges to get in the way of important matters. While they had been humiliated by Zhang Xuan's actions, when the safety of mankind was at stake, they would still be likely to swallow their grudges temporarily and grudgingly collaborate with the rest of them.

"Yang shi is right. Later on, I'll try to talk to my son about this matter. It's nothing much for a man to take several wives at once, and if it really comes down to it, he could just marry the little princess of the Luo Clan as well. The young lady is quite a beauty anyway. More importantly, she has quite a bottom, which means that she's suited to bear children! Regardless of whether it's Luo Ruoxin or Luo Qiqi, wouldn't it be good to take all of them in? That would be a happy ending, right?" Sword Saint Meng nodded.

"Of course, dear. It's nothing much for a man to take several wives, so having two wives is not too big a deal!" Sword Saint Xing nodded in agreement.

"Having two wives is not too big a deal? Zhang Zhenxing, are you planning to take in another woman?" Sword Saint Meng sneered as she glared at Sword Saint Xing murderously.

"I… I… I'm referring to our son…"

As if plunged into an icy cavern, Sword Saint Xing felt his hair raising on end. "I really am not talking about myself! Ahhh, save me! I'll never dare to say such words in the future again… Yes, you're right… No, I won't even think of it anymore…"


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