"You want to read right now?" Wu Chen was stunned to hear those words.

He could not figure out what the young man was up to.

Everyone is discussing how to escape from the Dimensional Sand and enter the palace in order to find the Celestial Amulet of Legacy, but at this crucial moment, you are telling us that you want to read books…

Can you propose anything more inappropriate for the situation than that?

"Zhang shi, we are currently in a tough spot. We can't get to the palace, and there's no place for us to retreat to either. Why don't we discuss how we should proceed from here on instead?" Wu Chen advised awkwardly.

To be honest, if not for the fact that Luo Ruoxin liked this fellow, he would have already killed him with one crisp slap!

The least you can do is get your priorities straight, right?

"I said that in order to get us out of this situation," Zhang Xuan said. "I have seen the Luo Clan using their bloodline ability and their spatial secret arts. As long as you give me the books that you have concerning space, I think I might just be able to derive a similar cultivation technique, comprehend Spatial Quintessence, and resolve the current situation!"

"You want to cultivate right now?" Wu Chen nearly spurted blood.

So, that was what the fellow was thinking of…

He sure knew how to daydream!

Suppressing his overflowing rage, Wu Chen took in a deep breath to calm himself down before saying, "Zhang shi, I know that you are a man of great talent, but spatial laws are the most difficult set of laws to grasp among the various laws of the world. This is even more so for the Spatial Quintessence of sealing space. Countless geniuses have devoted their lives to exploring this field of study, only to make no progress… I'm afraid that it might be too late for you to start cultivating right now!"

If it was that easy to grasp spatial laws, the Luo Clan would not enjoy such prestige on the Master Teacher Continent!

To only be thinking of studying after you are trapped… Do you think that Spatial Quintessences are like cabbages by the road, ready to be picked whenever you need one?

Just as Wu Chen was about to continue speaking, he suddenly heard Luo Ruoxin's slightly displeased voice sounding by the side.

"Since Zhang Xuan has said so, he must have his considerations in mind. Pass him the books."

"Yes, Milady!"

Since Luo Ruoxin had already spoken, Wu Chen did not dare complain anymore. Thus, with a flick of his wrist, he took out the massive collection of books that he had gathered over the years. Piled on top of one another, they resembled a mini mountain.

As he took out those books, he could not help but grumble in his heart, I really wonder what kind of spell that fellow has cast over Milady for her to trust him so much!

Oblivious to Wu Chen's internal thoughts, Zhang Xuan swiftly scanned through the books and collected them into the Library of Heaven's Path. As he compiled them together with the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel in his head, he casually picked up one of the books from the pile and began flipping through it as a cover.

Unfortunately, the book that he had picked up on a whim only drove Wu Chen's mind into greater turmoil, and he nearly spurted blood.

That was because written on the cover of the book were the words 'Spatial Laws for Dummies'.

To be reading the bare basics of spatial laws right now… I will have already died of old age by the time you comprehend Spatial Quintessence!

But as stifled as Wu Chen was, with Luo Ruoxin backing Zhang Xuan, he had no choice but to suppress his fury.

On the other hand, as he flipped through the Spatial Laws of Dummies, his consciousness was actually already within the Library of Heaven's Path.

Previously, when he compiled the various manuals that Wu Chen had given him with the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, he had already managed to remove quite a number of its flaws. With the hulking number of books that he had right now, he successfully perfected the 4-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, bringing it to the level of Heaven's Path!

"The level of Creation is centered around the concept of creating stable folded space. If one is able to create space, it goes without saying that one will be able to stabilize existing spaces as well…"

Allowing the content of the book to flow through his head, Zhang Xuan slowly closed his eyes.

The five levels of the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel were namely Compress, Traverse, Control, Creation, and Destruction.

His initial thought upon seeing them was that Ancient Sage Qiu Wu had gotten the levels wrong. Typically speaking, one should comprehend the notion of Destruction before comprehending Creation, right?

However, as he began to understand the crux of Creation in the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, he realized that there was not any mistake at all.

The level of Creation did entail the idea of creating new space, but it was limited to creating small folded spaces rather than naturally stable spaces like the Master Teacher Continent. On the other hand, Destruction was at a different level. It was about tearing through space to achieve true freedom.

To put it in simpler terms, a cultivator who had comprehended Destruction would not only be able to traverse freely with their soul, even their body would be able to tread through space freely!

Only upon reaching that realm would one be considered to have reached the pinnacle of space, achieving true freedom and strength.

However, it would be incredibly difficult to reach such a realm. Even Ancient Sage Qiu Wu only had a partial understanding as to what Destruction consisted of when he left the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel behind, having yet to reach the level of Major Accomplishment.

Fortunately, Zhang Xuan did not need to cultivate up to the fifth level. Just the fourth level would suffice to get them out of the current quandary that they were in.

Taking in a deep breath, Zhang Xuan went through the 4-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel once more before starting his cultivation.

Geji! Geji!

The energy in his body began circulating in a unique pathway, and in an instant, his meridians and zhenqi seemed to have disappeared within a sealed space, making it impossible for one to sense them anymore.

"I see!"

Sensing the changes in his body, Zhang Xuan immediately widened his eyes in enlightenment.

While Zhang Xuan had stopped after cultivating the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel up to 3-dan, his understanding of space had still gradually grown deeper and deeper as he raised his cultivation. Of course, the deepening understanding of spatial laws as a result of the advancement of his cultivation was different from what he learned in the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, but the two branches of knowledge did complement one another.

The epiphany that had struck him induced greater clarity in his consciousness, allowing him to perceive the very foundations of space.

"Complete spaces are like parts of a honeycomb fitted together, fixed in structure. Even if an object falls on it, there won't be much of a change to its structure. It's such a property that allows one to move through space. On the other hand, Dimensional Sand is similar to quicksand in nature. As soon as it encounters any external force, it will swiftly pull the foreign object in, preventing it from advancing any further…"

This deepening in comprehension of the nature of space also allowed Zhang Xuan to see through Dimensional Sand for what it really was.

The reason a space could be stable was because it was built up by countless smaller blocks placed over one another, similar to wooden sheets stacked over one another like a sandwich panel.

Dimensional Sand was essentially bits of space scattered loosely around the place, and traveling across it was like attempting to walk across water⁠—there was simply no solid ground for one to step on.

One had to first stabilize the Dimensional Sand in place first before traversing across it.

While Zhang Xuan was comprehending the 3-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, Wu Chen was shaking his head grimly. "Milady, it isn't a solution to wait on like this. Those men have already gotten into the main hall. If they obtain the Master Amulet, there won't be anything more we can do…"

"Do you have any other idea in mind other than waiting?" Luo Ruoxin glanced at Wu Chen leisurely, showing no anxiety at all.

"If it really comes down to it, why don't I…" Wu Chen gritted his teeth and suggested.

"No, that will alarm more people and complicate the situation." Luo Ruoxin shook her head. "Don't worry and put your trust in Zhang Xuan. Since he says that he has an idea in mind, he'll surely find a way through."

"Put my trust in him…" Wu Chen was rendered speechless by Luo Ruoxin's blind trust. "He has only begun to learn spatial arts, and the book that he picked up was the most elementary one. Who knows how many years it will take him to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence? By then, it will already be too late…"


Before Wu Chen could finish his words, a slight breeze blew across his face.

"A breeze? How could there be a breeze coming from the Dimensional Sand?" Wu Chen widened his eyes in astonishment.

Under normal circumstances, even if one fanned as hard as one could, it would not raise the slightest draft amid the Dimensional Sand… So, how could there suddenly be an air current coming from the Dimensional Sand?

Hong long long!

Before Wu Chen could make sense out of what was happening, he suddenly felt the space around him tremoring intensely. Spiritual energy converged furiously toward the young man before him.

The next instant, the young man opened his eyes, and a light smile crept onto his lips.


With a resounding bellow, the scattered Dimensional Sand suddenly froze in place.



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