"Let me do it instead!" Zhang Xuan replied awkwardly.

He had been so focused on observing Wu Chen that he had forgotten about this matter. How could he allow his girlfriend to fight while he watched on from the side?

He was not intending to return to singlehood just yet!

"It doesn't matter who goes first," the adolescent boy sculpture replied nonchalantly as he waved his hand.

The 'Zi'-word morphed into a Golden Warrior too and stepped forward.

"It does matter. You have three words over there to deal with the three of us… but if I am able to defeat the rest of your Golden Warriors single handedly, does that mean that she won't have to make a move? Zhang Xuan asked calmly.

"You wish to face two words single handedly?" the adolescent boy sculpture was stunned. "Are you certain?"

"Of course!" Zhang Xuan replied with an affirmative nod.

He had been paying close attention to the battle between Wu Chen and the first Golden Warrior, and the latter's prowess was only so-so, far from reaching a level that would worry him. It would not be too difficult for him to achieve victory.

Since that was the case, there was no need to trouble Luo Ruoxin.

Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, Luo Ruoxin frowned. "Zhang Xuan, the Golden Warriors of the Mentor's Calligraphy grow stronger with each passing word…"

"It's fine. It's just two words. I'll be able to deal with them!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"… Very well then. Be careful." Seeing how confident Zhang Xuan was, Luo Ruoxin sighed deeply and nodded.

"Let's begin!"

Zhang Xuan chuckled as he walked up to the two Golden Warriors. He raised his palm, and a formidable aura surged into the clouds, creating an imposing sight.

I guess he does have some valiance to him after all… Wu Chen thought.

All along, he could not figure out why someone as formidable as Luo Ruoxin would actually fancy this ordinary young man. However, watching as the young man bucked up his courage and challenged two words simultaneously for the woman that he loved, he felt like he could understand Luo Ruoxin's feelings a little.

Despite the young man's boastfulness and showy character, it seemed like he was still rather reliable at crucial moments!


At the same time, the two Golden Warriors also swiftly raised their cultivation up to the level of Saint 9-dan pinnacle, and without any hesitation, they charged forward and flanked Zhang Xuan from both sides. The moves that they executed differed from one another, but the timing and coordination of their moves were impeccable, almost as if they were a single entity. Their attacks were sharply directed to strike at Zhang Xuan's flaws and blind spots, making it difficult for him to dodge.

"Not bad!"

Through their outstanding coordination, the prowess that they exerted was many times more fearsome than that of the 'Ran'-word character. Despite that, Zhang Xuan did not show the slightest hint of panic. With a faint smile, he tapped his finger forward.



The light breeze that had been blowing their way abruptly vanished without a trace. The surrounding space had been entirely sealed. As if fish frozen in ice, the two Golden Warriors found themselves unable to advance even a single step further.

If there had been anything falling at that moment, it would have frozen in midair as well.

After comprehending the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing, while Zhang Xuan might still have difficulties sealing the movements of Great Sage realm experts, he definitely did not have a problem with subduing those in the same cultivation realm as him.

It could be said that with this ability, no one in the same cultivation realm as him would stand a chance at defeating him! He was invincible in his power class!

Of course, that was unless the other party had comprehend the same Spatial Quintessence as well or something on par with it, such as the Zhang Clan's Time Quintessence…


After freezing the two Golden Warriors in place, Zhang Xuan raised his finger with the intention to dissipate the two of them when the adolescent boy sculpture suddenly exclaimed at this point in time, "Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's Spatial Quintessence of Sealing? You are the successor of Qiu Wu Zi? Please have mercy on the Golden Warriors!"

"Oh?" Not expecting the sculpture to be able to see through the root of his technique, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over curiously.


In the moment that Zhang Xuan's mind laxed, the sealed space around the two Golden Warriors loosened, and the light breeze continued whistling once more. At the same time, the frozen attacks of the two Golden Warriors continued bolting forth toward him.


In the face of the two attacks, Zhang Xuan simply smirked triumphantly. Without making a move at all, the attacks from the two Golden Warriors abruptly curved in unnatural angles, causing them to slide past him.

"This is… Spatial Interference?" Wu Chen widened his eyes in shock.

This was the move that he had used to deal with the Demon Subduing Sphere of the Luo Clan elders—Spatial Interference!

To put it simply, Zhang Xuan had distorted the space around him to tilt in an upward trajectory instead, such that an attack that was headed straight for him would be deflected away.

At the Great Sage realm, it was extremely easy for Wu Chen to pull off this move, but for a Saint 9-dan pinnacle cultivator… such a feat could only be described as impossible!

Yet, the fellow before him did it easily, and it was at a level far beyond him…

In his long life, he had seen his fair share of experts executing Spatial Interference, and he had also read plenty of books depicting how it should be executed and the anticipated outcome. However, compared to the Spatial Interference executed by the young man before him, all of that was no different from toddlers waddling around before a running adult!

They were not even close to being at the same level!

To be able to pull off such strength within ten minutes after comprehending a Spatial Quintessence, surpassing even those experts who had devoted their lives to studying the art… just what was going on?

It seemed like Wu Chen's doubts were shared by the adolescent boy sculpture as well. With a deep frown on his forehead, he asked in incomprehension, "Qiu Wu Zi's Spatial Quintessence is formidable, but not even the person in question would be able to pull of Spatial Interference as smoothly as you did!"

Ancient Sage Qiu Wu was reputed to be one of the few grandmasters of spatial arts, but even he had not reached this level of expertise!

"Oh. I found some flaws in Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's spatial heritage, so I altered it a little!" Zhang Xuan replied leisurely.

The Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel could probably be considered the pinnacle of the Master Teacher Continent's spatial arts, but when reflected under the Library of Heaven's Path, there was still a hulking number of flaws with it. What Zhang Xuan had cultivated was the perfected manual, a Heaven's Path technique, so it went without saying that the prowess would be on a completely different level!

Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's version might still have required the cultivator to gather energy, thus resulting in some time delay, but the one that Zhang Xuan had perfected through the Library of Heaven's Path had no such need!


Before the adolescent boy sculpture could say a word, Wu Chen had already shrieked in disbelief as he nearly keeled over.

He had witnessed the young man comprehending the Spatial Quintessence through browsing his books, and he had thought that it was already a formidable feat that the young man was able to grasp the spatial laws within it so quickly. Yet, who could have thought that within this short period of time, the young man had leisurely been picking bones with the current system of spatial arts and correcting its flaws…

And more importantly, his corrections were all spot-on, thus bringing the prowess of the spatial art to a whole new level.

How in the world could the heavens give birth to such a monster? This was unfair and inhumane!

Or… could that elementary spatial art manual really be that formidable, granting someone the ability to alter even Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's ultimate technique right after browsing through it?

If that was the case, he would really have to study it carefully once he got back so that he would one day possess the same mastery over spatial arts as Zhang Xuan!

"You corrected it?"

The adolescent boy sculpture also found it hard to believe Zhang Xuan's words, but he decided to attribute Zhang Xuan's success to the support of his seniors and chose not to ask any more about it. Thus, he got back to the topic at hand and said, "Since you have attained Qiu Wu Zi's heritage and cleared the test, you are more than qualified to enter the Ran Zi Hall. Please!"

As adolescent boy sculpture spoke, he bowed deeply before walking toward the Ran Zi Hall to lead the way in.


The tightly-shut doors to the Ran Zi Hall slowly creaked open, and the scent of ancient history burst forth from within.For those who are curious, Zi is an honorary suffix used to address distinguished or virtuous men. Qiu Wu (Zi) and Ran (Zi) are such examples. The same applies for Kong shi as well, who is commonly addressed as Kong (Zi).



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