Ancient Sage Ran Qiu was reputed to be Kong shi's strongest direct disciple, so naturally, his strength was not to be underestimated.

If these Golden Warriors really possessed his fighting instincts and moves, it would be nigh impossible for those of the same realm to defeat them!

"Actually, it isn't as exaggerated as that. While the Golden Warriors do possess the battle instincts of the master teacher behind the calligraphy, the circumstances in battle are ever changing. The slightest lapse in response can create the largest difference in the results of the battle. It would be amazing if the Golden Warriors could wield even half of Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's true strength," Luo Ruoxin remarked with a light chuckle.

In the end, even if the calligraphy was infused with Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's will and psyche, it was ultimately just a couple of characters. It was not really as fearsome as it sounded.

"You're right!" Zhang Xuan nodded. "Who should go first?"

"Allow me!" Wu Chen stepped forward and volunteered himself. "Allow me to pave the way forward for Milady and Zhang shi!"

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

While Wu Chen might have appeared to only be a thirteen to fourteen-year-old adolescent boy on the surface, the strength he had displayed so far was completely unlike what Zhang Xuan had seen before, so he did not think that there was anything to worry about.

Instead, this would be a good chance to see what those Golden Warriors of Mentor's Calligraphy were capable of!

"Let's begin!"

Seeing that someone had stepped out, the adolescent boy sculpture nodded, and the 'Ran'-word Golden Warrior walked over with widened strides. Its body shuddered a little before its aura began surging right to the level of the Great Sage realm, equivalent to that of Wu Chen.

"Formidable!" Zhang Xuan nodded in awe.

For calligraphy to be able to raise its cultivation and fight like a human… he never would have believed such a thing to be possible if he had not seen it with his own eyes.

It was no wonder the clans would go fight desperately just to obtain a small scroll of Kong shi's personal writing. It seemed like every single word of an Ancient Sage wielded extraordinary capabilities.


After raising its strength to Wu Chen's level, it whipped out a spear and thrust it toward Wu Chen without any hesitation.

Even while the spear was bolting for Wu Chen's heart, it tore a rift through space in its path, exhibiting the frightening might infused into this thrust.

"What impressive spearmanship…" Zhang Xuan clenched his fists excitedly.

The skills of a true expert would show even in a simple thrust.

As the one who had imparted his spearmanship to Zheng Yang, it went without saying that Zhang Xuan's mastery of the spear had reached a truly profound level. Admittedly, the spearmanship of the Golden Warrior was not as simple and effective as his, but it had still managed to capture the crux of spearmanship. Its sharpness was keenly directed to seal its opponent's movements and will, thus making it extremely difficult to withstand or escape from.

Naturally, Wu Chen also noticed the dangers behind the spear thrust, and he chuckled softly. "Good move!"

That being said, instead of dodging the spear thrust, he raised his finger and directed it right toward the spear tip, seemingly intending to face the Golden Warrior's attack straight on.

Under normal circumstances, facing a spear with one's finger was a foolproof method to win a date with death, but Wu Chen had channeled a revolving sphere of energy at his finger tip. If the spear tip really came into contact with this sphere, it would swiftly plunge the attack into the midst of a spatial turbulence, thus creating an opportunity for Wu Chen to turn the tables on the Golden Warrior.

Perhaps the Golden Warrior had instinctively sensed danger from Wu Chen's revolving sphere of energy, but without the slightest emotion on its face, it raised its spear abruptly.

This transformation in moves did not have the slightest hint of hesitation or delay in it, as if the earlier thrust was only a feint, and this was the real killer move.

To be able to switch from one move to another so swiftly was definitely not an easy task. Even for Zhang Xuan, it would take quite some effort.

"Truly impressive. Just this transformation grants the attack a third of my strength!" Zhang Xuan could not help but compliment.

With the Library of Heaven's Path and Eye of Insight, he was able to easily see through the flaws of the opponent's moves. As such, if he proclaimed himself the number two in executing offensive transformations, no one would dare declare themself number one! The fact that the Golden Warriors, who were solely made out of words, could wield a third of his true strength was already quite a terrifying feat.

"Heh!" Taken aback by the transformation in the Golden Warrior's spear art, Wu Chen harrumphed coldly as he bent his finger downward and flicked it.


A burst of sword qi surged forth from the tip of his finger and struck the Golden Warrior's spear, inducing a metallic clang. The spear was immediately sent flying from the Golden Warrior's hand.

Deng deng deng deng!

At the same time, the Golden Warrior was forced to retreat four steps before its body abruptly dissolved like flowing water, transforming back into the 'Ran'-word before flying back into the plaque.

"Incredible!" Zhang Xuan looked at Wu Chen with narrowed eyes.

In terms of individual fighting prowess, this Golden Warrior would be stronger than even Zheng Yang, yet Wu Chen had achieved victory with just two moves, and from the looks of it, the other party had not even gone all out… It seemed like there was more to Wu Chen than he had thought.

Flaws! Zhang Xuan willed.

Previously, he had attempted to use the Library of Heaven's Path to check Luo Ruoxin, only to end up fainting. After that incident, he did not dare peek at her anymore… However, surely peeking at the information of the adolescent boy who followed her around should be fine.

Once he knew the identity of the adolescent boy, it would not be too difficult for him to figure out Luo Ruoxin's identity.


The Library of Heaven's Path jolted, but no book was compiled.

What's going on? Zhang Xuan was astonished.

After battling with the Golden Warrior, Wu Chen was still driving the zhenqi in his body, and such an action could be considered as executing a battle technique. Under normal circumstances, the Library of Heaven's Path should have compiled a book on him, revealing his history and flaws. Why was nothing happening at all?

This should not be!

Does this mean to say that the adolescent boy possesses the Discarnate Constitution of Divination as well? Zhang Xuan frowned.

There should only be one possibility if the Library of Heaven's Path was unable to look into a person… and that was if the other party was an existence unseen by the heavens, a host of the Discarnate Constitution of Divination, just like himself!

There were many experts and geniuses on the Master Teacher Continent, but to this very day, there were only three people known to possess such a constitution. The first one was him, the second one was Luo Qiqi, and while the last one still remained a mystery… the chances were that the mysterious lady that Elder Feng had mentioned back then was Luo Ruoxin.

The fact that seers were unable to peer into this girlfriend of his and the Library of Heaven's Path was unable to read her proved this fact.

It was one thing for Luo Ruoxin to have the Discarnate Constitution of Divination, but to think that it would be the same for the adolescent boy… This was too fearsome!

When did such a constitution become so cheap and commonplace?

It's really about time for me to raise the level of the Library of Heaven's Path… Maybe I should find some time to pay a visit to the Shrine of Seers… Zhang Xuan stroked his lower jaw and pondered.

He had been raising his cultivation, but he had not really upgraded his Library of Heaven's Path over time.

While the Library of Heaven's Path was still plenty formidable without being upgraded, it was a little unnerving that there were some things that he could not see through. Perhaps this problem could be resolved after it was upgraded.

To date, he still had not fully figured out how upgrading the Library of Heaven's Path worked. The first time that it happened, he had been with Luo Ruoxin and passed out for three days straight. The second time, it had been right after he punished the Shrine of Seers.

He could not hope to emulate what had happened with Luo Ruoxin that day since he had no idea how that had happened either, but as for punishing the Shrine of Seers… that was a walk in the park! He could easily find the major Shrines of Seers over the continent and pay them a visit!

Of course, that was something to be thought about afterward. For the time being, he had to resolve the current situation first.

Raising his head, he saw Luo Ruoxin staring at him with a complicated look in her eyes. Words seemed to be at the tip of her tongue, but she chose not to speak in the end. Turning around, she looked at the two remaining Golden Warriors and said, "I'll deal with the second one."



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