With different encounters behind each of the ninety-nine doors, the danger levels were bound to be different too. Without a doubt, there would be a huge difference between selecting a right door and selecting a wrong door.

Otherwise, the adolescent boy sculpture would not have given them a whole incense's time to make their choice.

Considering that this was a trial left behind by an Ancient Sage, due to the limitation of his cultivation, it was understandable why the Eye of Insight did not work. However, what about the Library of Heaven's Path?

It boasted the ability to see through everything beneath the heavens.

Since that was the case, what better tool could there be than to have it make a choice in his stead? It should be easy for it to discern which ones were the right ones and which ones were the wrong ones!

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xuan immediately got to action.

He flicked his wrist, took out a white sheet of paper and a brush, and began drawing.

As an 8-star painter, the speed and quality of his drawing had already reached a superb level. In less than three minutes, he had already replicated a lifelike view of the entire atrium.

After that was done, he swiftly wrote the words 'Correct' on each and every door.

Given how many doors there were here, there was bound to be one that was more correct than the others. The Library of Heaven's Path was able to analyze the flaws and mistakes of objects, so by looking at the flaws, he would be able to determine which door he ought to enter.

While Zhang Xuan was busy doing all of this, the adolescent boy sculpture looked on with a completely bewildered expression.

He had thought that the young man would simply select a door and enter, but who could have thought that he would suddenly take out a brush and paper and begin drawing and writing?

All you have to do is choose one of the doors! Surely you don't have to go through so much trouble just to choose one, right?

Do you have difficulties making choices or something?

"Time's almost up. If you don't enter soon, your qualification to challenge the trial will be revoked," the adolescent boy sculpture warned.

"Noted. I'll make my choice soon…" Zhang Xuan replied as he finished scribbling 'Correct' on the final door.

Once that was done, he placed his finger on the painting.


An identical painting appeared in his mind.

Soon, upon finding the correct door to enter, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Opening his eyes, Zhang Xuan said with a smile, "Alright, I have made my choice…"

Seeing the confused look on the adolescent boy sculpture's face, he explained with a light chuckle, "Actually, I'm also an avid painter. Whenever I see interesting scenes, I have an urge to draw them… This bad habit of mine kicked up earlier when I saw this splendid atrium, so I ask for your understanding!"

"Interesting scenes? Splendid atrium?" The adolescent boy sculpture was rendered speechless.

All that's in this atrium are granite doors… If even such a sight is interesting to you, your right hand must be really busy!

"Well, I don't blame you for not understanding. You are just a stone sculpture, so it's understandable that you don't share the aesthetics of us humans!" Zhang Xuan laughed heartily a little as he patted the shoulder of the adolescent boy sculpture sympathetically before heading toward one of the doors.

"You…" Realizing that he had just been mocked, the adolescent boy sculpture bared his teeth furiously.

Ancient Sage Qiu Wu had been an upright and austere person, so how in the world did he end up taking in such an infuriating little brat as his student?

A person as troublesome as you is doomed to be single for life! To think that you can be so indecisive about choosing a door… Huh? Wait a moment!

Looking at the direction that the young man was heading in, the adolescent boy sculpture suddenly widened his eyes in astonishment.


He stared with his mouth agape as the young man opened the door and disappeared into it.

He actually chose that door? But that is… How did he know? The adolescent boy sculpture blinked in disbelief.

Of the ninety-nine doors, the chances of that young man choosing that door randomly was simply too slim, so he did not think that the young man would be able to select that one. Who would have thought that he would be so lucky as to choose that door out of so many choices?

It was almost as if lady luck was shining on him!

Soon, the adolescent boy sculpture recovered from his shock and harrumphed coldly. Even if his luck is good, he'll need some strength to match his luck. That fellow in the door is far more violent and merciless than I am! Even if he has chosen the correct door, he could very well lose his life in there!


As the granite door closed, Zhang Xuan found himself standing within a passageway. He took a few more steps forward, intending to scan his surroundings so as to see what was around, but before he could do anything, an overwhelming pressure suddenly pressed down on him, causing his body to stagger a little.

This pressure seemed to seep right into his soul, carrying a force that threatened to crush him into bits the moment that he let his guard down.

It's a soul attack… Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

He had undergone plenty of soul attacks in the past, but this was the first time that he had encountered one as forceful as this. It seemed to pierce right through his physical body, leaving him feeling as if he was standing in the midst of a turbulent ocean, powerless against the overwhelming force before him.

Heaven's Path Soul Art!

Knowing that it would be bad if he allowed such an attack to continue getting to him, Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and began driving his soul energy furiously to fend off the attack.

While his soul was only at Saint 9-dan pinnacle, it had undergone the tempering of lightning, making it far larger and more resilient than other souls. As such, even though the soul attack was formidable, he was still able to just about withstand it.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he quickly advanced forward.

He wanted to see just what kind of existence could execute such a powerful soul attack.

Geji! Geji!

However, the further he advanced, the stronger the pressure on his soul became.

After taking roughly a dozen steps, he was forced to come to a halt.

In the end, it seemed like his cultivation was still too low for this trial. At this point, his body and soul were already at their breaking point.

It seems like I have already reached my limit… Should I activate Kong shi's blood droplet then? Zhang Xuan pondered grimly.

With the enhanced power from Kong shi's blood droplet, there was no doubt that he would be able to fend off the soul attack with ease. However, the problem was that there were only three droplets in total, and he had already consumed one. He would definitely need one when he encountered the Otherworldly Demons who had kidnapped Zhao Ya and the others, so he was a little hesitant about using one right now.

After all, it was his strongest trump card. He could not afford to squander it away so easily!

The first time that I encountered the lightning tribulation, I was also helpless before it. I thought that I would be electrocuted to death… but afterward, I found that I was able to absorb its energy! While this pressure is hard to bear, I could use it as a medium to temper my soul and make it even purer. Perhaps, this might just become the impetus for me to master Soul Traverse!

The last time that Zhang Xuan met Lu Chong, the latter had already imparted the secret art of Soul Traverse to him. He had attempted to learn it, but due to several flaws in the secret art, he had ended up losing his motivation. Furthermore, his soul had also been a little lacking then… However, with such heavy pressure pressing down on him, it was a good opportunity for him to try tempering his soul!

Perhaps, he might just find unexpected rewards.

Alright, let's begin… Zhang Xuan thought as he went through the secret manual of Soul Traverse in his mind.

As Zhang Xuan went through the secret manual of Soul Traverse, a thought arose in his mind.

Soul Traverse is achieved by slipping one's soul in between the building blocks of space, thus allowing one to transcend the limitations of space… Previously, it was due to my lack of understanding of what the 'building blocks of space' truly meant that I felt that it was plagued with flaws. However, now that my Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel has reached 4-dan, will I be able to perfect Soul Traverse by compiling the two together?

As much as Soul Traverse was a soul secret art, it could also be said to be an ingenious manipulation of the properties of space.

Considering the books relating to space that he had recently collected, if he compiled them together with Soul Traverse, would he just be able to complement the flaws in them?


Getting right into action, Zhang Xuan combined the Soul Traverse manual with the other spatial secret art manuals, and before long, a new book materialized into existence.



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