Even though the skeletal dragon had lowered its cultivation, there was no doubt that it was the absolute pinnacle among Saint 9-dan pinnacle entities.

Putting aside the fact that its body had already been tempered to a level exceeding Great Sage realm cultivators, just its battle instincts alone had been refined over the many years of battle with Ancient Sage Ran Qiu. It had encountered all kinds of cultivators and many different ultimate techniques, but this… what the heck was this?

Seemingly devoid of skills, the young man simply rushed in to rain down a barrage of attacks on it as if some street hoodlum.

And what was even more stifling was that it was actually unable to dodge at all!

This had to be the greatest humiliation that it had ever faced since its birth!


As the fists and kicks continued raining down on its head, the skeletal dragon finally reached the limits of its patience. With a furious roar, it compressed its body tightly together.


The entire body of massive bones swiftly converged together to form a black spear.


With a powerful pierce, as if a block of ice struck by a hammer, the sealed space shattered instantaneously with a resounding reverberation.

Deng deng deng deng!

Due to the feedback, Zhang Xuan was forced to retreat several steps as his chest ached a little under the impact of the previous encounter.

The ability to seal space was indeed powerful, but in the face of a true expert, its effectiveness was discounted.

While the force that the Dragonbone Divine Spear exerted was still within the range of Saint 9-dan pinnacle, it was able to gather all of its might in a single point to conduct a burst attack that exceeded the limits of the sealed space.

Of course, this also had something to do with the fact that he had just comprehended the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing. If he spent more time comprehending it so as to advance his level of mastery of spatial arts, he would be able to use it more smoothly, and it would not have been so easy for the Dragonbone Divine Spear to break it.

"How dare you humiliate me? I'll make you pay the price for your actions!"

After breaking the sealed space and achieving freedom once more, the skeletal dragon howled furiously. From its spear form, it reverted back to the appearance of a skeletal dragon as it dashed forth with its mouth wide open.


Barely after arriving before the young man, another blur flashed across its eyes, and the young man vanished from sight. It hurriedly searched the surroundings for the young man, only to see a leg flying toward its face.

Peng peng peng peng!

Four consecutive kicks threw the skeletal dragon into a state of disorientation, and its skull was nearly lopped off its neck.

"Screw you…" the skeletal dragon bellowed hysterically.

Since it's a duel, surely we can have a fair fight, right? Why do you have to keep aiming for my face? Are you sure that you are a master teacher?

Don't you know that the face is out of bounds?


Seething with fury, the skeletal dragon whipped its thick tail toward the young man in the air, wanting to crush him to bits. However, barely after raising its tail, it suddenly felt a tension stopping the movement of its tail.

Unknowingly, the young man was already beneath him, grabbing its tail bone.

Bam bam bam bam!

With overwhelming might, the young man slammed it from left to right as if a whip, causing its head to crash relentlessly with the ground, creating huge pits here and there.

"The skeletal dragon… is being pummeled?"

The adolescent boy sculpture watching the happenings through a screen of light shuddered in horror at that sight. It was simply too shocking that his head even fell to the ground and rolled to the side.

He swiftly picked it up and secured it on his neck before turning his gaze back to the screen. The more he watched it, the more horrified he seemed to become.

Even though the skeletal dragon had suppressed its cultivation down to Saint 9-dan, it should still have been the absolute pinnacle existence among Saint 9-dan entities! Yet, the young man was actually able to render it completely helpless, almost as if an adult toying with a child.

Do you really have to be this savage?

If not for the skeletal dragon tempering its bones to the level of near invulnerability, this vicious pummeling would have already reduced it to powdery remains.

The adolescent boy sculpture had considered most possibilities, including one where the young man was completely destroyed by the skeletal dragon, but not even in his wildest imagination did he fathom such an outcome.

How could he have?

That was the personal weapon of Ancient Sage Ran Qiu, the Dragonbone Divine Spear!

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I'll kill you!"

Slammed to the point where its head was spinning endlessly, the skeletal dragon could not stand it any longer and released the seal on its cultivation. Its powers immediately pierced the heavens, and in the blink of an eye, its cultivation had risen from Saint 9-dan to Great Sage 1-dan Introspective Convalescence realm!

With the huge boost in its prowess, the skeletal dragon successfully struggled free from Zhang Xuan's grip, and it twisted its body forcefully and tore its claw down upon Zhang Xuan!


But with a burst of wind, the young man vanished from the skeletal dragon's vision once more. The next instant, he appeared right above the skeletal dragon's head as he sent a powerful kick toward its temple.

"…" The skeletal dragon's frenzy had already transcended words.

It was one thing for it not to be a match for the young man in the same realm, but it had already raised its cultivation by one realm, and the young man was still able to dodge its attack with ease! Just how powerful was the young man?

Not even the powerful Ancient Sage Ran Qiu possessed such fighting prowess! In a battle in the same cultivation realm, it was likely that even Ancient Sage Ran Qiu would not be a match for the young man!

The skeletal dragon hurriedly cowered back to dodge the attack.

While its agility and reaction speed had been enhanced significantly after raising its cultivation up to the Introspective Convalescence realm, it was still nowhere near enough to compete with the young man's speed.

If the young man executed that time bloodline ability once more, it could still have accepted its loss. After all, there were no moves that could possibly outdo time.

But… the young man was only relying on some unique movement arts and his understanding of spatial laws to render him powerless.

Honestly, the skeletal dragon was still trying to figure out how this had happened!

It was as if the other party knew where it would attack in advance, easily finding the blind spots and flaws in its attacks!

The more the skeletal dragon fought, the more stifled it felt.

Peng peng peng peng!

After suffering yet another four-kick chain combo, its rage finally exploded, and its cultivation surged forth once more.

Despite wielding such strength, the young man had actually duped it into lowering its cultivation! Without a doubt, it was a vicious scheme, and against schemers, there was no need for it to uphold its principles!

Thus, it decided not to suppress its cultivation anymore, and in the blink of an eye, its cultivation broke through the bottleneck of Introspective Convalescence… Aureate Body, Intuitive Impulse, Sempiternal…

In less than a single breath, it had returned to the overwhelming expert from before.

"Lad, didn't you have a lot of fun pummeling me? Very well, let me see how you'll cope with this!" the skeletal dragon roared furiously.

But even so, the young man still vanished from its sights once more. Hurriedly raising its head, it saw that the young man was already sitting on a stone bench not too far away from the lake, holding a cup of tea in his hand like a refined gentleman.

"Hmm?" Hearing the skeletal dragon's roar, Zhang Xuan put down his teacup calmly and replied, "Don't you think it's really barbarous to be talking about pummeling and killing? Since you are Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's personal weapon, you should understand the propriety of respect and magnanimity. Since you have already lost, you should obediently acknowledge me as your master!"

"You want me to acknowledge me as your master? An insolent brat like you actually dares to…"

If its emotions could be materialized, the skeletal dragon would have burst into flames there and then!

You were the one who was viciously pummeling earlier, but now that I have restored my cultivation, you suddenly said that you don't want to fight anymore… How can there be something so convenient in the world?

Dream on!

If I don't leave several holes in you and reduce you to a pile of meat, I shan't be known as the Dragonbone Divine Spear anymore!

"Are you sure you don't want to acknowledge me as your master?" the young man asked calmly.

"Hah! If you want me to acknowledge you as my master, why don't you try defeating me right here and…" the skeletal dragon sneered furiously.

But before it could finish its words, a loud rumble echoed in its head.

"Moo! Mou!"


All of a sudden, the skeletal dragon felt its body stiffening in place. It felt as if a superior being was exerting dominance over it, suppressing it very down to the core. Unable to move at all, it plummeted from the sky.

"It's out of respect for you that I allowed you to clash with me, but you seem to be climbing over my head!"

Harrumphing coldly, Zhang Xuan composedly rose to his feet and placed his hands behind his back. "Acknowledge me as your master right now or face the consequences of your insolence!"



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