The first group of people whom Zhang Xuan managed to process consisted of Luo Ruoxin and Wu Chen. They had grim looks on their faces.

On the opposite side were the four young men who emanated a vicious killing aura. Even before making a move, their auras had already permeated the entire room, as if signaling their dominance.

They were the four Otherworldly Demons who they had tailed here.

At close proximity, Zhang Xuan was finally able to get a clear look of the appearances of the four of them. Donned in a black robe, they had tall hats and a little stubble beneath their chins.

"These are the culprits who have kidnapped Zhao Ya, Wei Ruyan, and Yuan Tao…" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes menacingly as he casually placed his hand on his waist, ready to make a move at any moment.

"The final candidate has finally cleared the trial as well."

In this moment, a calm voice sounded in the air, breaking the heavy tension in the air. The adolescent boy sculpture walked over and faced the crowd.

"Since you have successfully cleared your respective trials, you are qualified to inherit the treasure that Ancient Sage Ran Qiu has left here."


Right after those words were spoken, radiant light shimmered all around the room as a stone platform slowly rose from the ground. At the very center of the stone platform was an amulet the size of a palm.

Ancient inscriptions were carved on the amulet. While it appeared to hold no extraordinary prowess at all, if one attempt to peer into it through one's consciousness, one would immediately experience a searing sensation in the mind.

Is that the Celestial Amulet of Legacy? Zhang Xuan wondered with a frown as he hurried over to Luo Ruoxin's side.

The Prime Amulet was the very reason for their visit there. Since it had already emerged, it seemed like a fight could not be avoided anymore. Not only did they have to secure the amulet, they also had to capture those four and force them to reveal the whereabouts of Zhao Ya and the others!

"It has finally appeared!"

The four young men could not conceal the agitation from surfacing on their faces when they saw the Prime Amulet, and an excited gleam shone from their eyes.

Paying no heed to the group of four, Zhang Xuan discreetly looked at the young lady beside him and asked, "Are you fine?"

Since he had gone through so much danger in his trial, it was likely that Luo Ruoxin had encountered quite a bit of trouble as well.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Luo Ruoxin shook his head as she glanced at the belt around Zhang Xuan's waist and nodded in approval. "It seems like you have gained quite a lot from your trial!"

Not expecting to be found out so quickly, Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly. "Haha, I guess so!"

Really, it felt as if there was nothing that he could do that could escape from her sight!

"The Dragonbone Divine Spear is powerful. With your current strength, you won't be able to draw out even a hundredth of its full prowess, but even so, it's already more than sufficient!" Luo Ruoxin remarked with a smile.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He was just about to continue speaking when the voice of adolescent boy sculpture sounded once more.

"I can tell that both sides desire to obtain this Celestial Amulet of Legacy… Since that's the case, let's decide the allocation through your strength then! Feel free to use any means at your disposal, and whoever manages to acquire it shall be the new owner of this Celestial Amulet of Legacy!" The adolescent boy sculpture chuckled softly as he addressed the crowd.

"Since the elder has already said such words, we shan't stand on ceremony then!"

The scholarly young man of the group of four immediately dashed right toward the Celestial Amulet of Legacy, intending to swipe possession of it.


However, before his hand could reach the Celestial Amulet of Legacy, it suddenly struck something hard. No matter how much might he exerted, he was unable to push his hand any closer toward the amulet.

It was an isolation barrier.

"You want to take away the amulet? Have you asked for my permission yet?" Wu Chen smirked disdainfully as he dashed forward as well.

Unlike the scholarly young man, his target was not the amulet. Devastating might rumbled in his hand as he directed it toward the back of the scholarly young man.


Seeing that Wu Chen was intending to make a move on one of their comrades, a fragile looking young man leaped forth, and with a furious roar, an ancient zither appeared at his fingertips. He stroked his fingers gracefully across the strings, and a ferocious melody burst forth.

Triiingg tingg!

"It's indeed an artifact of Ancient Sage Yan Yan!" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes.

This zither was not the strongest of Ancient Sage Yan Yan's artifacts, but it had been personally refined by him. Even the slightest stroke could produce the most imposing of notes, as if an army of thousands charging forward with an unstoppable momentum!

Any Ancient Sage artifacts that could be preserved to this very day, even the simplest of them, were tools that could not be underestimated.


Under the assault of the fragile young man, Wu Chen retracted his attack toward the scholarly young man and redirected his might to clash with the demonic tune. In the clash, ripples of shockwaves diffused into the surroundings.

Over the course of the clash, Zhang Xuan could tell that both the scholarly young man and the fragile young man wielded fighting prowess that could match Yang shi! They had reached the pinnacle of Great Sage, the Sempiternal realm!

It was no wonder they could take Zhao Ya and the others away so easily! With their strength and the Ancient Sage artifacts in their possession, they were indeed a force that would be hard to stand against!

"Ruoxin, I'll be counting on you to stop the fellow attempting to snatch the Celestial Amulet of Legacy. If possible, try to find a way to snatch the amulet yourself. As for the rest, leave them to Wu Chen and me!" Zhang Xuan said.

Taking a deep breath, he touched the blood droplet in his palm, and a powerful surge of energy swiftly swept through his body.

Since the culprits who had kidnapped Zhao Ya and his other students were there, there was no need for him to stand on ceremony. He would pry open their mouths and get their locations out of them!

"Un." Knowing that the current Zhang Xuan had the ability to deal with those four young men, Luo Ruoxin nodded before dashing toward the Celestial Amulet of Legacy.

"Heh, how can I possibly allow you take the amulet so easily?"

With a deafening roar, a dark-skinned young man dashed forth, intending to hinder Luo Ruoxin. But barely after he took a step forward, he felt an immense pressure crushing down on him, forcing him to stop in his tracks. The next moment, he saw that Zhang Xuan was already standing right before him with a cold smile on his face.

"Get your facts right! Your opponent is me!"

Astonished by Zhang Xuan's sudden appearance, the dark-skinned young man instinctively realized that he would not be able to get past the other party easily, so he quickly barked an order to the last young man in the group. "What are you dawdling around for? Stop her!"

The last young man finally recovered from his daze and hurriedly nodded. "Alright!"

Following which, he stretched his hand forth to grab Luo Ruoxin.

This last young man was the tallest among the group of four, and his body was slightly bloated as well, giving an impression that he was not too nimble. However, the fighting prowess that he displayed was extraordinary, not losing out to the other three at all!

A powerful might rumbled from the last young man's hand, as if he wielded strength comparable to a devastating bolt of lightning.

"Hahaha, don't waste your effort! The two of you are mine!"

But before the last young man could get too far, a cold chuckle echoed in the air. Following which, a ferocious pressure pressed down on the last young man, dissipating whatever might he wielded in his hand.

Astonished, the four young men could not help but shoot a glance at Zhang Xuan, who was holding a pitch-black spear in his hand, emanating a cold and lofty aura.

Realizing that Zhang Xuan's strength was far beyond what they could deal with individually, the dark-skinned young man yelled anxiously, "Let's make a move together!"


Thus, the dark-skinned young man and the last young man whipped out their swords and flicked two bolts of sword qi over simultaneously. Even space itself seemed to moan under the tremendous force of their sword qi, and it appeared as if the bolts would rip Zhang Xuan apart if they struck him.

"Let me show you just how frightening an existence you have provoked when you chose to kidnap Zhao Ya and my other students!"

With a flick of his wrist, a sound reminiscent of a dragon's roar sounded from Zhang Xuan's spear as it bolted forward.

Kacha! Kacha!

A black hole appeared in the point of collision between the spear and the two bolts of sword qi, causing the entire atrium to shake intensely.

Even though the folded space that they were in was extraordinary stable, it was ultimately still an artificial space. It could not possibly withstand such frightening might!

Peng! Peng!

The faces of the dark-skinned young man and the last young man warped in horror as their bodies were sent flying into the distance, as if they had been struck squarely by a hammer. They crashed heavily into the wall, creating a massive hole behind them as blood seeped down from the corners of their mouths.

With just a single flick of his spear, Zhang Xuan had successfully suppressed a coordinated attack from two Sempiternal realm experts.

For the first time, the ultimate fighting prowess derived from Kong shi's blood droplet and the Dragonbone Divine Spear was shown to the world!



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