"You scoundrel, do you know whom you are talking to?"

"I advise you not to let your ego get the better of you. Just because you have some talent, you've become so complacent as if there's no one better than you in the world. It seems like I really should pound some humility into those haughty bones of yours!"

Upon hearing his words, the other three students of Nangong Yuanfeng glared at him furiously. If not for their position, they would have dashed right up and torn that fellow's mouth apart.

To challenge the five of them simultaneously… Who do you think you are?

Do you think that you are Kong Shiyao?

At the same time, Luo Ganzhen and Luo Xuanqing's lips also twitched uncontrollably upon hearing those words.

That middle-aged man is truly daring! To dare to humiliate even the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, is he really unafraid of death?

That being said… why does it feel so exhilarating to hear him say such words?

Calm down, calm down, I mustn't laugh at this moment… That would be too embarrassing!

In truth, the Hundred Schools of Philosophers had appeared several times in the Master Teacher Continent before, but they had always taken a high and mighty position, which was also understandable since they had succeeded the heritage of Kong shi and his seventy-two direct disciples… However, from the man's tone, it seemed as if those lot from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers were the true countryside bumpkins!

Really, so what if they were from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers? Was it really something worth bragging about?

"Well said!"

"Weren't you all arrogant just now?

"Screw them all! This is the kind of dominance that our Luo Clan should have! If we had maintained such an attitude from the very start, do you think that Zhang Xuan would have dared to reject the engagement with our little princess?"

"Hah! Even if that Zhang Xuan inflated his ego tenfold, he would not dare say such words!"

While those on the elevated platform were still astonished by the turn of events, the many spectators beneath were so excited that they almost began dancing.

After all of the grievances that they had suffered, there was finally an outlet for them to vent their frustration!

"A duel is not won by having a sharp mouth! I hope that you have the strength to match your words!"

With a livid expression, Nangong Yuanfeng flicked his wrist and raised his head. "The fact that you are able to keep the Spatial Top spinning shows that your comprehension of spatial laws has already reached the fourth level. As such, it's indeed true that Mo-er would not be a match of you. Why don't you propose the format of the duel that is fair for the both of us then?"

"Don't worry, I won't take advantage of you all. There's not much point competing over a mere top. So, just like Luo Xuanqing, I'll challenge you all to a battle of strength!"

As long as Zhang Xuan willed it, he could get the Spatial Top to spin for many days without falling, but that would not be enough to recoup the Luo Clan's reputation. Since he had already chosen to deal with the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, he should go all out.

Before Nangong Yuanfeng could say anything, Mo-er narrowed his eyes. "You wish to challenge us to a battle of strength? Are you certain?"

His comprehension of space was not on par with the other party, but as a genius of the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism, he was skilled in all kinds of top-notch battle techniques. On top of that, his cultivation was also higher than the other party's, so if they fought in a normal duel, he was confident that he would be able to achieve victory!

This was an ideal opportunity to teach that arrogant brat a lesson and grind some humility into his bones!

"Of course I'm certain! Make your move!" Zhang Xuan replied arrogantly.

Chuckling softly, a hint of viciousness flickered across Mo-er's eyes. "Very well then. I won't take advantage of you either, so I'll suppress my cultivation down to Saint 9-dan pinnacle…"

He swiftly suppressed his strength, and in the blink of an eye, his cultivation had already fallen to Saint 9-dan pinnacle.

After that was done, Mo-er clenched his fists tightly and dashed forward, intending to make the first move.

"Mo-er, exercise some prudence when you attack him. Make sure not to hurt him too much…" Nangong Yuanfeng sent a telepathic message over.

"Teacher, rest assured. I understand!" Mo-er replied telepathically as he suddenly morphed into a gust of wind, and his silhouette vanished completely from the spot.

"Where is he?"

"Why did he suddenly disappear from view?"

A huge commotion broke out from the crowd.

Clearly, Mo-er had not gone all out when he fought with Luo Xuanqing earlier. Perhaps viewing Zhang Xuan to be a dangerous opponent, he had gone all out from the very start and vanished from the elevated platform, leaving Zhang Xuan alone in the middle.

"That's a unique spatial art! It utilizes the distortion of space to erase one's presence from the surroundings, allowing one to go into concealment!" Luo Ganzhen's face darkened.

Putting aside Luo Xuanqing, not even Luo Ganzhen himself was confident that he would be able to overcome this move!

"Utilizes the distortion of space?" Luo Xuanqing frowned in confusion.

"Light moves in a straight line, and that's how our vision work. The other party is exploiting this very property of light through warping the space around him, making it impossible for us to see him at all. Not only so, as it's a complete distortion of space, not just a simple refraction of light, it's impossible for our Spiritual Perception to perceive it. Of course, this manipulation is extremely straining, making it infeasible to maintain it for an extended period of time, but considering how a battle could be determined within a fraction of a second, it could be a powerful tool if used under the right circumstances!" Luo Ganzhen explained.

"This… Doesn't that mean that the geniuses of our clan don't stand a chance at victory at all?" Luo Xuanqing's face paled.

If one could not even locate one's opponent, how could one possibly win a battle?

"It seems like the chances at victory are extremely slim…" Luo Ganzhen shook his head gloomily.

Meanwhile, at the center of the elevated platform, Luo Tianya's eyebrows shot up in displeasure as he complained grumpily, "What are you leaping around for? You are giving me a headache over here!"

Right after saying those words, he flicked his palm out and struck the air.


There was a crisp feedback to that slap. A figure was instantaneously squeezed out of a space that was supposed to be completely empty, and the figure crashed heavily down from the elevated platform and spurted a mouthful of blood before passing out.


"Junior Mo!"

Seeing the unconscious figure twitching on the ground, the faces of Nangong Yuanfeng and his three other students warped in horror.

Even they would be hard pressed to locate Mo-er once he had activated that technique, and yet, without even taking a single step, the middle-aged man had actually been able to send Mo-er flying with a slap… Just how in the world was this possible?

Luo Ganzhen was also rendered speechless by that feat.

He had just said a moment ago that their chances of victory were slim, but then the expert from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers had been sent flying the next instant… Was that Luo Tianya not a little too fearsome?

The three young men quickly rushed down to pop a pill into Mo-er's mouth. A few moments later, Mo-er slowly regained consciousness. He stared at the sky with a dazed look, almost as if he had lost his soul.

Even at that moment, he still could not understand how the middle-aged man had managed to find him and slap him out of the distorted space.

"Teacher, I wish to challenge him to a duel!" Knowing that Mo-er had suffered a heavy setback and needed some time to recover, one of the young men from the remaining three students clasped his fist and bowed.

"Alright, go ahead!" Nangong Yuanfeng said as he clenched his fists tightly together. "There's something weird about that fellow. Be careful."

At this moment, he knew better than to continue underestimating the man.

"Teacher, rest assured!" The young man nodded.

He turned to Zhang Xuan, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes. "I wish to challenge you to a duel. Are you willing to accept the challenge?"

"You?" Zhang Xuan clicked his tongue impatiently and shook his head.

"Like I said, you all should come me at once, or else all you will be getting is a good pummeling… Fine, I won't take advantage of you. I'll give you a second to do whatever you want, and I won't retaliate at all!"



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