In Zhang Xuan's brief daze, Qi Zhen released a deafening bellow.

Together with the elder of the Seer Guild headquarters, Mo Qin, he charged right for Wu Chen in the air.

"Humph!" Wu Chen harrumphed disdainfully as he thrust his palm downward in retaliation.


The surrounding space froze. Before Qi Zhen and Mo Qin could even react, they were already struck squarely on their chest, causing them to fall heavily onto the ground as blood spurted forth from their mouths wildly.

Despite being Great Sage 2-dan experts, they were still far too lacking in comparison to Wu Chen.

Tss la!

Wu Chen did not seem to have noticed Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin's presence. After knocking down the two old men, he thrust his palm once more toward the room at the back, where Vicious' upper body was supposedly located. The space around the room at the back immediately collapsed, causing the ceiling to be destroyed.


At that moment, a brush flew forth from the sinking ceiling and struck the collapsed space above. Following which, a sharp sound echoed in the air and spatial ripples diffused into the surroundings.

"It's those four Otherworldly Demons!" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

That brush that had just flown forth was extremely familiar to him. It was one of the artifacts of the four Otherworldly Demons that he had met in Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's ancient domain!

He had not thought that he would meet them here once more.

It seemed like after separating from them, Wu Chen had somehow managed to track them down here.

I should make a move, too! Zhang Xuan thought.

He grabbed the belt wrapped around his waist and whipped out the Dragonbone Divine Spear. After which, he darted toward the sky.

Ding ding ding ding!

After a few metallic clangs, Zhang Xuan was forced to retreat with a pale face.

Without igniting Kong shi's blood droplet, he was simply no match for those four young men.


While Zhang Xuan was being forced back, a ferocious bellow reverberated from beneath. The scholarly young man charged forth from his hiding place, and with a flick of his wrist, a long sword materialized in his hand. With the support of the demonic tune and the brush, he launched a decisive assault toward Wu Chen.

A furious barrage of sword qi filled the sky above the Seer Guild. One could not help but feel blinded by the dense congregation of sword qi, almost as if the sword was the only existence in the world.

As the surrounding air moaned under the intense pressure from the barrage of sword qi, black dimension rifts were forcefully ripped open all around.

The scholarly young man had used his full strength right from the start. Even compared to the time when Zhang Xuan had clashed with him in Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's ancient domain, he seemed to be significantly stronger than before.

But as powerful as the scholarly young man was, Wu Chen was even stronger!

"Humph!" Wu Chen harrumphed coldly.

Without the slightest hint of panic, he thrust his palm downward once more.

The black dimension rifts scattered around began repairing at a visible pace, and the seemingly indomitable scholarly young man suddenly froze in the air with his sword. Shockingly, he was actually unable to press forward at all!

"What formidable prowess!" Zhang Xuan complimented with widened eyes.

He truly did not expect Wu Chen to be so powerful.

Even if he had ignited Kong shi's blood droplet, it was unlikely that he would have been able to cope with the offense of the scholarly young man any better than Wu Chen.


Another explosion sounded within the Seer Guild beneath, and several more figures charged toward Wu Chen. Along with the appearance of those figures, blood-curdling killing intent settled into the surrounding air, leaving one feeling as if one had plunged into the midst of a harsh battlefield.

"They are all Otherworldly Demons!" Zhang Xuan's body stiffened in astonishment.

He did not expect so many Otherworldly Demons to appear all at once. Furthermore, they did not even make any attempt to conceal themselves.

"No, it's because this is the Seer Guild. Not only will it conceal their auras, it will also conceal them from the peering eyes of the heavens. Naturally, there's no need for them to conceal their identities at all…" Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

Back when they were still at Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's ancient domain, they still had to disguise themselves a little. Otherwise, if the Prime Amulet had figured out their true identity and attempted to suppress them, they could have faced serious problems.

On the other hand, as long as they ensured that no survivors walked out of the Seer Guild alive, no one would be any wiser about their true identity.


Knowing that any hesitation at this moment could very well cost their lives, Zhang Xuan immediately ignited the final droplet of Kong shi's blood.

It was his greatest trump card, which was why he was a little reluctant to use it. However, he knew that if he did not make a move right now and Wu Chen fell victim to them, he and Luo Ruoxin could very well be next!

Hong long long!

As soon as Kong shi's blood droplet was ignited, Zhang Xuan immediately felt overwhelming strength wrapping around his body, bringing his fighting prowess to a whole new level. Wielding the Dragonbone Divine Spear in hand, he charged toward the closest Otherworldly Demon to him.


Without any hesitation, he pushed his spear right for the Otherworldly Demon's vitals.

It was due to his hesitation that those four young men had escaped the previous time. This time, he would not allow history to repeat itself!


Caught off guard by the sudden emergence of such a powerful foe, the Otherworldly Demon had no choice but to forcefully twist his body and divert his attack on Wu Chen to defending against Zhang Xuan.

An air of malicious intent rushed toward Zhang Xuan, and the Otherworldly Demon swiftly swept its claw toward him.


But given Zhang Xuan's current prowess, how could he possibly allow the Otherworldly Demon to do as he pleased?

He swiftly adjusted the trajectory of his spear to pierce right through the Otherworldly Demon's claw before thrusting right into the depths of the latter's heart.

While his spear was still lodged into the Otherworldly Demon's body, he forcefully jolted it around.


The next instant, the Otherworldly Demon's body exploded, collapsing into a lump of meat.

Just like that, a Great Sage 4-dan Sempiternal realm expert met his end.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

Seeing their companions losing his life in the blink of an eye, the remaining Otherworldly Demons were visibly stunned for an instant. Perhaps out of realization that Zhang Xuan posed the greatest threat to them, a handful of them immediately changed their target and focused their assault on him.


With narrowed eyes, Zhang Xuan flicked his spear with a single hand. It warped into a majestic dragon and charged for the closest Otherworldly Demon to it.

At the same time, he snapped his finger lightly with his other free hand.



As if the surrounding space had been frozen solid, everything around the Seer Guild suddenly halted.

The assailing Otherworldly Demons did not expect Zhang Xuan to possess such a technique. As soon as they realized that they were outmatched, they immediately tried to turn around and flee, but it was already too late. The space around them was sealed, and they could not move an inch anymore.


The spear pierced right through the head of the closest Otherworldly Demon. It was instantaneous death. However, due to the frozen space, its body continued floating quietly in the air eerily.

With two Otherworldly Demons slain, the burden on Wu Chen lessened considerably. He launched two consecutive palm strikes, sending the scholarly young man flying with the first and destroying the zither of the fragile young man with the second.


At this moment, a skeletal structure of an upper body rose into the air.

It was hard to determine what kind of material the upper body was made of, but the ribcage had a crystal-clear transparency to it, reminiscent of top-quality jade. Instead of overpowering killing intent, it had an academic air to it.

"Master, it's my upper body!" Vicious exclaimed anxiously.

"It's finally out!"

Seeing that Vicious' upper body was indeed here, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he flicked his wrist, and the Book of Heaven's Path flew right toward the upper body.


It took barely an instant for the Book of Heaven's Path to seal the upper body within it.

It had been much more troublesome with Vicious' head and finger because they already possessed independent thought. On the other hand, the many years of suppression under Sage Kui within the Sanctum of Sages had completely purified Vicious' upper body, removing any hint of consciousness from it.

As such, it did not take much effort for the Book of Heaven's Path to seal it.

Witnessing this scene, Wu Chen's eyebrows shot up in astonishment.

"Hahaha, I am going to make a breakthrough. Master, I'm going into hibernation… You must take care of yourself…" Vicious roared with laughter, and slowly, his voice faded away.


Zhang Xuan could feel Vicious' consciousness falling into a deep slumber.

It was probably the same as many times before. Assimilating his upper body was probably a highly exhausting activity that required him to go into hibernation.

He should be able to make a breakthrough to Great Sage once it awakes once more… Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh inwardly.

While all this was being done, his body had not been slacking around. He decisively drove his spear into the body of another Otherworldly Demon, intending to kill him as well.

However, at that moment, a devastating aura suddenly gushed forth from the Seer Guild, and it rose right into the clouds.

This aura was so ridiculously powerful that it felt almost as if it could even flip the heavens upside down!

"Could this be… an Ancient Sage?" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in shock.

The ignition of Kong shi's blood droplet would have granted him strength invincible to those beneath Ancient Sage, but in the face of the ridiculously overpowered aura rising from the Seer Guild, he felt like an ant standing before an elephant.

He could not even fathom just how powerful the individual commanding such an aura would be.

Probably, this was the level of strength that only the Ancient Sages that he had heard so much about commanded.

Alarmed, he quickly turned his sights in the direction of the aura, only to see a hulking Otherworldly Demon charging toward Luo Ruoxin at an absurd speed.

Dread and panic exploded in Zhang Xuan's mind as he roared in agitation, "Ruoxin, careful!"

If the Ancient Sage Otherworldly Demon really got to Luo Ruoxin, she would die without the slightest hint of doubt!

Who could have known that an Ancient Sage would actually be hiding in the Seer Guild? And he was an Otherworldly Demon at that! Just what in the world could the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe be planning?

Damn it! Damn it!


Zhang Xuan could not tell if it was a scream in his mind or one that he had actually voiced out, but his entire existence was telling him that he could not allow whatever was going to happen.


A book flew forth from his glabella.


It descended right upon on the Ancient Sage Otherworldly Demon charging toward Luo Ruoxin.



With a horrified look on his face, the Ancient Sage Otherworldly Demon was smashed right into the ground, breathing his last breath.

Even at the moment of his death, he probably could not have imagined that someone as powerful as him would actually meet his end under the weight of a book.



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