It looks like I'll have to raise my zhenqi cultivation as soon as possible…

Judging from how arrogant the Innate Fetal Poison was, there was no saying when it would act up. He had thought that he would be able to kill it through the heavenly flame tribulation summoned by his soul, but who could have thought that he would only end up deepening the trouble he was in?

He really had to raise his zhenqi cultivation as soon as possible so as to draw in a heavenly flame tribulation for his body as well. This way, with the combined prowess of both his soul and his body, the Innate Fetal Poison would surely be eradicated once and for all!

Alright, the matter with the Jiang Clan has been resolved, so I should head back and resolve the conflict between the Luo Clan and the Zhang Clan soon. Afterward, I should head to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters!

He would have to pay the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters a visit and find Kong shi's superior breakthrough method in order to advance his zhenqi cultivation. Otherwise, who knew how long it would take for him to make a breakthrough?

But before I return to the Zhang Clan, I should get to forging the Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sage corpse first!

With his Primordial Spirit reaching the Aureate Body realm, his prowess had been enhanced manyfold. With his current strength, he should be able to forge the corpse into a Soulless Metal Humanoid and put it to use.

With such a thought in mind, he excitedly dived into the Myriad Anthive Nest, and after finding an empty clearing, he flicked his wrist.


The corpse fell onto the ground, creating a huge depression around it.

Zhang Xuan drew his Primordial Spirit out from his glabella and approached the corpse.


The overwhelming pressure emanated by the corpse assaulted his Primordial Spirit, making it difficult for him to even advance a single step.


His Primordial Spirit emanated a brilliant golden glow, and the pressure immediately alleviated considerably. He began making his way toward the corpse.


He successfully dived into the corpse.


As soon as Zhang Xuan entered the corpse, he found himself within a vast room that there was no end to. His enormous Primordial Spirit seemed to be nothing more than a toy there, not even worth a mention.

In comparison to this, his physical body seemed like a straw cottage before a royal palace.

He took a seat and began using the method to forge Soulless Metal Humanoids to slowly refine the body, harmonizing it together with his Primordial Spirit.

Some time later, he stood up once more.

I have already successfully forged a Soulless Metal Humanoid! Alright, let's see if I can fight with it… Zhang Xuan thought with gleaming eyes.

Typically speaking, Soulless Metal Humanoid should have been made out of living beings so as to ensure greater compatibility with one's soul. However, through the alterations that he had made with the Library of Heaven's Path, he was still barely able to forge one out of the Ancient Sage corpse as well. Nevertheless, the Soulless Metal Humanoid's compatibility with souls would still be slightly lower, resulting in a lower precision in control.

Geji! Geji!

Using his full strength, Zhang Xuan slowly controlled the Ancient Sage corpse to rise to its feet, raise its legs, and slowly take a few steps forward.

After conducting a few simple basic movements, Zhang Xuan's face twitched speechlessly.

The Soulless Metal Humanoid was simply too demanding on his soul energy! Despite taking only three steps, a great half of the soul energy of his Aureate Body realm Primordial Spirit was already depleted!

At this rate, putting aside battling, it was questionable whether he could even launch a fist or not!

I guess I'll have to give it a try to know…

Gritting his teeth, he gathered his remaining soul energy, and the massive Ancient Sage corpse clenched its fist and thrust it forward.


The space in the Myriad Anthive Nest immediately shook intensely, causing a deafening ripping sound to echo in the air. It was as if someone had torn the fabric of the world, revealing pitch black cracks beneath.


Seeing how the folded space that he had reinforced time and time again had nearly been destroyed by a single punch, Zhang Xuan could not help but fall into a daze.

While maneuvering the Ancient Sage corpse was extremely taxing on his soul energy, there was no doubt that the prowess that it wielded was tremendous!

After all the effort that Zhang Xuan had put into reinforcing the Myriad Anthive Nest, even with the ignition of Kong shi's blood droplet and the Dragonbone Divine Spear in hand, it would be difficult for him to tear this folded space apart. Yet, a simple punch from the Ancient Sage had nearly undone all of his hard work…

This effectively meant that no matter how powerful a cultivator was, as long as he had not traversed the boundary to become an Ancient Sage yet, he would still be reduced to dust under a single punch from an Ancient Sage!

There was truly a huge leap in prowess between Great Sage and Ancient Sage!

With this Soulless Metal Humanoid, his safety would be guaranteed as long as he did not encounter any Ancient Sages. Even if he did encounter an Ancient Sage, he still had another golden page with him… Following which, he would have yet another Ancient Sage corpse for him to forge a Soulless Metal Humanoid out of!

"Hehehe! With this, what do I have to fear?" Zhang Xuan burst into hearty laughter.

He drew his Primordial Spirit out of the Soulless Metal Humanoid and absorbed several herbs to replenish his soul energy. After that, he re-entered the Ancient Sage corpse, placed his arms on his hips, and bellowed provocatively, "Clone, get your ass out here!"

His clone was in the midst of reinforcing his cultivation when he heard the bellow and flew out.

"Come, let me test this on you!"

Without any regards to his clone's response, Zhang Xuan snickered sinisterly and threw a punch right over.

On the other hand, his clone did not expect that the main body would have already gained control over this Ancient Sage corpse and shuddered in fright. He realized that it would be too late for him to dodge, so he quickly protected himself with a punch of his own.



The clone was sent flying into the distance before vanishing completely from sight.

"Hahahaha!" Zhang Xuan laughed heartily.

All along, he had suffered greatly during the duels with his clone. This was his long-awaited comeback, and it left him feeling deeply exhilarated.

Hah! The next time my clone dares brag before me, I'll feed him a punch from my Soulless Metal Humanoid!

As exhilarating teaching his clone a lesson was, he nearly depleted all of his soul energy after executing a single punch.

Thus, he quickly drew his Primordial Spirit out of the Ancient Sage corpse and back into his body. Just as he was about to retrieve some items to replenish his soul energy, he saw his clone dashing back with an infuriated look on his face.

"How dare you punch me? Are you tired of living?"

On the verge of exploding from rage, the clone threw a fist at Zhang Xuan without the slightest hesitation.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xuan's face warped in horror. "What? It's not me! The Ancient Sage corpse is the one who hit you… Alright fine, I admit that it's me! But at least wait till I recover and return back to the corpse first…"

"Corpse your head!"

How could the clone possibly wait for Zhang Xuan to recover and return to the corpse?

Peng peng peng peng!

Ten minutes later, a swollen-faced Zhang Xuan lay on the floor with tears streaming down his face. He had a desolate look on his face, reminiscent of someone who had been ravaged all over.

What the heck was this?

It was already a horrible day for him, with the Innate Fetal Poison sneaking back into his physical body and acting all gleefully before him… On top of that, he still had to be pummeled by his clone!

All of a sudden, he felt like his life was extremely bleak. He felt like a candle in the midst of a furious gale, constantly on the verge of being extinguished.

Anyway, he left the Myriad Anthive Nest and returned to the room with his back slumped miserably. Driving his Heaven's Path zhenqi, he swiftly recovered from his injuries before walking out of the room.

It was not as if this was the first day knowing that his clone was an abusive subordinate, prone to resorting to violence at any moment. At the very most, he would just have to stay out of the other party's way in the future.

It was already afternoon outside. After settling some administrative matters with Jiang Fangyou, Zhang Xuan took out the Dragonbone Divine Spear, opened a dimension rift, and left the Jiang Clan.

Before long, he was already back at the Zhang Clan.

It had been an entire day since he left the Zhang Clan. As soon as he returned back to his personal residence, he quickly called Sun Qiang over and asked, "What's the current situation?"

Before leaving, he had instructed Sun Qiang to pay close attention to the movement of the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan. A day might not have been long, but it was not a short amount of time either. Surely the two clans would not suddenly come to blows with one another in his absence, would they?

"The situation between the two clans is still relatively calm. As the head of the Luo Clan isn't back yet, those from the Luo Clan are still lying low for the time being!" Sun Qiang quickly explained.

The motive behind the Luo Clan's grand march to the Zhang Clan was so as to return the humiliation that they had suffered. However, they could not do it alone given the limits of their abilities. Thus, they could only bank on their powerful clan head to redress their grievances.

As such, till their clan head finally returned, they would not dare make a move recklessly.

"That's a relief!" Seeing that nothing major had happened yet, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had Sun Qiang head off, and after a moment of contemplation, he began warping his appearance once more.

He really had to say that the disguise amulet that Luo Ruoxin had given him was truly a handy tool. He could activate it whenever he wanted to, and that was how he had managed to disguise himself as Jiang Fangyou and fooled all of the elders.

Under the effects of the disguise amulet, his appearance, soul aura, bloodline, and even cultivation realm would appear to be identical in the eyes of the outsiders.

Of course, if a battle broke out, the difference would immediately have become apparent. After all, the disguise amulet was only a disguising tool in the end.

Since the Luo Clan had been waiting for the arrival of their clan head, it would not be polite to keep them waiting for too long.

However, as for the fashion which their clan head would arrive in, that was something worth pondering about. In any case, he was ready to give the Luo Clan a huge surprise!



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