Zhang Xuan could not be said to be a noble and selfless individual. He was selfish from time to time, and the initial reason that he became a master teacher was not to save mankind but to make use of that identity to access more books… However, there were times when one simply could not back down.

If mankind was massacred, what use would his strength be?

He was no longer the same individual as when he first transcended over to this world. He had his family and his students. The Luo Clan and the Jiang clan were looking to him for directions. There were many people in this world whom he wanted to protect.

In fact, the reason he was so determined to mend the relations between the Luo Clan and the Zhang Clan was for this purpose.

Since the threat of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was already on their doorstep, there was no way he would back down at this point in time.

"It's truly reassuring to have you as our ally!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan's agreement, relief broke out on Ren Qingyuan and the other 9-star master teachers' faces.

They had been wondering how they could talk Zhang Xuan into the matter, but who would have thought that he would accept it so decisively?

"I'll send out an order to have the Three Premier Clans heed the Master Teacher Pavilion's directive right now!" Zhang Xuan replied.

Watching as Zhang Xuan relayed his instructions to the Three Premier Clans without stalling for time, Ren Qingyuan quickly turned his attention back to the 9-star master teachers and issued several strategic commands before dispersing the group.

Having acquired the assistance of the Three Premier Clans, Ren Qingyuan knew that they would be able to curb the threat of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe for the time being. Heaving a sigh of relief, he finally turned his gaze back to Zhang Xuan and asked, "Zhang shi, sorry to keep you waiting. May I know the reason behind your visit to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters?"

When he first heard the name of the young man, he had been nothing more than an insignificant figure who had chosen to pass himself off as Yang shi's student. But before he knew it, the young man had already become a powerhouse whose influence rivaled or even exceeded his.

So many things had happened over the past month, and nearly everything was centered around him. As long as the young man did not suffer a premature death, it was likely that he would surpass Yang shi in the future.

"To be honest, I have a favor to ask of you." Zhang Xuan clasped his fist. "I would like to pay a visit to the Shrine of Kong shi!"

On their way there, Luo Ruoxin had told him that it was likely that Kong shi's superior breakthrough method would be placed in the Shrine of Kong shi.

The Shrine of Kong shi was a heritage site constructed after the departure of Kong shi in order to celebrate his achievements. It contained his personal writing, clothes, and personal possessions.

"I was still wondering what you were going to ask for. All newly promoted 9-star master teachers have to pay a visit to the Shrine of Kong shi as a part of the formalities, so it goes without saying that you are allowed to enter the Shrine of Kong shi! Allow me to bring you over right now!" Upon hearing the request, Ren Qingyuan chuckled softly and said.

"It's fine. At a time like this, you probably have a lot of urgent matters to attend to, so I shan't impose on you. However, if I may boldly request, I would like to bring Ruoxin with me into the Shrine of Kong shi," Zhang Xuan said.

The superior breakthrough method was bound to be hidden in an inconspicuous location, so he might require Luo Ruoxin's help on that. On top of that, if Ren Qingyuan followed along, it could hinder his search efforts.

"This…" Ren Qingyuan frowned upon hearing the request. He pondered for a moment before saying, "By convention, only 9-star master teachers are allowed to enter the Shrine of Kong shi, and newly promoted 9-star master teachers have to be accompanied by a more senior master teacher in… But on account of your contributions to mankind, I'll make an exception for you. However, I'll still have to ask you not to stay in the Shrine of Kong shi for too long, roughly a day at maximum!"

"Thank you!" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up upon hearing those words, and he quickly clasped his fist in gratitude.

As the Shrine of Kong shi contained Kong shi's personal writings and possessions, just being in the vicinity of the shrine was highly beneficial to one's cultivation. Those who had entered the premises were likely to leave with new insights or considerable advancements in their cultivation. As such, it was not rare for 9-star master teachers to frequent the place…

However, it was unsaid of for a non-master teacher individual to enter the premises and even stay an entire day there.

It truly was not easy for Ren Qingyuan to give such leeway to him.

"I'll head over right now!" Zhang Xuan said.

After receiving Ren Qingyuan's approval, Zhang Xuan clarified the location of the Shrine of Kong shi before walking out of the room. He quickly found Luo Ruoxin, and the two of them began making their way over to their destination.

The Shrine of Kong shi was founded by Kong shi's direct disciple, Ancient Sage Zi Yuan, after his departure. Many of his handwritten drafts, clothes, weapons, and the sort could be found in the shrine. The main purpose for creating the shrine was to allow later generations to feel the spirit of the World's Teacher and experience his greatness.

Many of the artifacts within the Shrine of Kong shi were not offensive in nature, wielding very little prowess. However, they were able to inspire deeper contemplation to cultivators, bringing them epiphanies.

Walking along the shrine, they saw the bloodied robe that Kong shi had left behind while fending off the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, the letter that he had sent out after being trapped at Chen Cai… Zhang Xuan found himself at a loss for words for a very long time.

Even someone as powerful as Kong shi had to go through so much in order to quell the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

After taking a walk around the room, Luo Ruoxin finally stopped before a certain artifact and pointed to it.

"This is the Sage Ascension Platform that Kong shi left behind after his breakthrough to Introspective Convalescence realm back then. If he has left a cultivation technique behind, it's likely to be hidden in there."

Zhang Xuan quickly turned his gaze over and saw a round stone platform placed among the artifacts. Its surface was cloaked with a layer of beautiful light, reminiscent of jadeite.

"This is… a product from the heavenly flame tribulation?" Zhang Xuan remarked in astonishment.

There was no doubt that the material of the stone platform was the common blue jadestone. However, for some reason, it felt extraordinarily wholesome, as if it was one complete entity by itself. Furthermore, it emanated a radiant sheen far beyond that of ordinary blue jadestones, comparable to impeccable jadestones.

The only force in the world that could turn an ordinary blue jadestone into an impeccable jadestone would be the heavenly flame.

More importantly, his Primordial Spirit felt a feeling of intimacy from the blue jadestone, which further confirmed his doubts.

"It's indeed the doing of the heavenly flame!" Luo Ruoxin nodded.

After confirming the matter, Zhang Xuan activated the Eye of Insight and began examining the stone platform carefully. A moment later, a deep frown formed on his forehead.

He had already figured out how the heavenly flame had converted an ordinary blue jadestone into its current state, but he was still completely bewildered as to how Kong shi managed to summon the heavenly flame tribulation for his breakthrough to Great Sage 1-dan.

There was nothing that he could consider a clue on the stone platform.

Zhang Xuan turned to Luo Ruoxin and asked doubtfully, "If the superior breakthrough method is truly hidden in here, considering how many formidable 9-star master teachers have looked at this stone platform, its secrets should have already been uncovered by now, right?"

Master teachers were known for their sharp eye of discernment. While his Eye of Insight was particularly formidable in this field, there were still over a dozen experts before him who possessed the same ability as well, namely the preceding sanctum heads of the Sanctum of Sages.

If even they could not find anything wrong with the stone platform, was there really a cultivation technique hidden in it?

"Did you bring the Saint Ascension Platform Kong shi has left behind with you?" Instead of explaining the matter, Luo Ruoxin asked about a completely different matter instead.

"… I did!"

Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist, and another stone platform materialized before him.

Before passing the orb containing the Qiu Wu Palace to Luo Ganzhen, he had already placed the Saint Ascension Platform into his storage ring.

"Try using the cultivation technique of the Saint Ascension Decipher to infuse your zhenqi into the Saint Ascension Platform," Luo Ruoxin instructed.

Zhang Xuan was not sure where this was going, but he nodded in agreement. Taking a deep breath, he swiftly infused his zhenqi into the Saint Ascension Platform.


As his zhenqi coursed through the Saint Ascension Platform, it began emanating energies of a myriad different colors and slowly floated into the air. At the same time, as if attracted by the energies of the Saint Ascension Platform, the Sage Ascension Platform was drawn over.

The two stone platforms began fusing with one another, and before long, they were already a single entity.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was startled.

He did not think that the two stone platforms would actually be able to fuse with one another.


Just as he was about to ask Luo Ruoxin what was going on, a brilliant burst of light exploded from the stone platform. An illusory black silhouette appeared in the midst of the radiant surroundings, sitting on the stone platform with cross legs, his eyes tightly shut.

"This is the recording Kong shi left behind when he made a breakthrough to Great Sage 1-dan. The breakthrough method is found in here!" Luo Ruoxin's voice sounded anxious.



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