Taking a closer look, Zhang Xuan noticed that the silhouette was cultivating. Surges of spiritual energy were gushing into his body, circulating in a certain pathway.

"This is… Kong shi?" Zhang Xuan's face twitched.

Rather than a human, the silhouette looked more like a burnt sweet potato instead. If not for Luo Ruoxin's reminder, he would not have thought that it was a human… Was this blurred black thing really Kong shi?

Seeing that Zhang Xuan was distracted by such small details, Luo Ruoxin sighed helplessly. "The recording will only appear once. It's only triggered due to your successful breakthrough as a Celestial Saint. This opportunity won't come again if you don't pay close attention."

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan hurriedly focused his attention on watching the movements of the black shadow.

Since it would only appear once, he would have to pay close attention to it. Otherwise, if he missed any crucial aspects, it would be too late for regrets.

Flaws! Zhang Xuan willed.


The Library of Heaven's Path jolted, but no book was compiled.

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

It had failed him at the crucial moment once more…

Of course, it could be because Kong shi possessed the Discarnate Constitution of Divination as well, so the silhouette that he left behind could not be compiled by the Library of Heaven's Path.

Forget it, I'll just have to remember as many things as possible by myself!

Seeing that the Library of Heaven's Path was not working, Zhang Xuan could only observe the movements of the silhouette before him seriously.

Sitting on the stone platform, spiritual energy continuously surged into the silhouette, and its aura was growing stronger and stronger.

After a moment of examination, Zhang Xuan frowned.

There is something bizarre about how spiritual energy is entering the body of the silhouette…

When pushing for a breakthrough, cultivators would usually open all of their acupoints to take in spiritual energy equally throughout their body so as to better channel it toward the dantian, thus advancing their cultivation.

However, this was not the case for the silhouette. He was taking in spiritual energy fastest from his head, followed by his innards, and finally his limbs. Furthermore, the attributes of the spiritual energy that he was taking in were different too.

The spiritual energy that he was channeling into his head was overflowing with vitality, seemingly encompassing all attributes. On the other hand, the spiritual energy that he was channeling into his innards was of the fire attribute, the wood attribute for his upper limbs, and the cold attribute for his lower limbs.

Noticing Zhang Xuan's confused frown, Luo Ruoxin explained, "It's the four seasons."

"Four seasons?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

"The world can be divided into four seasons. People often say that the natural world is devoid of consciousness, but it does instinctively obey a certain law in order to rid the impurities it has accumulated. For example, a poison master can concoct a poisonous substance and scatter it around the lands, creating a blight. But with sufficient time, the world will still be able to neutralize the poison through the power of the changing seasons, thus healing the damage it has sustained," Luo Ruoxin elaborated.

"So, this is similar to removing the damaged cells in the Introspective Convalescence realm?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in realization.

The natural world wielded the amazing power to heal any damage it had sustained with time, no matter how severe it was. It could take hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years, but eventually, any damage would be undone, leaving nary a trace at all.

So, in terms of regeneration, there was nothing that could outdo the natural forces of the world. Not even Ancient Sages could come close to competing with it.

Zhang Xuan nodded in wonderment. What Kong shi did was comprehend the ingenuity behind the four seasons and incorporate it into his body in order to achieve a breakthrough to the Introspective Convalescence realm…

As expected of the World's Teacher, he was truly extraordinary!

It was no wonder he was able to summon the heavenly flame tribulation as soon as he achieved a breakthrough to Great Sage 1-dan. Using a cultivation technique that was in such close alignment with the world, it was inevitable that he would incur the envy of the heavens.

The body as the four seasons, the innards as the five cardinal directions, the spirit as the heavens, the body as the earth, the creations and Yin-Yang as the soul…

The more Zhang Xuan looked, the more surprised he was. He slowly sat down and began to cultivate. The bottleneck that had limited his cultivation tightly in the past began to loosen, and it seemed as if he would take the final step forward at any moment.

Just as Zhang Xuan was just about to push for a breakthrough, a thought suddenly came to his mind. No, that's not right… Kong shi has his own method of pushing for a breakthrough to Great Sage, but I don't share the same constitution as him. I can use his wisdom as a guiding direction for me, but I can't blindly imitate everything that he does…

Kong shi had spent his life fighting against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, and he had his own persistence and righteousness. On the other hand, Zhang Xuan had his own encounters and experiences that were very different from Kong shi's. With such divergence in their pathways, their cultivation method could not be identical to one another. If Zhang Xuan forcefully attempted to walk down the pathway of another, it was likely that his cultivation would go berserk instead.

Possessing the Library of Heaven's Path, the techniques I have cultivated have always been perfect. In terms of comprehension of the heavens, there's no one who can compete with me… Zhang Xuan thought with a brilliant light gleaming from his eyes.

Ever since he started cultivating, he had never taken a single wrong step. Other cultivators could devote their lives to desperately scouring the world, but all they would discover eventually was just a superficial understanding of the world. On the other hand, what he had in his mind was the very embodiment of the heavens!

Was there any being in this world who boasted a greater understanding of the world than him?

Fighter cultivation techniques, Transcendent Mortal cultivation techniques, Saint cultivation techniques…

As his comprehension of each cultivation level flowed through his brain, they swiftly strung together to form a magnificent collage.

This is what I want! Zhang Xuan thought as his consciousness delved right into the collage.

The next moment, he found himself standing in uncharted territories, a world that he had never known before.


The bottleneck that had his cultivation sealed at Saint 9-dan pinnacle was forcefully torn apart, and his zhenqi began undergoing a qualitative metamorphosis. At the same time, his aura also grew stronger at a furious pace.

I have made a breakthrough! So, this is the power of a true Great Sage…

Feeling the incredible energy coursing through his meridians, Zhang Xuan's heart pounded in excitement.

It was fortunate that Luo Ruoxin had stopped him from making a breakthrough previously. If he had used the inferior breakthrough method instead, he would have been much weaker than how he was now.


Shortly after his breakthrough, dark clouds began collapsing inward. An astounding amount of energy was gathering in the area, shrouding the entire Shrine of Kong shi.

"What's happening?"

"That fellow couldn't have made a breakthrough there, could he?"

"Sh*t! That's the Shrine of Kong shi!"

Upon seeing the dark clouds gathering in the area, the faces of those in the Master Teacher Pavilion paled in fright. They nearly spurted blood on the spot.

Bro, surely you could have a chosen a much better place to achieve a breakthrough, right?

That's the Shrine of Kong shi! Do you know that destroying it is no different from making enemies out of all the master teachers across the Master Teacher Continent? That's a sin you'll never be able to absolve yourself from!

"Quick, stop him!" Ren Qingyuan cried out in despair.

Had he known that this would happen, he never would have allowed that dastardly troublemaker in!

Other 9-star master teachers entering the Shrine of Kong shi would have their souls cleansed, becoming powerful experts who were willing to lay down their lives for mankind. Yet, that fellow actually went in and called a cultivation tribulation upon that sacred place…

It was already bad enough for him to use his cultivation tribulation to tear apart the Zhang Clan and the Glacier Plain Court… but to think that he was not satisfied with just that!

He actually wanted to tear down the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters' Shrine of Kong shi too!

Didn't I treat you courteously earlier? Why do you still want to harm me? Haven't I apologized enough for what I did to you back then?

While cursing Zhang Xuan on the inside, Ren Qingyuan rushed to the Shrine of Kong shi with the other elders. Just as he was about to rush in, he felt a furious wave of intense heat gushing out from the shrine, keeping everyone out.

Ren Qingyuan grabbed one of the 9-star master teachers and asked, "What's going on right now?"

"The Shrine of Kong shi is surrounded by a unique power that prevents us from inspecting inside with our Spiritual Perception, so we have no idea…" the 9-star master teacher hurriedly explained.

"A unique power? It's able to keep out the Spiritual Perception of 9-star master teachers too?" Ren Qingyuan was taken aback.There should only be four cardinal directions, but this is including the idea of 'center' too.



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