This was the first time the Commander came to know what being on the verge of insanity felt like. He felt like he could suffer a mental breakdown there and then!

Sing sing sing, sing your head!

I am a member of Otherworldly Demon royalty, a Sempiternal realm expert. Yet, you want me to sing with you?

Did your head get crushed under a boulder?

A highly capable and tactful subordinate General Auer was, the Commander had always regarded him highly and treated him as his confidant. The latter was extremely good at reading the atmosphere and would never do anything that overstepped his boundary. Why would he suddenly become such a pain in the ass to deal with today?

I told you clearly not to disturb me, but you seem to be finding all sorts of nonsense to bug me. Are you doing this purposely?

A thought suddenly came to the Commander's mind, and he hurriedly took a closer look at General Auer. However, the appearance, the soul aura, the killing intent, and the intonation when he spoke, they were all identical to the General Auer he knew…

If he really had to point out a difference, it would be the helmet…

Wait, the helmet was different?

Could it be that this fellow wasn't General Auer but another person in disguise? But he had never heard of anyone in the world who was able to put up such a convincing disguise which even he was unable to see through!

While he was still deep in thought, General Auer took in a deep breath and said, "Very well, I'll go first then… Kong shi had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…"

"Pu!" The Commander spurted yet another mouthful of blood. With his eyes reddened with rage, he hollered, "I'll kill you first!"

Unable to stand this nonsense any longer, he decisively retracted his palm from the demonic saber and thrust it toward General Auer instead.

General Auer's constant harassment had already placed him in a bad position against the demonic saber, and abruptly releasing his grasp from it only served to worsen his situation. A surge of malevolent aura overran his body, leaving him light-headed.

This single move had already inflicted severe damage to his Primordial Spirit. He knew that it would take him at least half a year to make a full recovery. However… he couldn't take it anymore!

Not even his mother was as naggy as this!

If he didn't kill this bastard right now, his heart might just explode from all the rage he had accumulated within!


The might of his palm poured forth like a ferocious dragon, surging forward with unstoppable momentum. In an instant, it had already arrived right before General Auer.

Horrified, General Auer hurriedly hid behind one of the stone platforms as he cried out indignantly, "Commander, I am your beloved Auer!"

An anti-divination mirror was placed on top of the stone platform. If the Commander were to push forward with his attack, there was no doubt that he would damage the mirror, and that could potentially reveal the existence of the demonic saber.

Left with no choice, he could only retract his palm strike hurriedly.

An instant after he retracted his palm strike, General Auer's anxious voice sounded in his ears, "Commander, be careful! Someone is attacking you from above!"

The Commander hurriedly raised his head, but other than a thick layer of mist above, there wasn't anyone in sight.


Realizing that he had been tricked, the Commander quickly lowered his gaze, only to see a spear piercing straight for his chest.

Caught off guard by the extraordinary strength and speed coming from General Auer's attack, the Commander's face darkened. He quickly tilted his body in order to evade the pierce.


But even so, the spear still tore a deep laceration across his chest, causing his blood to flow profusely.

"A Great Sage artifact?"

The Commander narrowed his eyes in shock.

His physical body had been tempered by the heavenly flame tribulation, so ordinary weapons couldn't even hope to hurt him. To inflict a glaring laceration on his Aureate Body, there was no doubt that the spear was a Great Sage artifact!

This realization also made him acutely aware that the person standing him was definitely not General Auer, no matter how alike the two of them were!

Putting aside the fact that General Auer wasn't qualified to possess such a weapon, even if he did have one in his possession, there was no way he could bring out its strength with his Saint 8-dan cultivation!

"Who in the world are you?" the Commander growled menacingly.

Including the Xingmeng Sword Saints, most members of the Zhang Clan were sword users due to the nature of their heritage. There shouldn't have been any proficient spear users amongst the enemy!

The emergence of these doubts in the Commander's mind didn't dull his movements in the least. Instead, the realization of the threat before him made him sharpen his movements. After dodging the spear pierce, he bolted forward to counterattack with a palm thrust.

He had devoted his full strength as a Sempiternal realm expert into the attack this time around. The devastating might of his attack caused dimension rifts to open all around the area. Even the surrounding air groaned in protest against the immense strain it was placed under.

But before the palm thrust landed, once again, General Auer exclaimed anxiously, "Danger! Commander, look up!"

Out of sheer instinct, the Commander immediately released his Spiritual Perception, but the area directly above him was still as empty as ever. Realizing that he had been tricked once more, he roared with a voice quivering with rage, "Be prepared to meet your maker!"

His zhenqi surged wildly, further augmenting the might of his destructive palm strike.


In the face of such a powerful attack, the fellow before him fled frantically behind another one of the stone platforms.

"You bastard!" With another mirror standing in the way of his attack, the Commander had no choice but to forcefully retract his palm strike once more. "Why don't you stop being a coward and face me like a man?"

The very fact that the other party was able to injure him meant that the other party wielded strength close to a Sempiternal realm cultivator, if not equal. Those who had reached such a height would value their dignity and reputation a lot, sometimes even going to great lengths to protect them.

But the fellow before him simply kept hiding behind the mirrors, not daring to face his attacks directly at all. Was this the kind of etiquette an expert should have?

Shameless! Cowardly!

Don't you think it's unseemly for someone as powerful as you to be resorting to such despicable tactics?

He had also clashed with master teachers before. They were dignified and righteous individuals who would rather lose their lives than to have their dignity sullied… As if it wasn't enough for the other party to disguise himself as Auer and intentionally disturb him in the midst of his cultivation, the other party was even spouting lies as if they didn't cost anything and kept darting behind the mirrors around…

Stop being a shameless bastard and face me head-on! If you have the guts to do what you did, surely you should have the guts to face my wrath too!

With an enraged roar, the Commander charged forward to tear the other party apart when the other party abruptly pointed to the sky once more and exclaimed, "Watch out! Danger!"

"Danger your head!" Knowing that it was just another distraction tactic by the other party, the Commander chose to pay no heed to those words and continued with his charge.

But before his palm could land on his target, goosebumps suddenly rose up all over his body. He could sense a hulking force was falling toward him from the sky. It was beyond the range of his Spiritual Perception to perceive exactly what it was, but with the speed it was traveling at, there was no way he would be able to dodge it in the midst of his charge.


The Commander was smashed into the ground in a '大' shape. In an instant, he had sustained innumerable fractures all over his body, and crimson blood spouted from his mouth as if a fountain.

"Hahaha! I, Ding Ding, have finally made a comeback! The world shall shudder beneath my bottom!" an excited voice sounded right above the Commander.

A massive brick-like bottom twisted around on top of the Commander, producing crisp sounds reminiscent of snapped twigs. With each twist, another mouthful of blood would be ejected from the Commander's body.


The Commander really wanted to bawl at this very moment!

It was no easy feat to acquire a Great Sage artifact. They were extremely difficult to create, which made them rare and invaluable entities. Even a Great Sage cultivator would be the envy of his peers if he were to have a Great Sage artifact in his possession! Yet, the spear and the brick that fellow had in his possession were actually both Great Sage artifacts…

Where the flying cow did this monster come from?

"I warned you. I told you to watch out, but you simply wouldn't heed my warnings…" Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment, as if admonishing an obstinate child who simply wouldn't listen to the advice of his elders.

With a sigh of lamentation, he walked up to the Commander and took the storage ring right off his finger.

"..." the Commander.

I am not dead yet!

"I'll leave this fellow to you!" After taking away the storage ring, Zhang Xuan waved his hand casually before turning his attention away from the Commander.

The Dragonbone Divine Spear and the Golden Origin Cauldron were delighted to receive such an order. It had been long since they had any showtime. Thus, one did its best to twist and turn its bottom to squeeze the last bit of juice from the poor man below it while the other pierced him relentlessly with its tip…

Entrusting the Commander to his two artifacts, Zhang Xuan turned his attention to the demonic saber.

This demonic saber was even stronger than the Golden Origin Cauldron. The malevolent aura that it emanated was an extremely powerful soul offense which could faze even Otherworldly Demons. If he had such a weapon in his grasp, he would surely have been able to defeat the Commander much more easily.

All he would have to do was to toss it out along with the Dragonbone Divine Spear and the Golden Origin Cauldron, and the three of them would be able to put an end to the Commander by themselves without him lifting a finger.

"Let me give it a try!"

Emulating what the Commander did earlier, he reached out and grasped the handle of the demonic saber.


A burst of killing intent surged right into his body, piercing right for his Primordial Spirit.


His Primordial Spirit emanated a golden glow and warded off the killing intent.

"What a formidable attack…"

Despite having successfully withstood the attack, Zhang Xuan was still forced to retreat a step under the powerful burst of killing intent.

Had he not tempered his Primordial Spirit with the Empyrean Heavenly Flame previously, that attack would have inflicted severe damage on him in an instant!

"Let's see if your killing intent is more formidable than mine!"

Since you wish to put your killing intent against me, I shan't stand on ceremony either then!

Zhang Xuan drove his Heaven's Path zhenqi, and in the next moment, a torrent of killing intent came crashing down on the demonic saber. This killing intent was raw and unrefined, but its sheer purity would cause even one's blood to freeze over.

Unexpectedly, before the killing intent could even reach the arrogant demonic saber... Putong! The demonic saber fell to the ground and lowered itself subserviently, as if paying respects to its new master. Its body trembled uncontrollably, hinting at the deep fear it carried for the person standing before it.


Seeing such a sight through his swollen eyes, tears streamed freely down the Commander's face.

Aren't you supposed to be a proud and lofty weapon?

Why are you submitting to him so quickly? Where did all your pride and dignity go to?



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