Not expecting the mirror to actually be able to summon lightning bolts, the faces of Mou Wu and the black armored Otherworldly Demon were ravaged with frenzy. The both of them released a resounding roar at the same time.

The Otherworldly Demon soldiers were also devastated by the lightning bolts. It was just a short instant, but they had already sustained severe internal injuries.

They had abided by the Commander's orders expecting something good, but who would have thought that this would happen instead? They wanted to release their hands, but the electrocution from the lightning bolts had affected their nerves, not allowing them to move as they liked. To make matters worse, they had held hands tightly together in order to prevent their auras from leaking out…

At the forefront of the group, Commander Heng Jiang waved his hand apologetically and said, "My bad, my bad! I don't think I operated the artifact properly. Continue holding your hands firmly on the mirrors, alright? I guarantee that it'll be different this time around!"

But before he could even finish his words, more streaks of lightning had already descended from the sky.

Kacha! Kacha!

It was as if the Armageddon had arrived! The crackling of the lightning simply echoed ceaselessly in the air. All of the Otherworldly Demon soldiers were frenzied.

It's indeed different this time around… But what the heck? The lightning is even more fearsome than before! My gosh!

Are you intending to send us to our graves?

The Otherworldly Demon soldiers tried their hardest to retract their hands from one another, but their bodies were far too paralyzed for them to be able to do anything other than spasm.

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One after another, white foam dribbled from the corner of their mouths as their consciousness gradually faded away.

Even as they gradually came to their last breath, they could not believe that they would die from a mistake by their Commander.

To actually do in his own men as well… How in the world did this fellow manage to become a Commander?

Most of these soldiers were only at Saint 3-dan and Saint 4-dan—they had not even gone through their first Leaving Aperture Ordeal yet! How could they possibly survive such a vicious onslaught of lightning bolts?

All it took was a couple of bolts for nearly all of them to be wiped out.

Even Mou Wu and the black armored Otherworldly Demon were spasming from being electrocuted!

Typically speaking, as Sempiternal realm cultivators, they should have been able to overcome lightning bolts of such scale with ease. However, the very fact that the mirrors were mere seer artifacts made them lower their guard. They had not put up any defensive measures at all, and the lightning bolts had come too quickly for them to put up anything.

As a result, while the barrage of lightning bolts was not enough to claim their lives, it blurred their consciousness and rendered them powerless.

"Phew, it seems like everything worked out well!" Seeing that the ten thousand or so Otherworldly Demon soldiers had been completely annihilated by the lightning bolts, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

As tools used against the heavens, seer artifacts were susceptible to heavenly retribution. All Zhang Xuan had to do was activate his Library of Heaven's Path, and the heavens would do their job.

He had come up with this plan on the spur of the moment, and to be honest, he had thought that it was a rather ridiculous plan. Yet, who could have thought that he would actually be able to pull it off impeccably!

The only imperfection in his plan was probably the sudden emergence of the two envoys from Sovereign Chen Yong and Sovereign Chen Ling. However, it was fortunate that the two of them had not expected to fall for such an unconventional attack.

While the heavenly retribution toward seer artifacts was limited in terms of prowess, its greatest advantage lay in the fact that it was instantaneous. As such, it was actually able to get to the two Sempiternal realm cultivators before they could even react.

"Dragonbone Divine Spear, scout the area and kill any surviving soldiers around. Ding Ding, Infernal Blacksaber, the two of you deal with Mou Wu!"

He knew that he had only succeeded because his luck was good. The other party had been caught off guard. However, once the two Sempiternal realm cultivators recovered, he would be in a terrible position.

Knowing that time was not on his side, Zhang Xuan immediately dashed for the black armored Otherworldly Demon.

He had left Mou Wu to the Golden Origin cauldron and the Infernal Blacksaber while he dealt with the black armored Otherworldly Demon singlehandedly.

"You aren't Heng Jiang! Who are you?"

Seeing the huge massacre before him, there was no way that the black armored Otherworldly Demon could still remain oblivious to the truth. The person before him was not Heng Jiang at all!

Overwhelmed with rage, he flicked his wrist, whipped out a sword, and brandished it toward Zhang Xuan.


However, before his sword could even come close to Zhang Xuan, he suddenly felt a will surging right into him, befuddling his mind. He nearly lost his balance and fell down due to that.

"Soul offense?" The black armored Otherworldly Demon narrowed his eyes.

It was apparent that the other party was skilled at soul offense. To think that even a Sempiternal realm cultivator like him would be unable to guard his mind against the other party!


While the black armored Otherworldly Demon was still plagued with dizziness, he suddenly saw the fake Heng Jiang appearing right before him. A powerful punch harnessing unbelievable might was already heading right for his head.

"Bloodline Ignition!"

Knowing that he would lose his life if the punch really landed on him, the black armored Otherworldly Demon activated his bloodline without any hesitation. In an instant, incredible power surged through his body.

"Bloodline Ignition won't help you either!" Zhang Xuan scoffed coldly.

With the tremendous surge of strength from the Bloodline Ignition, the black armored Otherworldly Demon was just about to counterattack when the fellow right before him suddenly whipped out a small inkstone and pounded it down on his head.


It was the sound of a certain Otherworldly Demon's skull being split apart.

As a Sempiternal realm cultivator, his body had reached a level where it was impervious to most attacks. Even if he allowed an Aureate Body realm cultivator to attack him freely, the latter might not have been able to breach his defenses. Yet, the other party was actually able to split his skull apart with just an inkstone…

Just what tier was that inkstone at?

Bro, where in the world did you come from?

That skeleton dragon, the brick, and the demonic saber… I thought that it's already astounding that you could have three artifacts that are so powerful, but to think that you even have an inkstone on top of that…

Peng peng peng peng!

This was clearly not the time for thought as the other party continued smashing the inkstone down on his head. Gradually, his consciousness drifted away.

He was probably the only Sempiternal realm cultivator to die such a miserable death. He was first electrocuted before being smashed to death by a puny-looking inkstone. He never would have thought that such a fate would befall him.

"It's indeed not so easy to use this inkstone. It isn't intended for offense after all…" Zhang Xuan shook his head as he returned the bloodstained inkstone to his storage ring.

This was the artifact that he had obtained from Tantai Zhenqing. It was one of the personal possessions of Ancient Sage Zi Yu, and it went without saying that it was a formidable artifact. However, it was not as handy when used as a weapon.

If Tantai Zhenqing knew that Zhang Xuan had used this invaluable treasure from his ancestor as a weapon to smash an enemy's head, he would probably lose his mind and faint on the spot.

The inkstone was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation within the Tantai Clan! If one used the ink ground by the inkstone to calligraph, the Golden Warriors of Mentor's Calligraph produced would be much more powerful. Yet, that fellow actually used this inkstone as a mere bat…

How in the world did such a refined tool end up being used for such a barbaric purpose?

After slaying the black armored Otherworldly Demon, Zhang Xuan turned his head around to look at Mou Wu. The latter's head was currently pressed under the Golden Origin Cauldron's bottom, and there was a despaired look on his face.

Without looking on, it was apparent that the fellow was doomed too.

The fighting prowess of weapons was significantly reduced without a skilled user to control them. However, both the Golden Origin Cauldron and the Infernal Blacksaber possessed greater strength than Mou Wu, and they had moved in unison to deal with him.

Furthermore, Mou Wu had yet to recover from the side effects from the electrocution, so there was no way he could be a match for him.

At this moment, the Dragonbone Divine Spear had finished its clean up and returned as well.

The relentless bolts of lightning earlier had pretty much zapped the ten thousand or so Otherworldly Soldiers into their graves. There were very few survivors, so it did not take the Dragonbone Divine Spear to finish its job.

To be honest, the Dragonbone Divine Spear was truly impressed with the means of its master.

That was an army of over ten thousand Otherworldly Demons! Before Ancient Sage Ran Qiu made his breakthrough to Ancient Sage, he would have had to flee as far as he could from such a lineup. Yet, his master single-handedly annihilated the entire army and left not a single survivor at all. What was even more ridiculous was that he did not suffer the slightest injury in the midst of doing so!

This was a feat that would go down in legends and recounted as an epic.

To singlehandedly clear a Subterranean Gallery, this was truly inconceivable!

Just as the Dragonbone Divine Spear's thoughts were wandering, another gale sounded from the distance, and yet another black armored Otherworldly Demon appeared in the area.

"Commander Heng Jiang, receive your orders! Sovereign Chen Xing commands you to keep your army on standby. You are not to attack or retreat recklessly…"

As the black armored Otherworldly Demon spoke, he flicked his wrist and took out a golden edict. At this moment, however, he caught sight of the countless corpses beneath including Mou Wu, who was crushed under a brick. His eyebrows shot up in astonishment as he exclaimed, "Heng Jiang, what's going on here?"

On the ground, Commander Heng Jiang scratched his head awkwardly and said, "Will you believe me if I say that they are all sleeping?"



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