What do you mean by sleeping?

How in the world do they look like they are sleeping to you?

The black armored Otherworldly Demon who had just arrived clutched his hair in frenzy.

Do you think I'm a fool who can't differentiate between the dead and the living?

"There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me…" Knowing that the other party would not believe him no matter what he said, Zhang Xuan waved his hand helplessly. "Get him!"

He had already killed three Sempiternal realm Otherworldly Demons here. He did not mind adding one more to his record.


The combined prowess of Zhang Xuan and his three artifacts truly could not be underestimated. Before the black armored Otherworldly Demon could get away, he was encircled and slaughtered.

After absorbing the blood and souls of four Sempiternal realm Otherworldly Demons, the Infernal Blacksaber had become even more demonic, making it difficult for one to look at directly.

After taking all of the resources and storage rings scattered around, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he began making his way toward the spatial seal.

He was not too sure what had happened at the seal, but the fact that Otherworldly Demons were coming one after another was a sign that it had indeed been breached. He really had to find a way to repair it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, there would really be no end to them!

After flying for a while, the spatial seal finally came into his sight. At the very center of the spatial seal was a massive hole. It looked as if someone had forcefully ripped it apart.

There was little doubt that Mou Wu and the others had come in through here.

"It's fortunate that it hasn't been completely destroyed. Otherwise, there's no way I could have constructed another spatial seal of this scale…" Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though he had comprehended the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing, his cultivation was simply too weak. Mending it was already the limits of his ability. For him to set up a brand-new spatial seal that could ward off Ancient Sages was clearly daydreaming!

Heading up to the seal, Zhang Xuan immediately got to mending it. In the midst of his work, he could not help falling into thought. The otherworldly battlefield is right on the other side… Should I go over to take a look?

The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe often sent their men over to wreak havoc, so why should he not do the same to them?

Furthermore, while he had managed to resolve the crisis in this Subterranean Gallery for the time being, it would be naive to think that this would be the end. This was likely to just be a small proportion of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe's armies.

The 108 Subterranean Galleries had all come under the simultaneous assault of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, and the Master Teacher Pavilion, the Luo Clan, and the Jiang Clan had been forced to head over to defend against them.

If he could cause some chaos over in the otherworldly battlefield, it might alleviate the stress in the other Subterranean Galleries.

I'll think more about it after I fix the seal… Zhang Xuan thought as he hastened his speed.

"It has already been so long. Why isn't Xuan-er back yet?"

Sword Saint Meng paced around the room in vexation.

Her son had said that he was just going to scout the situation, but two hours had already passed, and there was still nothing at all. She could not help but worry about his safety.

"He might have just met with some small hiccups. Don't worry, our Xuan-er has many means up his sleeves. Nothing will happen to him!" Sword Saint Xing patted his wife's back and consoled her.

"But that's the army of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe that we're talking about! There were at least ten thousand soldiers in the previous clash with them! Even Yang shi wouldn't stand a chance against them… How can our Xuan-er withstand something like that?" Sword Saint Meng exclaimed anxiously.

With the opponent being ten thousand well-trained Otherworldly Demons of Saint 3-dan and above, there was no one who could possibly not worry!

"I hate to admit this, but there's nothing we can do but trust our son. We don't have the same concealment technique that he has, and if we are caught while attempting to check on his condition, we will just put him in a worse position," Sword Saint Xing said.

He was worried about his son too, but it was clear that there was nothing that they could do to help him.

Sword Saint Xing turned to Luo Ruoxin and asked, "Ruoxin, what do you think of the matter?"

The young lady before him had been perfectly calm all this while, as if she was not worried about Zhang Xuan at all. This had left him rather perplexed.

"Zhang Xuan will be fine," Luo Ruoxin replied with composure.

Putting aside the fact that he had comprehended three Quintessences and possessed nearly impeccable disguise means, just his current prowess paired with the Dragonbone Divine Spear would already be a huge headache for anyone to deal with. Unless an Ancient Sage appeared, it would be impossible for the Otherworldly Demons to get him!

Since that was the case, there was nothing for her to worry about.

"But…" Seeing how confident Luo Ruoxin was, Sword Saint Meng could not help but frown.

She was just about to ask the reason behind Luo Ruoxin's unwavering confidence in Zhang Xuan when an elder suddenly rushed into the room.

"Old clan head…"

"Is Xuan-er back yet?" Sword Saint Xing immediately stood up in agitation.

The elder who had just entered was in charge of intelligence gathering in the Zhang Clan. The fact that he had come over in such hurry meant that he had some important news to report.

"That's not it… The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe has just blown a horn to gather all of their soldiers. I fear that they might be launching another attack very soon!" the elder said grimly.

"An attack?" Sword Saint Xing's face immediately turned severe. "What happened? Tell me the details!"

"I sent some scouts to the Otherworldly Demon's encampment, but their defense was simply too tight. My men could only skirt the perimeters, unable to get too close. However, an hour ago, a horn suddenly sounded, and following which, the Otherworldly Demon soldiers began to retreat back into the camp. Even those who are responsible for upholding the defensive formations, keeping a lookout, and even the patrols left their positions!

"Fearing that it might be a trap, our men didn't dare get too close initially. However, there was still no movement after waiting for fifteen minutes, so they slowly advanced deeper into the camp to scout the situation. They found that the Otherworldly Demons were divided into ten huge groups in order to practice some kind of unique formation. Furthermore, the Commander whom you clashed with previously said that he wanted to try a new collaborative formation and was going to launch a surprise assault with it!

"Hearing up to that point, our scouts dared not waste any time. They immediately rushed back here to report the matter to me as soon as possible!"

"It's fortunate that your scouts delivered the intelligence back in time. Otherwise, if their surprise assault were to succeed, our Zhang Clan would have sustained heavy losses…" Sword Saint Xing heaved a sigh of relief.

This piece of intelligence was simply too important. If they had really been caught off guard, it could have ended disastrously for the Zhang Clan.

Taking a deep breath, Sword Saint Xing's voice reverberated across the entire fortress, "Offspring of the Zhang Clan, heed my orders. The Otherworldly Demons are preparing to launch a surprise assault. All of you are to stand on level one wariness right now!"

"Yes, old clan head!"

Hearing the orders, the members of the Zhang Clan swiftly got into their positions to ready themselves for the impending battle. In an instant, the atmosphere turned incomparably solemn.

After issuing the instructions to the members of the Zhang Clan, Sword Saint Xing turned to the crowd around him and said, "Elders, follow me out of the city to meet the Otherworldly Demons. Since they are going to launch a surprise assault, we might just be able to take advantage of that catch them off guard!"

"Very well!"

The elders nodded, and the crowd swiftly flew out of the city.

The outskirts of the fortress were cloaked with a thick layer of mist, making it difficult to see too far ahead. Peering into the depths of the mist, and a knit suddenly appeared between Luo Ruoxin's eyebrows. Without any hesitation, she quickly flew ahead.

"Ruoxin…" Not expecting the young lady to be so reckless, the Xingmeng Sword Saints frowned.

"The rest of you stand guard over here. We'll head over to take a look!" Knowing that they would lose Ruoxin if they didn't follow her right now, Sword Saint Xing swiftly issued some instructions to the elders before departing with Sword Saint Meng to chase after Ruoxin.

"Why is there no one at all?"

The further the Xingmeng Sword Saints flew, the more perplexed they were by the situation.

Logically speaking, given how far they had traveled, they should have encountered some Otherworldly Demons by now. Yet, why was there not a single person in sight?

Regardless of whether they were going to launch a surprise assault or not, surely they should at least upkeep their basic defenses?

If the Otherworldly Demons were truly so careless, there was no way they would have been able to stand against the Master Teacher Pavilion for so many years.

"Look, in front!"

Just as Sword Saint Xing was still pondering over the matter, Sword Saint Meng's voice suddenly sounded. He quickly raised his head and saw row after row of Otherworldly Demons lying motionlessly on the ground.

Their hair was raised high in the air, and their faces were charred black. White foam flooded the corners of their mouth.

They were all dead!

Luo Ruoxin was kneeling in the midst of these corpses with a frown between her eyebrows, seemingly trying to examine for something.



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