"This… What happened?"

Seeing the Otherworldly Demons who had left them in a fluster lying dead on the ground, the Xingmeng Sword Saints were utterly stunned.

"They were killed by Zhang Xuan," Luo Ruoxin said as she rose to her feet.

"They were killed by Xuan-er? How could that be? Unless one's an Ancient Sage, there is no way any cultivator could eradicate an entire army of Otherworldly Demons!" Sword Saint Xing could hardly believe what he was hearing.

It was not that he did not trust his son, but the enemy consisted of ten thousand Otherworldly Demons at Saint 3-dan and above! Furthermore, there were also a few Great Sages in their ranks. Even with his son's prowess, it was impossible for him to kill all of them singlehandedly!

"He used the power of lightning against them. These Otherworldly Demons were caught off guard and electrocuted. Most of them died in the electrocution, but those who survived were paralyzed by the lightning and killed nevertheless," Luo Ruoxin analyzed.


The Xingmeng Sword Saints quickly turned their gazes to the corpses on the ground, and indeed, there were burn marks on their bodies.

At this moment, they could not help but remember that their son had the ability to summon lightning tribulation.

To actually defeat an army of ten thousand singlehandedly… even when they were seeing the results with their own eyes, they still felt like they were dreaming.

"Since these people are already dead, where is Xuan-er?" Sword Saint Meng quickly searched around the area.

No matter how many means her son had, he was bound to be in a bad condition after facing so many enemies at once. No matter what, she would not feel reassured until she saw how he was doing and whether he was injured or not…

"He has probably gone to the seal…" Luo Ruoxin stood up and continued venturing forward.

Considering how the threat was already resolved, the chances were that he had gone to repair the spatial seal. It was not too difficult to deduce this much.

The group quickly advanced ahead, and it did not take long for them to arrive before the spatial seal.

At this very moment, the spatial seal was already completely mended. The energy pulses within the spatial seal were a sign that the repairs had just been completed.

"It's Xuan-er's zhenqi, but… where is he?"

Sword Saint Meng could tell that the barrier had been mended using Zhang Xuan's zhenqi. The fact that he could still repair the spatial seal meant that he was likely fine. However… where did he disappear to?

She had her Spiritual Perception cast as wide as possible for fear that she would miss her son. If her son was truly still around, she should have already found him by now.

"It looks like he has traversed across the seal to head to the otherworldly battlefield!" Luo Ruoxin frowned.

"He went over to the other side? How can he be so reckless?" Sword Saint Meng nearly fainted from shock upon hearing those words. "This won't do. I must save him…"

Sword Saint Meng was hot-tempered, but she was rarely reckless. In fact, she was an extremely rational person, knowing clearly what she could and could not do. However, whenever it came to matters concerning her son, she seemed to swiftly lose her rationality.

"Allow me to go over instead. If the two of you head over, it's likely that you'll meet with danger before meeting Zhang Xuan…" Luo Ruoxin suddenly interjected.

The Xingmeng Sword Saints were powerful, but fighting in the otherworldly battlefield was a different matter from fighting in the Subterranean Gallery. The killing intent in the otherworldly battlefield was so great that it would suppress their fighting prowess considerably. On top of that, their auras would stand out like a lighthouse in the night, making them easy targets.

If they entered, it was likely that they would be captured and killed by the Otherworldly Demons before even finding Zhang Xuan.

"You?" Sword Saint Meng frowned. "It's too dangerous to venture beyond the venture seal! Your current strength…"

It was not that she did not believe Luo Ruoxin, but the latter had never revealed her cultivation before. Back at the Luo Clan, it was her subordinate, Wu Chen, and not her who battled with the elders.

They had guessed that she was likely a formidable expert, but it was just a deduction on their part.

"Don't worry!" Knowing that the other party was worried about her, Luo Ruoxin chuckled softly. "You should return to the city and inform the others of this news. Get them to clear the Otherworldly Demon corpses and move the defense line up to the spatial seal. As for the rest, leave it to me."

After saying those words, she pushed her hand toward them lightly.


The Xingmeng Sword Saints suddenly found their surroundings blurring before their eyes. The sight before them distorted, and all of a sudden, they found that they were already back in the main hall of the fortress.


The two of them widened their eyes in astonishment.

To be able to bring them accurately back to the main hall with just a push… just how deep was her comprehension of spatial laws?

Not even Yang shi was capable of a feat like that!

"Could she be… an Ancient Sage?" Sword Saint Meng uttered with an incredulous look on her face.

She knew that the woman whom her son loved possessed extraordinary strength, possibly stronger than them even. However, she did not think that the latter would actually be so formidable!

They could even put up a fight against Sempiternal realm cultivators if they collaborated with one another, and yet, the other party was able teleport them back without them knowing… If she diverted her abilities to offense, her fighting prowess was bound to be formidable.

"Ancient Sage? How could there be such a young Ancient Sage on the Master Teacher Continent?" Sword Saint Xing shook his head and refuted Sword Saint Meng's guess.

He pondered for a moment, but he was unable to fathom how powerful Luo Ruoxin was. Thus, he could only shake his head and say, "Alright, let's not think too much into it for the time being. In any case, I think we should be able to entrust Xuan-er in her hands!"

After saying those words, he flew toward the aerial space of the fortress and commanded, "Offspring of the Zhang Clan, hear my command! Set forth right away to collect our spoils of war!"

"Collect our spoils of war?"

The elders guarding outside the city were surprised to hear such an announcement and bewildered to see the person who had made the announcement. They had seen their clan head advancing deeper into the Otherworldly Demon encampment, but before they knew it, their clan head was suddenly behind them. This was a truly perplexing sight to them.

"Clan Head Zhang Xuan has infiltrated the Otherworldly Demon encampment and slain the ten thousand Otherworldly Demons that we are at war with. With this, the crisis at the Dracotiger Mountain Subterranean Gallery has been resolved!" Seeing the looks of bewilderment below, Sword Saint Xing explained the situation with hearty laughter.

"Our clan head killed ten thousand Otherworldly Demons singlehandedly?"

"The Otherworldly Demon army that we were helpless against was annihilated by our clan head alone?"

"This… Am I hearing things?"

In an instant, everyone in the Zhang Clan froze on the spot. They were all shocked silly.

They had heard stories of heroes charging into the midst of an army to decapitate the enemy commander's head, and they had also heard of experts valiantly fighting against hundreds simultaneously… But for a single man to destroy an entire army, what in the world was happening?

Oblivious to the happenings in the Zhang Clan, Zhang Xuan was swiftly advancing ahead in the otherworldly battlefield.

A world as vast as the Master Teacher Continent, the horizon was nowhere in sight. There was no sun in the world, just a crimson moon hanging above, bringing an air of desolation to the world beneath.

The killing intent of this world seemed to be concentrated on the crimson moon, as if the unique zhenqi of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had originated from there.

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up. This place truly feels like a living hell. It's no wonder the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe want to conquer the Master Teacher Continent…

Even though his Heaven's Path zhenqi granted him protection against killing intent, he felt that his mind would slowly become warped and violent if he stayed there for a prolonged period of time. Slowly but surely, he would start to desire bloodshed.

This world truly was not a hospitable place.

If he had been an Otherworldly Demon, he would have barged over to the Master Teacher Continent as well.

I don't think I'll be able to find my way around without a map. Should I return first and wait for Vicious to awaken before coming back?

In truth, it was mostly out of curiosity that he had gone over to the otherworldly battlefield. Realizing that he would not be able to navigate his way around efficiently, he felt that it would be better for him to return for the time being.

Otherwise, it would be really disastrous if he lost his sense of direction.

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to turn back, he heard a gale sounding not too far away. Following which, the voice of an Otherworldly Demon cultivator was heard. "Hurry up!"

Zhang Xuan swiftly used the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing to conceal his figure before heading in the direction that the voice had originated from.



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