Si la!

The barrage of saber qi ravaged the surroundings, tearing open countless dimension rifts in the area. An astonishing concentration of killing intent gathered in the area, corroding the souls of those present.

"You are seeking death!"

Seeing how Wu Shu was aiming to claim his life without any hesitation as if a madman, Bei Xin's eyebrows twitched in anger. He flicked his spear upward to fend against Wu Shu's attack.

Ding ding ding!

As the two weapons collided with one another, a brilliant flash of light erupted in the sky.

The two of them were Sempiternal realm consummation experts, invincible among those beneath Ancient Sage. As they crossed blows with one another, the shockwaves of their attacks tore apart the heavens and the earth. Even the light of the crimson moon was overshadowed by their might.

"Is that fellow insane?"

The more he fought, the more stifled Bei Xin became.

It was just a moment ago that the other party had dispatched an envoy to agree to his demands and request further negotiations. He had already prepared what to say during the negotiation, but who could have thought that before an hour was up, the other party would suddenly charge over and put his life on the line against him?

What in the world was he up to?

Did he eat gunpowder or something?

"Wu Shu, can I view your actions to be a desire for the dissolution of our alliance? You should know that if this alliance breaks down, I have no qualms with reporting you to Sovereign Chen Ling!" Bei Xin bellowed coldly.

"You wish to report me to Sovereign Chen Ling? Do it then! If you have the guts to kill my subordinates blatantly, what else do I have to lose?" Wu Shu bellowed furiously as he brandished his saber furiously toward the other party.

"I killed your subordinates? What the hell are you saying?" Bei Xin roared back. "Don't malign me for something I didn't do!"

"Su Mu, Gui Li, and Li Jia… The three of them would be able to equal even a Sempiternal realm consummation cultivator in battle! Who else could be the culprit if you not?" Wu Shu spat through gritted teeth.

Even though his three subordinates were only at Sempiternal realm primary stage, their fighting prowess was still relatively formidable. Other than Bei Xin, there was no one else in the entire camp who had the ability to kill them so discreetly!

Moreover… that fellow had even dumped the corpses at the entrance of his tent, and there were many eye-witnesses who could bear testimony to that!

"You are saying that I killed Su Mu, Gui Li, and Li Jia?" Seeing the fury in Wu Shu's eyes, Bei Xin was startled. A contemplative frown surfaced on his forehead as he opened his mouth to explain himself.

However, before he could say a word, a fiery inferno suddenly rose from his tent. Someone had set fire to his tent!

Following which, a voice sounded from the crowd. "Sovereign Chen Ling never intended to work together with us. They have planted their men around the valley in order to ambush us! Look, even High Commander Wu Mu has brought his men here to wreak havoc…"

That voice sounded extremely clearly within the silent camp. It was as if a boulder had been tossed into calm waters.

The next moment, a huge uproar broke out.

Many soldiers had witnessed the furious fight between Wu Shu and Bei Xin in the air, and every single move that they made was deadly, seeking to claim the other's life. They were still wondering what was going on when they heard those words, and realization dawned upon them. Rage swiftly crashed down upon them.

"Slaughter those traitors!"

"They are just looking for an excuse to attack our men! Those shameless scoundrels!"

"Brothers, charge! We are the proud soldiers of Sovereign Chen Xing. We mustn't allow others to underestimate us!"

"I have long thought that they were an eyesore. Let's kill them all!"

Such battle cries could be heard all around. It was as if someone had set their fighting spirits alight. However, as well-trained elites, as furious as they were, they did not make a move. It was insubordination to engage in battle without the command of a superior.

At this moment, an Otherworldly Demon dressed in black helmet and armor flew in the air and roared, "What are you waiting for? Those scoundrels have already climbed over our heads! Get back at them!"

It was a direct command from one of their commanders. With this, the very last hurdle holding them back was torn down. Thus, they began charging toward the other faction with furious war cries.


Wu Shu and Bei Xin, who were fighting in the air a moment ago, fell into a daze. They did not expect such a situation to happen at all.

"Something is wrong…" Wu Shu's eyebrows shot up.

As furious as he was, as someone who had risen to the position of High Commander, he was not a reckless individual. The earlier shouting had come at too coincidental a moment. It effectively ignited the emotions of all soldiers. It was hard to believe that such a matter was not pre-planned.

Quickly turning to his subordinate, Wu Shu commanded, "He Lin, Chun Mu, and Bei Ye, try and calm down the situation below. We can't afford to have infighting happening at such a moment!"

They had allied with one another not too long ago, and they had not even fought the Master Teacher Pavilion yet! If they started fighting right from the start, he would not be able to explain matters to Sovereign Chen Ling!

As the leader of an entire army, he could not allow himself to be controlled by his emotions.


The group of three quickly descended among the crowd to stop them. However, not too long later, the commander named He Lin returned and exclaimed, "High Commander, bad news! Their men began to attack our men without giving us a chance to explain ourselves. Chun Mu and Bai Ye attempted to reason to them to stop the attack, but they ended up being killed too!"

As he said those words, He Lin flicked his wrist, and a couple of corpses appeared by his side.

Looking at the corpses, Wu Shu's eyes turned so red that it seemed as if blood would drop from them.

"Bei Xin, I have tolerated you again and again, but you are really testing the limits of my patience…"

Seeing how five of his commanders had been killed one after another, Wu Shu could not hold back his rage any longer. He brandished his saber and slashed it down upon Bei Xin.

"Brother Wu Shu, this matter isn't as simple as it seems! My men would never dare make a move on your commanders…" Bei Xin hurriedly tried to explain himself.

But before he could finish speaking, another Otherworldly Demon dressed in a black helmet and armor rushed up to Bei Xin and reported, "High Commander, bad news! Six of our commanders have just been assassinated!"

Following which, the Otherworldly Demon flicked his hand, and six corpses materialized on the ground.

Facing such a situation, Bei Xin slowly turned his head over and spat through gritted teeth, "Wu Shu, what did you just say?"

"Well killed!" Wu Shu roared heartily.

He had thought that his faction had been taken advantage of all this while, but his subordinates were proving to be no pushovers either. They had already slain six of Bei Xin's commanders!

"It seems like you are for real this time. Since that's the case, I'll give you what we want!" Hearing Wu Shu's words, Bei Xin could not hold himself back anymore.

He raised his spear and thrust it forward.


His spear qi gushed forth with ferocious might. From the tremendous prowess of his spear, it was apparent that he had already comprehended a kind of Spear Quintessence.

Wu Shu did not pale in comparison either. From the sheer might of his saber qi, it was also very clear that he had grasped a type of Saber Quintessence.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were already locked in an intense fight.

"Let utter chaos descend here!"

Amid the crowd, the lips of an Otherworldly Demon crept up as he watched the upheaval before him.

He was Zhang Xuan.

He was the commanders who had reported to Wu Shu and Bei Xin.

If those commanders were to group together with one another, he would have had difficulty trying to assassinate them. However, when they split up from one another, it became much easier for him to kill them, especially since he was able to disguise himself and catch them off guard. In just ten minutes, he had already slain more than ten commanders.

Through these corpses and his ability to disguise himself impeccably, even figures as intelligent as Wu Shu and Bei Xin ended up losing themselves to their emotions and were unconsciously being dragged into his scheme.

They never could have thought that someone was able to disguise himself impeccably as their subordinates.

"Commander Mo Qin, what are you doing here? They have already started fighting over there…"

While Zhang Xuan was still watching the commotion, an Otherworldly Demon wearing a black helmet and armor came over and raised his saber.


The next instant, the head of the Otherworldly Demon fell to the ground.

After beheading the other party, Zhang Xuan swiftly altered his appearance to the opposite commander and exclaimed. "Commander Ji Mo has been killed. Everyone, you must exact vengeance for him!"

His voice sounded clearly even among all of the ruckus.

Since it was already an upheaval, there was no harm stoking the flames of madness further!



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